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A Tribe Called Dad is a place for like-minded father’s living in this day and age to share knowledge and relate to each other about all things DAD. We are your hosts, DJ Hapa & DJ Spider from Los Angeles and we give you a peek into our lives as Dads and DJs, along with our Top 3 lists about all types of crazy #DadLife topics. We answer letters from the listeners, come up with Dad Hacks and tell stories about our hilarious children. Send us an email at and make sure to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast if you like it. #ATribeCalledDad
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The Immortal Lessons Passed From Father To Daughter with Susan L Combs
It’s not often you see a book with “pancakes” and “dragons” in the title, but this is one of the many intriguing thoughts produced by this week’s guest. We interview entrepreneur, speaker, advocate, and author Susan L Combs. Yes, this week we have the opportunity to view parenthood through the eyes of an adoring daughter. In her new book inspired by her father’s passing (the late Maj. Gen. Roger E. Combs.), Susan reminds us of the impact fathers and chosen mentors can have. Raised in Missouri by a two-star general of historic note, Susan talks about her book “Pancakes for Roger: A Mentorship Guide for Slaying Dragons” in which she recounts stories of her upbringing and lessons gathered, all while healing and processing the loss of her father. Pancakes, a requested meal during her father’s health decline, now hold special significance and serve as a symbolic reminder to enjoy the simple things in life. Susan L Combs : Join the tribe here: @atribecalleddad
August 13, 2022
Dads Should Be Prepared with Mike Dias
What happens when you love your kids, your wife, AND your work?  For many this sounds like the ideal life, however when it comes to putting it into practice it doesn't always go as planned.  This weeks guest is Mike Dias he is a devoted husband and father and works as the VP of sales for Earthworks Audio and is the executive director for the In-Ear Monitor International Trade Organization.  Mike shares what he has learned about balancing his "loves" by intentionally creating and capturing memories as a father.  He also shares his values for creating security and safety within the family unit, along with his Top 3 Ways to Be Prepared which includes a bonus emergency packing kit that we have available here: Mike Dias: Join the tribe here: @atribecalleddad
July 28, 2022
Finding Fulfillment with Emilio Diez Barroso
If you’ve ever set out on the path laid out in front of you and worked toward material success only to find that obtaining it wasn’t as satisfying or validating as you hoped, then you’ll benefit from the wisdom offered by our guest, investor and entrepreneur, Emilio Diez Barroso. As a father of 3, Barroso talks about his book “The Mystery of You” and addresses a variety of topics that feed into who each of us is versus who we could be. From recognizing how we perpetuate the patterns of our own upbringing to dismantling superficial signs of worth, finding balance, and embracing inner peace while navigating the chaos of modern parenting, Barroso shares his personal journey full of nuggets to internalize. Emilio Diez Barroso: Join the tribe here: @atribecalleddad
June 30, 2022
Creating your Fatherhood Vision with Seth Schmidt
Executive Performance Coach, Seth Schmidt spends his days helping successful businessmen and women level up and we sit down with him to talk about how to apply some of these concepts to fatherhood!  Seth is a proud girl-dad of 3 and chats about the homeschool experience, creating and building vision and takes part in a Top 3 things you can do with your kids that will create lasting memories at virtually ZERO cost. Seth Schmidt: Join the tribe here: @atribecalleddad
June 17, 2022
Letters from a Father with Allen Carter
We're incredibly excited to share this interview with author, Allen Carter around the release of his book, "Letters From A Father" which was created from 70 letters that Allen wrote to his children.  The letters each have a topic around them that varies from "Keeping Your Word" to "Patience" to "On Death" and are written as words of advice to his children, but also give so much insight to the reader.  Allen is also donating all proceeds from the book to a great organization (Chicago Hope Academy) in his hometown of Chicago.  Allen also gives us a Top 3 pieces of advice for fellow dads and has inspired many of us to start writing letters to our kids. MORE ABOUT ALLEN Allen Carter is first and foremost a loving husband and devoted father.  By day, he leads a team of eight people at one of the world's largest financial services firms.  His group is dedicated to serving individuals and families with financial, retirement, and investment planning.  Relationships are everything to Allen, and his love of people is reflected in his writing, his work and his life.  Grab your copy of "Letters from a Father" HERE on Amazon
December 09, 2021
Tribe Chats - "Pets or nah?" Part 2
In this episode of Tribe Chats we do a follow up about a conversation we had a few episodes ago, about pets. We discussed how pets are so much of a responsibility, especially a dog. My guy DJ THREEDE (a part of the tribe), joins us with a couple of stories about adding a new member to his family, a puppy named Kai. After hearing this you may have a different opinion on owning a dog. Tune in to hear the full conversation and be sure to rate and review the podcast and stay up to date with the latest at For all things Dad, Follow A Tribe Called Dad on IG: @atribecalleddad.
September 22, 2021
Tribe Chats - "Because I Said So" Doesn't Work In 2021
In this episode of Tribe Chats, Hapa and Coach Fig talk about the importance of instilling kids with discipline, but not in the way that many of us grew up. The idea of throwing out some of these old adages such as "Do what I say and not as I do" or "Because I'm your Dad and I said so" don't work these days and modern day fathers need to adapt and find ways to communicate with respect and love. Tune in to hear the full conversation and be sure to rate and review the podcast and stay up to date with the latest at For all things Dad, Follow A Tribe Called Dad on IG: @atribecalleddad.
July 21, 2021
Tribe Chats - "Pets or nah?"
In this episode of Tribe Chats we get into a big topic about pets. Yes, I said it, pets. We all feel a certain way when it comes to dogs, cats, hamsters, reptiles, whatever it may be. I'm also certain that at one time or another the conversation about introducing a pet into the family has come up at the dinner table; especially with our kids telling us "Please, dad, can we get a dog or cat? I promise I will take care of it!” We all know in the long running that it's ‘us’ parents doing all the work. For all things Dad, Follow A Tribe Called Dad on IG: @atribecalleddad
June 17, 2021
Tribe Chats - Allowance and More...
In this "Tribe Chat", Spider, Fig, and myself (Hapa) connect to chat about how we go about approaching the allowance situation.  This topic was fresh on my mind as my 7 year old daughter Ellie was interested in starting to do chores around the house.  This isn't the first iteration of this as we have had her doing chores in the past, but it was important for me to try and figure out how we could develop a system that would create some structure in our home and was something that we would be able to maintain over time. For all things Dad, Follow A Tribe Called Dad on IG: @atribecalleddad
May 10, 2021
Season Of Gratitude - Re-nesting On An Avocado Farm with Carlos Montalvo
We visited Carlos’s ranch to see his dream come to life in person. Hear about how ranch life has shaped his influence as a father, at a stage when most parents would consider themselves to be ‘empty nesters’, Carlos calls him and his wife ‘re nesters’. Learn about his take on parenting, and his approach as a parent to live the life you want to lead while your child adjusts to your living. We also find, he may tending to his avocado grove on any given day, but on Sundays, as a man of family rituals, you’ll most likely catch him sitting around the dinner table with his family before sun down. For all things Dad, Follow A Tribe Called Dad on IG: @atribecalleddad
April 15, 2021
Season Of Gratitude - Fatherhood As A Choice with Ryan Sickler
We had the opportunity to sneak in some time with Ryan this season. He tells us about the loss of his father growing up and how that’s shaped him as a father today. A single dad juggling schedules and a step dad who stays active in his son’s life, he maintains comedy is a big factor in raising both of his kids. Here you can learn some of his best step dad moments, like introducing his step son to his new little sister for the very first time and ensuring that he was a part of developing not only a sibling love between his kids, but that he was creating a family. Connect with Ryan Sickler on IG:@ryansickler For all things Dad, Follow A Tribe Called Dad on IG: @atribecalleddad
April 08, 2021
Season Of Gratitude - Embracing Special Needs Children with Marc de Grandpre
In this episode, Marc sheds light on what it means to be a dad for a child who has special needs, and in his case that special need is autism. His advice to parents who have a child with special needs speaks volumes not only to them, but to any parent. He tells us how important it is to embrace our children’s uniqueness and so much more that comes with his many years of experience and care as a father. We asked him what gratitude means to him, and if there’s anything we can take away from this talk, it’s “Don’t let a day slip by,” words spoken directly from Marc and words for us to live by. Connect with Marc de Grandpre on LinkedIn: For all things Dad, Follow A Tribe Called Dad on IG: @atribecalleddad
March 20, 2021
Season Of Gratitude - Plant A Seed & Watch It Grow with Stix
We sat down with Stix, in between his long list of to do’s as a father and a professional. Stix’s 3 kids range in ages between 1 and 15, which is a feat in itself. He provides us with valuable insight into what to consider when becoming a parent, breaking it to us quite frankly while half laughing, that your child won’t listen to you. Fortunately, like anything else that’s been put before Stix, he grasps the positive in all things and informs us that while your child might not listen to you, they will remember what you say. He gets into other important topics that for many of us might be uncomfortable, but leave us sitting on the edge of our seat. For one, the topic of sex and how to approach that topic with your kids so they can learn to do the right thing. Connect with Stix on IG: @wattsstix For all things Dad, Follow A Tribe Called Dad on IG: @atribecalleddad
March 10, 2021
Season Of Gratitude - Battling Anxiety and Evolving Fatherhood with Rudy Chung
We sat down with Rudy Chung, who tells us how his life as a dad, a father and an individual has evolved over the years, where he’s recently experienced the effects of anxiety and he’s learning to take time for himself and his family. He reminds us of the little things that make his work day a little lighter, like his daughter, Josie slipping notes under the door while he works behind closed doors in their home. You might find him behind a desk in his home working during the weekdays, but he’s taken one of his own tips for work life balance which is ‘to plan’, where he eats lunch with his wife and kids daily and finds time for a walk as well. Connect with Rudy Chung on IG: @rudyardchungas For all things Dad, Follow A Tribe Called Dad on IG: @atribecalleddad
January 28, 2021
Season Of Gratitude - Celebrating Fatherhood with Dr. Devon Smith and DJ Hapa
We kicked off this season talking with Dr. Devon Smith, married 25 years, and a father of two, one in college and another in the midst of middle school. As a seasoned husband and father, he’s also got 20 years under his belt in the Santa Monica school district, as what he refers to as a ‘Social Justice Educator’. He also heads up a weekly men’s rap session whose intention is to have meaningful, honest conversations about life. With a wide span of knowledge and experience, we sat down to talk about ‘gratitude’. He pondered the thought and walked us through his thought process of taking one thing he was grateful for and going deep, an exercise we can all learn from and appreciate. He compares himself to a younger self and how that plays into him as a father and husband today. It was a great way to set the table for the season, in deep thought and gratitude For all things Dad, Follow A Tribe Called Dad on IG: @atribecalleddad
January 28, 2021
Documenting Dadhood With Lucas Westcoat
Lucas Westcoat is a proud father of two boys, Declan (4) and Jonas (2). We get into how he balances his demanding role at a tech giant, his passion for photography and dad life with the help of his awesome wife.  Lucas opens up about his "dad diaries" which he started when his first son was born, documenting his journey as a father, husband, friend and special moments in life and he can't wait to share with his children when they get older. Lucas gives the tribe his top 3 pieces of advice on starting your own memoir to help you get your own "Dad Diary" going!  Lucas Westcoat - Follow A Tribe Called Dad on IG: @atribecalleddad For all things Dad,
September 17, 2020
Fighting For Fatherhood with Starsky Robinson
It's an honor and a pleasure to sit down with my longtime friend, Starsky Robinson, a single father to a beautiful 4 year old daughter.  He opens up to the tribe about the first time he every held his daughter in his arms and how everything changed in his life, which I'm sure all dads (and moms) can relate to.  We also touch on his custody battle with his daughter's mother and how all that unfolded.  We talk about the emotional, psychological and physical drain the process was and he shares his thoughts on the broken system in place and hopes his story can help anyone out there going through something similar. Starsky tops it off with 3 pieces of advice for single dads - which certainly also apply to all parents!  Check out Starsky's financial facebook group and digital marketing website: Black and Brown Financial Growth - Facebook group Star + Sky Digital - Follow A Tribe Called Dad on IG: @atribecalleddad For all things Dad,
September 01, 2020
Multiple Hats with Rob Howard
Rob shares with the tribe his top 3 pieces of advice for other dads.  Don't miss out on these giems! meet back in the days, and how he started out as a DJ and beatmaker working with artists. With so many projects going on Rob's main 9 to 5 is working in restorative justice at schools with kids, staff and also with corporate companies. Rob is also a fellow podcaster, co-hosting a show called Men of the Village.  Beyond that, he has a clothing company called The Love LLC which has a great message behind it.  And beyond all of this, he is a devoted father to his children Robert (13 years old) and his 10 month old baby girl.  We get into how he raised Robert and what he has changed up this second time around and he shares with the tribe his top 3 pieces of advice for other dads.  Don't miss out on these gems! Check out the fresh new gear at The Love LLC - and tune in to the podcast Men of the Village here If you want more of this podcast, please make sure to "subscribe" and rate and review!  Thanks so much for listening! More on A Tribe Called Dad here: A Tribe Called Dad and @atribecalleddad
August 20, 2020
Fostering a Child's Passion with Devon Smith
Devon Smith has spent over 20 years in the Santa Monica Unified School District both as a teacher and administrator. Currently, he is the coordinator of learning and innovation, pushing the boundaries of education throughout the district. He describes himself as a social justice educator who builds programs to empower students to find and navigate their college and career pathways.  Beyond that, Devon is a devoted husband and father to Milo, 11 and PJ, 19, and heads up the Men's Rap Session where like-minded men meet bi-weekly to engage in meaningful, honest conversations around a variety of topics. In this episode, Devon talks about ways that we as parents and now, in quarantine, as teachers as well, can help identify and foster passion in our kids.  There's also some great tips from the 20+ year educator about the most important thing to remember when home schooling your kids - authentic connection!   For more on Devon Smith, connect with him on Facebook For more on A Tribe Called Dad, visit Thanks for listening! 
July 17, 2020
Top 3 Ways to "Make It Work" with Dorsey Fuller
I got a chance to sit down and reconnect with an old friend of mine and fellow dad, Dorsey Fuller.  Dorsey is a "2nd time around Dad" and shares his unique experience through fatherhood and, having found success with a blended family, shares his Top 3 Tips to "Make It Work".   Born in Oakland CA and a fellow UCLA Bruin alumnus, Dorsey Fuller has had an incredible run professionally. Cutting his teeth in the music and entertainment industry as an artist, publicist, promo director, program director, artist manager and consultant, he's worn almost every hat imaginable. Throughout all of it, Dorsey has been a devoted father to his now 25 year old daughter Alexa, and his 5 year old son, Dorsey IV (aka Four). His latest venture is IV Good Life Corp which creates sustainable, natural and "super" products including Super Hand Sanitizer; SuperBaby Formula; SuperHuman Elixir. For more information on IV Good Life and their products, please check out If you want more of this podcast, please make sure to "subscribe" and rate and review!  Thanks so much for listening!  More on A Tribe Called Dad here: and @atribecalleddad
July 10, 2020
First Few Weeks of Fatherhood with First Time Dad, Brian B
At the time of this recording, Brian B is almost 3 weeks into fatherhood with his first daughter, Annie Capri and shares the birthing story and how life has changed in the last several weeks. On top of everything else, New York City (where he lives) is still amidst a quarantine due to COVID-19 and all of his private event gigs have been put on pause, and just even daily life of moving around the city with a newborn sounds like quite the challenge.  We get a chance to catch up with Brian and grab some advice that he can give to expecting dads while it's all still so FRESH! @djbrianbofficial Follow A Tribe Called Dad on IG: @atribecalleddad For all things Dad,
July 03, 2020
Talking To Our Kids About Race with Dr. Lockhart
Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart is the president and owner of A New Day Pediatric Psychology. She started her own practice in January of 2016 after practicing in military clinics and hospitals for 10 years. Born and raised on the island of St Croix in the US Virgin Islands, describes her therapuetic style as easy-going but direct. Having been married for over 20 years with two kids, she loves helping parents better understand and connect with their children in order to transform the parent-child relationship. In this episode, we sit down and tackle the very timely issue around race relations and specifically, how to talk to our kids about such a challenging subject.  Dr. Lockhart provides a ton of insight and gives us some tangible takeaways when talking to our kids including refraining from being "colorblind" and dismissing others experiences.   Dr. Lockhart is hosting a parent coaching seminar online on June 27 - 11:30am CT, and in the event you miss that, be sure to keep up with her by following her on IG: @dr.annlouise.lockhart  --  Thanks for listening and be sure to follow us at @atribecalleddad and visit
June 26, 2020
Father's Day: Work Life Integration with Jeff David and Sabir M Peele
In honor of Father's Day, we collaborated with the good folks at The Fitler Club in Philadelphia to sit down with two incredible fathers to discuss work/life balance. There were so many great takeaways from this show including creating routines, teaching young boys what real masculinity looks like and Hapa upsets some of our mom listeners. Enjoy and Happy Father's Day! About our guests: Jeff David has a pedigree that spans over twenty-five years and is a leader in the hospitality industry in opening luxury properties.  He's opened up amazing properties all over the world from Aspen to Anguilla, Santa Monica to DC. His current position is the President of The Fitler Club in Philadelphia, best described as a hybrid business model that combines Equinox, WeWork and Soho House in a 130,000 square foot private club.  Most importantly, Jeff is the proud father of 14 year old Gabriel and has done the impossible in being able to maintain family life amidst an INSANE commute. Sabir M. Peele serves as a freelance brand ambassador & executive stylist for GQ and consults for numerous brands — on top of running the ship at Men’s Style Pro.  He's also the proud father of 4 year old Hendrix and is a shinning example of a successful entrepreneurial dad. For more info on The Fitler Club For more info on A Tribe Called Dad Follow @atribecalleddad
June 19, 2020
Infertility from a dad's perspective with Rishi Singh
Infertility affects many couples who struggle with trying to have a baby, and in 2020, there are a lot of options, but also a lot of misconceptions and not enough understanding around infertility, particularly from a male perspective. We are grateful to sit down and speak to Rishi Singh about his journey and the miracle in his daughter, Zara (shout out to Sonia, his wife as well).  Rishi holds nothing back and honest and open as he shares his story and hopes to inspire and encourage other aspiring parents. For more on Rishi, follow his @rishtheswish
May 21, 2020
Happy Mother's Day 2020 - Top 3 Things We've Learned From Moms
In this episode, we catch up while in quarantine and on the eve of Mother's Day.  We create a Top 3 Things We've Learned from Moms - whether that be our wives, our own mother's, or just random moms.  The list includes "patience", "pain tolerance" and more.  Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there.  We love you and celebrate you!  If this is your first time checking out the podcast, please be sure to rate, review and listen to more episodes!  Follow @atribecalleddad More on our site Hosts:  @djspider @djhapa Edited by @djthreede
May 09, 2020
INTERVIEW: Joe Bunn talks about raising teenage boys, balancing entrepreneurship, and the best tip for new dads while still at the hospital
Joe Bunn is a successful DJ and entrepreneur based out of Raleigh, North Carolina and is the proud father of two sons, Colin (15) and Davis (12). He sits down with Hapa to catch up about raising teenage boys, balancing home and work, and lends us a great Top 3 tips for dads out there including an absolute must-do while at the hospital for new dads. For any DJs out there looking to step up their business skills, check out Follow Joe and his life here @joebunn Follow A Tribe Called Dad:  @atribecalleddad Thanks for listening and remember, "Dads are better than moms...sorry!" 
April 22, 2020
Top 3 Things We Have Learned in the First Weeks of Quarantine 2020
We're catching up about the Top 3 Things we've learned so far in Quarantine 2020. Top 3 (HAPA): 1.  Creating and keeping a schedule - especially with Home Schooling 2.  Being on the lookout for resources - educational, financial, etc 3.  Keeping mental health in check and breaking the addiction to the news Top 3 (SPIDER): 1.  Trying to balance all of the tasks that need to be done in a day 2.  Do as much physical activity as you can 3.  Including your kids in your work time if you can What are some of the things you've learned? Hit us up -
April 03, 2020
Quarantine Tips with Therapist David Bruce
The spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has been unprecedented and between schools and businesses shutting down, to the constant barrage of breaking news and the widespread panic of hoarding supplies, we felt like it was necessary to record a podcast episode with our family therapist friend David Bruce to provide some insight, context and tools. David puts together a Top 3 Tips for Dads during Quarantine including ways to keep calm and practical ideas to approaching this new way of life. More about David Bruce: David is the proud father of Michael (23) and Kristina (20) and is celebrating 25 years of marriage to his wife Cece. Originally from Oklahoma, Dr. Bruce is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist based in Culver City, CA. He specializes in depressing, anxiety and addictions and works with individuals and couples. He has graciously offered up his email - for anyone who wants to get in touch.
March 16, 2020
Finding great childcare with Erin McConaghy of Curated Care
What should you look for in a child care professional? A lot of dads, including myself, lean on their wives to steer this category of decision making, but I think we as dads NEED to be involved with this. For the first time in ATCD history, we have a mom-preneur on as a guest (Erin McConaghy, Founder or Curated Care) to share some her tips and to tell us more about their service with pairing artists with families looking for “cooler kid experts”.
March 08, 2020
18 Year Old Dad with Dalton Laluces
Imagine this: You’re a senior in high school and you find out that your girlfriend is pregnant while on your way to class on the subway. In this episode of A Tribe Called Dad, Dalton Laluces walks us through his journey of becoming a husband and a father at the age of 18 and how he and his wife defied the odds. Today, Dalton is a successful serial entrepreneur and shares his testimony of building a marriage and family while barely scraping by. His son is now 19, an accomplished cellist and is a part of Dalton’s story of triumph, along with his 20 year marriage to his high school sweetheart and their beautiful 9 year old daughter.  We get a chance to hear Dalton’s Top 3 Proudest Moments as a dad thus far and hope this inspires dads around the world! Follow Dalton here Follow A Tribe Called Dad here Thank you to all of our listeners for your continued support of the podcast!  Please feel free to get in touch with us - or leave us a message here! 
March 04, 2020
Coach Your Kids with DJ Prophet aka Coach Kris
This episode is incredibly timely with the passing of the great Kobe Bryant and the role that he played in coaching his daughter Gigi's Mamba team.  Tribesman, Coach Kris stops by to talk about his new found passion for coaching his sons basketball team, a sport that he himself had never really played, and gives his Top 3 Reasons why he believes all parents should get involved in coaching.  Follow DJ Prophet Follow A Tribe Called Dad
February 26, 2020
Top 3 Proud Dad Moments
Dad life can be filled with dad fails, but it’s also important to celebrate the wins! In this episode, we get into our top 3 proud dad moments from balancing work and dad life to teaching our kids something new which can be frustrating at times but we celebrate the joy it brings us and them when they finally get it! Hapa also shares his “king fu” dad powers that kicked in recently.
February 19, 2020
Invention and Fatherhood with Jon Sumroy of mifold
Like many of us, Jon Sumroy wondered why car seats couldn't be less bulky.  Unlike most of us, he actually set out to do something about it and created a product that has revolutionized child safety seats.  Jon calls into our show from Tel Aviv to talk about his journey through fatherhood and the process of inventing the mifold booster seat which has recently sold its one millionth seat!  Jon also breaks down his Top 3 ways to integrate work and family including letting kids come to work, which helps them understand WHERE dad is and WHAT dad does!  --  Jon Sumroy is the CEO of Carfoldio Ltd. and the inventor of the mifold grab-and-go booster seat and more recently the hifold fit-and-fold booster seat, which created the Ultra-Compact Car Seat Category in 2016. Jon started his career as a pharmaceutical chemist and then worked as a marketeer, senior executive and CEO in several multi-national consumer goods organisations. Jon came to the world of child passenger safety through his experiences with his own children. In 2001, he had a vision to create a child car safety seat that was so compact and portable, his four children could keep one with them all the time, and be safe, no matter whose car they were in.  It took a few years, and now his children are too old for booster seats. However he is delighted that one million other parents and caregivers all over the world are benefitting from his inventions. For more info on miFold, please visit and use code TRIBE15 for an exclusive discount!  Follow us:  @atribecalleddad @djhapa / @djspider
February 14, 2020
Throwing Out the Rearview Mirror with Greg Grunberg
In this episode, we sit down with actor, producer, drummer, singer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and all around good guy, Greg Grunberg to chat specifically about the challenges he faced with his eldest son, Jake who has had an ongoing battle with Epilepsy.  Currently, Jake is in his early 20s, working at Bad Robot (JJ Abrams company) and thriving in martial arts but Greg has a lot of insights to share with parents who are dealing with any “curve balls” in life. Greg founded and works closely with the Epilepsy Foundation to bring more awareness and financial support to the Epilepsy community.
February 06, 2020
Dealing with Grief and Loss: Honoring Kobe Bryant
This was a tough episode to record, but we felt like it was important to be able to put something out to acknowledge the tremendous collective grief felt in the city this week, which stretches beyond the basketball world. The fact that Kobe was such an involved father and was with his daughter Gigi, resonates amongst fellow dads and we wanted to help provide some tools for not only this situation, but for in other moments of loss.  A big thank you to renowned therapist, David Bruce for his insight and advice. For more help or questions, please email David: - 🙏🏽 @atribecalleddad
January 31, 2020
Rock and Roll Family with Andy Vargas
Andy has been the leader singer of Santana for 20 years now and shares his two unique experiences in fatherhood. His eldest son was born when Andy was 18 years old and right on the brink of stardom. The decision to leave and pursue his career as an artist was a tough one, but with the support of his son’s mother and his family, Andy moved to LA and did his best to balance it all. He shares how he has “made amends” with his now 23 year old son and how he has now been given the opportunity to do things differently this time around with his 3 year old young son and 6 year old daughter. Andy shares his Top 3 tips for fathers and they’re all SOOOO good. Big thanks to @electrovoiceofficial for hosting us! @andyvargasmusic @djspider / @djhapa
January 24, 2020
Advice for The Expecting Dad featuring Brian B and Mike Villa
Are you an expecting father?  Know an expecting father who is a little freaked out?  This is the perfect episode as we address some of the concerns of Brian B who is several months from the birth of his first daughter and is seeking some advice regarding work/life balance, ways to support his wife, and how to adjust his schedule as an entrepreneur and creative.  Mike Villa joins in as he recently went through this with the birth of HIS first daughter 14 months ago.  This episode was recorded live at the NAMM Show in Anaheim in conjunction with Electro Voice.  Enjoy!  LINK to "What To Pack In THAT Bag" Episode Follow us on social: @atribecalleddad @djhapa / @djspider @djbrianbofficial @mikevilladj
January 18, 2020
Top 3 New Years Resolutions and Deep Thoughts with Bantu
To start the New Year off right, Hapa sat down with Bantu, father of 3 (Bisu - 19, Blake - 15, and Beya - 10) to talk about new year's resolutions which he refers to as "resets".  Conversations run deep as the two touch on faith, identity, fear and more.    Bantu gives his top 3 resets that he does throughout the year including truly living every day as if its his last, which reminds Hapa of a movie he just watched but he can't recall the title.   As promised, we've figured it out: *For those of you who want to check out the movie about a father and son who can time travel, check out "About Time" (2013) available on Netflix  A big thanks to all of our supporters and the TRIBE of Dads out there!  Happy 2020!  ---  GUEST:  @bantuissmug FOLLOW US:  @atribecalleddad @djhapa / @djspider
January 10, 2020
Top 3 Holiday Complaints
Welcome to our complaint fest as we gear up for the holiday season.  Not to sound like a pair of Grinches, but we had to vent a bit with the things we wish we didn't have to deal with during this time of year.  Big shout out to everyone holding it together for their families and a huge thank you to all of you for listening in to the podcast and for being a part of the Tribe!  Enjoy the rest of 2019 and we will see you in 2020! 
December 27, 2019
Tough Love with Warren Peace
For those that don't know, Warren Peace has been a legend in the Vegas nightlife scene for DECADES. He's built his career on creating partnerships and taking "ideas" and making them a reality on the strip and beyond. He also happens to be the father to 3 teenage sons (including a pair of 17 year old twin boys) and sits down to chat with us about his approach to fatherhood. Warren shares his top 3 pieces of advice to entrepreneurial dads and even gives his honest feelings about getting a vasectomy. Big thank you to The DJ Collective for hosting us at their conference in Scottsdale, Arizona where this was recorded. Other big thanks to Electro-Voice and RODE for our set up!
November 23, 2019
BONUS: ATCD Team Member, DJ Threede on being a "step-dad"
DJ Threede has been a big part of our team from the beginning and is a "non-traditional dad" (whatever that actually means).  He isn't the biological father to the son he is raising, but is absolutely a DAD and lives that #dadlife.  We were chatting in the office and figured we should share some of our conversation with the audience that listens to the show, even if it wasn't a full episode.  I hope you enjoy hearing about what his experience has been like including meeting his girlfriends son for the first time, being called "Dad" to strangers and other people, and meeting his son's biological father's family.   For more on A Tribe Called Dad, please check out and/or follow us on IG: @atribecalleddad
November 15, 2019
Second Time Around with Terry Washington
Entertainment Executive, Terry Washington opens up about his two distinct experiences with fatherhood - both as a single father, yet over 20 years apart.  Terry's first son, Cameron is in his late twenties now and recently was married, and his brother, Terry's youngest son, Hudson is 5 years old and they live on opposite ends of the country.  Terry shares his wisdom and is an open book about his relationships with his son's mothers, his own father, and his unique relationship with both of his sons, including what it was like to have FULL CUSTODY of his oldest son Cameron when Terry was in his early 20s.  Enjoy! 
October 31, 2019
Single Dads Need Love Too featuring Yamani Watkins
We are so excited to share this episode giving some love to all of the single dads out there and shedding some light on how their experiences in fatherhood are slightly different than dads in a relationship.  Yamani Watkins sat down with us live at Angel City brewery in a honest, soul bearing conversation sharing his stories and insight and we are forever grateful his willingness to open up with us and all of you.  
October 17, 2019
Top 3 Family Friendly Movies
We break down our favorite family friendly movies if you have younger kids.  In order to make the list, we as parents had to be able to enjoy the movies as well.  Check to see if you agree (or disagree) with any of our choices and feel free to hit us up with what we may have missed!  Enjoy! 
October 04, 2019
Top 3 Things We Have Learned About Marriage
We are dedicating this new season of A Tribe Called Dad to RELATIONSHIPS!  In this episode, Hapa and Spider chat about 3 of the many things they have learned from the marriages.  Spider and Wells recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary and Hapa and T are on their 4th year.  The DJ Dads chat about how they met their wives and Hapa shares his story of why he's bandaged up this week (definitely another #dadfail)!  MORE ABOUT A TRIBE CALLED DAD Created from a need, the two "DJ Dads" sought out to build a platform where like-minded "non-to-five" dads could share their experiences and connect with one another in the fatherhood journey. Hapa is the proud father of two girls - Ellie (6) and Irie (3) and Spider is the proud father of son Jude (6)
September 25, 2019
INTERVIEW: Nick Ferrara opens up about IVF struggles and what he didn't expect as a father
We got a chance to catch up with live host extraordinaire, Nick Ferrara to chat about the transition into fatherhood, balancing work and family, and the trials and tribulations of going through IVF with his wife. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did and in listening to Nick be so open and honest!
September 12, 2019
Back to School (recorded Live at Angel City Brewery)
Recorded live at Angel City Brewery in downtown Los Angeles, Spider and Hapa catch up about feelings around the end of summer and the kids going back to school. This episode's "Top 3" is the top 3 reasons why we're excited the kids are going back to school and the audience chimes in with thoughts around parenting teenagers!
August 29, 2019
INTERVIEW: Clayton William and DJ Prophet
Recorded Live at Angel City Brewery, we sit down with Manny's Dad aka Clayton William and Zirius, Zekiel, and Zada's Dad aka DJ Prophet! Prophet lets us in on some of the conversations he is having to have with his teenage son and shares his "Top 3 Dad Tips". Clayton discusses how his life has changed with his one year old son Manny and how simplifying things in life has helped with his relationship with his wife in addition to his son.
August 09, 2019
INTERVIEW: Paul Printz Page on New Dad Life
Paul "DJ Printz" Page stops by to share the top 3 things he's learned with his newborn son Justice, who makes his podcast debut in this episode. A Tribe Called Dad is a place for like minded Father's living in this day and age to share knowledge and relate to each other about all things Dad. We are your hosts, DJ Hapa & DJ Spider from Los Angeles and we give you a peek into our lives as Dads & DJs, along with our weekly Top 3 lists about all types of crazy #DadLife topics. We answer letters from the listeners, come up with Dad Hacks and tell stories about our hilarious children. Send us an email at and make sure to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast if you like it. Instagram: @atribecalleddad @djhapa @djspider Official Spotify Page: A Tribe Called Dad
July 27, 2019
INTERVIEW: Rodney McMahon on Work/Life Balance
This episode is from our first ever LIVE PODCAST TAPING at Angel City Brewery in the Arts District of Los Angeles where we sat down and chatted with our friend Rodney McMahon about work/life balance. Rodney, amongst other things is an active father of 3 year old Brooklyn and talks to us about how he manages that with his super-demanding role heading up Post Production for Original Programming at the ever-growing Spotify! Rod gives us a Top 3 Things that he tries to never miss with his daughter and even surprises us with a little gift at the top of the show. In this show, we also get a crazy, unbelievable but true story about Rod's recent discovery about his grandfather he barely knew leaving him a TREASURE! Enjoy!
June 27, 2019
INTERVIEW: Christopher McDonald and his Top 3 Illness He Didn't Know Existed Until He Had a Kid
Ellison's Dad aka Christopher McDonald has been in the entertainment business for a long time and is the founder of Connections First, a world-renowned talent agency. He talks to us about the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur and we chat about going through unemployment and the struggle of raising a family and the male pressure to be a provider. Chris gives us his Top 3 Illnesses He Didn't Know Existed Until He Had a Kid and you definitely don't want to miss out on this!
June 13, 2019
Top 3 Dad far...
In this episode, we are admitting some of our most embarrassing moments in fatherhood thus far. From getting a car stuck on the beach, to almost drowning a newborn, we certainly have had our fair share of trial and error. We hope that you are able to laugh along with us, although we don't blame you if you laugh at us too! Enjoy!
May 29, 2019
INTERVIEW: Ila and Louie's Dad aka Garrett Leight, Founder of GLCO Brand
Garrett Leight is a successful entrepreneur and creator of GLCO Eyewear brand born out of Venice, CA. Following in his father's footsteps (Larry Leight of Oliver Peoples), Garrett has built his own empire with GLCO and chats with the tribe about balancing fatherhood and his growing company. Beyond the business talk, Garrett gives the tribe his "Top 3" pieces of advice for fellow dads out there which includes finding a true hobby - something outside of work and family that requires a challenge and some dedicated focus. The guys also chat about when the right time to get a kid a phone is, feelings on vegan diets for kids, rules in the house and much more!
May 21, 2019
Top 3 Artists Your Young Kids Should Know
People often ask us about our musical recommendations and especially when it comes to kids, we don't to only be playing them "Baby Shark" and the Moana Soundtrack. In this episode, we share some of our favorite artists of all time to expose your kids to (Kindergarten or younger) including Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and more. Speaking of Michael Jackson, we continue our on-going debate over whether DJs should be playing the King of Pop after all of these allegations and the documentary Neverland has come out and attempted to taint MJ's legacy.
May 03, 2019
Top 3 Ways We Know We Are Getting Old
Aging sucks...and we're not even THAT old. We break down the things that are breaking down with us as gracefully aging dads. Spider talks about his "itises" - tendonitis, tinnitus and Hapa shares his vision issues and inability to lose weight as easily as he used to. Our apologies on this being slightly depressing, but hopefully all of the Dads out there can relate and sympathize!
April 17, 2019
Top 3 Ways To Keep Your Sanity on Family Trips
Family trips can be incredibly stressful and with Spring Break here, we felt like it would be helpful for us to share our tips on how to keep your sanity while traveling with kids, your spouse, your in-laws, your family, or all of the above. Spider also shares his tip on magic mushrooms to stay healthy and the guys talk about keeping the momentum up to avoid getting sick. In true, ATCD fashion, the DJ dads also come up with a spontaneous idea to create “Family Yearbooks” and print physical copies of photo albums from your photos on IG and the ability to gift family and friends - genius!
April 12, 2019
Top 3 Ways Our Kids Are Like Drunk People
We’ve both spent quite a bit of time in nightclubs and bars dealing with drunk patrons stuttering, demanding requests, and wild dance moves. In this episode, we explore how are young children remind us of these moments in the club.
March 30, 2019
Top 3 Events That Would Be In "The Dad Olympics"
There isn’t really a Dad Olympics…YET! In this episode, we brainstorm about what events SHOULD be in the Dad Olympics including installing a car seat in a coupe time trials, carrying a 5 year old plus luggage and bags through an airport to try and make a flight, swaddling contests and more! What do you think we missed? Hit us up at @atribecalleddad
March 22, 2019
Top 3 Things We Hate About Kid's Birthday Parties
Top 3 things that we hate about kids birthday parties including the timing, the lack of good food choices, the horrible awkward conversations with annoying, inappropriate or down right weird parents. We also talk about our kids obsession with wanting to do things perfectly and how we address embracing and celebrating mistakes with our young ones.
March 15, 2019
Top 3 Apps Every Dad Should Have
In this episode, we share our Top 3 Apps that are helpful to have on your phones, iPads, tablets, phablets and so on and so on. We cover everything from noise machines for newborns or toddlers (or yourself) to good ol Netflix and much much more. What are apps you can't live without? Hit us up and let us know!
March 07, 2019
Top 3 Movies that are good for the kids...and you won't hate
In this episode, we center the Top 3 around movies that are great for your kids, but won’t have you falling asleep or wanting to pull your hair out. We also come up with another brilliant scheme of trying to develop some sort of “family pass” for parents to be able to take their kids to the movies in a more affordable way. We find out about Hapa’s fear of E.T., touch on the different father/son and father/daughter dynamic, and the new bling Jude (6) is now rocking around his neck.
February 28, 2019
Episode 11 - Top 3 Things that were "good buys" for our kids
A couple episodes ago we told you about some "bad buys" for our kids... On this episode we wanted to let you know about some "good buys" we have made in the past. From Treasure X to Sound Machines we cover all types of stuff that have been good for our kids, as well as learn that some companies gift expensive toilets to people (Toto where you at?!) and that you can return humus to Costco. Tune in to hear it all and hit us up - @atribecalleddad on instagram
February 21, 2019
Episode 10 - Top 3 Songs our kids are singing along to and we wish they didn't...
By popular demand, we are returning with another Top 3 of the songs our kids are singing along to that we wish they wouldn’t. We touch on everything from The Crazy Frog to Drake to “I’ll pull down your underwear…” We also answer a question from a fellow DJ dad who asked what we think of the current state of hip hop music. Tune in to see what we answer along with what our Top 3s are!
February 13, 2019
Episode 9 - Top 3 Things that were "bad buys" for our kids
We wanted to let you know what mistakes we have made so you don’t fall into the trap of buying some crap you don’t need! In this episode we talk about how a cardboard box or toys from a dollar store is usually a better buy than any of this other stuff out there…but somehow we still continue to buy everything from play kitchens to Nintendo DS. We also chat about how we feel about being censored about what we play at parties and do a Superbowl themed “Win of The Week”.
February 07, 2019
INTERVIEW: The Joy Chasers Dad, Aaron Petz on creating your own lifestyle and becoming a digital nomad with your family
Aaron Petz and his family are inspiring digital nomads who travel around the world chasing joy (@joychasers). Listen in as he chats about his experience raising his 9, 7 and 5 year old girls as they bounce around from country to country with their life neatly tucked into small, sleek carry-on backpacks. We chat about the idea of creating young, free thinkers and challenging the social norms and he shares one of his craziest travel stories and how the stresses of the road have made him and his family more of a team. Aaron also tells us how his family had to “earn” the right to have this lifestyle and that his most valuable possession is his kid’s art.
January 24, 2019
Episode 8 - Top 3 things that expecting dads need to have in "THAT BAG"
Episode 8 is all about those expecting dads! We know you might be freaked out, worried (or not) and we're sharing our top tips to make sure you're prepared for the big day. This isn't a list of obvious things that the doula or the class you took would give you...congrats and enjoy!
January 18, 2019
Episode 7 - Top 3 things that make us want to laugh...but we can't in front of the kids
In Episode 7, we chat about the things that make us want to laugh in front of our kids, but we are forced to keep it together. We also get caught up about some of Spider's recent DJ gigs and some of the wild things he has experienced including meeting Quincy Jones and the legend's affection for ice cream in the club.
January 11, 2019
Episode 6 - Top 3 New Year's Resolutions including talk about better ways to manage time in the new year, health is wealth, and the work life balance struggle
In Episode 6, we go over our Top 3 New Year's Resolutions, despite our disdain for being cliche. We chat about work/life balance and finding better ways to manage time, creating structure for our kids in our chaotic lives, and how multitasking is "fake news".
January 07, 2019
Episode 5 - Top 3 travel tips for traveling with kids - Going on a holiday trip with the fam? We got you!
In Episode 5, we go over our Top 3 travel tips for traveling with kids. Going on a holiday trip with the fam? We got you! We also discuss being a chaperone on the school field trip, our wives being cold, wearing crazy stuff and more.
December 19, 2018
INTERVIEW: Justin's Dad aka Josh Levine of Rebel Industries & Rebel Radio Podcast - Josh is a fellow father & cultural marketing ninja
INTERVIEW: Justin's Dad aka Josh Levine of Rebel Industries and the Rebel Radio Podcast - Josh is a cultural marketing ninja.  The father of 9 year old, Justin, tells us how he balances his career in the music and marketing world with his most important job of being present for his son and leading by example.  Josh talks to us about the importance of dinner time, how to handle cursing in the home, and his distain for bad kid movies.
December 05, 2018
Episode 4 - Top 3 Things We Do That Remind Us Of Our Parents featuring Justin's Dad aka Josh Levine of Rebel Industries
TOP 3 THINGS WE SAY OR DO THAT REMIND US OF OUR PARENTS - In this episode, Spider and Hapa invite special guest cultural marketing ninja Josh Levine of Rebel Industries (and more) to chat about the Top 3 Things that remind us of our parents.  The conversation flows from strategies for getting kids to finish their food, to road trip etiquette to finding out that Josh’s dad is a country western superstar in China!
December 05, 2018
Episode 3 - Top 3 things we look forward to at Thanksgiving, a beef with turkey, a life saving Aussie Dad and how to deal with wack SoundCloud rappers
In Episode 3, we tackle the Thanksgiving holiday with a Top 3 things we look forward to on Turkey Day.  We introduce a new segment called “Hate It Or Love It” and Hapa explains his disdain for being forced to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.  We also chat about our “Wins of the Week” including a story about an Australian dad who jumped off a balcony to save his son and share a story from DJ Immortal in Miami who seeks advice about his teenage daughters new obsession with “wack SoundCloud rap”.
November 21, 2018
Episode 2 - Top 3 types of candy we steal from our kids after Halloween, work life balance, our kids ages, beastie boys, allergies at school, pets and letters from the listeners
In Episode 2 DJ Spider & DJ Hapa talk about the Top 3 types of candy that we steal from our kids after Halloween. We also discuss how old our kids are, home and work life balance, Beastie Boys, kids allergies at school, pets, travel hacks, we take letters from the listeners.
November 16, 2018
Episode 1 - Top 3 things our kids sing along to, but have no idea what they're talking about, starting new schools, being a DJ Dad, questions from the listeners & more
DJ Hapa & DJ Spider discuss the Top 3 things our kids sing along to, but have no idea what they're talking about, starting at new schools, being a DJ Dad trying to balance career and family, we take questions from the listeners & more.
November 05, 2018