A Work In Progress

Crushes, Relationships And What I Did For (Self) Love

An episode of A Work In Progress

By Lynsey Stanickihttps://anchor.
Welcome to the podcast about a young woman figuring it all out. Life is a work in progress.
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Cheers To The Teenage Years
Your teenage years can be full of fun and change. Here is some advice I wish I knew when going through my teens. Thank you so much for listening! 
April 19, 2019
Crushes, Relationships And What I Did For (Self) Love
Today I'm getting real about all things dating. I'm answering questions about love, crushes, rejection and more. 
January 8, 2019
Ask A Triplet
I bring on my sisters to talk about the frequent questions we get asked as triplets. Thank you so much to Hannah and Brooke for sharing some stories and laughs while recording. Happy Holidays from my family to yours!
December 27, 2018
Mental Health and The Self
Welcome back to A Work In Progress! Today we are going to open a conversation about mental health. We will talk about anxiety, therapy and how to be a good support system for others. Stay strong my listeners!
November 11, 2018
NYC,Kindness and Me
I am talking about happy places, the power of kindness and the NYC theatre scene.Thank you for listening!
October 29, 2018
How To Start Focusing On Yourself
Today I am going to talk about how to focus on yourself! My tips range from friendships to self-care apps. Don't forget to subscribe to get updates. Thank you so much for listening.
October 27, 2018
Life Lessons You Might Have Missed
Welcome to my first episode of A Work In Progress. I'm going to be giving a brief introduction and then talking about some saying I use to get through life and how they can help you. Thank you so much for listening! Make sure to subscribe and comment for topic suggestions!
October 27, 2018
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