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The Alternate History Show

The Alternate History Show

By Ben Kearns
Ben Kearns and guests imagine what might have been-had things in history proceeded a little differently. Also, get the very latest news on various alternate history websites, novels and our AH picks of the week-and in each episode, Ben reviews an example of AH literature/media in 60 seconds.
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The Alternate History Show-Episode3 (Nuclear Scenarios)

The Alternate History Show

The Alternate History Show Feedback Hub Special-With Kevin Ikenberry
In this special addition of 'The Feedback Hub', Ben chats to Sci-fi and AH author Kevin Ikenberry. Kevin has details of his new novel, 'The Crossing', involving US military cadets from 2008 being transported back in time to consult with none other than George Washington. We discuss the story in general-how the cadets knowledge of what happened in real life helped Washington-and how Kevin's past experience as a Military officer shaped the novel.
August 15, 2022
Alternate History Show Feedback Hub Special-A chat with Bruno Lombardi
In this special standalone addition of 'The Feedback Hub', Ben speaks to author Bruno Lombardi about his interest in Alternate History, his story entitled 'The Road Was Lit With Moon and Star' (focusing on an alternate Apollo12 in the aftermath of an unsuccessful apollo11 moonlanding) and how he came to be nominated for an award alongside Harry Turtledove. Plus, the story where Bruno envisaged a bar specifically catering for time travellers who try and fail to change history.
July 02, 2022
Episode10-Outter Space
In this episode, award winning author Matthew Kresal joins Ben Kearns to talk about the alternate history of space exploration! Everything from the Rocket fever of the 1920's to the advanced space exploration of the 2010's is covered. Plus, Ben reviews the Alternate History story 'The road was lit with Moon and star' written by Science Fiction author Bruno Lombardi, within 60 seconds-and in the Feedback Hub, you'll hear from author and publisher David Flin and friends about the latest Anthology, exploring the Alternate History of Ukraine, proceeds of which are going to the Disaster Emergencies committee, to support those affected by the war.
May 05, 2022
Episode9-Raging Militant, Seething Social Democrats and The Struggle For The Heart Of Labour In The 80's
In this episode, Ben Kearns is joined by Alternate Historian Ewan Hodson, who lends his opinion to alternate scenarios involving the UK Labour party from the late 70's to the mid 90's. In particular, Ben and Ewan attempt to answer what would have happened if Callaghan had called a 78 election and won, the idea of a foot-free early 80's and Kinnock actually becoming Prime Minister in 1992. In addition, in part3, Ben talks to Alex Wallace and accompanying authors, who until recently were working ridiculous hours on their AH anthology, AlloAmericana: Myths and legends from other Americas. Prepare for the hard sell-but it'll totally be worth it!
March 18, 2022
The Alternate History Show-Episode8-Rhodesia and Zimbabwe
In this episode, I am joined by Charlton Cussans, who is an expert on all things Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, so much so that he's written a dissertation on it! In part1, we discuss the 1922 Rhodesian unification with South Africa that never was and the Unification of the North and the South. In part2, we touch on the runup to UDI (along with the declaration itself) and in the third part, we imagine alternate scenarios surrounding the Lancaster House agreement and ask, did Zimbabwe need a Mandela? Plus there's Alex Wallace with all the AH news you should know about in the Feedback Hub.
May 13, 2021
The Alternate History Show-Episode 7-Israel/Palestine
In this episode, Ben Kearns and Alex Wallace discuss the Alternate History of Middle Eastern affairs from The Balfour Declaration onwards. In Part1, could the Balfour Declaration have been worded differently? Could the British Mandate period have gone more-or less successfully? Would the state of Israel have been established without the Second World War-and conversely, is there any way Israel could not have been formed if World War II had ended the same as in our world? In part2, we talk about the prospect of Israel being formed with an alternate leader, the consequences of a Soviet aligned or Neutral Israel and alternate outcomes to the 1967 and Yom Kippur wars. Part3 sees us discussing no Camp David accords and the consequences of Sadat and Rabin surviving their assassinations in 1981 and 1995 respectively. Plus in the Feedback Hub, we discuss Sealion Press articles, the Birthday of the Alternate Timelines site and much more!
April 25, 2021
The Alternate History Show-Episode 4 (Brexit, In 1975)
In this podcast (originally released in January 2020-a week before the UK's real life departure from the EU), Ben and special guest Tom Black (from Sealion Press) discuss alternate outcomes to the original European Referendum, in 1975. Also, could the UK have held a vote on whether or not to join the EEC. Plus there's the 60 Second summary, a look at the life and times of William Penn-and the AH news at the time, in the feedback hub.
October 14, 2020
The Alternate History Show-Episode3 (Nuclear Scenarios)
In this addition (originally out in Dec 2019), Ben and guests Alex Wallace and Colin Salt discuss what might have been had the second world war ended with a Nuclear strike on Germany, a world where the cold war goes hot in 1973 and wonder what if the 2 tribes really did go to war in the 80's. Along with all this, Ben takes a look at the AH story set 10 years after the Cuban Missile War of 1962-and did one Russian officer really save us from Nuclear war in 1983?
October 14, 2020
The Alternate History Show-Episode2 (The Beatles)
In This episode (originally released in October 2019), Ben is joined by an Alternate History fan who happens to be a massive Beatles Wizz! You'll hear what they think may have happened in the 60's without the Beatles, how music would've developed had the band not broken up and the prospects for a Beatles Reunion after 1980, had John Lennon survived. Also, we take a look at the life and times of the man who turned down the fab 4-and towards the end of the show, Alex Wallace will be hear with the feedback hub.
October 14, 2020
The Alternate History Show-Episode1 (World War II)
In the first ever episode (originally released on the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II), Ben Kearns and Alex Wallace talk about the Alternate History of that conflict. Could it have been averted? If so when? How could it have been shortened? We discuss all this and more-plus, Ben has some info on the man who nearly killed Hitler in World War I-and later, the introductory Feedback Hub.
October 14, 2020
The Alternate History Show-episode6 (The War Of The Worlds)
In this episode, Ben is joined by Alex Wallace (War Of The Worlds super fan) and Scott Washburn, author of 'The Grate Martian War', a hugely successful War Of The Worlds sequel. We discuss what would've happened to Sci-fi had the book never have been written in the first place, how the book would've been received if Wells had envisaged a Martian victory-and what if the 1938 radio play had never been produced, or had been broadcast at a less politically sensitive time? Plus, in the Feedback hub (among other things), Alex reviews the latest work of Tom Anderson, imagining a world where the Grate reform act never passes the British parliament.
October 14, 2020
The Alternate History Show-Episode5 (Best Of)
In part1, you'll hear clips from the very first episode on all things World War II, plus a montage from the second show, focused on The Beatles. In part2, you'll hear the best bits of episodes 3 and 4, on Nuclear Weapons and The UK leaving the common market respectively. Finally in part3, a couple of previous 60 Second Summaries, along with an all new Feedback Hub, featuring discussions on HG Wells contribution to AH, a fascinating chat about the 1920's and much more.
September 02, 2020