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Most Feared Promo Night Guardians and Week 8 picks.

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By AdRobs
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NBA Conference Finals and The ALL PROCESS Team
@ImSteveyJ and @AdRobsGC talk about NBA Playoffs, Zion Williamson,  and the best possible team the Sixers could have right now. 
May 20, 2019
It's Weird But This is our Last NBA Playoff Pod
It's weird but @OGBurnsy and @AdRobsGC talked Game 7 yesterday and the world ended immediately afterwards. No Game 7 between the Raptors and Sixers actually ever happened.  Subscribe, Rate, Review. 
May 13, 2019
NBA Playoffs Episode 3 - Basketball Actually Isn't Real
@ImSteveyJ @OGBurnsy  and @AdRobsGC talk about the NBA Playoffs
May 9, 2019
NBA Playoffs Episode 1
@AdRobsGC @OGBurnsy and @ImSteveyJ talk Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs while they watch TIGER 
April 15, 2019
Join @AdRobsGC , @OGBurnsy , and @IMSteveyJ as we settle forever on the greatest snack food of all time. Your debates are welcome as tweets or 5 star reviews. 
March 24, 2019
AdRobs, SteveyJ and Burnsy talk all things NFL FA and a little NBA. It's March so the sports world is kind of in a lull. Please dont forget to rate and subscribe! 
March 14, 2019
Hey guys! Sorry for the delay on this but here's two weeks of episodes. Drop a five star review and we will all collectively be your best friend. 
February 28, 2019
NBA Trade Deadline. AAF League Kickoff. The Future of Giants, Steelers, Eagles, and The GREATEST QB TO EVER LIVE, NICK FOLES
Burnsy, AdRobs, and SteveyJ get down on some sports topics. All opinions expressed belong to the individuals expressing them. 
February 14, 2019
Super Bowl Weekend
Our three host talk about The Club Series Championship, The Super Bowl, and NBA Basketball. Be sure to leave a review and rating. We appreciate you guys! Be sure to hit us up on twitter! @AdRobsGC @OGBurnsy @ImSteveyJ DISCLAIMER: All opinions and thoughts shared by the individual guests and hosts on this podcast are always the thoughts and opinions of those individuals. We are not a corporation or an entity and all opinions and news shared is the opinion of the individual sharing it. We are also not always going to give context or do extensive research. It is just a podcast. 
February 3, 2019
Pro Bowl Weekend
Sorry for the late releases lately guys. Life has been crazy. @AdRobsGC and @ImSteveyJ talked about Madden and NBA Basketball. Be sure to subscribe and review. We appreciate you guys! Hit us up on twitter! 
February 1, 2019
Conference Championship Weekend
Sorry this one is a little late. @OGBurnsy and @AdRobsGC talk about conference championship weekend and the fact that VERY FEW teams need a QB.
January 25, 2019
@ImSteveyJ , @AdRobsGC , @OGBurnsy talk divisional round. We recap yesterday and preview today. Check out and use our code ASKMADDEN for two free days. 
January 13, 2019
AdRobs, Burnsy, and SteveyJ talk about the two games that already happened and the games that happened today. Check out our sponsors,, and use our code ASKMADDEN for 2 free days! Thanks for listening, guys! 
January 6, 2019
Why Do You Play A Video Game You Hate?
In this episode, Burnsy and AdRobs discuss why people chose to play a game that they actually hate deep down inside. We don't get it. Help us get it! Leave a review. Check out 5 Star Reviews are AWESOME!
January 4, 2019
NBA 2K Combine. Hitman 2. Madden Series 4. NFL Picks.
@OGBurnsy and @adrobsgc discuss the topics listed above. We also dig into some NBA talk. Enjoy your Sunday and please check out our sponsor while you leave a 5 star review.
December 16, 2018
The Madden Classic Recap with Mattster Gamer
Mattster Gamer stopped by from the airport to talk about his amazing run through the Madden Classic. We also talked about NBA, NFL, and 2K Combine. Please Subscribe and Stars and head over to and use our code ASKMADDEN for two free days!
December 9, 2018
NBA. NFL. NBA2K. Madden Harvest and Blitz Recap
We are back with a quick discussion of Sixers, Raptors, Markelle, Steelers, and The Eagles YMCA Cornerbacks. We also talk about the 2K Combine and the Harvest and Blitz Promos. Thanks for listening. Be sure to check out our sponsor, and use our code ASKMADDEN so they know who sent ya!
November 28, 2018
Create A Pro Madden Player with @ImSteveyJ
SteveyJ stopped by for a fun episode we have been kicking around for a while. I hope you guys enjoy it. I think you will.
November 11, 2018
Most Feared Promo Night Guardians and Week 8 picks.
We dig into the NBA and then talked about the Night Guardians Promo. Hop over to and use our code ASKMADDEN for two free days of playbook access. Really enjoyed this episode and I hope you guys do too.
October 31, 2018
NBA Talk. Arizona Club Series. MUT
Hey Guys. The episode is late this week. Sorry. We talk NBA, The Arizona Club Series and the randomness of Madden, and Most Feared. Be Sure to check out and use our code ASKMADDEN for two free days.
October 25, 2018
Sneakers. Spiderman. Sports
We got off the rails a little but had some fun. Check it out and let us know what you think. Head over to and use our code ASKMADDEN for two free days of GAME-CHANGING playbook content. Follow us on twitter: @AdRobsGC @OGBurnsy
October 14, 2018
NEW Seasons H2H Info and a BRIEF Spiderman Review
@AdRobsGC and @OGBurnsy discuss the new Spider Man Game and the new H2H Seasons changes! Shorter episode but we hope you enjoy it. Be sure to check out our sponsors, Playbook.GG and use our code ASKMADDEN for two free days of access.
October 9, 2018
NBA 2K Release and Solo Battle Blitz
WE HAVE A SPONSOR! Head over to Playbook.GG and use the code ASKMADDEN for TWO FREE DAYS!! Do it now and we will love you forever! Today we dig into the release of NBA 2K and talk about solo battle blitz. We also predicted all NFL Week 4 Games! Find out how we did. The random cut in the middle is just me cutting out a joke I made that wasn't funny!
October 2, 2018
NFL Week 1 Picks Against the Spread
@AdRobsGC and @OGBurnsy discuss the last 15 matchups of week 1 and make our picks against the spread. Here's where we got our spread:
September 9, 2018
Ask Madden Show: MUT and The State of the NFL
Hey Guys! We are back! At about 18 minutes, we get into talking about the NFL, Race, The Anthem, and all of that stuff. If you are tired of hearing about that stuff, feel free to skip it! We don't really double back to MUT talk at all so you can call it a day at that point. CC Video: Title Update Notes: If you have thoughts on the title update please tweet them to me. I need your feedback that I can pass on to the Devs. Please Subscribe and Stars! @AdRobsGC @OGBurnsy
August 21, 2018
Madden Ultimate Team Ride Hone 8-17
Nothing new today. Did you enjoy these this week? Did you hate them? Let me know at @AdRobsGC. New episode Monday.
August 17, 2018
Madden Ultimate Team Ride Home 8-16.
BWW Packs - More Info Here: Primetime Performers Kareem Hunt and Richard Sherman Game Changer Packs
August 16, 2018
Madden Ultimate Team Ride Home 8/15
Not too much today. Veteran Set will yield you an 87 OVR player and cost you 1 Elite, 1 Gold, and 2 Silver Tokens. Please leave a 5 star review and subscribe!
August 15, 2018
Madden Ultimate Team Ride Home - 8/14
A 2 minute update on all the new content on Saquon Barkley Day! Don’t miss yesterday’s full episode and don’t forget to subscribe and stars!
August 14, 2018
WE ARE BACK!!!!! In this episode, @OGBurnsy and @AdRobsGC discuss all the new stuff in this year's madden and our experience so far. Here's what we covered: 1) Kawai and Funny Twitter Stuff 2) Solo Battles 3) NO CONTRACTS 4) Real Player Motion 5) Limited Edition Quicksell Value Please please please leave a 5-star​ review and share with your friends.
August 13, 2018
Quick Update: Here’s where we’ve been.
I also talk about solo battles. Check out the article here:
August 3, 2018
Ratings Release
Burnsy and AdRobs discuss the ratings release. you can find all player ratings here: Please leave a 5-star review and subscribe. We are taking next week off because I am away but we will be BACK after that!
July 13, 2018
Miguel Lozada Interview
Burnsy was out this week but we had a great conversation with Miguel Lozada, Sr. Partnerships Manager for @ElgatoGaming/@CORSAIR and host of The 52 - Podcast: and Vlog Series: If you are an aspiring influencer or want to learn more about how sponsorships work in the gaming world, this is the episode for you! Please head over to @Miguel_Gator and give him a "THANK YOU!" for giving us some of his time. Hit up @OGBurnsy and tell him you missed him. AdRobs can be reached at @AdRobsGC Don't forget to subscribe and stars!
July 6, 2018
K0ACH K and Competitive Madden
Had some audio issues here where I had to go through and manually line up the tracks. I apologize for the silent spaces. PLEASE drop a 5 star review and we will read it on the episode.
July 2, 2018
EA Play and Nonsense
AdRobs and Burnsy discuss drafting players named Tremendous Johnson, Johnny Dewitt Manning, and everything we know about Madden 19 so far! Don't forget to leave a 5 star review from which we draw all of the validation for our existence. AdRobs - @AdRobsGC Burnsy - @OGBurnsy The Show - @AskMaddenShow Let us know what you think and help us make better stuff!
June 15, 2018
Episode 007 with Scott Cole
@ScottColeShow stopped by to talk competitive Madden and the exciting things that are coming up this year. HUGE thanks to him! Also, we announce that new episodes will drop Friday’s from here on out.
October 27, 2017
Episode 006 w/ Chewbaccalemma
We sat down with @chewbaccalemma and talked about how to build a 99 ovr team with #nomoneyspent Super helpful stuff! Be sure to also hit up @playbookgg and let them know we sent you!
October 5, 2017
Episode 005 with Adam Mason
We brought in Adam Mason to talk about creative entrepreneurship, how to get noticed, and things he has learned as a content creator. Even though this is outside the madden-verse, it is still great!
September 28, 2017
Episode 004 w/ Cookieboy17
I had a baby and we’re back! Another great episode as we talked about everything from YouTube content creation all the way through N64 games. We got some Madden in there, too! @Cookieboy1794
September 20, 2017
Episode 003 w/ Rex Dickson
We sat down with Rex Dickson and he gave a great interview. Be sure to thank him @rexdeafootball and hit me up at @adrobsgc if you have any questions or ideas for future episodes. Be sure to 5 star!
August 31, 2017
Episode 002 w/ Kevin From C4E
We sit with Kevin M (@K0ACHK) from Compete4Ever and talk competitive Madden, building C4E, and the 2018 top ten. Music by Find me on Twitter: @AdRobsGC Sub and Stars!
August 24, 2017
Episode 001 w/ ZFarls
ZFarls (@MaddenBible) joins us to talk Madden NFL 18, EA Access, community questions, and how they built a successful Twitch Channel. Hit me up (@AdRobsGC) for feedback Music-
August 17, 2017
Preview Show: Subscribe Now!
We just wanted to test our system and get a feel for the publishing process. Come back next week for our first interview with Z Farls about how to use your first ten hours of EA Access!
August 11, 2017
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