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Hampton Propagande

Hampton Propagande

By Benjamin Hampton
Episode 2 a chat with LA Times Writer Gustavo Arellano.
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Episode 2 Chat with Gustavo Arellano of the Los Angeles Times

Hampton Propagande

Seattle Film Institute Veterans Podcast
This past Veterans Day at the Seattle Film Institute, we had the distinct honor and privilege to dedicate a podcast to our own Veterans studying film at SFI. Veterans make up a significant portion of our student body and SFI is proud to facilitate the track of learning many of them take to pursue their academic and or career goals. Thomas Mason and James King were gracious enough to spend some of their time talking with us and sharing both the challenges and difficulties of being a Veteran, serving in the military and acclimating into everyday life and society, while trying to graduate from SFI. Having spoken with Thomas Mason and James King, they similarly echoed this sentiment. They were proud to serve in the military. They were not looking for accolades, recognition or to be revered. Rather, they considered their work to be hard, challenging but necessary and they are proud to have served. We spoke about our society and culture paying them lip service by proclaiming to support the troops, but often Veterans in our country were disregarded by our society and left behind to accept a tough reality, inhibited by ailments they suffered as a result of fighting for our country in war. I am proud to know both of these extraordinary men and proud to be in a family with multiple service members who dutifully served their country. I hope this view is reflected in our conversation and podcast with these two incredible men.
February 19, 2022
Seattle Film Institute Podcast #6 With SJ Chiro
Acclaimed and celebrated Seattle based filmmaker SJ Chiro joins us for our #5 podcast. We talk about her prestigious and critically acclaimed success Lane 1974 as well as her new film that has just been recently released called East of the Mountains.
December 10, 2021
Fallen Petals: The Story of Rose Cheramie
Dr. Marcades and I spoke earlier this year for this recorded podcast. We discussed his mother’s life, work, their relationship and the Kennedy assassination throughout. I found his story to be fascinating and his own personal successes to be inspiring. On this unfortunate anniversary of a tragic event of the JFK Assassination, we mark it with another tragic story in the vein of greek tragedy, recounting the life and unfortunate death of Rose Cheramie. However, the truth about her life and death, similarly to JFK, are inextricably linked and yet in both cases we hope to contribute to setting the official historical record straight. We hope you enjoy our conversation and podcast here.
November 23, 2021
Seattle Film Institute Podcast Episode #5 (Part 1 Dan McComb)
On our 5th episode halfway through season 1, we came back to the Seattle Film Institute and spoke with two key faculty members. Dan McComb and Sam King. We sat down with both of them live on Friday October 15, of this year. Part 1 is with Dan and Part 2 is with Sam. We hope you enjoy!
October 28, 2021
SFI Podcast #5 (Part 2 with Sam King)
Part 2 of our Discussion with Sam King. 
October 28, 2021
Seattle Film Institute Episode #4 Katharine O'Brien
A conversation with Lost Transmissions writer/director Katharine O'Brien. Katharine talks about her time studying film at Columbia University, working with Simon Pegg and navigating through an incredibly challenging and difficult career as a woman in a competitive filmmaking business. Katharine provides some extremely valuable advise and knowledge from her own personal experiences.  
October 14, 2021
Seattle Film Institute Podcast 3
A chat with Seattle based Functional Fitness Coach, documentary filmmaker and SFI Alumni,  Nic Nakis. Nic has a fascinating career navigating the worlds of functional fitness and documentary making. He has a unique story to tell and made a documentary called "Reach for the Rings" that is streaming on platforms now. Listen in as Nic gives some great tips on distribution and navigating the professional world after film school. 
August 25, 2021
Seattle Film Institute Podcast 2
Meet Al Di! Al Di is a successful concert promoter, executive film producer, musician and actor. He has six movies out that he has 8 films under his belt in production and just released his first film which he acted in called Some of Our Stallions, starring alongside Carson Mell and Olivia Taylor Dudley. We talked with Al Di about his career, life and collaboration with the Seattle Film Institute, it made for a fascinating table talk. Meet THE upcoming Executive Producer, Actor and the "little darling of the Indie world."
August 09, 2021
Seattle Film Institute Podcast 1
In the launch of the Seattle Film Institute podcast. We talk with Monique Anair about the growth of the school and what lies in the future for academics and student filmmaking. 
July 15, 2021
Episode 2 Chat with Gustavo Arellano of the Los Angeles Times
Hampton Propagande Episode 2 discusses the career of journalist Gustavo Arellano. Writer and columnist at the Los Angeles Times, former editor at the Orange County Register and OC Weekly. We discuss the alt right movement, attacks on journalist, violent protest and the death of Breonna Taylor.
December 19, 2020
Episode 1 Breonna Taylor
Dedicated to the memory of Breonna Taylor. It is important to remember her life, her story and her unjust death that was caused by Louisville Police who raided her apartment on the morning hours in March, 13, 2020. 
December 19, 2020