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Biff and Em's Bookpod

Biff and Em's Bookpod

By Elizabeth and Emily
30-something sisters 3000 miles apart discuss their quest for existential discovery and satisfaction through talks about books and more. see also: music, travel, existential crises, and the essence of not giving a shit.

warning: explicit language.
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Ep. 05 - "Such Trash" and Kindle Whores

Biff and Em's Bookpod

Ep. 05 - "Such Trash" and Kindle Whores

Biff and Em's Bookpod

Ep. 05 - "Such Trash" and Kindle Whores
Grab your favorite sparkling water and hang out as we chat about what we're reading now, including grandparents' letters during the Korean War. Join our summer reading challenge "Get Ahold of Urshelf" where we read ONLY what's on our shelves... and each others'. Need a book recommendation? Ask Em, a self-proclaimed "whore for [Kindle] daily deals." IG: @biffandembookpod | Biff's blog | Em's Goodreads | Biff's Goodreads
May 12, 2021
Ep. 04 - Em's Sober-versary - A Candid Conversation
At the age of 21, Em dropped out of college and was addicted to alcohol and Adderall. A decade later at age 31, she's graduating college summa cum laude AND alcohol-free. In this special episode, help us celebrate these HUGE accomplishments and join the conversation about the benefits and challenges of living without alcohol. | IG: @biffandembookpod | Biff's blog | Em's Goodreads | Biff's Goodreads
April 16, 2021
Ep. 03 - Daylight Savings & Space Operas
Beware... the day after the Ides of March? Listen for info about a special episode next month! Mentioned in this episode: By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, A Memory Called Empire, A Desolation Called Peace, ACOSF, Shadow and Bone series, Luna series, Dune series, Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times | IG: @biffandembookpod | Biff's blog | Em's Goodreads | Biff's Goodreads
March 17, 2021
Ep. 02 - It's Been a YEAR (of books)
Happy new moon! Join us as we chat about getting through 2020 with ALL THE BOOKS, and our excitement of ACOSF coming out this month. Also mentioned: Fleet Foxes and Lord of the Rings soundtrack. You're in for some nerdery!  Our IG | Biff's Goodreads | Em's Goodreads | Biff's blog
February 11, 2021
Ep. 01 - These Buff Broads Talk About Quarantine Life, Our Recs for Entertainment, and a Book Review!
Our IG @biffandembookpod Em's IG @stormygreyskies Biff's site: Books Mentioned: Welcoming the Unwelcome The Forgotten Beasts of Eld Solstice Wood Tidelands The Bear and the Nightingale  The Girl in the Tower  The Winter of the Witch Empire of Storms Kingdom of Ash Dune  Ready Player One  Music Mentioned: Sunday Services by Nahko 3.30.20 4.5.20 4.12.20 Part Problem by Nahko Slow Down by Nahko Life in Quarantine by Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie) Chillstep Playlist  Spotify Links: Faux Tales Magic Sword (genre: atmospheric synth wave) Cornerstone (album by Styx) Outrun/Retrowave playlist “Grace” by Jeff Buckley 2112 (album by Rush) TV: Star Trek Picard (Amazon) Letterkenny (Hulu) This Is Us (Hulu) Manifest (Hulu) Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet (Disney+) Hart of Dixie (Netflix) Downton Abbey (Netflix) Movies: Lord of the Rings Ready Player One
April 13, 2020