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Episode 09 - A Chat With Special Guest Mark Matteson

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Interactive platform featuring the HVAC industry’s most leaders sharing secrets and best practices to sales, service, and business best practices.
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Episode 10 - How to get top-notch referrals
In episode 10 we talk about the best way to get top-notch referrals and why the "maybes" should never be ignored. Also, Luke and Big Cat lament on their recent sports losses and a technology surprise is unveiled. This one is a doozie you won't want to miss!
October 9, 2019
Episode 09 - A Chat With Special Guest Mark Matteson
Mark Matteson is an inspiring speaker and the author of the international bestseller, Freedom from Fear. For over 20 years, Mark’s positive humor and peak-performance tools have impacted organizations around the globe, igniting personal and professional success for tens of thousands of people. To learn more about Mark please visit
September 13, 2019
Episode 08 - HVAC Legend: Greg Middleton
Today's episode is one we've been looking forward to for a long time! Greg Middleton joins the show to share his stories of success from over 50 years of experience in the HVAC industry. 
July 17, 2019
Episode 07 - What is Value?
Join Luke Weiden and Matt Barbosa as we discuss value. Let's face it, everyone talks about value! But does anyone ever dive in and define it within the context of the HVAC realm? Well--today WE DO!
July 3, 2019
Episode 06 - How to Make the Most of the Slow Times
Today we explore what great salespeople do when the weather is not cooperating or the phones are not ringing off the hook.
June 25, 2019
Episode 05 - Traits of a Great Salesperson
Today we have Larry Dalton joining our podcast from Classic Aire Care in St Louis. You won’t want to miss this value-packed discussion on what traits separate the sales order takers from the true sales superstars.
June 18, 2019
Episode 04 - Follow up and a $95,000 sale
Join Luke Weiden and Matt Barbosa as they discuss another insanely awesome sale from the Silver Cat that resulted in a $95,000 sale. You won’t want to miss the one!
June 11, 2019
Episode 03 - A chat with Deljo owner Bob Clement
In this episode, Deljo Owner Bob Clement joins Luke Weiden and Matt Barbosa to discuss traits owners look for in a salesman, as well as a little history on Deljo Heating and Cooling and how it’s grown since the 1920’s.
May 24, 2019
Episode 02 - One on One Weekly Meeting
Matt Barbosa and Luke Weiden discuss the art of FU!
May 21, 2019
Episode 01 - Intro to the art of the .045 million dollar sale
Intro to how Greg got a $45,000 sale
May 21, 2019
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