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Becoming By Design

Becoming By Design

By Moradeun Balogun
Welcome to the Becoming by Design Podcast.

I'm your host Moradeun. I believe there is no real doing in the world without being first. So here on the Becoming by Design podcast, I chat with great women and connect you to their amazing stories and hopefully they inspire you on your journey to the woman becoming.
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You're The Woman For The Job

Becoming By Design

Happy Birthday Moradeun Balogun
On August 16th 2020 , we celebrated the 29th birthday of Moradeun posthumously . Join her friends and family as they celebrate her life in this episode.  It was an episode filled with joy and gratitude for the impactful and wonderful life Moradeun Balogun lived.  It is a great way to wrap up the season two of this podcast.  Thank you so much for joining us on this journey . 
August 18, 2020
Everything Is Figureoutable
Figureoutable is a word coined by Marie Forleo , who is one of Moradeun's favorite business mentors. In this episode , we discuss about how 2020 hasn't necessarily been the year everyone dreamed of but how we have been able to make it work.  Join Bridget and Jumoke as they share different tips on how to make everything figureoutable.  Enjoy!
July 23, 2020
You're The Woman For The Job
On this episode , we were privileged to have a conversation with one of Moradeun's favorite people , who also happened to be her mentor. DDK as she is fondly called was a burst of light in this episode and we discussed everything from purpose to intentional living . We guarantee you that an experience with DDK always leaves you with insights on how to live life more purposefully. YOU'RE THE WOMAN FOR THE JOB
June 19, 2020
The Power Of Journaling
Moradeun was someone who believed in journaling and in this episode, her friends discussed how she helped them discover how powerful journaling is .
April 22, 2020
Moving Forward With Grief
It has been three months since Moradeun gained angel wings and it has indeed been a tough pill to swallow for her family and friends. In this episode , we share how we are dealing , healing and importantly moving forward with grief. We hope this episode encourages anyone who has lost a loved one.
March 18, 2020
The Power Of Intentional Living (A Tribute To Momo)
On the 2nd Of December 2019, we unfortunately lost our friend and host of this podcast, Moradeun Balogun. This episode is a tribute to how intentionally she lived her life and the tremendous impact it had on her friends and everyone around her.  Join her friends as they reminisce on the memories they shared and the awesome role Moradeun played in all their lives. You can also follow on Instagram @becomingbydesign to be part of this conversation.
February 5, 2020
BBD008 - What To Do When You Feel Stuck
Today's episode is straight from my life. I've hard a pretty low week and didn't even think I'd get to release an episode. I couldn't bring myself to be productive this week, I felt stuck, like my life wasn't moving forward. So in this episode I decided to share what I've been doing this week to get myself going, and I hope it will help you too, if you are in the same place. Find me on Instagram @moradeunb and @becomingbydesign
July 26, 2019
BBD007 - Go After the Life You Want with Tokunbo Fasoro
On today's episode I'm chatting with Tokunbo Fasoro. Her story of fighting for what she wants in the face of overwhelming rjection and opposition will inspie to go for the life you want and be dogged in the pursuit of your goals! Tokunbo's story is relatable and she shares the wisdom she has gotten from her journey of 20 years which she shared in her memoir, a book she released 2018 called 'The Persistent Woman'. Tokunbo is extremely passionate about Human Capital Development; she is an HR Generalist, a career coach, a speaker, an author. Her desire is for everyone especially young people to excel in their various careers, personal lives and businesses. She is the founder of BI Empowerment, a platform with a mandate to empower young people all over the world in their professional and personal lives. She is the Managing Consultant of BI solutions Nigeria a human capital development company. She co- hosts the 7 Star Worker Radio show with the multi award winning Career Specialist Jimi Tewe, she has trained staff of top organizations in the country such as 9Mobile, Keystone bank, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to mention a few. She regularly works as a subject matter expert with the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) in the United States of America and she is also an ambassador for the Human Resources Society.  Find Tokunbo Fasoro here @tokunbofasoro Get the persistent woman here @the_persistent_woman Connect with Becoming By Design here @becomingbydesign 
July 19, 2019
BBD006 - How to Know What to do with Your Life
If you ever feel confused and left wondering how to figure out what to with your life, this episode is for you. In this episode I share 5 ways to know what to do with your life and discover your life's purpose.  I'd love to hear from you and connect. Share your thoughts and leave a review  Follow @becomingbydesign @moradeunb 
July 12, 2019
BBD005 - Discovering your Purpose with Funto Ibuoye
 On today's episode I'm chatting with Funto Ibuoye. You need to listen to wisdom simplified! I remembered when I started this podcast everyone asked me if I'm now working for Funto by hosting a podcast for her, because it has BECOMING in the title😂...(my secret wish though!)  On the episode Funto shares her story to becoming and purpose, how unglamourous it is. She also details the difference between Purpose and Assignment. So if you've ever been in that place where "This Purpose Thing" has just got you stressed, then this episode is for you!  This episode of Becoming By Design is brought to you in partnership with CapitalSquare, a coworking community for real people doing real work. Our Lekki and Ikoyi locations are easy to access and convenient to use - from a warm and welcoming front desk and super fast internet, to specially designed events and programmes to help your business succeed. CapitalSquare is offering Becoming By Design listeners a free trial day and 10% off your first month’s membership. Funto Ibuoye is the lead Designer at Five28 Interiors(@five28interiors), Founder of The Beautified Network(@thebeautifiednetwork), Convener of Becoming conference and Author of 4 books including This Purpose Thing.   Funto is passionate about nation building and helping women live up to their full potential. She strongly believes that the empowered woman is one of the greatest assets of a thriving society/nation.  Her life’s goal is to inspire women, young and old, to fulfill their greatness and live their best lives.  She is married to Gaise, a contemporary Gospel Artiste and she is blessed with 2 boys.  Find Funto Ibuoye here @funtoibuoye Connect with Becoming By Design here @becomingbydesign
July 5, 2019
BBD004 - Your Being Fuels your Doing with Moradeun Balogun
This is the first solo episode with me your host, and on this episode, I explain why this podcast started. The being before the doing. Enjoy.
April 24, 2019
BBD003 - Finding Light after Loss with Bolatito Bez-Idakula
Today's episode is a stirring one with Bolatito Bez-Idakula. She shares her journey of losing her child after birth and finding purpose in the journey. In this episode you'd learn that there's purpose to pain, how your perspective changes after a loss, and what it means to live each day for purpose and meaning. Bolatito Bez-Idakula is the Founder of My Lighthouse. “Author of Royalty”, a book about self worth, true love and freedom. And the convener of The Healing Cradle...a safe to place to heal for parents dealing with the loss of a child" She is a former Banker with a BSc. In Politics and International Studies and a MSc. in Management. She now lives her purpose as a “Light-Bearer”. My Lighthouse was born as a purpose driven calling that employs her genuine passion for sharing God’s love with all people, particularly those who have been hurt. She lives her purpose through writing, speaking, and various media platforms. She hopes that as she shares her life changing experiences, they will provide healing and encourage others to seek God deeper in order to live their best lives. She is unrepentantly in love with God and happily married to her musician friend, Bez and is a Mummy to Joshua and Immanuel
April 10, 2019
BBD002 - The Winning Mindset - Morenike Molehin
 On Today's episode, I'm chatting with Morenike Molehin. I remember meeting her earlier this year and she described herself as an "executioner". She said just tell me go and I'll get things done! I was intrigued, I wanted to know what goes on the mind of that type of power woman.   In the podcast we talked about her failing mathematics back in secondary school and now going on to getting two degrees in Maths. She shared how she intentionally builds a support a system around her life as a business owner, pastor's wife and a mother.    If you are fan of interior design, then you may have come across Oak and Teak and it's Founder and creative director, Morenike Molehin. Oak & Teak is a fast rising interior design company which specialises in residential and commercial spaces. Interestingly Renny, as we her friends call her, is the Managing Director (MD) of Newer Heights Ltd., an agro allied company which specialises in the processing and manufacturing of soya bean seeds. Talk about a multi dimensional woman! Apart from business Morenike Molehin finds different expressions to help people   Convener, The Complete woman conference, an initiative of her church to equip young women to fulfill their destiny. Also the host of Design Through His eyes, this is where she helps aspiring interior designers/decorators start and grow their business. Now this part is powerful and we talked about this in the episode. Morenike has two degrees in mathematics! She obtained her first degree in Industrial Mathematics from Covenant University and second degree in Financial Mathematics and Computation from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. You have to listen to know the story behind this. Guys this is powerful episode, and I'd love to hear what you enjoyed about it, So I'm asking you to please take a screenshot while you're listening and put it up on your Instagram story, tag me @moradeunb, tag Morenike Molehin @morenikemolehin and tag @becomingbydesign. You can even share in the comment section on Instagram, I'd really love to hear your review and I'd be sure to give you a shout-out in the next episode. I'm so excited about this one guys, let's dive in!  
April 3, 2019
BBD001 - On Becoming AskDamz with Damola Ladejobi
This episode I sit with AskDamz - Damola Ladejobi, a certified personal nutritionist and a weight loss expert. In this episode she shares how she triumphs limitations again and again, from school to finding work, to weight loss and then starting her business.
March 27, 2019