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For the modern day entrepreneur in music, business, sports, and entertainment.

All guests we feel are battle approved in their line of expertise.
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16. Keegan Kincaid (RedBull Crandon World Cup Champion)

Battle Approved

17. Galiano Tiramani (Boxabl Co-Founder)
Galiano is an entrepreneur who has founded successful startups. Notably a cryptocurrency exchange and ATM network which acts as a custodian for customer funds with an annual trade volume in excess of $10m. His new company Boxabl has created a building system that's compatible with scalable factory mass production. Their mission is to significantly lower the cost of homeownership for everyone. Obsessively designed to the highest standards of quality, strength, and sustainability to last for generations. Boxabl's room module, the Casita, folds up to a shippable dimension, and upon arrival unfolds and sets up to a complete house in just a few hours.  Battle Approved want their Electric UTV to be like Ferrari meets Tesla in the dirt. Battle Approved Motors (BAM) develops electric vehicle technology for work and performance-based off-road vehicles. Chris James also has a podcast with the same name and speaks with people he feels are battle approved in their line of expertise. Instagram: @BattleApproved / @Boxabl / @Box_Pusher  Twitter: @BattleApproved / @Boxabl / @GalianoTiramani Make sure to also check out the official websites of and You can read the offering circular at And about Battle Approved Motors by clicking HERE.
June 10, 2022
16. Keegan Kincaid (RedBull Crandon World Cup Champion)
Keegan Kincaid is a Short-Course Off-Road Racer. He is the current Red Bull Crandon World Cup Champion, reigning Champ Off-Road (COR) Pro 2 Truck Champion, and a former X-Games athlete. Keegan spent his childhood watching his father, Jeff Kincaid score seven Off-Road Championships. Keegan took up short-course in his early 20s and has raced across the country in multiple series. Today he spends his days building and fabricating Championship winning off road trucks with his dad. Instagram: @BattleApproved and @KeeganKincaid_4 Also check out the official Battle Approved website: 
May 17, 2022
15. Pete O'Heeron (FibroBiologics)
Pete O'Heeron is the Founder and CEO of FibroBiologics. FibroBiologics is committed to developing therapeutics to treat chronic diseases and regenerative medicine using fibroblasts. With a history of working in the country music industry, as well the biotechnology industry, Pete is skilled in Business Start-ups. Facebook: @BattleApproved  Instagram: @BattleApproved  Linkedin: @BattleApproved | @PeteOHeeron | FibroBiologics Twitter: @BattleApproved  Also check out the official websites: 
January 30, 2022
14. FAM: The History of Formula Racing & More
In this episode Chris James talks with his dad, taking a trip back into time; before he was even born.  What was Formula Racing like back in the late 50s / early 60s? How has Formula 1 progressed over time? All of this and a lot more, including what it was like living as a kid in Manchester during World War II, Ben Johnson's 1988 Olympic 100 Meters Iconic Race, Lance Armstrong, to a family fave; comedian Harry Hill.  Official Website: Facebook: @BattleApproved  Instagram: @BattleApproved  Linkedin: @BattleApproved  Twitter: @BattleApproved 
November 27, 2021
13. Ricardo Briceno (Mattel/Hot Wheels)
Ricardo Briceno is Vice President Franchise Management at Mattel. In this episode Chris James talks with Ricardo about how he got started in marketing and of course the Hot Wheels brand. Find out about Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live, Hot Wheels Legends Tour, other Mattel brands like Barbie, plus the extremely successful Hot Wheels YouTube channel. Conceived in 1968 by an innovator, a rocket scientist and a car designer, Hot Wheels 1:64 scale die-cast cars were designed to look awesome and perform like no other toy. Five decades later, Hot Wheels is the number one selling toy in the world* with more than 16.5 cars sold every second. The brand has evolved from a simple, yet beloved, toy car with orange track system into a global franchise powerhouse that offers fans of all ages multi-channel play experiences. Facebook: @BattleApproved and @HotWheels Instagram: @BattleApproved and @HotWheelsOfficial Twitter: @BattleApproved and @Hot_Wheels YouTube: @HotWheels Featured videos mentioned in podcast: The Yellow Driver's World Record Jump (Tanner Foust) | Team Hot Wheels | Hot Wheels | Watch Now How To Race Like A Mod Kid | Mod Kids | Hot Wheels | Watch Now To invest in Battle Approved Motors go to About Mattel: Mattel is a leading global toy company and owner of one of the strongest catalogs of children’s and family entertainment franchises in the world. They create innovative products and experiences that inspire, entertain and develop children through play. They engage consumers through their portfolio of iconic brands, including Barbie®, Hot Wheels®, Fisher-Price®, American Girl®, Thomas & Friends™, UNO® and MEGA®, as well as other popular intellectual properties that they own or license in partnership with global entertainment companies. Their offerings include film and television content, gaming, music and live events. They operate in 35 locations and their products are available in more than 150 countries in collaboration with the world’s leading retail and e-commerce companies. Since its founding in 1945, Mattel is proud to be a trusted partner in empowering children to explore the wonder of childhood and reach their full potential.
July 29, 2021
12. Farah Hannoun (MMA Junkie)
Farah Hannoun is a reporter for MMA Junkie / USA TODAY. In this episode, we chat to the awesome Farah Hannoun from about Fight Island and everything UFC. MMA Junkie is a news website that covers the sport of mixed martial arts. It was founded in 2006 and is owned by Gannett Company since 2011. Twitter: @BattleApproved and @Farah_Hannoun Instagram: @BattleApproved and @UFCNewsAlerts Invest in Battle Approved Motors at
May 17, 2021
11. Peter Gough (ORM Digital)
Peter Gough is the founder and managing partner at ORM. ORM helps its clients do better business through the use of innovative digital.  In this episode, we take a trip back into time, before music went digital and the iPhone. Both Pete and I stormed through the 90s in the music biz in London, England and we caught up to talk about what it was like in those days. Plus Pete explains how digital technologies still excite him. ORM continues to expand new business opportunities and leading its growth as they head toward being a Top 30 digital agency, as well as one of the coolest places in the UK to work.  Linkedin: @BattleApproved and @PeterGough This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Get 25% Off anything Grizzly by using the coupon code: battle25 (at check out)
October 19, 2020
10. Dave Arnold (The Voice of Off-Road)
Extreme Sports announcer Dave Arnold is also known as The Voice of Off-Road.  If you've been to the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series, it's highly likely you've heard Dave's voice. He's announced multiple events, over numerous decades; from SuperCross to X-Games, and he loves Off-Road! "It's the most incredible, physical racing you're ever going to see!" So just how did Dave get into announcing? Well, he was recuperating from a broken clavicle the day he went to watch some friends at a jet ski race and the event announcer never turned up. So, Dave picked up the microphone and started making fun of his friends out on the track. Steve Van Doren from Vans walked up and asked him how long he'd been announcing and he looked at his watch and said ‘about fifteen minutes.’ And that’s how it all started. Instagram: @BattleApproved and @DaveArnoldLive  Twitter: @BattleApproved and @DaveArnoldLive Facebook: @BattleApproved and @DaveArnoldLive This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Get 25% Off anything Grizzly by using the coupon code: battle25 (at check out)
September 22, 2020
9. Phil Ranta (Wormhole Labs)
Phil Ranta is the COO at cloud based global-scale Social & Commerce platform Wormhole Labs. Phil is a pioneer of the digital media revolution, working as a pre-YouTube professional web video producer in 2005, video content app creator before the smartphone revolution in 2007, an early exec in the MCN (Multi-Channel Network) boom with two successful exits, and as the Head of Creators at Mobcrush, a technology and entertainment company at the epicenter of mobile gaming, live streaming and the creator-driven media revolution. Previously, Phil was the Head of Gaming Creators at Facebook and the COO of Studio71, one of the world's largest MCNs, growing the network from 1 billion to over 8 billion monthly views in 3 years with over 1,000 creators. Before Studio71, Phil joined Fullscreen as the Head of Channel Partnerships as the 9th employee, completing his tenure as the VP of Networks. He grew the network to the largest MCN in the world (on comScore) in less than 1 year. He was the recipient of Fullscreen's first "Founders Award" for his role in building the industry-leading company. As the 9th employee, he's also our 9th guest on the podcast. Instagram: @BattleApproved and @PhilRanta Linkedin: @BattleApproved, @CJamesMedia and @PhilRanta Twitter: @BattleApproved and @PhilRanta This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Get 25% Off almost everything Grizzly by using the coupon code: battle25
August 31, 2020
8. Christina McKay (Curvaceous Wraps)
Christina McKay is a high quality vehicle wrap designer and runs Curvaceous Wraps. Clients include Curtis Jackson (50 Cent), Battle Approved, WrapSesh, plus many more, Facebook: @BattleApproved and @CurvaceousWraps Instagram: @BattleApproved and @Curvaceous_Wraps YouTube: @CurveWraps This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Get 25% Off anything Grizzly by using the coupon code: battle25
August 10, 2020
7. Jerett Brooks (Pro 2 Champion)
Jerett Brooks is the reigning Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) Pro 2 Truck Champion.  Backing that up, this past weekend he swept Rounds 1 & 2 with two wins and two Optima Batteries Fastest Lap Awards! Jerett has been racing since he was a kid and even raced Mod Karts! Facebook: @BattleApproved and @JerettBrooks77 Instagram: @BattleApproved and @JerettBrooks77 This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Get 25% Off anything Grizzly by using the coupon code: battle25 
July 28, 2020
6. Simon Harris (UK Music Producer)
Simon Harris is predominantly known as the founder of the record label Music of Life and producer of most of its catalog of songs. He is a DJ, producer, remixer, founder of the EDM label WorkRoom, and the creator of the Billboard No.1 hit "Bass (How Low Can You Go?") This episode takes you on an interesting journey through the British rap scene back in the late 80s to how music is presented today. Facebook: @BattleApproved and @SimonHarris Twitter: @BattleApproved and @HarrisMix This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Get 25% Off anything Grizzly by using the coupon code: battle25 (at check out)
July 19, 2020
5. Johnny Greaves (Off-Road Legend)
Johnny Greaves is a professional American short-course off-road race truck driver from Abrams, Wisconsin. He has competed in numerous major off-road series, including SCORE International, Short-course Off-road Drivers Association (SODA), Championship Off-Road Racing (CORR), World Series of Off-Road Racing (WSORR), TORC Series (TORC), Lucas MidWest Series, and this year COR (Championship Off-Road). Greaves began racing in motocross at age 12. He switched to racing four wheel vehicles at age 23 and has never looked back. He has won multiple off-road Championships., too many to mention. This dude is certainly Battle Approved! Facebook: @BattleApproved and @Pro4Champ Instagram: @BattleApproved and @JohnnyGreaves22 Twitter: @BattleApproved  This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Get 25% Off anything Grizzly by using the exclusive coupon code: battle25 (at check out)
July 10, 2020
4. Cris Reed (The Level Up Experience)
Cris Reed and The Level Up Experience is dedicated to sharing stories in the eSports, gaming and content creation spaces; ranging from startups, pro players, orgs, content creators, educators, and investors. He is also an advisor for Gamerjibe. Gamerjibe is transforming how businesses and creators connect through immersive online events like conferences, concerts, meet-and-greets, and persistent virtual real estate. Twitter: @BattleApproved and @TheLevelUpEXP Instagram: @BattleApproved  LinkedIn: Cristopher Reed  --- This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Get 25% Off anything Grizzly by using the coupon code: battle25 (at check out)
July 01, 2020
3. David M. Ross ( founder)
David M. Ross was the founder of Music Row Magazine and covered Nashville's music industry for over 3 decades. is now digital, but still publishes special issues like "In Charge" and "The Artist Roster" which are both are widely considered essential for anyone doing business in the country music industry. David is a songwriter, author, entrepreneur, and journalist. Twitter: @BattleApproved and @DavidMRoss Instagram: @BattleApproved and @DavidMRoss4515 --- This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Get 25% Off anything Grizzly by using the coupon code: battle25 (at check out)
June 22, 2020
2. Elle Shelley (Cobalt)
Elle Shelley knows innovation. Over the last decade, she has designed and launched products, services, environments, and digital experiences for organizations seeking new ways to provide value to their customers. She is known for her ability to cheerfully create a vision of the future and then plan strategies to get there, executing on all aspects of design and development, from conception through production to delivery. She is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Cobalt Cobalt is the gig platform for the innovation market that pairs insights with action. Marketing teams use Cobalt to help make data-driven decisions about future customers and to uncover hidden customer needs and other opportunities hiding in plain sight.  Instagram: @BattleApproved and @Elle_Shelley This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Get 25% Off anything Grizzly by using the coupon code: battle25 (at check out)
June 16, 2020
1. Greg Cozzo (Lucas Oil)
Greg Cozzo works Brand Activation and Promotions at Lucas Oil and MAV-TV. He's also the guy with the Big Red Cowboy Hat.  Instagram: @BattleApproved and @BigRedCowboyHat
June 01, 2020