ART NOW - EP1 - The Future Of Art & Design

An episode of ART NOW

By Chris P
Join Me as we explore the intersections of Art and Design Now, and where the creative landscape is headed in the near-distant future...*ominous music*. I'll be inviting New Media Artists, Fine Artists and Designers to express their opinions.
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ART NOW - EP2 - The Past Of Art
This episode I invited my very first guest Max Culbertson to speak about the history of Art. Max study anthropology, linguistics, and is a digital archivist. We cover from caveman days, all the way until the modern art era.
November 9, 2018
ART NOW - EP1 - The Future Of Art & Design
Art now is a podcast that focuses on the Art & Design world now and in the future. This episode focuses on defining what Art and Design even means. And how new technologies are being utilized such as AI, robotics, VR/AR, iPads and phones. I predict where the future of art & design is going!
October 30, 2018
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