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Be You Find Happy

Be You Find Happy

By Michaela Renee Johnson
Do you want to live happier now? This podcast inspires happiness by encouraging people to speak their truth with grace, and live a courageous life of authenticity. Michaela invites celebrity guests to share their own path to happiness through real-life conversations and shares her own humorous, motivational stories. Michaela Renee Johnson is a best-selling author, licensed psychotherapist, ever learner, Boho Mom & Adventurer.
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E86 GUEST Jim Cutler Q analyst explains The Great Awakening
Q Analyst and co-host of Over The Horizon (QANONFAQ) enlightens people on the meaning of The Great Awakening and how it's roots are much deeper than partisan politics. In this episode you'll have an idea of how to lift your consciousness above the daily woes. Jim also explains from a psychology standpoint how evil has come to rule the world, taking a look into the mind of psychopaths. Visit Jim Visit Michaela Subscribe to the Be You Find Happy Podcast Itunes | Stitcher | Spotify | IHeartRadio | Google Play Music |
October 21, 2020
E85 But Why? Series GUEST Dr Joye Pugh, history channel expert and biblical scholar goes deep on the Illuminati, Satan on Earth and the Covid Vaccine (mark of the beast?)
Michaela promised you raw and real conversations, asking questions and providing insights to some of the biggest questions plaguing the nation right now. In this episode Michaela reconnects with Dr. Joye Pugh, featured guest on the History Channel series "7 Seals of the Apocalypse" to dive into biblical scripture to determine what the fires, hurricanes, riots and virus mean for the future of humanity, and of course the big question, is the Covid Vaccine the Mark of the Beast. "But why do people say 'it's end times?" Visit Dr. Joye Visit Michaela
October 14, 2020
E84 But Why? Series GUEST @redpillbabe sheds light on everything from Trump to women's rights, the nuclear family and gender
@redpillbabe is from a family who escaped communism in Cuba, was raised in a conspiracy oriented Republican household. But she campaigned hard for Obama in 2012 and wrote in Bernie in 2016. The landscape has changed, and her instagram highlights she's a Latina For Trump. In 2008 she proclaims she took the black pill, which opened her eyes to the atrocities on both sides of the public landscape. In 2017 she took the red pill (a common term used by the truth seeking community from the popular film -documentary- The Matrix). A former woman in a man's business world she has eye-opening perspectives on women's rights, feminism, and the nuclear family.  In this episode we talk everything from Trump's Covid to women's rights to chose. It's important to remember the freedom of perception, if this episode triggers you, it might be fun to explore why. This episode brought to you in the But Why Series of questioning, asks: Why is being masculine considered toxic? Visit @RedPillBabe Visit Michaela
October 7, 2020
E83 But Why? Series GUEST Sonia Frontera gives you tools to stay married during crisis
Sonia Frontera, author of the bestseller Solve the Divorce Dilemma: Do You Keep Your Husband or Do You Post Him on Craigslist? Gets raw and real about what's happening in marriages across the nation "due to covid" and with the raging political front, and offers some guidance on how you can help your marriage during these times. Visit Sonia Visit Michaela
September 30, 2020
E82 But Why? Series GUEST Austin Nasso, comedian & software engineer talks about how social media is polarizing the nation and how to move on when you fall flat on your face.
In this episode comedian Austin Nasso, Trump impersonator, Microsoft Engineer and founder of UCLA's Shenanigans Comedy Club talks about the polarization of people due to social media and back door secrets about how AI's learn your behavior and further the polarization by specifically showing you more left/right news, dealing with sensitivity and emotions and how to move forward from falling flat on your face. Before Covid, Nasso was traveling the nation doing the Socially Inept Tech Roast. STAY TUNED until the end to hear "Trump" share why meditation is great.  The But Why? Series question of the episode is, "How can we use laughter instead of outrage to heal the nation?" Visit Austin Visit Michaela
September 23, 2020
E81 But Why? Series GUEST Andrew Kap discusses why our energy may be creating more negativity and why the heartbeat of the Earth flat lined
In this episode Andrew Kap, author of "The last law of attraction book you'll ever need" discusses the Schumann Resonance and why the heart beat of the Earth flat lined last week, and how our global energy may be creating more negativity. Suffice to say, we're at the precipice for major change, some argue the change is already happening. How can you shift your mindset toward more positivity? Our BUT WHY question is, is there a collective conscious creating the things we are seeing in the world right now, is this the reason we aren't able to "catch a break?" Visit Andrew Visit Michaela
September 16, 2020
E80 But Why? Series GUEST Ed Latimore explains that the secret to being likable is by not living to be liked
In this But Why Series episode, Ed Latimore, former heavyweight boxer and best selling author explains why it's important to never underestimate the power of being likable and controlling your emotions, something that's been more challenging for Michaela as she sifts through how to show up in an authentic way and continue to speak her truth with grace. This episode's BUT WHY question is, "Is there an indoctrination of over-sensitivity that has created problems with authentic conversations, laughter as medicine and lead to cancel culture?" Visit Ed Latimore Visit Michaela
September 9, 2020
E79 But Why? Series GUEST Nate Max & Tom Barnett explain The Great Awakening, the truth about mind control &how your government is poisoning you
Michaela is joined by Tom Barnett and Nate Max, a world bridger, visionary and thought pioneer. They've have been helping people overcome their human limitations and boundaries including, true sovereign health, emotional blockages, fear programs, trauma release, Esoteric unpackaging, Entity removal, ceremonial work and diving much deeper into aspects of the human psyche which connect us to the unseen realms. But Why question of the episode, "Why is the Great Awakening happening now?" Visit Nate Michaela's on Twitter now!
September 2, 2020
E78 But Why? Series GUEST Karl Staib gets shows Michaela how the Dig to Fly method can help her move through anger in her personal life
Karl Staib believes everyone has untapped potential that they are able to unlock to get into their zone of greatness. The key is to peel away the layers so you are able to unlock your mindset so you can create more leverage in your life, helping others, so you can make a bigger impact. In this episode he shows you how to use the Dig to Fly method to overcome negative thoughts and complaining. Michaela shares a personal example of recently lost friendships over agreement disdain for organizations promoting violence and hate, and Karl walks her through the process. "But why do we want to stay trapped in negative thoughts?" and "But why does gratitude actually work?" Visit Karl Visit Michaela
August 26, 2020
E77 BUT WHY? Series Michaela SoloCasts to leave you with more questions than answers
The BE YOU FIND HAPPY podast has been nominated for a People's Choice Podcast Award, such an honor, thanks to the guests and listeners who helped make this a reality! In this episode Michaela solocasts and borderline-word-vomits rambling off questions she's been pondering lately and encourages you to get into your gut and start asking BUT WHY to some of the crazy things happening in the world. For more of Michaela's guided meditations, click here Visit Michaela Podcast Awards
August 19, 2020
E76 BUT WHY? Series GUEST Ken D Foster talks about agendas, a divided nation and main stream media
Second in the But Why? Series Michaela and Ken dive into why people are afraid to speak up about how they feel, how agendas drive our decisions, division in the nation and how the mainstream media can create a thinktank. "But why are we afraid to voice our opinion?" "But why does the media try to manipulate our thoughts?" Visit Ken Connect with Michaela
August 12, 2020
E75 BUT WHY? Series GUEST Megan Knepp founder of Bold Outdoors has a real conversation about self defense, the outdoors & QANON
*this episode contains conversation not appropriate for children In this episode, Michaela has a real conversation with Megan Knepp founder of Bold Outdoors, and Turning Point Ambassador about the nation's most taboo and sensitive topics, self-defense, sex trafficking, where your food comes from, the outdoors and QANON. "But why are people afraid of guns?" "But why are people afraid of knowing where their food came from?" To visit Megan To visit Michaela Stats on Sex Trafficking Out of the Shadows documentary Fall of Cabal documentary (keeps getting removed, search the words on if the link breaks)
August 5, 2020
E74 GUEST Nikole Stanfield teaches us why life coaches can help you reach your goals
GET EMPOWERED! Michaela is over to moon to share her new journal for women with you! Nikole Stanfield, life coach extraordinaire teaches us when you are able to build simple habits, you can find the balance between your personal and professional life and you can finally find time to put yourself first so that you will experience increased energy, restored creativity, and you will be able to listen to yourself. These steps will help you work through burnout, learn to love what you do, and empower you to grow so that you bring more passion, meaning, and confidence into your life. Visit Nikole here Visit Michaela here
July 29, 2020
E73 GUEST Kayleigh Clark, Floor is Lava contestant and founder of ClearStem talks how to live your life toxin free
Michaela has geeked out on Floor is Lava since it launched and gave her reprieve from the stressful things in the world. In this episode she talks with Floor is Lava contestant and owner of ClearStem skincare about how to take care of your biggest organ and keep it toxin-free, including protection from the sun and anti-aging strategies. There's 1 simple way to improve your skin now, and Kayleigh shares it in this episode. Kayleigh Christina Clark is the co-founder of CLEARstem, a former acne sufferer and a passionate health nutritionist who found her calling when she finally found her cure for acne and other health issues through nutrition and CLEARstem. Kayleigh is a skin care and nutrition expert on a mission to help acne sufferers finally find answers and feel confident in their skin. She is also the author of Healing with Apple Cider Vinegar: 115 Recipes for Health, Beauty, and Home. If you want to connect more with Kayleigh and hear more of her story, she is the co-host of the “Balancing Your Hustle” podcast on iTunes and GooglePlay. She and her co-host Helen Peterson talk all things about balancing your career, passions, wellness and all your hustles of life. Visit Kayleigh Visit Michaela
July 22, 2020
E72 GUEST Pete Alexander Stress Relief Expert talks how to reduce anxiety in seconds
At a time when people are drowning in stress and anxiety, Michaela chats with Professor Pete Alexander who provides stress relief tools to help hard-driving professionals overcome their self-imposed barriers to success using clever stress relief techniques. Visit Professor Pete Would you like a FREE happiness tool? Click here
July 15, 2020
E71 GUEST Susan Neal explains why your immune system is susceptible to getting sick
Get EMPOWERED here In this episode Michaela questions vitamins and Coronavirus masks, as Susan Neal, an RN, health coach shares how to reclaim your health and ideal weight by giving you knowledge about unhealthy foods, solutions for resolving negative eating habits, for a new healthy lifestyle. She also created the following “Healthy Living Series” of books: • 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates (Selah Award Winner) • Christian Study Guide for 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates (Best Bible Study Winner) • Healthy Living Bullet Journal (Best Inspirational Gift Book Winner) • Healthy Living Series: 3 Books in 1 Visit Michaela
July 8, 2020
E70 GUEST Dr. Denise Moore Revel enlightens you on how to harness the power of your voice
Dr. Denise Moore Revel, author, personal development coach and speaker is the founder of the Own Your Amazing Movement. She works with women who are tired of settling for less and who are ready to create an amazing life they love. In this episode she talks about how to discover the power of your voice. Visit Dr. Denise here Visit Michaela here Get EMPOWERED here
July 1, 2020
E69 GUEST Jennifer Taylor explains how to bring balance into your life
GET EMPOWERED! Michaela is over to moon to share her new journal for women with you! In her new book Spiritual and Broke , Jennifer takes a deep dive into how we can effectively use the Law of Attraction to create financial balance into our lives. She has worked in the field of spirituality and energy medicine for the last 17 years, as the COO or “Chief Magical Officer” of Quantum-Touch, Inc – a company that teaches energy medicine workshops around the world. Like other spiritually based companies, the core principles of Quantum-Touch are rooted in the Law of Attraction – the concept that we create our reality  Law of Attraction proponents suggest that our thoughts are primarily responsible for what we attract into our lives.  If we think positive thoughts, meditate on what we want to create, and practice gratitude, we have the power to attract more money, romance, and better health. Yet, anyone familiar with The Secret will tell you that the Law of Attraction can be quite an enigma.  On one hand, the idea is incredibly empowering: If you can align yourself with your intended manifestation, the Universe will deliver.  On the other hand, many people find this Law of Attraction to be frustrating as well because it seems like it doesn’t always work. For example, many people in the spiritual communities have trouble harnessing its power to manifest money!  Jennifer fields email after email from people who believe in the LOA yet they are struggling with money and barely scraping by. She has met many Life coaches and healing practitioners who are having trouble paying rent or attracting clients --  yet they have a daily gratitude practice and a positive mindset. So, is the Law of Attraction just some sort of new-age mumble jumble? In her new book Spiritual and Broke , Jennifer takes a deep dive into how we can effectively use the Law of Attraction to create financial balance into our lives. Connect with Jennifer Unlock more happy with Michaela
June 24, 2020
E68 GUEST A calmversation with Randy "Choo" Curtis about speaking your "noble" truth, having no agenda and opening the dialogue on race
GET EMPOWERED! Michaela is over to moon to share her new journal for women with you! Michaela has an agenda-free calmversation with Randy Choo, former NSA employee and activist who isn’t just online but has a brick and mortar grassroots movement helping the community since 2005. He is a former boxer, owner of a security company, graphic design company, and more. He is the host of the highly controversial radio show “Choo on That” on Choo Radio. In this calmversation the dialogue is opened about noble truths, having no agenda and how to speak about race, regardless of your color or ethniticy.
June 17, 2020
E67 GUEST Deborah Kesten shares seven overeating styles that have become our new normal
GET EMPOWERED! Michaela is over to moon to share her new journal for women with you! Deborah Kesten, MPH, is a nutrition researcher and award-winning author with a specialty in preventing and reversing obesity and heart disease. After twenty-five years of nutrition research, Deborah has developed an evidence-based program that combines modern nutritional science with ancient food wisdom to treat the root causes of weight gain, health and healing. It's not about counting calories and carbs or being regimented and restrictive. Rather, it's about developing a lifelong relationship to food and eating that nourishes us physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Deborah's new book WHOLE PERSON INTEGRATIVE EATING, with a foreword by Dean Ornish, MD, revisions nutritional health and provides scientifically sound therapeutic steps that anyone can integrate into their dietary lifestyle  The Association of Sports Dieticians and Nutritionists has been so impressed with Deborah's work that, starting in January, they will offer Deborah Kesten's Foundation of Whole Person Integrative Eating Training and Certification Program to dieticians and other health professions. Through her work, Deborah has identified seven overeating styles, all part of our "new normal:" Emotional Eating, Food Fretting, Fast Foodism, Sensory Disregard, Task Snacking, Unappetizing Atmosphere, and Solo Dining) WHOLE PERSON INTEGRATIVE EATING includes the antidotes to resolve each. Connect with Deborah Connect with Michaela
June 10, 2020
E66 GUEST Wendy & Mike Appleby offer tips to parents on home educating and summer transitioning
GET EMPOWERED! Michaela is over to moon to share her new journal for women with you! Michaela's husband makes a surprise intro appearance while they are hiking (as evidenced by the huffing and puffing) to help Michaela with how to introduce to fabulous guests during these challenging times in our nation and reminds us that it's okay to show up with humor, kindness and love. Michaela is then joined by fantastic educators Wendy & Mike Appleby who share tips for parents on home educating, transitioning to summer, limiting screentime, and how to create a successful reward-based system. Two influences the Appleby's would love for you to check out are: The Nurtured Heart Approach and Tina Payne Bryson’s work Connect with Michaela
June 3, 2020
E65 GUEST Quin from @everchanginghorizon talks about how to move through uncomfortable times and live an inspired life
Quin from @everchanginghorizon was on the Be You Find Happy podcast a year ago, sharing how he left a job he wasn't happy in to create a future he wanted. During these uncertain times Quin has focused on positive creativity to boost his spirit and continue to create the life he wants.  Connect with Quin here Or follow his #VANLIFE project here GET EMPOWERED! Michaela is over to moon to share her new journal for women with you! Connect with Michaela here
May 27, 2020
E64 GUEST Shereen Oberg Law of Positivism talks self care during trying times
Michaela and Shereen reconnected almost a year after Shereen first shared beautiful insight to being happy on the Be You Find Happy podcast. Since then, Shereen has started her own podcast, Law of Positivism enlightens thousands weekly between the podcast and Instagram. Michaela and Shereen ZOOMED (you can watch the video playback here If you are looking for how to take care of yourself during trying times, this is the episode for you.  Visit Shereen on Instagram Visit Michaela GET EMPOWERED
May 20, 2020
E63 GUEST John Vespasian tells us why rational living and protecting ourselves from unforeseen events is critical
GET EMPOWERED! Michaela is over to moon to share her new journal for women with you! JOHN VESPASIAN is the author of ten books about rational living, including  "Undisrupted: How highly-effective people deal with disruptions" (2019). Vespasian has lived in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and The Netherlands. His books combine his passion for history, investing, and personal development, reflecting his philosophy of rational living, productiveness, and respect for the individual. "The purpose of my work is to draw practical lessons from history," he explains. "If you want to make good decisions, you have to look at the big picture, and learn from the wisdom accumulated in centuries of human experience." "Knowledge is the only valid response to stress, the only formula that can make you more effective," Vespasian argues. "My books contain the wisdom I have accumulated in decades of research. It's all about learning from other people's successes and mistakes, and figuring out how to apply those principles to your own life. In every book, I go through biographies and historical events with the goal of extracting from them lessons we can use right now." Connect with John Connect with Michaela
May 13, 2020
E62 GUEST David Essell, explains why positive thinking will never change your life
GET EMPOWERED! Michaela is over to moon to share her new journal for women with you! David Essel, M. S. O.M.,  is a number one best-selling author (11), counselor, master life coach,  international speaker and minister whose mission is to positively affect 2 million people or more every day, in every area of life, regardless of their current circumstances. Celebrity Jenny McCarthy says “David Essel is the new leader of the positive thinking movement.” David’s newest top selling book, #11,  called “Love and relationship secrets….that everyone needs to know!” , has been labeled as the “New bible on love and communication.” Another #1 best seller ” FOCUS! SLAY YOUR GOALS…THE PROVEN GUIDE TO HUGE SUCCESS, A POWERFUL ATTITUDE AND PROFOUND LOVE”, was recently selected by the influential blog BOOKAUTHORITY.ORG  as one of the top 100 GOAL SETTING BOOKS OF ALL TIME! David’s work of 40 years is also highly endorsed by the late Wayne Dyer, “Chicken Soup for the Soul”  author Mark Victor Hansen, as well as many other celebrities and radio and television networks from around the world. He is verified through Psychology Today as one of the top Counselors and Life Coaches in the USA, and is verified  through as one of the top relationship counselors and experts in the world. Connect with David
May 6, 2020
E61 GUEST Corbie Mitlied explains odd life experiences like meeting angels and how to use stress for good
GET EMPOWERED! Michaela is over to moon to share her new journal for women with you! Rev. Corbie Mitlied is a three-time breast “cancer dancer.”  What’s that mean?  She didn’t fight cancer, because what you fight fights back.  A cancer dancer finds out how graceful they can be under pressure…avoids getting their toes stepped on…and can usually get off the dance floor in one piece. In this episode she talks about using stress in a positive way, all things other realm plus Michaela and Corbie dive deep into odd life experiences like meeting angels and seeing energy. In her book CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFECLOSET, the reader discovers how clarity is the canvas on which they can paint their new life story. They discover how much abundance they already have with the idea of Simplicity: living Life as a Tiny House. They can embrace newfound freedom learning how Adaptability means “perfection is already yours.” And they understand when Stress is a friend and teacher, instead of the enemy they fight daily. Get her book
April 29, 2020
E60 GUEST Antonio T Smith Jr shares why we plant weeds and how to plant seeds to see our dreams happen
The ATS Jr. Companies is the top professional and personal development, and business training company. Founder and CEO, Antonio T. Smith Jr. knows personally how anyone can be at rock bottom and climb their way to the top. Growing up, Antonio was abandoned by both of his parents after they found themselves addicted to drugs. Left for dead, Antonio grew up homeless, literally sleeping in dumpsters, dreaming of a better life. Today Antonio and the ATS Jr. team, teaches people that their current situation is not their final destination. Antonio, through immense research, discovered the concept he calls “Plant Better.” If you plant good seeds into your life, you will yield a better harvest. The ATS Jr. Companies one desire is to teach people all around the world, that they deserve a good life if they decide today to DOMINATE and plant good seeds that are worthy of them. Connect with Antonio here: Connect with Michaela here:
April 22, 2020
E59 GUEST Ken D Foster shares how to tap into your voice of courage
Now more than ever we have an opportunity to be who we truly want to be. Ken and Michaela chat about how there's no better time than now to ask yourself meaningful questions to create the life you want to create, to tap into courage to move through fear and how it's okay to LET GO. Ken D. Foster is a Philosopher, Visionary, Author, and Syndicated Radio Show Host who delivers high energy messages that empower audiences to live courageously, tune into their brilliance, and maximize potential. For twenty-three years, Ken has Coached and Mentored CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Senior Professionals to take the courageous path, expand their limitations, and free their spirit to bring in harmony, happiness and bottom-line results to their businesses and lives. He specializes in inspiring learners and leaders to live up to their highest potential, and he does this exceptionally well. Get his books here Connect with Michaela here
April 15, 2020
E58 GUEST Dr John McGrail discusses the SHIFT happening in the world right now
John McGrail, PhD, a clinical hypnotherapist, self-improvement expert and spirituality teacher shares The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation. Michaela and Dr. John talk about the SHIFT happening globally right now in light of Covid-19 and how you can empower yourself to live your best life. He's been featured in Time, Readers Digest, U.S. News & World Report, Cosmopolitan, Self, Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, First for Women, BrainWorld, The Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, Huffington Post, WebMD, LIVESTRONG, Intent, and many more.  His Synthesis process is dedicated to helping people create health, wellness, personal change, growth, empowerment and spiritual balance both quickly and profoundly; it is very much focused on the integration or synthesis of science and spirit, a concept enjoying a huge surge of interest and popularity the area of human development and popular culture. Synthesis offers and teaches a way to live life virtually free of suffering. I call it practical enlightenment; a state of being attainable by anyone willing to commit to themselves and the process. Visit Dr. John's website Connect with Michaela
April 8, 2020
E57 GUEST Anniston Blair shares how numerology can guide you in trying times
Michaela's been seeing repeating numbers since November, in her quest for gaining insight on why, and sharing some of the power of having incredible tools in your toolbox, she invites Anniston Blair, certified numerologist to solve the mysteries and inspire others on the great resource that numerology can be, especially during times of uncertainty. Anniston is a certified practitioner of a unique form of numerology based on the Hebrew alphabet. You and I, and everything in this Universe, are made up of energy. There are no exceptions, in fact, names also carry a unique energetic footprint. Your name is like a magnet, attracting similar vibrations to it in the form of relationships, experiences, and everything in between. Her work as a 'nameologist' is to decode the unique energies in your name to better understand your challenges, gifts, and life purpose. She then realigns this energy with your specific goals to ensure you attracting abundance in all areas of your life. Visit Anniston Get the books she recommends: The life you were born to live:  The numerology guidebook: Visit Michaela
April 1, 2020
E56 GUEST Maura Sweeney inspires the idea that changing the world starts within
After co-hosting a Saturday morning radio show here in Tampa Bay called The State of Happiness (launched as an upbeat alternative to the psychological, emotional and economic state of many following the 2008 recession), Maura Sweeney went on to blog, write books, develop a podcast, pen her own contributor column at HuffPost, interview on media and speak publicly on the topic of "Living Happy - Inside Out." As the trademarked Ambassador of Happiness(R) - a moniker first given me by the UNESCO Center for Peace for speaking at the inaugural Nelson Mandela Day Celebrations - she shares a life philosophy on choosing, cultivating and harnessing our inward thoughts/emotions/imaginations/intentions to rest on a happy state of being -- something our world as a whole deeply requires. The only thing to change ourselves -- and change our world -- for the better all begins from within. Visit Maura Visit Michaela
March 25, 2020
E55 GUEST Dr. Joy Pugh explains what END TIMES really looks like
In this episode Dr. Joy Pugh, historian and HISTORY Channel expert shares her wealth of knowledge on mysteries within the Bible and what End Times really means, she shares thoughts on the wildfires, storms and virus that have been disrupting our world. Her background involves working as a researcher, counselor, human services director, and consultant. Dr. Pugh appears in several television documentaries on the HISTORY Channel concerning end times.  Dr. Pugh's complete biographical history is featured in Who's Who in the World and Who's Who in America. Connect with Dr Joye Unlock more happy with Michaela
March 18, 2020
E54 Michaela talks about meeting fear (Coronavirus) with rational action and how to actually obtain goals
In this episode Michaela chats about fear surrounding the Coronavirus and how to respond in a healthy way,  importance of journaling and also why it's important not to meet rational or irrational fear with irrational action. She also shares the difficulty in obtaining goals, and strategies for actually reaching them, she shares the idea that we must have a sense for our obstacles and understand our WHY they are challenging to us, she also shares the idea that happiness comes from a place of GRIT and RESILIENCE and is about contrasts. In this episode Michaela talks about check out their site. Michaela listened to Joe Rogan's podcast with Michael Osterholm an infectious disease expert and recommends everyone watch it. To get the daily planner/gratitude journal, click here Little note - Michaela recommends doing the Ultimate Reset in a team atmosphere (at least a group text) to hold you accountable. To check out the detox Michaela is on, click here: To sign up for her eJournal click here: To buy her books on Amazon, or leave a glowing review click here: #coronavirus #joerogan #fear #selfhelp #infectiousdisease
March 11, 2020
E53 GUEST Dr. Glenn Barney cracks the myths behind chiropractic care
Michaela found Dr. Barney through her own struggles with pain from an injury, she since has referred people who couldn't stand up straight or walk without a cane and they are now back to fully functioning.  Dr. Barney’s journey to his chiropractic profession started 25+ years ago while he was studying to become a dentist. He suffered a knee injury while playing sports and was told that knee replacement was his only option. He believed there had to be a more conservative, less invasive approach, and set out to find an alternative. He found it. He worked with a sports medicine chiropractor followed by physical therapy. That was a defining moment for Dr. Barney. He found recovery and rehabilitation for his knee without surgery, and he found a new career path. Dr. Barney’s passion, vast nutritional knowledge, healing approach to wellness, and thorough, higher level of care can change your life’s story too. Just ask his many happy, healthy patients. And yes, 25 years later, Dr. Barney’s knee remains in top shape. He continues to push the limits with athletics and sports – even water skiing on his feet! To set an appointment with Dr Barney visit To connect with Michaela visit
March 4, 2020
E52 GUEST Nina Fuentes shares why women MUST feel good in their body to be happy
Nina Fuentes is a plant based fitness coach and founder of Perfect Proportions. In this episode she explains why she helps women get an hour-glass body and had to deal with fitness plateaus and sustainability issues. Feeling good in your skin is a critical component to happiness and Nina shares why, and how to get started. Visit Nina Visit Michaela
February 26, 2020
E51 GUEST The Optimistic Astrologer, Sandy Revue explains how understanding your astrological chart will change your life
In this episode the gal you've heard Michaela rave about, The Optimistic Astrologer and founder of Intention Beads, Sandy Revue simplifies astrology and shares how it can and will change the insight you have to your life. Local artist, Sandy Rueve has been creating millefiori clay beads for over 20 years. Over the years, she has married her passion for beadmaking with her knowledge of astrology. Each bead is hand-rolled from raw clay during powerful astrological transits to create a unique talisman. By capturing the energy present, Intention Beads help you realize a desire, prayer or intention. Visit Sandy's website and set up a reading here Unlock more happy with Michaela
February 19, 2020
E50 GUEST Mort Fortel, founder of Marriage Fitness Bootcamp shares the true secret to a happy marriage
Mort Fertel is the creator of Marriage Fitness, a relationship renewal system that’s been used by millions of people in marital crisis. In addition to his success with couples, he pioneered the “Lone Ranger Track,” which offers people with an obstinate spouse a path to reconciliation. People from all over the world schedule private tele-sessions with Mort Fertel and seek his counsel by joining the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp, the most comprehensive relationship home learning program in the world. Mort Fertel is the author of Marriage Fitness Audio Learning System and the host of the “Fix Your Marriage” podcast. Over 3 million people have subscribed to his free report “7 Secrets to Fixing Your Marriage.” Mort Fertel is the subject of Back from the Brink, a documentary written and directed by Toroes Thomas, which chronicles people in marriage crisis. Mort Fertel graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1987, was the CEO of an international non-profit organization, and a former marathon runner. He lives with his wife and 5 children (including triplets!) in Baltimore, Maryland. Learn more about Marriage Fitness Bootcamp Unlock more happy with Michaela
February 12, 2020
E49 GUEST Karen Ford talks how to get out of debt and into wealth
Karen is a Master Financial Coach, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author who has coached people with a variety of money issues: from just $500 in debt to $800,000 in debt. She has coached folks with up to 86 credit cards and taught them how to pay down and pay off those credit cards in record time. Karen’s mission is to inspire others to rid themselves of debt and build wealth. She encourages others to break the shackles of debt and gives valuable insight into building wealth so they can experience financial freedom! Karen Ford’s #1 Amazon Best Selling Book “Money Matters” is a discovery for many. This book is not only motivational, but practical. She is an avid real estate investor, who enjoys buying, selling, and flipping properties. She has even bought properties for as little as $10 and turned a few dollars into thousands! In “Money Matters” she provides keys to demolishing debt, shares how to budget correctly, and gives principles in wealth building. Here are the links to two of her books on Amazon. #debt #wealth #financialfreedom
February 5, 2020
E48 GUEST Susan Burrell blows up the self-help industry with the truth
According to a report from Research and Markets in 2016, the United States’ self-help book industry was worth about $9.9 billion and predicted to be worth $13 billion by 2022. With all these self-help books available, you would think the United States population would be much happier and fulfilled. Author Susan Burrell, shares Michaela's thoughts on working towards happiness and is here to tell you it takes work. It isn’t enough to just read a book. You have to take action. That is why her book “Live An Empowered Life! A 30-Day Journey Book Peppered with Daily Meditations  ... and Wisdoms” is interactive! Susan designed the book to give readers action steps. She says, “Done in a consistent manner, they will create a beautiful transformation within you, with a final destination of living your most empowered life - filled with freedom, happiness and love. And who wouldn’t want that? This is a journey from the beginning until you arrive at your destination of empowerment. By that I mean that you start at the beginning of the book - no short cuts or bypassing the process." #beyou #susanburrell #mentalhealth #thetruthaboutselfhelp
January 29, 2020
E47 Savannah and Auntie Debra - why change is sometimes a ROYAL pain the arse
What kind of BRIT (mind you, like 1/4%) would Michaela be if she didn't talk the ROYALS and their choice to step back from the ROYAL family on a podcast called BE YOU FIND HAPPY? In this episode Michaela invites Savannah back for some real life conversations about change, and what walking away from your family means. AND also invites her Aunt Debra, who was born and raised in the UK to help her better understand the monarchy and why Harry staying put is so important to the Royals. Don't miss this episode for good ole fashioned BE YOU FIND HAPPY fun. BIG THANKS to this week's podcast sponsor #sussexroyals #reallife #changeisgood #beyou Connect with Michaela And here's the link on Buzz Feed that Michaela chats about
January 22, 2020
E46 GUEST Melissa Krivachek shares the qualities of millionaires
Melissa Krivachek trains individuals, teams and companies across the globe who find themselves lacking energy, losing money and feeling lost in the day to day cycles they’ve created for themselves, their businesses and families. Melissa has been on cover of Evolution Magazine as their Top Power Player Under 40. Melissa has also been nominated for Forbes and Inc.  Magazines prestigious list of “30 Under 30” and has been named the “Top 1% of US Executives” two years in a row by The American Council of Executives. In addition she’s made hundreds of media appearances and has been given multiple awards from the states of Iowa where she grew up and Minnesota. Melissa now travels extensively and is highly involved in philanthropy spending her time volunteering in various activities and countries around the world. Melissa has also written 10 books - 7 of which are International Best-Sellers. Finally, she was nominated to be in the 2019 “Inc. 5000” list which is a definitive ranking of America’s fastest-growing, privately held companies.  Connect with Michaela #millionaires #beyou #melissakrivachek
January 15, 2020
E45 GUEST Nicoline Ambe shares how travel can heal your heart and inspire happiness
Dr. Nicoline Ambe is a long time Educator and Group Travel Consultant. She books group travel and getaways for her clients. Her passion is to help groups get away to exotic, all-inclusive destinations all over the world. She takes care of every single travel detail so you can enjoy the absolute best experience, and can rest easy knowing that you're getting the best deal possible. She is also personally well-versed in the fun and rigors of travel. Book a trip with Nicoline Connect with Michaela #travel #beyou #mentalhealth
January 8, 2020
E44 GUEST Mel Pender, Olympian, says listening is one of the most important components to success
Two-time Olympian, Mel Pender, is African American, has been subject to subtle and overt discrimination throughout his life in Georgia and in the US military. His autobiography, Expression of Hope – The Mel Pender Story, is peppered with such anecdotes. Dr. Mel Pender is a gold medalist and also a military hero. He competed in the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games and is the only living American sprinter who competed in the 100 meters. He returned to the global stage, in 1968, to compete in the Mexico City Olympic Games,  straight from the battlefields of Vietnam and won gold in the 4 X 100 meter. After a stellar military and elite sports career, he held executive leadership positions with the NBA and the NFL. He also spearheaded several successful entrepreneurial ventures. Mel is also a history maker. He is the first Black to become a track and field coach at West Point. However, his ambition and accomplishments may have contributed to the failure of two marriages. In October, he celebrated his 82 birthday. On December 16, he celebrated his 12th year of blissful marriage to Debbie, who co-authored his autobiography Expression of Hope: The Mel Pender Story. In this episode Mel and Debbie share phenomenal insights to the secrets to success, negative self talk, hope and the importance of listening. The Expression of Hope: The Mel Pender Story is available at Amazon. Email Mel & Debbie @ Connect with Michaela
January 1, 2020
E43 GUEST Andrew Tarvin explains how to use laughter and humor in down times
The average person will work 90,000 hours in their lifetime. That’s far too much time not to enjoy what we do, and considering 55% of Americans are unsatisfied with their jobs, something’s wrong. Learn how humor helps you get better results while having more fun. Andrew Tarvin shares some of the secrets within his new book Humor That Works, and how you can incorporate it into your life to be more happy. Visit Michaela on Instagram #AndrewTarvin #mentalhealth #beyou #happiness #laughter
December 25, 2019
E42 GUEST Stacey Chillemi explains how positive thinking and detox heals disease
Stacey Chillemi is a lifestyle reporter and expert, columnist and health host. Author of The Complete Guide to Natural Healing and Natural Remedies for Common Conditions, along with 20 other published books she is the founder of The Complete Herbal Guide and a recognized health and natural remedies expert, with over 20 years in practice as a Health Coach. She writes for the Huffington Post, Huff Post, Thrive Global and Medium (Owned by Arianna Huffington) and has been a guest on the Dr. Oz Show, local news, and numerous radio shows. Her focus is on natural healing, herbal remedies, alternative methods, self-motivation, food for medicine, nutrition, fitness, natural beauty remedies and the power of positive thinking. Get Plant Based Meals from Purple Carrot delivered to your door. Connect with Michaela #staceychillemi #droz #holistic #beyou #purplecarrot
December 18, 2019
E41 GUEST Hope Baker shares how to find hope through the saddest times
In this episode Michaela chats with Hope Baker, author of Finding Hope: A Birthmother's Journey Into the Light. At 21 years old Hope made one of the hardest decisions a person can make: she placed her son for adoption. After her son was born, Hope tried to resume her life and her career. Like so many mothers in the workforce, she expected to transition back easily. That, sadly, wasn't the reality. Hope was unprepared to balance the emotional aspects of adoption with the pressures of a demanding career -- and, worse, she didn't know where to turn for support. She shares her incredible story and inspiration for others in this episode all about Finding Hope. Visit her site Join Michaela's eJournal #adoption #hopeobaker #bestsellers #michaelarenee #beyou
December 4, 2019
E40 BOSS yourself if you want to get stuff done.
In this episode Michaela puts the hammer down and shares her thoughts on your wants verses your needs, and how to actually get things done. Here's a pro tip - "Only with action can dreams come to fruition.” She also shares thoughts about all the battle wounds we have in life, and a different way to look at them. Sign up for Michaela's eJournal or visit her on Instagram. #beyou #mentalhealth #michaelarenee #therapy #happiness #podcasts
November 20, 2019
E39 Boundaries, Balance and Bullsh*t
In this episode Michaela talks about purging all things yuck from her recent detox and her solar return on Nov 23, she talks about the importance of both darkness and light, setting boundaries and bullshit mental health labels. Sign up for Michaela's eJournal or visit her on Instagram. #beyou #mentalhealth #michaelarenee #therapy #happiness #podcasts
November 13, 2019
E38 GUEST Susie Moore shares how to be confident
Susie Moore is a former Silicon Valley Sales Director turned Life Coach and Advice Columnist. Her work been featured on the Today show, Oprah, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Time Inc, Marie Claire and she’s the resident Life Coach Columnist for Greatist. Susie’s work and insights have been shared by celebrities and thought leaders including Arianna Huffington, Paulo Coelho, Kris Jenner and Sara Blakely. Her first book What if It Does Work Out? was named by Entrepreneur as one of the 8 Business Books Entrepreneurs Must Read to Dominate Their Industry. This week on the podcast she shares all about how to find your confidence to BE YOU. Visit Susie Moore Visit Michaela on Instagram #susiemoore #beyou #confidence #mentalhealth
November 6, 2019
E37 Courage is contagious, call someone you love
In this episode Michaela talks about her experience at the Outwild Retreat and the insights that she had while she was there. She taps into thoughts about courage, giving grace to others, knowing your values, creating mantras and trusting that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. This episode is a personal powerhouse of Michaela's own mantras and values and how she plans to align with them. Steph's Write Club Jeremy's Podcast Outwild Events Michaela on Instagram #outwild #mentalhealth #values #findhappy #beyou #behappy
October 30, 2019
E36 Modeling Self Care
This week Michaela's models self-care. After carefully consideration Savannah has decided to step back as co-host of the Be You Find Happy podcast. She was greatly loved by the listeners and will definitely be back as a guest. While the changes were soft announced on E35 Michaela took a week to regroup. This week she promotes her appearance as a guest on Law of Positivism new podcast with Shereen Oberg (E12 Attracting Happiness, Be You Find Happy guest). Here's a link to register for Michaela and Shereen's awesome webinar on Intention Setting use the code PODCAST for $50 off. Michaela on Instagram #lawofpositivism #beyou #podcasts #mentalhealth #gethappy #behappy #happiness
October 23, 2019
E35 GUEST The Tarot Doctor with insights to how the Tarot really works
In this episode Rick Reich-Kuykendall, The Tarot Doctor, shares the secrets to how the Tarot works to provide insight and guidance to our life, and the key, that the future is able to change, it's not set in the cards. To sign up for a reading with Doctor Rick, click here. To attend one of his class on learning Tarot, click here. Visit Michaela on Instagram. #tarot #happiness #beyoufindhappy #podcasts #mentalhealth
October 9, 2019
E34 GUEST: The Freemans, Habits of Happily Connected Couples
Michaela chats with The Freemans, founders of The Empowered Couples University and podcast by the same name. Tony Robbins calls them the new power couple. In this episode The Freeman's share their insights on how to find happiness in your relationship and other fun tips on how to squash arguments and bring the romance back.  The Freeman's website Empowered Couples podcast Visit them on Instagram Visit Michaela on Instagram 
October 2, 2019
E33 How to move through shame
This  episode is all about the concepts of shame, Michaela shares a recent experience with shame and  her insights on overcoming shame while tapping into the incredible thoughts that Brene Brown shares in her book Dare to Lead. Michaela mentions a few things in this episode, here are the links. Michaela's interview with the National Institute of Whole Health Michaela's interview with Just One More Chapter Podcast Michaela's Amazon Shop Michaela on Instagram (links to workshop) Brene Brown List of Values Brene Brown The Power of Vulnerability
September 25, 2019
E32 GUEST Deva Dalporto: How to find humor in MOMLIFE
Deva Dalporto of My Life Suckers has built her business on making fun of herself, at poking fun at the toughest times in life. In this episode she shares life credos on facing fear, finding courage and allowing humor to get you through the toughest times. To join her inspirational Facebook Group, search MyLifeSuckersPeeps in the search bar. Visit Deva on YouTube Follow her on Instagram Michaela on Instagram #mindsetiskey #balanceiskey #growthmindset #enjoythelittlethings #communityovercompetition #holdyourmoments #findyourpurpose #beboldbebravebeyou #manifestyourlife #highvibes #personalgrowth #peacewithin #theuniversehasyourback #createyourreality #thatauthenticfeeling #thinkhappythoughts #embraceeverydayjoyfully #reclaimthehappy #simplemoments #thesweetlifeunscripted #makeitblissful #youaremagic #soulcalling #calmversation #writinginspiration #seetheworld #internationaltravel #traveloften #adventurer #bohomom #honestmom #thisismotherhood #manifestyourdreams #powerofthemind #positiveintentions #youarepowerful #cornersofmyworld #createyourhappy #womenwhodo #unlimitedparadise #liveinthenow #bemindful #littlestoriesofmylife #seekthepositive #beyoufindhappy #letsstartnow #findyourawesome #liveauthentic #sharetodaysadventure
September 18, 2019
E31 Creating Community with GUEST Ellen Walker of The Hive Studio
Ellen Walker creator of The Hive Studio Shop shares how she opted to create a brick and mortar space for a collective space for creative entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and share their artistic gifts. She is trailblazing the way for future based on an old fashioned idea, creating community. Ellen is a visionary who has inspired people to travel outside their comfort zone and face fears head on. Hear her story and find out how you can get creating as well. Visit The Hive on  Instagram Meet Ellen on Instagram Visit Michaela on Instagram #mindsetiskey #balanceiskey #growthmindset #enjoythelittlethings #communityovercompetition #holdyourmoments #findyourpurpose #beboldbebravebeyou #manifestyourlife #highvibes #personalgrowth #peacewithin #theuniversehasyourback #createyourreality #thatauthenticfeeling #thinkhappythoughts #embraceeverydayjoyfully #reclaimthehappy #simplemoments #thesweetlifeunscripted #makeitblissful #youaremagic #soulcalling #calmversation
September 11, 2019
E30 How to dive into FEAR
In this episode Michaela shares a life threatening event that she lived through on the American River a few years ago, and how she went back to face her fears this weekend. She dives into the differences between rational and irrational fear and the bottom line about how to overcome fear. Visit Michaela on Instagram #mindsetiskey #balanceiskey #growthmindset #enjoythelittlethings #communityovercompetition #holdyourmoments #findyourpurpose #beboldbebravebeyou #manifestyourlife #highvibes #personalgrowth #peacewithin #theuniversehasyourback #createyourreality #thatauthenticfeeling #thinkhappythoughts #embraceeverydayjoyfully #reclaimthehappy #simplemoments #thesweetlifeunscripted #makeitblissful #youaremagic #soulcalling #calmversation #writinginspiration #seetheworld #internationaltravel #traveloften #adventurer #bohomom #honestmom #thisismotherhood #manifestyourdreams #powerofthemind #positiveintentions #youarepowerful #cornersofmyworld #createyourhappy #womenwhodo #unlimitedparadise #liveinthenow #bemindful #littlestoriesofmylife #seekthepositive #beyoufindhappy #letsstartnow #findyourawesome #liveauthentic
September 4, 2019
E29 GUEST Lisa Wentz talks having 'Grace Under Pressure'
Lisa Wentz is the founder of the San Francisco Voice Center, a public speaking expert, accent specialist and author of Grace Under Pressure: a Masterclass in Public Speaking. Considered one of the top coaches in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lisa has been featured as a public speaking expert in TIME Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, L.A. Daily Journal among others. In this episode she talks about managing fear in any speaking situation, and offers tips and tricks to overcome negative self talk. Visit Michaela on Instagram #mindsetiskey #balanceiskey #growthmindset #enjoythelittlethings #communityovercompetition #holdyourmoments #findyourpurpose #beboldbebravebeyou #manifestyourlife #highvibes #personalgrowth #peacewithin #theuniversehasyourback #createyourreality #thatauthenticfeeling #thinkhappythoughts #embraceeverydayjoyfully #reclaimthehappy #simplemoments #thesweetlifeunscripted #makeitblissful #youaremagic #soulcalling #calmversation #writinginspiration #seetheworld #internationaltravel #traveloften #adventurer #bohomom #honestmom #thisismotherhood #manifestyourdreams #powerofthemind #positiveintentions #youarepowerful #cornersofmyworld #createyourhappy #womenwhodo #unlimitedparadise #liveinthenow #bemindful #littlestoriesofmylife #seekthepositive #beyoufindhappy
August 28, 2019
E28 GUEST Janusz Pozniak from the Netflix special Blown Away chats dealing with glass shattering setbacks
Glass blowing shares immense analogies to life...and in this episode, Janusz Pozniak, finalist on the Netflix special Blown Away, shares incredible insights to the world of glass blowing and how his art has inspired him to find the positive's in spite of (quite literal) glass shattering setbacks. You can buy his art here. You can connect with him on Instagram here. Meet Michaela here. #netflix #blownaway #januszpozniak #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy
August 21, 2019
E27 Defeating Defeat
In this episode Michaela opens her heart to talk authentically on the topic of defeat and feelings that she's been struggling with lately, like the idea that as a society, as a people, we can do better.  In this episode she sites a fabulous meditation from Insight Timer called Our Warring Self vs. Our Infinite Self And also this post from Yoga_Girl on Instagram. To provide feedback for this episode reach out to Michaela on Instagram. #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy
August 14, 2019
E26 GUEST Quin @EverChangingHorizon: Find Your Unique You
In this episode Michaela chats with Quin (@everchanginghorizon on Instagram) about his decision to leave the life he knew for a journey that would ultimately lead him across jungles, and the arctic, on a life adventure many dream about. Quin shares his ideas on finding your unique you and not being afraid to be selfish at times for your own personal growth. Visit Michaela on Instagram #everchanginghorizon #instagraminfluencer #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy
August 7, 2019
E25 GUEST Author Jennifer Lumpert shares how to learn from your dreams
Michaela learns about two interesting dream states, hypnagogia and hypnopompia. Jennifer shares theories on an undiscovered area of healing potential, liminal dreaming. Some of the most creative thinkers in the world have used these natural tools to tap into the subconscious. To learn more about her book and workshops click here. Visit Michaela on Instagram #manifestyourdreams #powerofthemind #youaremagic #positiveintentions #youarepowerful #cornersofmyworld #reclaimthehappy #createyourhappy #womenwhodo #unlimitedparadise #liveinthenow #bemindful #littlestoriesofmylife #seekthepositive #calmversation #writinginspiration #seetheworld #traveloften #adventurer #bohomom #findyourpurpose #beboldbebravebeyou #manifestyourlife #personalgrowth #peacewithin #createyourreality
July 31, 2019
E24 GUEST Tara from @PitchPinePottery: It's okay to reinvent yourself
In this episode Michaela chats with Tara founder and creator at Pitch Pine Pottery. Tara and her husband Matthew overcame many hurdles to get where they are today...successful entrepreneurs who do what they love for a living: art, forging and photography. Their story of perseverance through challenges can inspire the best parts of you to flourish. As a fun side note, Michaela's favorite go-to coffee mug, featured often in her instastories is the Pitch Pine Wave mug...she owns numerous pieces of their handmade art and encourages everyone to pick one up! Visit Pitch Pine's Website Visit their ETSY shop Visit Pitch Pine on Instagram Visit Michaela on Instagram #manifestyourdreams #powerofthemind #youaremagic #positiveintentions #youarepowerful #cornersofmyworld #reclaimthehappy #createyourhappy #womenwhodo #unlimitedparadise #liveinthenow #bemindful #littlestoriesofmylife #seekthepositive #calmversation #writinginspiration #seetheworld #traveloften #adventurer #bohomom #findyourpurpose #beboldbebravebeyou #manifestyourlife #personalgrowth #peacewithin #createyourreality
July 24, 2019
E23 GUEST Productivity Expert Alexandra Beauregard chats how to be more productive
In this episode Michaela chats with successful entrepreneur and creator of The Productivity Zone, Alexandra Beauregard. She shares tangible and executable tips and tricks on how to make the most of your day and actually scratch some things off your TO DO list.  Get started with Alexandra, click here. Visit Michaela on Instagram. #mindsetiskey #balanceiskey #growthmindset #enjoythelittlethings #communityovercompetition #holdyourmoments #findyourpurpose #beboldbebravebeyou #manifestyourlife #highvibes #personalgrowth #peacewithin #theuniversehasyourback #createyourreality #thatauthenticfeeling #thinkhappythoughts #embraceeverydayjoyfully #reclaimthehappy #simplemoments #thesweetlifeunscripted #makeitblissful #youaremagic #soulcalling #calmversation #writinginspiration #seetheworld #internationaltravel #traveloften #adventurer #bohomom #honestmom #thisismotherhood #manifestyourdreams #powerofthemind #positiveintentions #youarepowerful #cornersofmyworld #createyourhappy #womenwhodo #unlimitedparadise #liveinthenow #bemindful #littlestoriesofmylife #seekthepositive #beyoufindhappy #letsstartnow #findyourawesome #liveauthentic #podcasts
July 17, 2019
E22 GUEST Theoretical Physicist Sky Nelson Isaacs shares the power of your choices
In this very metaphysical episode, Michaela chats with theoretical physicist Sky Nelson Isaacs about the power of the cosmos and synchronicity. If you've ever wondered about the power of your thoughts and choices, this is the episode for you.  Upcoming free webinars, sign up here 11am PST on Thursday July 11 6pm PST on Wed July 31 11am PST on Wed Aug 28 6pm PST on Wed Sept 18 To learn more about Sky's work or to purchase his book Living in Flow, click here. Visit Michaela on Instagram. #manifestyourdreams #powerofthemind #youaremagic #positiveintentions #youarepowerful #cornersofmyworld #reclaimthehappy #createyourhappy #womenwhodo #unlimitedparadise #liveinthenow #bemindful #littlestoriesofmylife #seekthepositive #calmversation #writinginspiration #seetheworld #traveloften #adventurer #bohomom #findyourpurpose #beboldbebravebeyou #manifestyourlife #personalgrowth #peacewithin #createyourreality
July 10, 2019
E21 GUEST Cameron & Indra Neilsen: When perspective meets expectations
Michaela met a couple of strangers on the internet, met up with them in Desolation Wilderness and then took them back to her place. Here's her story, and theirs. This episode is all about how perspective shapes our opinions of events, and how the narrative we tell ourselves can change the outcomes to the experiences we have in life. Give Cameron and Indra a follow on Instagram. Visit Michaela on Instagram Learn about Uncle Tom's Cabin here. #manifestyourdreams #powerofthemind #youaremagic #positiveintentions #youarepowerful #cornersofmyworld #reclaimthehappy #createyourhappy #womenwhodo #unlimitedparadise #liveinthenow #bemindful #littlestoriesofmylife #seekthepositive #calmversation #writinginspiration #seetheworld #traveloften #adventurer #bohomom #findyourpurpose #beboldbebravebeyou #manifestyourlife #personalgrowth #peacewithin #createyourreality
July 3, 2019
E20 GUEST Strong Man Competitor Monica Wroblicky shares how to be unapologetically you
Michaela chats with Monica Wroblicky, a woman who competes in the Strong Man competition. The two dive deep into the concepts of body image, self confidence. Monica shares her past struggles with seeing herself in the mirror and her journey to full acceptance of her body. She also shares ways to get started for others who might be interested in becoming more healthy and ways for women build their emotional and physical strength. Check out Monica's Strong Man training videos on Instagram Join Michaela on Instagram #beautifulwoman #womenpower #ladylike#womanpower #womansbestfriend #womeninframe #womenbelike #ladiesgoneglobal #ladym #womansday #journeyoflife #experiencelife #lifestylechoice #lifestyleguide #lifestylechoices #roadtohappiness #lifestylebusiness #lifestylesession #journeybegins
June 19, 2019
E19 GUEST @MissHollDoll shares how NOT to be afraid to say NO
Michaela chats with the hysterical and happy spirited @missholldoll from Instagram. Holly Johnson works as an Executive Assistant at an advertising agency in Seattle, and manages a wildly popular Instagram. She shares everything from her love of hiking, to her grandma not really understanding her InstaSuccess and being an "OG." Holly has stayed true to her beliefs and maintains her status as a weekend adventurer, she chooses brand partnerships that align with who she is and embraces her responsibility to nature.   To join Holly on her Costa Rica trip in November, click here.  Holly's friend Breeze, also mentioned in this episode is hosting a Spring trip to Bali, you can find those details here.  Visit Michaela on Instagram #beautifulwoman #womenpower #ladylike#womanpower #womansbestfriend #womeninframe#womenbelike #ladiesgoneglobal #ladym #womansday #journeyoflife #experiencelife #lifestylechoice #lifestyleguide #lifestylechoices #roadtohappiness#lifestylebusiness #lifestylesession #journeybegins
June 12, 2019
E18 GUEST Gale Straub host of the She-Explores shares finding yourself on the open road
Michaela interviews the host of one her favorite podcasts! Gale Straub of She-Explores chats about her inspiration for starting her blog, gaining a social media following, hosting a popular podcast and publishing a book about women in nature. Gale's story has included meeting and interviewing incredible women along her journey. She Explores on Instagram She Explores the Podcast Michaela on Instagram Photo credit Jules Davies #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy #sheexplores #likeamountaingirl #galestraub
June 5, 2019
E17 Teetering on Disaster
In this episode Michaela and Savannah have a vulnerable conversation about Michaela's upcoming trip to Hollywood to be on the KTLA Morning Show and dive into the topics of silencing our voice (for all sorts of reasons like fear of judgment), and negative self talk (for Michaela it's feeling undeserving). How often do we try to silence ourselves and try to silence others?. How do we speak our truth with grace? Michaela on Instagram Savannah on Instagram Get your Bark Box Here! Check out Brene Brown's Ted Talk here! #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy #teeteringondisaster #michaelarenee
May 29, 2019
E16 GUEST @RaadTed: Have no expectations
In this episode Michaela hosts the first guy on the Be You Find Happy podcast, and who better to fill those shoes than @RaadTed certified #ighusband to @DressUpButtercup a fashion blogger. Ted finds the humor in his role as her supportive and endearing husband and shares some guy insight to all the hell women put our men through to capture the perfect IG Photo. Ted shares his ideas on how to have a successful marriage, especially in the public eye and being TEAM PINK on the announcement of their pregnancy. Ted at Trend Management Ted on Instagram Michaela on Instagram #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy #dederaad #tedraad #trendmanagement #dressupbuttercup
May 22, 2019
E15 GUEST Little Hurricane: Give 'em Hell
Michaela sits with CC Spina of Little Hurricane, she shares how she's stayed true to herself in spite of difficult music industry demands, and chats about overcoming fears, playing some of the nation's biggest venues (like Lollapalooza), to tackling life's challenges (like a 60-show world tour while 9 months pregnant) with passion and tenacity. CC's story will encourage you to believe you can and she's truly a woman who rocks. Little Hurricane's new album drops August 9, and their West Coast tour begins shortly after. For more information and to stay up on information about the album release, visit their website. Spotify: YouTube: FB: INSTAGRAM: Give 'em Hell music video  Visit Michaela on Instagram #littlehurricane #bands #jazz #music #ccspina  #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy 
May 15, 2019
E14 GUEST Sanni McCandless: Courage to BE YOU
Michaela chats with Sanni McCandless, life & transition coach, about having the courage to speak your truth, and living a courageous life. In this episode Sanni shares ways to challenge thoughts and beliefs about yourself that no longer serve you and even how to include your family in life changes you are tackling.  From the adventurous life she lives, to the courage she demonstrates in redefining possibilities on her Instagram Sanni is nailing BE YOU, FIND HAPPY. Sanni offers life coaching and retreats via Outwild. Other things mentioned in this podcast: Meru Film As always, check out our podcast sponsor Bark Box. Michaela on Instagram Get in touch with Michaela via her website. #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy #sannimcclandless #courage
May 8, 2019
E13 Dealing with fear
Savannah brings a snake that was gifted to her in a mason jar over to Michaela's house. They toss out the original podcast topic idea and launch into FEAR. Talking everything from snakes, to needles to child birth, failure and meditation and how to deal with and ultimately overcome (or not to overcome, that is the question) fear. Check out our podcast sponsor BARK BOX (and get a free box!) We love your comments, follow up with us on our social media as well, here invite podcast topic ideas and more! We love your subscribes! ALL THE HEARTS! Michaela on Instagram Savannah on Instagram #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy #fear
May 1, 2019
E12 GUEST Law of Positivism: Attracting Happiness
In this episode the exceptionally divine Shereen, from Law of Positivism gives us insight to the elements within us (and the inner child) that has the ability to intrinsically create happiness. Everything we say and do gives us an opportunity to draw happiness energetically to us. What can you simplify to create space to attract happiness? Shereen is a yoga instructor, astrologist, shaman and holistic inspirer.  To learn more about Mercury in Retrograde Visit her website Visit her on Instagram Visit Michaela on Instagram #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy #shereenoberg #lawofpositivism
April 24, 2019
E11 GUEST Arielle Shipe: Stop comparing, create your dream life
Arielle Shipe, founder of Dream Life Revolution shares ways to work through the muck in life and get back on your feet, and a secret to creating your dream life ...Stop comparing! Arielle is a yoga instructor, public speaker/meditation trainer and outdoor aficionado.  Visit Arielle on Instagram Learn More About Dream Life Revolution Check out Puppo Or get Bark Box! Michaela on Instagram #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwellbeing #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy #riseup #arielleshipe #dreamliferevolution
April 17, 2019
E10 GUEST Winter Jendayi: Working with plant medicine
Winter Jendayi sits down with Michaela to help her understand what she experiences when she attend's Winter's Cacao Dream Journeys. Winter explains how she's learned to use plant medicine (everything from herbs like lavendar and sage to marijuana and ayahuasca) and the importance of maintaining the ancient integrity of the gifts. Sign up for Winter's Dream Journey Visit Winter on Instagram Michaela on Instagram Michaela's Website #plantmedicine #selfcare #luciddreaming #dreamjourneys #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy #cacao #winterjendayi
April 10, 2019
E9 Prepping for Armaggedeon
In this episode Michaela and Savannah get down and dirty on food (the Keto craze), sustaining, prepping (learning how to shoot and owning a gun, gasp) for Armageddon and questioning what they would offer the world if the world went to shit. Feel inspired with ideas with questions about how you are currently living your life and what you made do to make some changes. Do you have a lost art? If so, we want to interview you for the podcast! Please message us on social media or send us an email to What is Keto? Secrets of survival (how to prep for Armaggedeon) Michaela on Insta  Savannah on Insta #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #youngleaders #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy #selfcare #goaldigger #riseup
April 3, 2019
E8 GUEST Yoga-Girl Instructor Steph Birch shares how to tap into- Intuition, Dreams & Womanhood
In this episode Michaela hosts guest @stephynow (Steph Birch) and they dive in deep for girl chat about intuition, dreams and womanhood. Steph is a one-oh-eight yoga instructor, #writeclub creator and shares the raw and real of life with a glamorously messy style. She defines BE YOU, FIND HAPPY.  Books Steph recommends about dreams: The Art of Dreaming Castaneda Dream Trending Carl Jung She also teaches yoga at Moment Om, Solfire and Zuda in the Sacramento area. Subscribe on iTunes  Subscribe on Spotify  Michaela on Insta  Savannah on Insta   #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife #society #alternativehealth #selfcare #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #youngleaders #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy #goaldigger #stephynow #oneoheight #yogainstructors #stephaniebirch
March 27, 2019
E7 Finding Happiness in Loss
Michaela and Savannah talk about grief, loss and the circle of life. Loss encompasses so much more than just death, it can be the loss of a job, home, friends, favorite shoes even the seasons, there's loss everywhere. How do we find happiness in the loss? Join them for this deep conversation where they share intimate stories of their own losses and how they reflect on them now. Resources on grief and loss  Subscribe on iTunes  Subscribe on Spotify  Michaela on Insta  Savannah on Insta   #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife #society #alternativehealth #selfcare #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #youngleaders #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy #goaldigger #griefandloss #grief #loss
March 20, 2019
E6 How to BE YOU always
Michaela tells the back story on her first hysterical yoga experience and her journey to all things metaphysical and hippie and eventually...podcasting. Her message is simple and clear in this episode, align with your inner truth to BE YOU and find your authentic voice, you can manifest your reality and you are exactly where you are supposed to be now.  Scared to go in real life? Read this about yoga.  Visit Yoga Reclaimed in the Foothills  Michaela's website   #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #youngleaders #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy
March 13, 2019
E5 The science of sleep
The duo is back...and arguing over tv’s in the bedroom. After a journey to the desert and following a Cacao Dream Ceremony Michaela shares her thoughts on the importance of getting back to our Caveman ancestry to improve sleep with tools you can use tonight!  *Also note, when Michaela says "first human" to space she means "first non-astronaut." :)  Here's some cool links to the research we talk about in this episode:  Caveman sleep -  Direction of sleep -  Blue light dangers -  Polyphasic sleep -  Michaela on Instagram   #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #youngleaders #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy 
March 7, 2019
E4 Happiness is a constant reset
In this episode Michaela talks about the non-existing secret to happiness by a sharing a personal story of breaking a gazing ball out of anger, but circles back to offer 3 components to what she believes is the key to a happiness... #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #youngleaders #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy  @usjohnsons (Instagram) @so_totally_savage (Instagram)
February 27, 2019
E3 Dealing with marriage woes
Michaela and Savannah dive into the big topic modern couple problems and offer a few therapeutic interventions to help make a happier marriage. They are joined briefly by Michaela's husband Matt who offers a 21st century's guy perspective. #couples #marriage #happiness #marriedlife  #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #youngleaders #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy   Visit @usjohnsons and @so_totally_savage
February 7, 2019
E2 How to handle mom guilt
Talking #momguilt and how to overcome common fears about ruining our kids. With real life stories and solutions.  #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #youngleaders #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy   Connect with us and
January 31, 2019
E1 Handling trolls
As a society we've removed the human-ness in dialogue. In this episode we talk social media and anonymity, how to be mindful and aware of how your comments affect others.   Visit Michaela on Instagram  #happiness #mentalhealth #inspire #beyou #happylife  #society #alternativehealth #healthandwell-being #bloggersinpodcasting #authorsinpodcasting #wellness #youngleaders #womeninpodcasts #michaelarenee #beyoufindhappy 
January 24, 2019