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What it means to B Brave

What it means to B Brave

By Sam Wren
A clothing brand that's built to inspire more people to B Brave, to, as a community, break the silence and the stigma so that the next generation doesn't have to suffer in silence. Each episode we speak to guests who have been brave through their lives and are in a position to tell their story, in the hope to inspire others to do the same. We are incredibly grateful you are all on this journey with us and looking forward to changing the world one conversation (and t-shirt) at a time. Much Love, Sam & Stacie
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Ep 8 - Tayler's Waffle, talking all things mental health and family

What it means to B Brave

Ep 8 - Tayler's Waffle, talking all things mental health and family

What it means to B Brave

Ep 8 - Tayler's Waffle, talking all things mental health and family
I'm honoured to be able to introduce (on world mental health awareness Day) Tayler from the Waffleshop Podcast! Today we speak about how he has had to step into a father role within his family as his mother became very unwell, and how the weight of this, although came naturally to him, has weighed heavy on his shoulders. He is a really inspirational person, very positive and an incredibly tough guy doing what he believes is the right thing and what everyone would do in his situation. Come join me for today's chat and see why we needed his positive mental attitude on the pod.  Thank you for everyone listening, today you'll hear our new Intro and Outro theme music, created by Mr Jim Scarborough ("Jimbo") Let us know your thoughts! Much love,  Sam and Stacie ---------------------------------------- Here is the legal stuff we must put at the end of each episode to give credit to those who we have quoted. Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Rocky Balboa. Dir. Sylvester Stallone Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures, Revolution Studios, 2006. Film The Pursuit of Happyness. Dir. Gabriele Muccino Columbia Pictures, 2006. Film Chris Evans, Becoming: Chris Evans BECOMINGseries, 2012. Youtube
October 10, 2020
Ep 7 - Rosie, Trauma and and hope
In today's episode, Sam speaks with Rosie who has an awesome App designed to raise a sense of mindfulness, educate and inform whilst bringing together a community of like-minded people.  Her story is one of trauma and hope. We have a trigger warning on the episode for those of you who aren't able to currently hear stories of intense trauma, physical or mental abuse, rape, self-harm, and suicide. We have time-stamped parts of the episode where she builds context and discusses her app that we feel could benefit so many people. So you'll hear within the episode when to jump in and out or listen right through.  If there are issues discussed that are too distressing to hear currently then we ask you to keep safe and tune in to next week's episode. We really hope you are able to listen to parts or all of this week's show and take something from it.  If you want to check her app out - goto the app store and search "Kindcody" Please take the time to listen to our episode, and if there is anything you want to discuss from today's show, drops us a dm on Instagram @BBraveClothingUK and we'd be happy to talk you through it. Sam
September 22, 2020
Ep 6 - Cheri on leaving a toxic relationship and how it's effected the families Mental health
In todays episode, Sam speaks with Cheri who has been following the brand for some time now, at first liking and sharing content to the now owning multiple garments for her self and kids! We're super grateful for the shares and likes so when Cheri started kitting out her entire family we were blown away. After speaking to Cheri over Instagram and emails we quickly found out that she has something she wanted to share, and it was something she was comfortable speaking about.  So in today's episode, we discuss how she felt that her partner's behavior was destroying the relationship with their kids but also their marriage. How leaving when she did was the right choice for the family and it was and still is effecting their mental healths but how now it's in a much more positive way. Please take the time to listen to our episode, and if there is anything you want to discuss from today's show, drops us a dm on Instagram @BBraveClothingUK and we'd be happy to talk you through it. Sam
September 13, 2020
Ep 5 - Obi, depression and the importance of talking
Today's Episode, Sam gets the pleasure of speaking to Obi Burchell. In this episode, we speak about his depression, and how the relationships in his life had impacted him, whilst not blaming anyone event, an accumulation of things certainly played a part. We speak about how, for him, seeing people like Danny Rose and Tyson Fury be so open about their depression and anxiety, how that has given him the strength to speak up. We discuss what it means for him to B Brave and who his main role model is in life. Obi drops some real nuggets in this episode, so make sure you listen back to them.  Also don't miss his challenge which is a 24 hour event with a real meaningful purpose around Suicide Awareness Month (September 10th 2021).  Please like, comment and share (don't forget to rate us) so more people get to hear our podcast.  Much Love Sam - B Brave Clothing, insta @bbraveclothinguk or our website
September 5, 2020
Ep 4 - Jessies journey and why she wants to break the generational silence on mental health.
Join us today as we speak with Jessie, who Sam went to school with many moons ago.  In today's episode, Jessie talks about how she didn't see her mental health struggles creeping up on her, how it drove her apart from her friends, family, and even her husband.  Then how over a 9 month period she learned with therapy that she could love her self and who was there for her in this incredibly challenging times, and who had sadly chosen not to stick around for the ride and what that has done for her mental health. We speak about the importance of the next generation not suffering in silence, as we did, and how those closest to her are her inspiration. Jessies good news story involves a mountain rescue, a dog, and a bit of a miracle, so tune in and as always let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Instagram and leave us a review when you can. Thank you!  Sam & Stacie. insta @bbraveclothinguk or our website
August 30, 2020
Ep 3 - Emma's identity crisis, the grief that comes with sudden change and a winning mindset.
On today's episode, we speak to ex-jockey and equestrian enthusiast, Emma Hamilton. From identifying her self as a young jockey, to losing her purpose in life.  We speak about what happens when you have all your hopes on a career in sports as a child, then when things change what happens and how she's dealt with it.  How she managed to grieve after moving on, to now getting her masters degree and to riding out racehorses whilst starting an exciting new journey into the research of jockeys.  Our chat is really interesting and positive as we look deeper into her mindset whilst all of the changes happened and what's given her this winning mentality and outlook on life.   So we invite you today to take 45 minutes and hear Emma's journey. You can check her on Instagram at @Hammyhamilton09  Thank you, and as ever, B Brave. insta @bbraveclothinguk or our website
August 24, 2020
Ep 2 - The 13th Zodiac and Ryan's Mindset
We get off to a "Rocketing" start with the news this month that NASA has discovered a 13th Zodiac sign. So as you listen along to the hosts (Sam & Stacie) you can get a bit more of an understanding of the two voices behind the brand B Brave Clothing before we introduce our guest for the week, Ryan.  Ryans story spans his entire life from being bullied at school through to failed relationships and now working on the front line throughout a global pandemic for a Mental Health trust.  We dive into what it means to B Brave and uncover his mindset that helped him overcome so many obstacles along the way. He's got some great quotes to share with you, before he's abruptly pulled away from the interview for a family emergency (he's all okay).  Listen along and let us know your thoughts, and if you, like us, are left with lots of questions? Much Love,  Sam & Stacie. insta @bbraveclothinguk or our website
July 24, 2020
Ep.1 - Who are B Brave Clothing
Hey up guys it's Sam & Stacie from B Brave Clothing here in the Uk. We're a clothing brand who focus on helping you tell your story, breaking the silence and stigma surrounding mental health, oh and we make some pretty awesome sustainable clothes whilst we're at it too! In today's and the very 1st episode we wanted to jump on and discuss with you why mental health is so important to us, and why we want to make more than just a clothing brand.  You'll get a good insight into who Stacie and I am as a couple and how our brand started, grew and with our passions and the community around us is on the track to reach so many people around the world, with one conversation (and T-Shirt) at a time. We thank you for your time, and hope you love what we have put together for you,  Thank you, much love Sam & Stacie. insta @bbraveclothinguk or our website
July 4, 2020