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By Ivan Cheng
podcast pendant to project space, or project space as pendant to a podcast. (amsterdam), as initiated by ivan cheng.
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bccp6 w/ Annie Goodner (Part One)


bccp8 w/ Astrit Ismaili
Astrit Ismaili - walking around Bos en Lommer.  farewell frans de wollantstraat and the final three shows, miss, tugelaweg, coffee bru loyalty, warung spang makandra, lo sbrano, ekodis, nasty dogs, familiar cats, self description and showing up, identifying as positive despite being an emo girl, la chouffe, just a mask, church impression; postmodernist protestant, silence, dua lips, albanian unity despite religion, tennessee sour mash, the completion of the church of christ the saviour in pristina, praying - reconnecting with the city (if only like kesha), music video for era istrefi ‘e dehun’, ivan’s religious history, institutions, expression of ’ideologies’ and adjacency in (queer cultural) community, the privilege of artists in proposing spaces, the role of fiction now, mediated trauma, spiritual sessions in cyprus with das arts, time in studio ghibli, uncertainty about cuteness, fantasy and hp/ methods of rationality, moral flexibility, false promises @astritismaili recorded May 20, published August 11 image: Ariana Grande's anime inspired tattoo
August 11, 2020
bccp7 w/ Annie Goodner (Part Two)
Annie Goodner - at her dining room table This episode was recorded soon after Part One, and is a supplement on stuff like: The world of Alison Roman, Sohla and the Bon Appetits, Annie's adoration of Amiel, Brad Leone's locks, Products ft Edgar - (Schogetten choc, Weleda trash, Louis Widmer endorsement, aggravating anthroposophes), Doutzen Kroes' city visit - Laura Dols, Planet Hollywood and Bruce Willis, the new Amsterdam Hard Rock Café', Brad Pitt, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, Jenny Slate, and Marc Maron. links to mentioned videos below Alison Roman's Seder Claire Saffitz' It's Alive crossover Sohla's Lentil Fritters Amiel's glasses Doutzen Kroes' City recorded 10/05/20 published 27/05/20 image Brad Pitt in a Pollaro collaboration promotional picture
May 27, 2020
bccp6 w/ Annie Goodner (Part One)
Annie Goodner - on a daily walk through Vliegenbos, Amsterdam Noord Camouflage, Hilton Als, Brenda Shaughnessy, Annie's new clogs from Margaret Howell London, the tags on the Vliegenbos corral for pedestrians and not cyclists, Ocean Vuong, Seth Meyers, Stephanie Meyer, Number zero dogs, Glass pineapple duos, Lea Thau's Strangers and The Cape, Ragnar Kjartansson, an introduction to Lea Thau, The Believer, 45.y.o parties with designers, encounters at Tegenboschvanvreden, The Dig, Bye bye Bernie, Seeking Derangements, Grey Wolf Press, Leslie Jameson's Empathy Exams, Gillian Rose Love's Work, Troye Sivan's feet Join us in Part Two for takes on Bon Appetit, Allison Roman, Brad Pitt, Marc Maron, and more recorded 10/05/20 published 20/05/20 episode image of the pineapple decoration discussed in episode. 
May 20, 2020
bccp5 w/ Sophie Lee
Sophie Lee - walking and canalside in Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam the proffered metaphor of Tony's Chocolonely, Stockhausen's Licht, kimchi handover, Isabel Mallet's Goth Talk afterparty, Zuidam Oude Jenever, Bronte Dow acids on roast, Montez clarification, stretch with bridge-up, NTS - UK Funky Mix - FTD, saturation, Radio Kapital, Montez Press Radio, Than Hussein Clark, Guy de Cointet, VI, VII Oslo, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 149, Pee solutions Evian bottle, Gerritsen's and the deadline, Ed Atkins' Performance Capture, Carolyn Christof-Bakargiev, Jordan Wolfson/Esther Leslie, Chus Martinez w/ Istituto Svizzero, Liberation Day, Charli XCX, Cinema Quarantine, mentors, Arvo's video, Spanish Pizza video, San Sebastian, Reminder Tom McCarthy, Susan Finley Objectophilia, Tal Englestein, Faith, lifestyle, losers. recorded 05/05/20 published 13/05/20   episode image from Sophie's Pizza ingredient video (espanol_) with Gerritsen's costume tableau on top
May 13, 2020
bccp4 w/ Florian Fischer
Florian Fischer - at home in Brussels an italian drive-thru, past poseurs who would suggest money clips, another venice anecdote, the reading holiday (butthead sojourn), Tigris en Eufraat’s old prices, Nieuwe Diep, Clearing Brussels canteen, Leuven, Luigi Nono’s Promoteo, Elvia Wilk’s Oval, belgian quotidian, Tervuren Royal Museum for Central Africa, ’58 world fair, toxicity and repatriation, flea neighbours and plant relations, the fly in spiderweb, requests or demands of space or objects, protein bar punchline, clarinet coffee trade and barista training, Alessi etc, vacuum etc, lifetime guarantees, killing objects, Paris trains, identity recognition (beyonce in brussels), Jeanne Graff vzszhhzz or 186f Kepler, Paris bar’s fixtures, traces, Acker/Sebald, the didactic attackable, learning to see the body via horseback riding, the horse for speculation, a currency of life, Schoko the dog at the bar of STUK Leuven. recorded 20/02/2020 published 06/05/2020
May 06, 2020
bccp3 w/ Edna Azulay & Alexander Iezzi
Edna Azulay & Alexander Iezzi at bcc Bureau Wines, Steam cleaning blazer shit stain, Jaakko Pallasvuo Theatre, acoustic apology, absorbed language, radical hope as inspiration, love outside of the network, Mire Lee's dream, receiver in Schoneberg roomsheets as critic, desire at Tanya Leighton, Henrik Potter at PSM, Merlin Carpenter at Overduin & Co/RongWrong, demanding bottom, chemsex arrival, collaboration and mastering, Dua Lipa's Zane Lowe spiel, Bieber Changes anticipation (mislaid, in hindsight), mastery - technicians and education alongside intuition/soul, fumbling with the body, hip to be square, Mary Posa plug for Eurovision, Rotterdam rental, Retinol A313, Biologique P50, recorded 16/02/20 published 28/04/20 episode image -Dua Lipa as Carrie at Halloween
April 28, 2020
bccp2 w/ Sara Giannini
Sara Giannini - at home in Amsterdam Paris return, Becket Mingwen at Bei Cosy, Mekhong River, Margot Robbie, Sleight of Hand, Polaroid Illusion, Interview formats, Mentalist, Red haired women, Analog nostalgia, Chani Nicholas, Astrological Charts, Dream Analysis, Haunted spaces, Magnifying glass, Soft taboos, Gloria Anzaldua, Nepantla, Somniloquies - Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Verena Paravel, Dion McGregor, Voicing sleeping, Next bologna dream. recorded 17/02/20 published 21/04/20 episode image from Somniloquies
April 21, 2020
bccp1 w/ Holly Childs
Holly Childs - at home in Amsterdam Art tourist as Larry David in Venice  Caroline Calloway and Natalie Beech on Amsterdam cuisine  Gabber revival and the cultural commentator [Dis magazine fashion] Institutional validation, or audience delusion Supermarket bakery - ASMR banalised by language Moscow - post Stack Angela Goh; cliffhangers - - - Linda Dement Going out. Ocean Vuong shrug, Ottessa Moshfegh ripens Traceless Netflix Three Body Problem - Liu Cixin, and sunsets Walking shoes (recorded in late winter) recorded 18/02/20 published 10/04/20 episode image from DIS 'Growing up Gabber' 
April 09, 2020