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We Got Out Of Bed Today

We Got Out Of Bed Today

By We Got Out Of Bed Today
Jasmine and John get out of bed to answer life's toughest question: What got you out of bed today? Luke-warm takes on random topics from two people whose names start with J. Let them know what you think by email at
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Things that are sharp: Teeth, knitting needles, migraines, almonds

We Got Out Of Bed Today

Things that are sharp: Teeth, knitting needles, migraines, almonds

We Got Out Of Bed Today

WGOOBT #14 Microchipped monkeys and pig hearts
Neuralink has us intrigued, a man gets a pig heart, pigs strike fear in Jasmine’s heart, and John counts the airplanes flying over his house Email us: Follow WGOOBT on Instagram:
February 28, 2022
WGOOBT#13: WE ARE BACK (so please notice us, Hasan)
It's been a while! Technically we are still *on schedule* since we had a December episode and this is our late....LATE January episode. Gotcha. This episode Jasmine and John use actual science and facts to explain what's been new with their lives in the brief hiatus. Be prepared for beautiful phrases like "sensory juxtaposition," "festering foot infection" and "fishy lips." Follow us on Instagram: @biwpodcast Email us:
January 29, 2022
WGOOBT#12: Can you mix your COVID-19 vaccines? Vaccine cocktail? Flying Spaghetti Monster *informative* *emotional*
This week we try out new technology. We mix our vaccines and investigate Flying Spaghetti Monster FSM plus we wax poetic about social meeds. (This episode cuts off at the end. Will not elaborate further.) Email us: Follow WGOOBT on Instagram:
December 02, 2021
WGOOBT#11: Calm down little monkey | w/ CJ & Ruzelle (Everything’s Cherry Podcast)
Hosts of the Everything’s Cherry Podcast Ruzelle and CJ grace us with their presence in this episode. They talk about how their mental health podcast and how started and how it’s going. Follow Everything’s Cherry on IG Subscribe and watch their podcast on YouTube Everything’s Cherry Podcast Listen to Everything’s Cherry on your favorite podcast platform and subscribe and follow them for HELPFUL MENTALLY NUTRITIOUS EPISODES As Ruzelle mentioned, the local Guam crisis hotline number is (671) 647-8833 or 671-647-8834. The national hotline number is: 1-800-273-8255 Email us: Follow WGOOBT on Instagram:
November 16, 2021
WGOOBT#10: Halloween noise, Bitmoji fever, and kinks with Christian
Welcome back to our seasonal guest, Christian! Boy, what an episode this is. Christian joins Jasmine and John in talking about candy corn, strange kink stories and costumes for Halloween 2021. Where do you stand on candy corn? Do you like Tik Tok? This may be the most controversial episode for you... Follow Christian on the socials: @saitschristian Follow us on Instagram: @wgoobtpodcast Email us:
October 29, 2021
WGOOBT#9: We share our secret past
We’re two! We make a promise, we share our secretive past and we can’t thank you guys enough for joining us even if you’ve listened for a minute or 100 minutes. Send us your feedback on two years of …. Whatever this is. Email us: Follow us on Instagram: Music from this episode is from audionatix
October 18, 2021
WGOOBT#8: Do you know what's the best version of yourself?
Welcome to the podcast where Jasmine and John say they hate talking about serious topics and then proceed to talk about some serious topics. This episode dives into the Blue's Clues 25th anniversary message (from OG Steve), the diversity and skepticism surrounding religion, and what (or when) our best version of ourselves is. Enjoy! Instagram: @wgoobtpodcast Email: Subscribe to Jasmine's newsletter: Follow John on Hike Guam's Instagram: @hikeguam
September 28, 2021
WGOOBT#7: Trainwreck episode with Jerick! Unmelted cheese burrito, what we'd sell on OnlyFans, how to eat a pretzel
This one is off the rails. We have Jerick back on the podcast and we tried to record in nature but nature yeeted that idea so we instead decided to go home and even that was a whole adventure. Listen to John, Jerick and Jasmine lose their senses in real time. One hour of absolute cacophony. Don't say we didn't warn you. If you want to see it unfold in video form, check us on Instagram: @wgoobtpodcast Email us your positive stories: Be well, friends!
August 27, 2021
WGOOBT#6: Nice things are being destroyed by big money corps but we're the problem??
Have you ever wanted to listen to a podcast where the hosts just read off text message conversations with each other? Look no further. We're here to take up an hour of your time, and we hope you enjoy! In this episode: Big money corps is trashing good products, G3 Conservation Corps is cleaning things up, and Jaz and John's mental cores need some work. Follow us on Instagram: @wgoobt Email us your positive stories:
August 08, 2021
WGOOBT#5: Joe Fejeran ranks Foremost ice creams and talks coming home after coming out
Joe Fejeran of Fright School and The Weakest Link fame graces our ear holes for another chat, this time we spend some time ranking Foremost ice creams and chatting Joe’s journey as a young hot gay CHamoru academic king! Email us: Follow us on Instagram: Follow Joe on instagram: Subscribe to Joe and his friend Joshua’s podcast FRIGHT SCHOOL and give them 5 star rating!!! Thank you Joe for asking the big questions!
June 30, 2021
WGOOBT#4: A bisexual conversation with Chloe
Hiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! In this episode, we bring back our good friend Chloe to talk about the bisexual identity. Yay, Pride Month. Follow us on Instagram: @wgoobt Email us: Follow Chloe: @ate.chloe_ Follow Maga'håga Rising: @magahaga.rising
June 26, 2021
WGOOBT#3: We have faces, and we're gonna tell you about it
Coming up on two years of podcasting, Jasmine and John have actually never shown nor talked about their faces...until now. Prepare to be shocked. You know their names, not their mugs. They also talk about little free libraries, treehouses and social media usage in this episode, which is probably more interesting. You decide, idk. Follow us on Instagram: @wgoobt Email us: Shoutout for this podcast: Everything's Cherry Podcast
May 23, 2021
WGOOBT#2: Joe Fejeran of Piti and The Weakest Link aka the Guam: We got stuff! episode
John and Jasmine speak with one of Piti's most famous residents and Academic Challenge Bowl legend Joe Fejeran! Listen to more of Joe and his friend Joshua on the Fright School podcast : Follow Fright School on Facebook: Follow Joe on Instagram: Write to GVB and tell them Joe is our newest Guam ambassador!   Watch Joe on The Weakest Link: HE SHOULD HAVE WON Follow us on instagram @wgoobt FOllow Farm to Table Guam on Instagram  Email John and jasmine at lol
April 24, 2021
WGOOBT#1: Buckle up, this one's about sustainability
HELLO!!! Two things: (1) We have decided to *rebrand* ourselves, as most millennials do, so our podcast title has changed to "We Got Out Of Bed Today!" Isn't that exciting? Wow, we can feel your enthusiasm radiating from across the air waves. (2) We've talked about sustainability in some form or another in plenty of our previous episodes, so we think it's about time we dedicate a whole episode to it. Let us know your thoughts about our thoughts! Email: Local shoutout for this episode: Micronesia Climate Change Alliance Check out Ruzelle's article on sustainable shopping:
April 18, 2021
Things we got wrong: astronomy, emperors and other eighth grade trivia
ARE YOU SMARTER THAN AN EIGHTH GRADER??? In this episode, Jasmine and John take on trivia questions that are supposedly middle school level. Come play with us and let us know how well you did! Email: Instagram: @biwpodcast
March 28, 2021
Guest Episode #8: Jerick is YOUNG! We are YOUNG!
Do you have something in your home that’s broke or worn out or you need another one? Then pick up your phone and subscribe to Basically, It’s Worse! This week our fave Jerick returns with new reality TV scoops and adventures in being YOUNG. We love a YOUNG man guest. Email us: Follow us on Instagram: @biwpodcast Jerick’s first episode: This week’s local shout out is flouredframe on Instagram. Check her out!
March 02, 2021
Things we look forward to: better posture, career changes and improved audio
Happy New Year! Is it weird to say that when it's already February as of the date this is posted? Anyway, listen as Jasmine and John recap their recycled hopes and dreams from 2020 while parked outside a correctional facility. Also, John's audio sucks in this one so be sure to send hate messages his way. Ok thx bai. Instagram: @biwpodcast Email:
January 31, 2021
Guest Episode #7: Johanna the Superstar returns!
Our second returning guest is Johanna! Three Js just hanging out on Zoom talking about Adam Sandler movies in Hawaii, political perspective and stan culture. John also gifts us sEnsUaL asmr/mukbang.  Merry Christmas, indeed. Email us: Follow us on Instagram: @biwpodcast
December 23, 2020
Things we don't know: podcasts, architecture and where do eels come from!?
Jaz and John are celebrating (a little over) one year as co-podcasters! That's one whole year of recording the bare minimum and distributing it into the ether. In this episode we talk popular podcasts, the beef with architecture and design, and we also give you some background on why our podcast is called "Basically It's Worse!" Email: Instagram: @biwpodcast
November 27, 2020
Guest Episode #6: A witch named Christian is back!
On this episode John and Jasmine speak with our favorite witch, Christian, ahead of Halloween. Christian also gives John a wonderful Tarot reading! Follow Christian on Twitter @saitschristian Follow Christian on Instagram GO OUT AND VOTE!
October 23, 2020
Things we aren't vocal enough about: hills to die on, why we podcast and JUST DO THE THING
Gee whiz, it sure seems like our schedule has changed from bi-weekly to monthly. We'll blame COVID for that....yeah...COVID. Anyway, in this episode Jasmine and John share what small hills they'd die on, at the risk of being canceled by the world. We're on Instagram now: @biwpodcast Email:
September 11, 2020
Guest Episode #5: Chloe seeks ankles for a real one
On this episode John and Jasmine have a guest! It’s our favorite content creator, marketing genius, YouTuber, ASMR queen, Vanity Fair cover model, scientist, ankle analyst, writer, business woman Chloe! Find Chloe’s work here:
August 09, 2020
Things we want cleared up: Misinformation on Twitter, COVID-19 and unemployment
THERE'S TOO MANY LIES!!!! That's the resounding message of this episode. Listen as Jasmine and John debunk some of the many misleading, misinformed and downright incorrect claims being made on social media and in the news. Be more critical of online information, people! World Health Organization's coronavirus mythbusters: Follow us on Twitter: @biwpodcast Email:
July 09, 2020
Things are changing: Black Lives Matter and Micronesian creators
On this episode John and Jasmine talk about the worldwide protests against police brutality and racial inequality in America. Plus, we also share some of our favorite creators who hail from the wonderful Micronesia, including: Email us: Follow us on Twitter: @biwpodcast
June 21, 2020
Things we saw online: thirsty Craigslist ads, mindless tweets and TikTok lessons
Jasmine and John explore the weird side of the internet like the personal ads on Craigslist and Twitter's randomness as they continue their downward spiral into quarantine. COVID-19, sis, it's time to leave. Let us go outside. Email: Twitter: @biwpodcast (Also, we didn't mention it in this podcast but don't forget to support your local library!!!!)
May 26, 2020
Things we asked ourselves: Slytherclaws, chemically-removed sugars, Morton’s toes
On this episode John and Jasmine grill each other a la the famed show 60 minutes. Barbara Walters is quaking. Take the quizzes along with us and tell us your results :) Email us: Follow us on Twitter: @biwpodcast
May 08, 2020
Things that made us crunch: Adolescent scandals, Carole Baskin and death pets
Welcome to our second episode during the quarantine period, where Jaz and John have a phone call (because that's really what podcasts are, if you think about it) and talk about many scandalous things! Also, in light of this episode we are now replacing "cringe" and "cringey" to "crunch" and "crunchy" and we will NOT hear opposition. Thank you. Love you! Twitter: @biwpodcast Email:
April 18, 2020
Things you asked us: Life choices, quarantine, crime, rules of hell
In lieu of a guest, we answered some of our friends' questions for this week's episode! We hope you all are staying home and staying safe. And if you have tips to help with cabin fever, send them to us.  Thanks for listening! Email us: Follow us on Twitter: @biwpodcast
March 30, 2020
Things that are sickening: #COVID19, unpaid hobbies and camel humps
Coronavirus is the hot topic of the episode. Listen as Jasmine and John spend almost an hour telling people to WASH.THEIR.DAMN.HANDS. UPDATE: After recording this episode, it was announced that Guam had confirmed cases of coronavirus. Sorry we couldn't predict the future, Carol! Twitter: @biwpodcast Email:
March 15, 2020
Phases of John: Spice girl John, Backstreet Boy John and Almost Dead John
On this episode we evaluate the many phases of John, Jasmine continues to talk over our soft-spoken John because she is rude and we talk about music we used to listen to!  Email us: Follow us on Twitter: @biwpodcast
March 01, 2020
Guest Episode #4: Jerick brings the tea
Jasmine and John bring on Jerick, who fits right into the brand of this podcast. They talk about reality TEA-V, accountabili-TEA and the TEA-rrible B-word, which is not the one you think. Yes, we'll just put a trigger warning on this whole episode. Twitter: @biwpodcast Email: Be sure to leave us a voice message! We love to hear any topics or questions you'd like for us to discuss.
February 23, 2020
Things that cringe: High school love notes, poor time management, and Dear Jaz
In this episode Jasmine and John read their whole damn yearbooks like seriously even the comments their classmates left. Jaz also provides her advice expertise to some first-world hussies. Enjoy! Email: Twitter: @biwpodcast Leave us a voice message on Anchor and be featured in our next episode!
February 02, 2020
Things that are sharp: Teeth, knitting needles, migraines, almonds
Our guest Ruzelle WHO REALLY MADE A NAME FOR HERSELF tells about knitting, her name and wins at celeb baby quiz Check her blog here: Subscribe to Melia’s podcast Gi Papa I Trongkon Niyok! Email us: Follow us on Twitter: @biwpodcast
January 19, 2020
Holey/Holy Things: Belly Buttons, Jesus, Blow Holes
In this episode John and Jasmine word vomit all over this podcast. Listen as we take you from Ariana Grande to whales. Jasmine’s favorite John quotes from this episode: “Anything meat-sized.” “Two mouths producing words.” Subscribe to Chloe on YouTube Email us: Follow us on Twitter: @biwpodcast
January 05, 2020
MERI CRIMAS! Ghosted by Santa, Talking Gifts and Respect the Postal Service
It's a holiday episode! Jasmine wants you to be nice to the mail people, John wants you to get off the road and Santa wants to access our photos!?  Buckle up, pour yourself a glass of vegan egg nog and enjoy our last episode for the year! Email: Follow us on Twitter: @biwpodcast
December 22, 2019
We Got Beef: Dumb Drivers, Compliments and Brgr Kng Mssgs
This episode is loaded! Jasmine and John talk about unusual childhood memories, what dumb drivers look like, turning compliments into scorched-earth insults, and their gripe with East Hagåtña Burger King's message board! Also, they look good in neutral colors *wink* Email us: Follow us on Twitter: @biwpodcast
December 08, 2019
Guest Episode#2: A Superstar Named Johanna
In this episode we talk to a PUBLISHED WRITER/SUPERSTAR Johanna! She tells hosts John and Jasmine about her writing process, being part of a writing group, NaNoWriMo and we take a President Death Quiz. Johanna also spills tea about Andrew Jackson. Email us: Follow us on Twitter: @biwpodcast
November 24, 2019
Snatched and Thatched
In this episode we explore eyelash extensions, Thanksgiving, Instant Pots, and John’s appendix . Plus John is basically a king at laughing into the microphone now. Send us your Gene CVs bbs! Email us: Follow us on Twitter: @biwpodcast
November 10, 2019
Guest Episode #1: A Witch Named Christian
In this episode we bring onboard our first-ever guest, Christian! He's a witch, a teacher and a shrimp raiser (?). Listen as he goes down the rabbit hole of Halloween-themed topics with hosts Jasmine and John! Email us: Follow us on Twitter: @biwpodcast
October 27, 2019
Things that burn: Marijuana, dengue, and our voices
Welcome to our first episode! It's only downhill from here. In this one, John and Jasmine talk things that burn including dengue and marijuana.  Send us an email at with your thoughts. And subscribe if you want!
October 13, 2019