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ATX Artist Social

ATX Artist Social

By Atx Artist Social
A group of Creative Entrepreneurs set out to create a platform for artist and creatives alike. Discussing the challenges and aspirations of their fields. Our goal is to socialize and share valuable information with our audience.
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Camille Lema with Art by CSLema

ATX Artist Social

Camille Lema with Art by CSLema

ATX Artist Social

Daniel Gonzalez with The Atx Artist Social
We introduce a new type of artist to our list comedian Dainel Gonzalez. With his preacher turned comic unique background gave our wild bunch a lot to talk about. We dive right in on how he got to our lovely city to explore the comedy scene. He expressed how his family support got him where he is today. Through weight loss and the love of his amazing wife, Daniel has pushed through every limit put in front of him. We mention how we had the pleasure to host him in our Creative Mixtape. We loved every joke this young comic threw at us during the showcase! Come discover the ever so funny Daniel Gonzalez....... ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
April 14, 2021
Marcella Colavecchio with the Atx Artist Social
Adventuring out onto the streets for the first time we find ourselves at The Austin Winery with Marcella Colavecchio. Witnessing her pop-up exhibition Rise Up as Unknown Collective. She hosted live music, a vendor market, and much more! It was a blast to be a part of and making it our first in person interview. While we were there we learned about Marcella’s Italian heritage and how she’s the first generation of her family. Coming to us all the way from Stanford,Connecticut. She graced our lovely city in the year 2019, where she was able to experience Austin right before quarantine. Not classically trained Marcella’s artwork goes beyond words. We dive in on how she took the leap and started doing her artwork for more than just a hobby. Discovering all Marcella had to offer in such a short time span was truly mind blowing. Want to know more about what blew us away...... ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
April 7, 2021
Damon,Julia, and Carter of c o l d r i c e
We introduce the hot new band by the name of c o l d r i c e. Damon, Julia, and Carter tell us how they became this amazing trio. Texas natives and ahead of the game c o l d r i c e are beyond words. We dive into how they came up with the name c o l d r i c e and what it truly means to them. Damon explains how they love to stay at the root of things and do things they know and love. He goes on to give us a glimpse of how they record and keep their music pure. Julia the sweetheart of the clan fills us in with the legendary tell of c o l d r i c e journey through the music industry. Farmer turned bass guitarist Carter brings the smooth but edginess to the c o l d r i c e sound. This episode is jammed packed with soilers from our new project that is about to drop! If you want a little taste of what's to come from us and c o l d r i c e....... ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
March 24, 2021
Xavier Alvarado with Art by Alvarado
We’re opening up season 4 with the well rounded Xavier Alvarado the mastermind behind Art by Alvarado. Xavier is a Houston native and Texas State Alumni living in our city of art doing big things. He plays each moving part of the vehicle by acting,modeling, directing, and filming his work. Transitioning from painting to film; Xavier gives us all the know how to make short films. He tells us about his background in theatre and the struggle with being Black in a medium where it's uncommon. Xavier goes on to start creating his own projects and forming his own production along the way. He expresses how having a team is essential to making quantity products. We couldn't fit all the gems in this episode and all the pro tips dropped are insane! So stop wasting time and get to know Xavier with us..... ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
March 17, 2021
Leah Bury with the Atx Artist Social
We are closing out our season 3 with the talented Leah Bury. Popping Leah's podcast cherry we explore how she's got to our glorious city from the beloved Philadelphia. With her being a digital artist who makes portraits that are meant to be a visual manifestation of inner emotion. We dive right in on how she opens our eyes to the art of mixed media with her unique pieces. She expressed how her community built her value in her artwork. Which also makes herself stand out from the rest by creating platforms like "The Quarantine Zine" that feature artists and gives them another place to shine. We couldn't of pick a better artist to end our season. We loved traveling through her masterpieces and we are sure you will too! Come discover the ever so interesting Leah Bury....... ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
February 17, 2021
Blair Gallacher with the Atx Artist Social
We explored the colorful artworks of Blair Gallacher. Coming to us from the midwest to our lovely city of Austin. From teaching to working in the service industry; Blair really fell in love with Austin. Finding connections through her clients to make her beautiful pieces of work. Blair gives an insight into her condition of Synesthesia and how it affects her craft. She tells how she sees others energy through color and the combining of her senses. Blair chooses her clients and colors based on what she gets through their aura. It comes through clearly through her artwork; every stroke comes from what she senses.  We were so happy to get a glance of the magical mind of what Blair has to offer....... ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
February 11, 2021
Samara Barks with Mixed Hues
We dive into artistic world of Samara Bakrs of Mixed Hues. Samara's illustrations and fine art styles are a mix of exaggerated realism with a graffiti feel. Through her art she creates work featuring people of color, specifically Black people, in spaces where they aren't likely to be seen or represented. She goes into her life in roller derby and how she's changing the narrative of the sport. She has become a powerhouse in the community with her beautiful pieces of work. Representation is Samara's main goal and we see her achieving it.  We are beyond thrilled to be able to get just a moment with this goddess and Black queen, she has so much more in store....... ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
February 3, 2021
Fergie with F3I Collective
This episode we get into the unique mind of Fergie of F3I Collective. She sends out a powerful message by creating space for LGBTQ veterans. Being a veteran herself she shares the struggles she had to go through while enlisted. Fergie is a multi talented artist working as a tattoo artist, UX/UI Designer and much more. She tells us how she builds her community and raises awareness of unaddressed issues. When you thought it ended there we dive into her culinary background and how she toured as a chef in her military career. We are beyond thrilled to be able to get just a moment with this beaming light! Fergie creates illustrations that start conversations,movements for an underrepresented culture and we are here for that....... ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
January 27, 2021
Robert Dean with Literally Robert Dean
We jump start in life and literary work of the legend Robert Dean. From the streets of Chicago Robert gives us the meat and potatoes of his world. His books are about food, culture, and his life. If you are looking for something to get cozy in bed and have a good read Robert has what you need. He has the know how when it comes to all the hot spots to eat here in our beloved Austin. Who doesn’t like hearing about delicious dishes and where to get them. Robert gives us so much culture in this episode we almost had to make two. Beyond the food he goes into his work in the film industry and tells us how he is a well rounded artist! Wanna know all that Robert has done...... ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
January 20, 2021
Hector Kriete with Kriete Stoneware
We dive into the beautiful world of ceramics with Hector Kriete of Kriete Stoneware. We jump start on how Hector arrived in our city of Austin and how he started his craft. Learning from amazing mentors Hector explains the differences between the different styles of ceramics and why he considers himself stoneware. His variety of pieces are colorful and stamped beautifully and he gives us all the juice on the process of labeling ceramics. From pots for your house plants to amazingly crafted Japanese teapots . Hector has all your household stoneware needs.  He's producing constantly to keep his shop full for his consumers! Hector is the go to man for handcrafted well made gifts for family! If you want to learn a new trade and get the inside scoop...... ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
January 13, 2021
J Money, Prince O, and Labrador of Royal Family
We dive into the musical world of the up and coming group Royal Family. We explore how the Royal Family got started and what they stand for. Making major moves to help feed our community and build awareness. Nothing gets in the way of these three champions of the game. From music all the way to a jewelry line; Royal Family has no limit to what they bring to the table. They make great music that paints a picture for their listeners! The Royal Family seek out to touch you with their music and we believe it's working! If you want to join us in the belief that is the Royal Family....... ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
November 11, 2020
Amanda Marie Bell with the Atx Artist Social
We dive into the very driven life of Amanda Marie Bell. Amanda is a multifaceted artist from Houston who moved to Austin in 2018. She graduated with a degree in graphic design from the University of Houston in 2014. Her main focus over the last two years has been developing her skill and passion for digital art. We explore her connection between tattoos, nail art, and her digital medium! It's shaped her unique and very distinctive style we love her for today. There's no denying that Amanda is a very unique artist and a force to be reckoned with in the industry. ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
November 4, 2020
Halloween Special: Christine Smith of Christine Smith Design
Celebrating Halloween with our winner of the Art Showdown Mask Contest Christine Smith of Christine Smith Design.  We explore Christine's life as a graphic artist straight out of college. Jumping right into discussing how she delivered us the winning mask from up cycled material from Austin Creative Reuse! Her process of creating the mask and the story behind it are truly show stopping! We move right along by diving into her life working through COVID-19 and re-gearing herself from the effects to her career due to the pandemic.  Taking a more hands on approach on different techniques has put Christine ahead of the game. Letting our hair down in this Halloween episode we really got to know the young bright Christine Smith. ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
October 28, 2020
DeLoné Osby of Paint by DeLoné
We get comfy and sit down and talk to the beautiful DeLoné Osby of Paint by DeLoné.  We dive right in with the spiritual side of her art work and how it's all connected. DeLoné breathes life into her work by using it as a healing tool for the body and soul.  We explore the effects of art on the Black community and how to keep your spiritual sanity during a global pandemic. Come discover the spirit world of art with us and DeLoné ! ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
October 21, 2020
Natalie Nichole with Indience Music Group
We dive into the musical world of Natalie Nichole of Indience Music Group. We explore how Natalie was discovered by Nick Cannon and how she became the CEO of her indie label. Indience Music Group doesn't only finds talent but is talent; which makes them different from the rest.  From her living in LA and traveling with the WILD N OUT Crew to her learning the industry and making her own way. With a new single out every single month Natalie consistently puts out fire like Russ, owning her masters in partnership with United Masters and making waves all over the world.  This young Super Star has a lot in the works and does it all independently! Candle Lit Natalie gives us all the feels! ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
October 14, 2020
Dawn Okoro with the Atx Artist Social
We explore the exciting unique world of Dawn Okoro. She is a painter, fashion designer, and videographer; there's just nothing Dawn can't do! From her out of the box culturally aware imaginary to her stylist sense of clothing. Dawn has a desire to make art spawn from her love of fashion illustration, photography, and design. We dive into how she creates her masterpieces, right down to the gold leaf finish.  We just can't get enough of her "Punk Noir"'ll say the same thing too! ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
October 7, 2020
Silvy Ochoa with Silvy Art Studio
We dive in with the ever so spicy Silvy Ochoa of Silvy Art Studio. We explore her art background and her life growing up in the beautiful country of Colombia. From graduating high school at the age of 15 to her 4 outstanding careers before the age of 23! Silvy gives us so much flavor and inspiration it evaluated our lives to a whole other level. Being finely new to Austin and the art scene Silvy is truly making her mark with her realistic pieces of work. We just can't get enough of what she has to offer and neither will you! ❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
September 16, 2020
Jayson Sol with the Atx Artist Social
We explore the young mind of Jayson Sol. From his humble roots in Byran, Texas to how he got start with his art form in Austin. We dive right into how he creates his beautiful pieces of artwork and the technique to make them. Freshly in college the young Jayson is discovering the world of art and finding his sense of community.  Help us welcome him to the life!❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
September 9, 2020
Akaimi Davis of Akaimi the Artist
We explore the very powerful artworks of Akaimi Davis art name Akaimi the Artist. Being a mixed media artist Akaimi's paintings focuses on trans-generational trauma in the Black community. We dive right into her body of work and how she spreads awareness one piece at a time. Out to change the mindset of a slave conditioned community Akaimi's artwork defiances oppression.  She's here to change the new generation of Black and we're here to support the cause. Are you ready to be enlightened......❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
September 2, 2020
Chinasa Broxton and Dashawn Daniels with Tribe Mafia
We dive in with the hip-hop duo Chinasa Broxton and Dashawn Daniels of Tribe Mafia. We explore their college days where they met and formed this dynamic duo. We learn how the two came up with the name Tribe Mafia by hearing how they tie in their culture in their music. We have the pleasure of listening and debuting exclusive tracks from their upcoming album! They also tell us about their crazy adventures on tour in Brazil with Akon.  Since the dreadful COVID-19 and the cancellation of SXSW the guys tell us what they'll be doing since then! Want to know know what to do!❤️🔥 Tune in now!! ❤️🔥
August 26, 2020
Camille Lema with Art by CSLema
We jump this interview off right with the amazing Camille S. Lema owner of Art by CSLema. Camille is a queer, indigenous artist and art teacher currently based in Austin. Her paintings represent the wisdom, strength and inner beauty that lie within people of color while celebrating indigenous cultures and the magic with nature. As a teacher, her mission is to unlock the inner artist and lives within children. We explore ways we can help and her life as an artist during COVID......❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
August 19, 2020
Ryan Downs with Black Zodiac Prints
We explore the artworks of Ryan Downs of Black Zodiac Prints. His innovation on his zodiac series is truly inspiring. We dive right into his body of work and how he transferred from advertising to digital painting. As a fan of astrology, Ryan started the Black Zodiac series as a way to celebrate people of color in alignment with Zodiac signs, something he felt was lacking representation in the art world. Ryan's wisdom on how to market your brand took us to another level. These gems made us forget that he was on a road trip in a hotel lobby.  There's only one thing left to do......❤️🔥 Tune in now for more!! ❤️🔥
August 12, 2020
Atx Artist Social Season 1 Rewind
We REWIND the tape back and highlight some artists we've grown to love even more. Some we've been builting partnerships with to launch new products. Others have been dropping new content we can't just ignore! Here are a few of our favorite moments from those episodes.  ❤️🔥 Tune in now!! ❤️🔥
August 8, 2020
Dun Milhouse with The 4Gotten1's
We dive into the artworks of Dun Milhouse of The 4Gotten1's. His body of work commemorates subject matter on which Dun has grew up on. Fused with a multitude of other things that are deemed "Forgotten", hence the name "The 4Gotten1's".  We explore Dun's life as a military brat and moving more times than he can remember. When remembering his childhood the most; he considers his home to mostly be in the beautiful state of California in the city of Compton. Paving his way in Texas in the art community has changed the life of Mr. Mellow Dun to make him not one of the 4Gotten1's. ❤️🔥 Tune in now!! ❤️🔥
July 22, 2020
Avery Orendorf with Avery O Design
We're building a muralist family on the ATX Artist Social Podcast. For episode 4 we bring in Avery Orendorf with Avery O Design. She's from a family of creatives and have lived all over the world. Her non belief in the concept of the “starving artist” made us want to explore her life in becoming a muralist. We dive right into her involvement with the community in many projects to aid small businesses. Avery is a force to be reckoned with and a colorful dancing beauty. ❤️🔥 Tune in now!! ❤️🔥
July 22, 2020
Dos Cuernos in Partnership with the Atx Artist Social
We learn Angel Gallegos had the idea to start his own tequila company. With that in mind he banded together with Peter Trevino and Sylvester Palacios and the Dos Cuernos trio was born! We explore the ends and outs of how their tequila is made and how you can get a bottle.  We also announce our partnership with the trio in form of an art contest.  They set out on a journey to discover the next drink of the Aztec Gods we're here to confirm it. ❤️🔥 Tune in now!! ❤️🔥
July 8, 2020
Lucero Archuleta with Lucero Photography
We explore the field of photography through the eyes of Lucero Archuletas owner of Lucero Photography. Photography is always been a family business for Lucero. So we dive right into the ins and outs of capturing her client's personalities through photos . We also discover how many ties she has with brands around the Austin area. We learn there's no limit to Lucero's amazing talent as an artist . To learn more about the history and deep culturally influence behind Lucero's work! ❤️🔥 Tune in now!! ❤️🔥
July 1, 2020
J Muzacz with Something Cool Studios
We start out season 2 right with the ever inspiring J Muzacz. We dive into his art with mosaic murals and his work around the city of Austin. Empowering artists with his workshops, city projects, and leadership in the community. J Muzacz has paved the way for future artists. From learning about his studies, we discovered J Muzacz has unlimited knowledge and passion for the arts. Give it a listen to see  what J has in store.❤️🔥 Tune in now!! ❤️🔥
June 24, 2020
Lakeem Wilson with Natural Born Studios
We introduce the mastermind behind the powerful moving artwork of Lakeem Wilson, owner of NaturalBorn Studios; empowering the youth one piece at a time. Lakeem captures the essences of Black issues in America today. Exploring his passion for the arts and awareness; we discuss how he got started and how college life transferred into his career today. Standing as a new voice in the community Lakeem is paving the way for a new Black standard.❤️🔥 Tune in now!! ❤️🔥 'scehwkxp'
June 17, 2020
Roger Paul Mason with Atx Artist Social
We explore the world of a theater kid and how he transitioned from the stage to canvas. Roger Paul Mason talks to us about his roots in New York and how that has made him into the artist he is today. We dive into his work with ZACH Theater and live painting in the streets of Austin, Texas. Did you know Roger also is a musician? ❤️🔥 Tune in to this super fun episode to find out more🔥 ❤️
June 10, 2020
Dr. Brock-White with Chosen Eyes
We dive into the world of oriental and acupuncture medicine with Dr. Brock-White, owner of Chosen Eyes. Empowering through compassion is a passion of Dr. Brock-White's and we feel it throughout every word spoken. Exploring her passion about community education and empowerment; we discuss how she got started and how college life transferred into her career today. Bridging the gap between magick and medicine is Dr. Brock-White's main goal and she shows us the way how! You don’t want to miss it! ❤️🔥 Tune in now!! ❤️🔥
May 27, 2020
Jose Lerma-Locke with Deth Horse Art
We leap into the world of the unique art work of Jose Lerma-Locke, owner of Deth Horse Art. Exploring his illuminating page jumping illustrations left us amazed.  We discuss how Jose got started and how college life transferred into his career today. Jose also shares how he became Deth Horse and how we can find a connection in epic game play! You don’t want to miss it! ❤️🔥 Tune in now!! ❤️🔥
May 20, 2020
Mother's Day Special with The ATX Artist Social ft. La Tonya Jackson
We celebrate our 8th episode and Mother's Day special with checking back with the team that makes The Atx Artist Social. We talk about everything that has been going on with the team and new projects coming up. We also dive into some COVID-19 issues with special guest La Tonya Jackson and highlight some things going on publicly in the hair industry. Get to know the team you've grown to know and love in this special episode.❤️🔥Tune In Now!!! 🔥❤️
May 13, 2020
Christy Stallop with ATX Artist Social
We talk about everything grackles and Christy Stallop's primary focus on creating work that connects with one of the most universal human emotions, happiness. We dive into Christy's work and how it was selected for the city of Austin's People's Gallery and the Art in Public Places TEMPO Program. Push play to hear about the face mask Christy made in quarantine you want to hear this! ❤️🔥Tune In Now!!! 🔥❤️
May 6, 2020
Chelsea Amato with Chelsea Screen Name
We will be discussing the beautiful creations of Chelsea Amato, owner of Chelsea Screen Name Prints. Chelsea and the team will be exploring her bone chilling pieces and how they tie into current/past historical events.  We dive right in with her COVID-19 pieces that came to light before the pandemic began! Chelsea will also share how she became Chelsea Screen Name and how much she enjoys her life as a traveling artist! You don’t want to miss it! ❤️🔥 Tune in now!! ❤️🔥
April 29, 2020
Giovannie Licea with Giovannie's Originals
We discuss #quarantine 2020 and the lifestyles of the hungry artist. We also enter into the digital work and makings of Giovannie's Originals. Owner Giovannie Licea gives us the ins and outs of being sponsored and how that elevated his artwork to the next level. Tune in now to hear Giovannie add some artistic gems in this episode.  Young Gio drops a few golden nuggets for our creative audience! 💎❤️🔥ENJOY 🔥❤️💎 
April 22, 2020
Adrian Amiro with Shalottlilly
We talk about being in isolation, a wife to a first responder, a mother and the inspirational artwork of Adrian Amiro, the Owner of Shalottlilly. Her artworks are inspired by dreams, colors, and romantic imagery. We get an up close and personal of what life is like in Liberty Hill for this talented artist. ❤️🔥Tune In Now!!! 🔥❤️
April 15, 2020
Rhea Rose with Phoenix Art Studios
We talk about motherhood, Social distancing, and the Art Entrepreneurial-ship of Rhea Rose, the Owner and Creative Director of Phoenix Art Studios. We get an up close understanding of what the art industry looks like from her perspective. ❤️🔥Tune In Now!!! 🔥❤️
April 8, 2020
Danielle East with We Here Collective
Danielle is a interdisciplinary artist and curator. Currently, she makes installations, poetry, and handmade journals. She's also the founder of East Lubbock Art House and We Here Collective. We Here Collective is a Black women's/femme's is an art collective based out of Texas that works to promote underrepresented artists amd their' work. We Here Collective was founded in the fall of 2019 and hopes to host many diverse art exhibitions and art events.❤️🔥Tune In Now!!! 🔥❤️
April 1, 2020
ATX Artist Social Topics & Overview
What to expect
March 25, 2020
Meet the ATX Artist Social Team
We begin by introducing the hosts of the podcast, and some of their current projects. We also chat about the challenges that Artist face during these pressing times. Kick up your feet and and enjoy some Art Talk.
March 22, 2020