Beyond PR

Beyond PR

By Brookline Public Relations
Swift and skillful, quick-witted and resourceful, Brookline Public Relations is a team of uniquely talented PR professionals. In season one of Beyond PR (BPR), Brookline showcases notable, game-changing women from across Canada who are leaders in their industry or community.

Staying true to Brookline's theme for the year, host Shauna MacDonald, Principal and Founder of Brookline, asks these inspiring female leaders why it pays to stand out.

Catch season one’s guests celebrating women’s achievement in BPR’s 2019 International Women's Day video:
More places to listen

More places to listen

2019 Stampede Royalty
2019 Stampede Queen Carly Heath and Stampede Princesses Keily Stewart and Courtney Dingreville sit down with Beyond PR to discuss their experience promoting western heritage around the world, growing up in a ranching family, and what to expect from the 2019 Calgary Stampede. Shauna wonders what participating in Brookline’s International Women’s Day video was for like for the trio, and—in keeping with the agency’s theme for 2019, asks the Royalty why they feel it’s important to be different.  Catch Carly, Keily and Courtney celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 alongside Shauna and all the hardworking ladies of Brookline here: #BPRDifferent
July 3, 2019
Beyond PR Trailer
As one of Canada’s leading boutique PR firms, Brookline Public Relations is fortunate to work with incredible individuals across the country. We are constantly inspired by the fascinating stories these industry leaders have to tell. So inspired, we want to share these stories with you.  The Beyond PR podcast brings open, honest and often never-before-heard stories from notable leaders in their areas of expertise. Join us to get inspired every month through candid conversation on the BPR podcast.
July 2, 2019
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