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Media In The Mix

Media In The Mix

By American University School of Communication
Media in the Mix podcast is a space where we explore topics in communication at the intersection of social justice, tech + innovation, and popular culture. Media in the Mix is a production of American University School of Communication.
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What's In An Identity?

Media In The Mix

What Is An Influencer?
In this episode of Media in the Mix we explore the idea of being an "influencer" and how a person can make an impact in the real world with their online persona. We chat with SOC alum Andy Lalwani, who is now the host for “Culture Q,” a weekly show on Revry TV about news, pop culture, politics and more for the queer community; and Paige Kaiser, who is currently a junior in SOC studying Public Relations and Strategic Communications, and a YouTuber with over 300K subscribers, about what it means to be an influencer (2:28), creating content (26:18), and the responsibility they have to their followers in the digital space (20:04 and 22:24).
December 1, 2021
What's In An Identity?
On this month’s episode of Media in the Mix, Camila DeChalus, senior reporter at Business Insider, spoke with Brianna Williams, Online Content Manager for AUSOC, about labels and the importance of speaking to people with their identity in mind. During this Hispanic Heritage Month (also known as Latino Heritage Month or Latinx Heritage Month), it is important to recognize that a group’s identity—and their own role in self-identifying—can help influence how their story is told. They talk about society and media view the Latino/Latinx community (01:22), Camila’s perspective as an Afro-Latina (02:30), defining and differentiating between the terms “Hispanic” and “Latino” (03:10), changing perspectives on identifying as “Hispanic” or “Latino” (05:00), Twitter controversy (07:35), Camila’s experience covering the Latinx community (10:15), cultural assumptions (13:39), and Camila’s parting thoughts in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (17:41).
October 7, 2021