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Employer Branding Show-and-Tell: A Series of Live Conversations.

Employer Branding Show-and-Tell: A Series of Live Conversations.

By Before You Apply
Welcome to Employer Branding Show-and-Tell from Before You Apply! These episodes are the recordings from a 9-part live webinar series hosted by BYA co-founder Nate Guggia. Each conversation highlights real-life challenges faced by EB leaders and how they took action. In each episode, Nate welcomes another thought leader in the industry to discuss employer branding tactics. There’s a lot of “what to do” in the EB world. It’s time for some “how we actually do it.”

In addition to the "Show-and-Tell" series, we’ve posted bonus content and additional interviews that we think you'll enjoy, too! 😃
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People Business w/ O'Brien McMahon: Branding as a Filter w/ Nate Guggia

Employer Branding Show-and-Tell: A Series of Live Conversations.

The New Era of Recruiting with Nate Guggia
This week, Nate was guest on Megan Bowen's podcast "The Unwritten Playbook" to talk everything about employer branding and talent acquisition. They break it all down from both an employer and candidate point of view, revealing the ways that the entire recruiting industry is ready for disruption.
July 26, 2021
Before You Apply's Employer Branding Show-and-Tell Episode 9: Elliott Garlock and Aytan Benaderet
Today, Nate talks with Elliott Garlock, Head of Talent at Clear Street, and Aytan Benaderet, Chief People Officer at Clear Street, about employer branding that hires recruiters. 
July 22, 2021
Before You Apply's Employer Branding Show-and-Tell Episode 8: Bradley Clark
The consumerization of jobs. Today, Nate talks with Bradley Clark, Head of Talent Acquisition at Article, about how the modern candidate experience has become synonymous with the consumer buying experience, and how to tailor a modern experience for your candidates. 
July 08, 2021
Before You Apply's Employer Branding Show-and-Tell Episode 7: Natalie Audelo
Why Job Ads Need to be Part of Your Employer Brand Playbook
June 11, 2021
Before You Apply's Employer Branding Webinar Ep. 6: The Impact of Nurture Campaigns on a Passive Audience
Let’s talk nurture campaigns for a passive candidate audience. How do you create something that is truly valuable and worthy of someone’s time that isn’t just another “Hey, we’re hiring again!” email list? Yep, the thing many recruitment marketing teams want, but struggle to pull off. On this episode of Employer Branding Show-and-Tell, Nate talks with Michael Rizzi, Recruitment Marketing Manager at DraftKings, about effectively nurturing a passive audience.
May 14, 2021
Before You Apply's Employer Branding Webinar Ep. 5: Relieving the tension between marketing and recruiting
Let’s be honest, the tension that exists between Marketing and Talent Acquisition leaves recruiting teams wearing too many hats: playing the roles of salespeople, marketers, and -- if any time is left -- content creators. They’re basically expected to be utility players, and modern marketers, but without the specialization, focus, training, and technology to execute effectively. This isn’t marketing’s fault: it’s the historic disconnect between these two functions. And this Employer Branding Show-and-Tell with Eryn McHugh, the Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition at Kobie Marketing, is all about how Talent teams can build a bridge and become a true partner with their Marketing team.
May 12, 2021
Employer Branding Show-and-Tell Ep. 4: Building Credibility in an Employer Branding Role
What enables employer branding to go from wishful thinking to a key contributor to business objectives? Talk to most employer brand leaders and they’ll say that a lack of credibility, especially with senior leaders, is the number one reason these initiatives never become a reality. It’s the reason that employer branding isn’t a line item in the corporate budget, why teams aren’t built out, and why ideas stay in people’s heads. Anthony Jones, Director of Talent Brand and Employee Experience at Rockwell Automation, has built an employer brand that grabs the attention and respect of those at the top. And on this episode of Employer Branding Show-and-Tell, he’s going to let us in on: What to do if you’re a team of one and where to start? How to build an EB team. How to deliver on business objectives. How do you approach ideas? And how to determine if a creative idea actually makes sense? How and what do you report back to leadership? How do you determine what matters? How do you sell employer branding internally? What to do when your company goes through a digital transformation. Whether you lead a global team or operate as a team of one, this is for you.
April 16, 2021
The Marketing Rules Podcast: Employer Branding with Nate Guggia
In this episode of the Marketing Rules Podcast, host James Whitelock, Managing Director at ThinkinCircles, discusses various aspects of the employer branding industry with guest Nate Guggia, the co-founder of Before You Apply. Check out other episodes of the Marketing Rules Podcast by ThinkinCircles Ltd. here.
April 13, 2021
What the HR! Ep. 24: Building an Employer Branding Strategy
In this episode of the What the HR! podcast from the Twin Cities Society For Human Resources Management (TCSHRM), hosts Michael Thul and Jessie Novey discuss various aspects of the employer branding industry with guest Nate Guggia, the co-founder of Before You Apply.  Guests: Nate Guggia - Hosts: Mike Thul - Jessie Novey - INTERESTED IN SPONSORSHIP? Please email Twin Cities Society For Human Resources: Recognized as one of the nation's largest SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) chapters, TCSHRM is based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. With an ongoing calendar of events, they are an active SHRM group always looking to promote, influence, and educate their members through multiple channels. Become a TCSHRM Member.
April 13, 2021
Employer Branding Show-and-Tell Ep. 3: How to Turn Onboarding Into an Experience
Rachel Waldmann, Employee Experience Manager at Privy, pulls back the curtain on their onboarding process and tells us how she’s turned a series of meetings and checklists into something visual and experiential.
April 02, 2021
Duct Tape Marketing: The Keys to Good Marketing for Hiring
In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, host John Jantsch interviews Nate about various topics within the employer branding industry, including how EB works for small- to medium-sized companies, examples of strong employer brands, and how the climate has changed in recent years.
March 29, 2021
Talent Tide with Chris Nichols Ep. 9: Nate Guggia, Co-Founder of Before You Apply
As a guest on the "Talent Tide with Chris Nichols" podcast, Nate discusses how the team at Before You Apply harnesses the power of content to build strong employer brands that resonate with candidates. Nate and Chris dive into prevalent subjects within the EB industry, including content creation, activation, and distribution. For more episodes of "Talent Tide with Chris Nichols," check out the full podcast here.
March 23, 2021
People Business w/ O'Brien McMahon: Branding as a Filter w/ Nate Guggia
In this episode of the "People Business" podcast, host O'Brien McMahon talks with Before You Apply co-founder Nate Guggia about the importance of employer branding to both attract and repel talent so that you are only getting the best people for your unique needs. For more episodes of "People Business w/ O'Brien McMahon," check here.
March 22, 2021
Career Catharsis S2 Ep. 5: Employer Branding with Nate Guggia
In this episode of "Career Catharsis," co-founder of Before You Apply Nate Guggia joins host Neha Khurram to talk about his team's mission: making recruiting transparent and compelling through storytelling. Check out more from Neha and the "Career Catharsis" podcast here. 
March 22, 2021
"Blueprint across America" Ep. 7 - Conversation with Nate Guggia
As a guest on Chuck Brotman's "Blueprint across America" podcast, Before You Apply co-founder Nate Guggia discusses topics ranging from employer branding, social media, personal branding, and the future of work. If you enjoyed this conversation with Nate, check out the rest of Chuck's podcasts here.
March 21, 2021
Employer Branding Show-and-Tell Ep. 2: Recruiting Engineers — Building an Inbound Engine
Ashley Raiteri, the Interim CTO at Instrumentl, joins us for the second episode of BYA's Employer Branding Show-and-Tell. We’re gonna get tactical, covering: - Why employer branding needs to be valued by CTO’s - What the number of job of a CTO is - How to enable your engineers to be content creators - How to build an inbound recruiting engine for engineers - Sponsoring MeetUp’s - Sponsoring engineering bootcamps - Blogs - Social media: LinkedIn and Medium - University recruiting - Apprenticeship program - The jigsaw puzzle test
March 19, 2021
Employer Branding Show-and-Tell Ep. 1: Making the Shift to Brand-Led Recruiting
Brand-led recruiting is perhaps the holy grail of employer branding. But it’s extremely difficult to pull off. Qualtrics is solving this problem.  They’re rolling out an attraction skills training program that teaches their recruiters how to keep the engagement meter high from awareness through the candidate experience. Nicole Parish, the Global Talent Brand Attraction Lead at Qualtrics, joins us as we get in the weeds on this one, covering: - What is Attraction Skills Training? - How can recruiters better understand content and become active creative partners? - Understanding personas. - How recruiters leverage their content library. - Relying on recruiter feedback to fill content gaps. - Empower recruiters to build a personal brand their own way.
March 19, 2021