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Bringing awareness of what’s possible in the realm of health & wellness, spiritual healing, & self-care. Encourage & motivate to take the next step and not give up. Providing examples of confidence to take charge & create a rich and fulfilling life.
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Introducing Impossible Conversations
OMG! OMG! OMG!  BEYOND THE EDGE is so excited about our new show "IMPOSSIBLE CONVERSATIONS"  With Host Brandy Deutsch and Co-host, Sean Dolan! On Beyond The Edge we will discuss our new show, Impossible Conversations There is no show like this on the internet and we can't wait the share it with you!   We are providing a safe space to present " DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES" and an opportunity to think outside the box on topics that people do not see eye to eye on. Imagine listening in on conversations about controversial topics with people who have opposing views, different perspectives, and probably different beliefs. That is exactly what we are going to do Beyond The Edge's new show Impossible Conversations! #podcast #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #podcasts #spotify #podcastlife #podcaster #youtube #radio #music #love #comedy #hiphop #podcasters #applepodcasts #itunes #podcastshow #interview #entrepreneur #newpodcast #spotifypodcast #covid #applepodcast #motivation #s #soundcloud #art #radioshow #entertainment #bhfyp
December 15, 2021
Welcome to Ice Church with Justin Weiss!!
Unlike anything you've ever experienced, breathwork and ice bath is the brainchild of Wim Hof and Justin Weiss speaks to beauty of this method for physical and mental health.  #wimhofmethod   #IceBath #IceChurch #spirituality #BeyondTheEdge  #tv #MentalHealth #PhysicalHealth #BreathWork#wimhofmethod #wimhof #breathe #icebath #breathwork #yoga #coldtherapy #coldexposure #fitness #iceman #meditation #biohacking #wellness #whm #health #breathingexercises #nature #coldwatertherapy #mindfulness #breathingtechniques #coldwaterswimming #breathing #coldwater #workout #motivation #healthylifestyle #mindset #vegan #cryotherapy #bhfyp  #retreat
December 08, 2021
"Take A Quantum Leap" with Mark Scherer
JOIN US and  "Take a Quantum Leap" with Mark Scherer! Mark Scherer is founder of Encompass Life. For 30+ years Mark has studied Consciousness, Language, Spiritual Law, and Quantum Physics. His ultimate passion is sharing his incredible techniques with those who choose to upgrade their lives in ways they have yet to imagine.  #quantumphysics #passion #upgrade #imagine #BeyondTheEdge #QuantumPhysics #Conciousness #SpiritualLaw    #Replay  #talkshow   #australia #europe 
December 01, 2021
"Painting To Combat Depression" with Daniel Elliot
Brandy and Dede talk with Daniel Elliot, about Painting To Combat Depression and art as a method of expression for emotions and feelings you cannot find the words for. Daniel Elliott is a Painter and Teacher, he will be talking with us about how painting can be used to combat depression and other emotional challenges today. #Arttherapy #painting #Spirituality #beyondtheedgetv #BeyondTheEdge #emotions #selfexpression #artforhealing
December 01, 2021
"Mediumship Palmistry and Tarot" with Guest Rev. Pat Rickard
Brandy and Dede speak with Rev. Pat Rickard a.k.a. "Mama Pat"  about Mediumship, Palmistry, and Tarot!      Pat is a Certified Medium and Hypnotist with Spiritual Church with over 40 years of experience. She is a Teacher, a Guide, and an accomplished Psychic!      #psychic #tarot #halloween #ghost #spiritualreadings #palmreading #hypnosis #teacher #guide
October 27, 2021
Beyond The Edge "Transforming Faith To Fear"
Transforming Faith To Fear with Guest Honor Godin has over 2000 hours of certifications in the fields of yoga, physical therapy, counseling, coaching and iridology. She incorporates several forms of energy and quantum medicine to help her clients mitigate fear and move forward with faith and grace. #Spirituality #Feartofaith #Beyondtheedgetv #minfulness #grace
October 06, 2021
Fall Astrological Report with Astrologist David Vaughan
Our Guest Astrologist David Vaughan, takes an in-depth look how the planets are affecting us as a collective for this time.  Learn more about Pluto's return, one of the rarest transits in Astrology!  Truly this only happens every 250 years.  David helps explain what is causing such a great divide in our country as a collective.  You won't want to miss this UPDATE! David Lloyd Vaughan #astrology #fallequinox #astrologyreadings #fallastrology #beyondtheedgetv #horoscope #horoscopetoday #natalchart #Astrologist
September 22, 2021
"Unleashing The Masculine To Meet The Right Woman"
Join us on Beyond The Edge Productions for   "Unleashing The Masculine To Meet The Right Woman"  Stefania Puleo will be our guest! She is the world’s #1 Men’s Love/Relationship Coach and Hypnotherapist and she is the Founder/CEO of The Gentlemen Square, a socially digital space that reaches thousands of men from all over the world  Stefania helps driven men build a rock-solid relationship with a value-matched woman. She helps men understand female energy, how she thinks, and how to keep her ignited in a sexy, passionate, loving relationship...without going crazy!   Share with the men in your life!!!   Watch Live on FB  @beyondtheedgeproducitons or via YouTube  #mentalhealth #relationships #masculineenergy #masculinefeminine #spirituality #BeyondTheEdge #relationships #hypnosis #men #masculine
September 15, 2021
Beyond The Edge - "Allowing the Ancient Healing Power of Reiki"
Allowing The Ancient Healing Power of Reiki with our Guests Catherine Young.
August 12, 2021
Beyond The Edge Presents "Exploring 5D Healing Technologies
"Exploring 5D Healing Technology" with our guest Constantin Florin, founder of Aether Frequencies.
August 04, 2021
Beyond The Edge Presents "Unpacking Paranormal Investigations"
UNPACKING PARANORMAL INVESTIGATING with our guest Stephanie Brady, S.P.I.R.I.T. Investigations as we tap into the world of extra-sensory perception and entity connection. 
August 04, 2021
"Unpacking Paranormal Investigations" with Guest Stephanie Brady, S.P.I.R.I.T. Investigations
Beyond The Edge we discuss  UNPACKING PARANORMAL INVESTIGATING with our guest Stephanie Brady, S.P.I.R.I.T. Investigations as we tap into the world of extra-sensory perception and entity connection.
July 21, 2021
"Breaking Generational Cycles With Mindset Shifts" with Linda Hayles, TEDx Speaker, Author
Beyond The Edge will be discussing "Breaking Generational Cycles With Mindset Shifts" with Linda Hayles TEDx Speaker, Author.    Do you ever feel like you are stuck when it comes to certain areas of your life? Are you wanting to start your own business or make a change in your personal life but are afraid  to, or you don't know where to start, why no matter what you do you can't seem to find the success and fulfillment you are looking for?  This show is for you!! Linda is a straight-talkin’, no-sugar coatin’, results gettin’, high performance coach.   She will share personal experience and insight into what is possible in all areas of life in order to be successful. Be prepared for #REALTALK
July 07, 2021
Beyond The Edge - "Declutter Your Life From The Inside Out" with Guest Michelle Mirpour
Beyond The Edge discusses how to: DECLUTTER YOUR LIFE FROM THE INSIDE OUT Our beautiful guest, Michelle Mirpour has a special way of helping people let go of what they no longer need, in the material and spiritual worlds. She is a Clutter To Calm Specialist who empowers her clients to focus on their true purpose and a joyful life.
May 27, 2021
Beyond The Edge: "Are You Ready For Ayurveda" with Guest Brooke Booker
Beyond The Edge : ARE YOU READY FOR AYURVEDA? Brooke Booker is an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist who will be talking with us about what Ayurveda can do for you and your mental, emotional, and physical health. Don't miss this show packed full of helpful tips and treasures! Catch the show on Facebook: @beyondtheedgetv #ayurveda #yogatherapy #yogaforlife #Brookebooker #beyondtheedgetv #spiritual #bodymindsoul
May 27, 2021
The Mystery of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Part 1 - Beyond The Edge Productions
Beyond The Edge The Mystery of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women The number of missing and murdered indigenous women go greatly underreported every year and yet, the numbers that DO get reported are rarely investigated by police and authorities. Join us as we unravel the mystery of missing and murdered indigenous women with guests, Aztec Charokeegirl, a native woman that was abducted and sold into sex trafficking, and Brandy Jones, an artist, activist and advocate for missing and murdered indigenous women.
April 26, 2021
Beyond The Edge - "Revolutionary Reinvention" with Guest Mary Ann Faremouth
Mary Ann Faremouth is 30 years experience in the recruiting and consulting business. She her expertise especially essential during these challenging times in the New Work World! Mary Ann will be talking about her new workbook, REVOLUTIONARY REINVENTION, a companion to her first book, Revolutionary Recruiting. If you are thinking about changing jobs or ready to radically reinvent yourself, you will want to catch this episode of Beyond The Edge!
April 02, 2021
Beyond The Edge Presents: Passion Pop-Up Featuring Kee Eddings, CEO / Founder of KIZZ My Legacy Wine and KIZZ My Passport Travel
"Passion Pop-up" is our on-location, personal interview and business overview of Game-changers who are living their passion & spiritual purpose! We explore the anatomy of personal purpose and the meanderings of the intimate journey for those on a mission to support humanity and spiritual growth. Brandy, Host of Beyond The Edge, sat down with Kee Eddings of Kizz My Passport Travel Agency & Kizz My Legacy Wine to understand what travel can do for minority and socio-economically challenged families. Kee spoke candidly about her experience traveling abroad and the scholarship program that can change the lives of many young students! Don't miss our premier edition of Beyond The Edge Presents: Passion Pop-up!
February 14, 2021
Beyond The Edge - "Abundance Doesn't Have to Be Hard" with Guest Brenda Bailey
Our guest this week is one of my mentors and long time friend, Brenda Bailey!! We will be talking about how: Abundance Doesn't Have To Be Hard Brenda B. Bailey, known as the Shatterer of Income Ceilings, is a ThetaHealing Master & Instructor who’s owned and operated a 7 figure business and has been an entrepreneur for 28 years. She’s blended her practical experience as a successful entrepreneur along with the ThetaHealing practices that allow people to have quick income transformations to create the Shatter Your Income Ceiling Program & Shatter Your Income Ceiling Instructor Certification. If you have questions or comments during or before the show, chime in at (805)500-EDGE! We would love to hear from you! #beyondtheedgeproductions #beyondtheedgetv #brandydeutsch #energymedicine #thetahealing #abundance #shatteryourincomeceiling
January 21, 2021
Beyond The Edge - Energy Medicine For The Aquarian Age
Energy Medicine For The Aquarian Age There has been a plethora of ways to repair the body, mind, and spirit that has resurfaced in the last 2,000 years, but get ready to amp them all up! We will be discussing what kinds of abilities and super powers we can grow into during the next 2,000 or so years! TEXT 805-500-3343 with questions or comments about today's topic!! You can also message on live feed. We love to have interaction and feedback from our audience. Host Brandy Deutsch and Co-Host Dede DeMayo Beyond The Edge Productions FB  @beyondtheedgetv
January 13, 2021
Beyond The Edge TV / RADIO - Astrology with David Vaughan
Clip from show aired December 30, 2020    David Vaughan! David is an accomplished and thorough Astrologist. David's gift with natal charts allows people to hear their most profound longings and their souls mission in a very clear and compassionate way. He will be interpreting cosmic movements and telling us what we can expect as a collective in 2021.
January 09, 2021
Beyond The Edge - "Vibrational Healing and Messages of Wisdom"
"Vibrational Healing and Messages of Wisdom" with  Margaret Claire (Peggy) Jacobs In this time of great change and awakening , Margaret Claire teaches skills for quieting the mind, empowering peace and developing your own ability to hear your guides. Margaret Claire’s journey has evolved since the 90’s, as a Master Channeler, Toner, Teacher, Healer, and Messenger Guide for Spiritual Wisdom and Remembrance. Margaret Claire believes that Creator is vibration, as we all are. Using our voices, called, Vibrational Heart Toning, we create “the tones that set us free”. The channel, we expand empowers our deep connection, our birthright, to Creator’s love for each one as we are. Messages of wisdom and guidance from your own Guides combine with Margaret Claire’s Guides to create a third energy to receive messages to assist in daily life. The Vibrational Heart Toning, quiets the mind, opens the heart so the emotions quiet. The heart’s innate wisdom and inner knowing can then be heard that solutions can be found that enable peace and self empowerment. Host - Brandy Deutsch  Co-Host Dede DeMayo BEYOND THE EDGE PRODUCTIONS Executive Producer / Technical Director   Dede DeMayo Assistant Producer Brandy Deutsch @beyondtheedgetv           #toning #vibrationalhealing #angelmessages #messages #wisdom #freedom #heart #spirituality
January 07, 2021
Beyond The Edge TV / RADIO - "Non-Violent Communication" with Guest Brenda Hardt
Host Brandy Deutsch and Co-Host Dede DeMayo  Guest Brenda Hardt, a Non-violent Communication Facilitator and long time support of peace and authentic expression. For over 30 years Brenda has helped people develop skills of connection, empathy, authentic expression, and deep awareness. She has led Non-violent communication workshops and classes since 2009. She founded, a non-profit that supports NVC in Houston, Texas and worldwide and has been awarded the local Peacemaker award for 37 years of peace education and advocacy by The Houston Peace and Justice Center. Contact Brenda Hardt via      @beyondtheedgetv #Beyondtheedgetv #NVC #mentalhealth #communication #healthandwellness
January 07, 2021