The Worlds Most Powerful Superfood With Catharine Arnston #19

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By Kayla Osterhoff
Welcome to the Biocurious podcast where you are encouraged to be curious about your biology! Hosted by health scientist and seasoned biohacker, Kayla Osterhoff. Each week Kayla and guest experts will take you on a journey to explore your human potential. Discover secrets of your biology, explore evidence-based biohacks, and learn tangible holistic health practices that will elevate and optimize your life!
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Mindfulness Matters With Neil Seligman #31
Today’s episode is about one of my favorite biohacking topics - mindfulness! Leading international mindfulness expert, Neil Seligman is here today to teach us about mindfulness meditation, resilience, and corporate wellbeing. Neil is the Founder of The Conscious Professional and the Author of Conscious Leadership and 100 Mindfulness Meditations. As a world-class speaker, he also tours the UK, Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America speaking at conferences and events. The Conscious Professional’s client list includes global blue-chip firms such as Netflix, Accenture, DLA Piper, Warner Brothers, and RBS. Neil’s work is driven by his passion to witness the unfolding of human potential, and the pursuit of excellence. On this episode we discuss: - what mindfulness really means - the sci-fi aspects of meditation - how to become a conscious professional - why human systems require mindfulness to thrive - how to begin a mindfulness practice - using mindfulness triggers - the benefits of conscious breath - the brain-boosting benefits of mindfulness - why forgiveness is important for wellbeing - the difference between mindfulness and traditional meditation - how to cultivate a positive mindset - how chronic activity can lead to chronic disease - and how we can all benefit from creating little spaces of quiet each day To connect with Neil: On Instagram: His conscious professional program: Connect with Kayla: Instagram: WB Collective: Iceland Biohacking Trip:
August 16, 2019
Emotional Intelligence With Dr. Anna Kress #30
Today’s episode is about emotional intelligence and Dr Anna Kress is here to teach us about biohacking our emotional health! Dr. Kress is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with over fifteen years of experience in psychotherapy. She completed her training as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University and is now in private practice in Princeton, NJ providing therapy for young adults who struggle with anxiety and depression. She also teaches on emotional wellness and manifesting goals. Her work has been quoted and featured in a variety of media, including Cosmopolitan, SUCCESS, Girlboss, Teen Vogue, Yoga Journal, Shape, Parents, and Women’s Health.   On this episode we discuss: - the difference between the emotional mind and the rational mind - what the wise mind is and how to achieve it - why you should label your emotions - being emotionally hijacked and how to bounce back from it - what urge surfing is - the difference between being smart and being emotional intelligent - how mirror neurons work in emotional regulation - Interesting applications of the polyvagal theory - how to up and down regulate emotional states - skills to help manage intense emotions - how probiotics can help you regulate emotions - how the gut microbiome is linked to mental health - how to use emotions to manifest - the power of self compassion - and how to wake up in a good mood every day! To connect with Dr. Kress: On Instagram: On the web: Connect with Kayla: Instagram: WB Collective: Iceland Biohacking Trip:
August 9, 2019
Health Optimization With Tim Gray #29
Today’s episode is all about health optimization and I’m speaking with a world renowned leader in this space, Tim Gray, who is a dedicated health optimizing Biohacker, a psychology specialist, is the founder of the Biohacker London Meetup group and London’s first private Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic, and he is the Founder CEO of the Health Optimisation Summit happening in London this year! Tim is known as the “UK’s leading biohacker” due to his vast knowledge and network in the global health space. Tim is also well known for his detailed tracking of more than 35+ biomarkers per day and advises many well-known influencers, doctors & specialists in the health and wellness space about health hacking. On this episode we discuss: - what health optimization means - hyperbaric oxygen therapy - how to supercharge the healing process - using technology to mimic nature - affordable alternatives for expensive biohacks - the five fundamentals of health - how optimizing cellular health will make diet obsolete - healthy body composition - biohacking hormones - how to improve hydration and sleep + why these two things are essential for optimal health - the all-star lineup at the HO Summit and what to expect at the event Plus, if you’re going to the event, Tim has offered a special 20% discount to the BioCurious listeners using code “biocuriouskayla” To connect with Tim: On Instagram: Health Optimisation Summit: Connect with Kayla: Instagram: WB Collective: Iceland Biohacking Trip:
August 2, 2019
Primal Hacking With Thaddeus Owen #28
Today we are taking waaaay back - all the way back to our ancestral roots - to talk about Primal Hacking with Thaddeus Owen who is also well known in the biohacking world as “the Primal Hacker”. Since childhood Thaddeus has been an outdoor enthusiast - loving to fish and camp. As an adult, he spent a decade spent developing pharmaceutical products, but hated the idea of putting toxic chemicals into medicines. So he pivoted and engineered a successful work from home assignment applying Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Workweek to incorporate more movement, nature and sunshine into his work environment. With a master's degree in Holistic Nutrition ya and a deep understanding of the healing power of nature, Thaddeus was able to heal his anxiety, lower his blood pressure and fix his sleeplessness using biohacking, PrimalHacking, and Qigong. He is also a certified high performance Coach from the first-ever class of what used to be called Bulletproof Coaching. On this episode we discuss: - how to live an above average life - the balance between nature and tech - leaning into our biological design - important things to know before diving into biohacking - how biohacking can stress us out - how the modern world weakens our biology and our minds and what we can do about it - the truth about mind > matter - silent killers lurking in your home - the warning you probably ignored in your smart phone - how electromagnetic fields effect our biology - easy ways to mitigate EMF radiation - nature’s vaccine for cancer - the basics of circadian biology - and the very special window of sunlight that can give you super human powers! To connect with Thaddeus: On Instagram: Primal Hacker: Connect with Kayla: Instagram: WB Collective: Iceland Biohacking Trip:
July 25, 2019
Hybrid Athleticism With Kris Gethin #27
Today’s episode is all about biohacking athletic performance! I’m super excited for this episode because I got to pick the brain of a world renowned body builder AND endurance athlete, Kris Gethin who is the founder of Dramatic Transformation Principal training method, the Director and Co-founder of Gethin Gyms, the main male Spokesmodel of, and the CEO of the supplement brand Kaged Muscle. Not only has Kris broken records and inspired millions with his body building achievements, but he has also defied the odds (and physics) to become a top Iron Man athlete as well! On this episode we discuss: - Hybrid athleticism - The benefits of daily cardio for all athletes - The importance of strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility - The best shoes for proper body mechanics - How to “turn on” your feet - The ridiculous amount of food that a body building iron man has to eat - The best supplements to build muscle and endurance - How to maintain muscle mass while training for an endurance race - Benefits of probiotic loading - The best pre race biohacks - Why endurance athletes should be fat adapted - Why mental strength is more important than physical strength for athletic performance - The concept of discipline > motivation - The nuances of modern medicine and the need for instant gratification - And why knowledge without mileage is bullshit To connect with Kris: On Instagram: His podcast: His new book: Connect with Kayla: Instagram: WB Collective: Iceland Biohacking Trip:
July 19, 2019
Personalized Vitamins With Tye Jensen #26
On today’s episode of the BioCurious podcast we are discussing personalized approaches for health optimization with Tye Jensen who is a well known leader in the field of health and wellness, and a successful entrepreneur in the health sector. Tye is originally trained in the biological sciences, but decided to forgo traditional medical school to found multiple startups in the health and nutrition sectors. Currently, he operates ‪‬ which is a bulk almond butter company, and is the Head of Business Development at Rootine Vitamins, a consumer biotech company specializing in nutrigenetics and personalized vitamins. On this episode we discuss: - The most important foundational pillars of health - If the “magic pill” really exists - Foundational biohacks to try before investing money in advanced biotech - Personalizing vitamins based on DNA, lifestyle, and blood nutrient levels - Most common genetic mutations that cause micronutrient imbalances - How to repurpose your 23 and Me data to better understand your heath status and needs + best DNA analysis software to use - Why the nature vs. nurture debate is outdated - The most effective ways to improve sleep - And how terms like “biohacking” are being misused for marketing There’s a TON of great info in this episode, so you might want to take notes! And if you want to learn more about the genetic variants discussed in this episode, please reach out! Tye has a plethora of great resources and visuals that explain the details that he would be happy to share! Also, if you’d like to try Routine Vitamins you can use the code “BIOCURIOUS” for 10% off! To connect with Tye: On Instagram: Routine Vitamins: Connect with Kayla: Instagram: WB Collective: Iceland Biohacking Trip:
July 12, 2019
Biohacking Climate Change With Dr. Evguenia Alechine #25
Today I’m speaking with a brilliant scientist Evguenia Alechine from Argentina who has a PhD in Biochemistry and a knack for sharing knowledge about health optimization and wellbeing. She’s also a biohacker, digital nomad, and holistic yoga and acroyoga teacher. Today we’re talking about her current research focus, which is climate change. She’s part of a global leadership program called Homeward Bound for women in STEM that aims to change our paradigms around climate change.  On this episode you’ll learn:  How the first gen biohackers used to do it -before it was called biohacking... Behind the scenes of Selfhacked and the science team that writes their content... How a group of women in STEM are working together to move the needle on climate change... How each of us can make sustainable change for our planet... Why current climate paradigms need to change drastically... The small things that everyone should be doing to help protect our planet... Cool innovations in science that could save the planet... The link between climate change, heath and wellness, and biohacking... How Costa Rica is leading the climate change efforts globally... Where to find information about the efforts happening around climate change and how to get involved... The four questions you can ask yourself that will completely shift your perspective... And how biohacking, leadership, entrepreneurship, and activism all start with personal awareness...  Connect with Evguenia:  Instagram:  Web:  Connect with Kayla:  Instagram:  WB Collective:  Iceland Biohacking Trip:
June 28, 2019
Beyond The Biohacker’s Handbook With Dr. Olli Sovijärvi #24
Todays episode is all about holistic health and performance optimization. I’m speaking with one of the authors of the biohacking handbook, Dr Olli Sovijärvi who is one of the pioneers of holistic medicine in Finland. During his career in medicine Dr Sovijärvi worked in primary care, emergency care, and since 2013 at a private clinic that specializes in nutrition and holistic health care. His primary focus now is preventive health and wellbeing. He also teaches on the topics of biohacking, performance optimization, nutrition and gut health. On this episode you will hear: How the Biohacking handbook was created and how the authors determined what to include in it... The difference between anecdotal evidence and quantifiable evidence and why both have value... The importance of esoteric health topics... How you can be your own health advocate by building your personal evidence base... How to determine the credibility of new health innovations that haven’t been heavily researched... The fundamental biohacks that everyone should practice... Why mitochondria are the key to becoming a high performance human and for treating diseases like MS and autoimmunity... Why lifting weights is good for your brain... How REM and deep sleep affect your health... The most effective ways to biohack more REM and deep sleep... The benefits of full body vibration... The best biohacks to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and get into a relaxed state... The most cost effective biohacks... The best free biohacks that anyone can do... The morning elixir recipe that will give you superpowers... The best fat coffee recipe for sustained energy, balanced blood sugar and brain support... Why you shouldn’t take the advice of influencers... And the biohacking even that you can’t miss! Resources: Connect with Olli: Get a copy of the handbook: Attend the Biohacker’s Summit: Deep sleep article: Connect with Kayla: Instagram: Women’s Biohacking Collective: BioCurious Website:
June 21, 2019
Biohacking Diabetes And Obesity With Dr. Aastha Kalra #23
If you or a loved one have type 2 diabetes and are on insulin, or if you struggle with weight, this episode will be really helpful! And please share it with your friends who might benefit from the information. Today were about biohacking diabetes and obesity with Dr. Aastha Kalra who specializes in obesity medicine and metabolic healthcare. Shes board certified in internal medicine and the physician founder of Weight Zero MD, which focuses on “diabetes reversal.” Dr Kalra implicates sugar as the number one culprit driving the obesity epidemic, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. On this episode you will hear: What lifestyle medicine is and how it can be used to treat chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease... How preventative medicine works... What diabetes reversal is... How to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally without medication... The most effective treatment for diabetes and obesity reversal... Why fasting is key... How glucose metabolism works... What insulin resistance is and what causes it... Why insulin is typically prescribed for diabetes treatment... Why insulin is not the appropriate treatment for diabetes... How insulin causes fat storage... Why it’s important to pay attention to the glycemic index of foods... The difference between simple and complex carbs for glucose metabolism... Why people with insulin resistance need to avoid all carbs, including complex carbs... The easiest and most effective protocol for intermittent fasting... Why snacking is unhealthy... Issues with hormonal imbalance and IF... The additional health benefits of IF... Why a low carb/ketogenic diet should be paired with fasting... The key nutritional factor responsible for the obesity and diabetes epidemic... The three foods that we should all avoid... The difference between medical treatment and true health care...
June 14, 2019
Functional Neurology With Dr. Harcourt - Part 2: Brain Injury #22
This is part 2 of a two part series on functional neurology with Dr. Adam Harcourt (DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABVR) who is the owner of Imagine X Functional Neurology, located in Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Harcourt has developed cutting edge Migraine and Concussion treatment programs and has become the go-to doctor for these conditions attracting patients from around the world! His book called “mastering migraine” details his functional approach to migraine diagnosis and treatment. On part 2 of this two part episode you will learn about functional diagnosis and recovery process for brain injury and why it’s more effective than the typical western medicine approach.... Why post traumatic headache is often misdiagnosed... How to properly diagnose post concussion syndrome and why it’s important to catch it early... Why rest is not the best advice post concussion... What you should do after a concussion... Why you need to be assessed before going back to full intensity activity... The best sideline assessments for concussion that anyone can do... Why many NFL players have long term adverse outcomes from concussion... How the NFL is improving their gear and concussion diagnosis protocol... The best treatment for someone with an old concussion who is still experiencing symptoms... Effective therapies to reverse severe symptoms and even regress Alzheimer’s... Why each brain injury case requires a different treatment approach... How to self-treat brain fog... The most common reasons why people experience brain fog... How to naturally improve your memory... Why your balance might be impeding your memory... How diet plays a major role in brain injury and migraine treatment... Why daily habits are more important than anything done in your doctor’s office... Why lifestyle medicine is necessary for most common diseases modern society... How modern medical technology is both saving us and killing us at the same time... The key to overall health, wellness, performance, productivity that might surprise you... If you missed part 1 of this two part series on functional neurology, make sure to go back an listen to last week’s episode which was about the pathophysiology, diagnosis and functional treatment of migraine.
June 7, 2019
Functional Neurology With Dr. Harcourt - Part 1: Migraine #21
This is part 1 of a two part series on functional neurology with Dr. Adam Harcourt (DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABVR) who is the owner of Imagine X Functional Neurology, located in Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Harcourt has developed cutting edge Migraine and Concussion treatment programs and has become the go-to doctor for these conditions attracting patients from around the world! His book called “mastering migraine” details his functional approach to migraine diagnosis and treatment. On part 1 of this two part episode you will learn about the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment options for migraine, as well as: The unique conditions that functional neurology can effectively treat... The neurological link between migraine and MS... Common symptoms of migraine and the problem with medications to treatment... The major misunderstanding of migraine that leads to the mistreatment... Why many migraine sufferers get worse over time... The difference between migraine and other types of headaches... Why genetics AND epigenetics are important in determining the root cause of migraine... Why ionic dysfunction of the neurons can cause migraine and how to improve it... Which areas of the brain tend to be dysfunctional in migraine sufferers... Why you need to know both the location of brain dysfunction and your triggers... Why MRIs aren’t very useful in diagnosis... How to identify where the brain dysfunction is... Common trigger foods... The most common lifestyle mistakes that people with migraine make... Specific brain training exercises that can help prevent migraine... What the migraine threshold concept is and how it can revolutionize your migraine treatment... Why a holistic approach is best for migraine - starting with prevention, then using medicine for symptoms as needed, and as a last resort, invasive treatments like surgery... This part 1 of the two part episode is jam packed with a ton of useful info for migraine sufferers, so get your out your pen and paper and also make sure to tune in next week to learn about brain injury and functional diagnosis and treatment for concussion.
May 31, 2019
Transhumanism - The Intersection Of Man And Machine With Zoltan Istvan #20
Ever wonder what transhumanism is? If so, you’re in for a treat because the world’s foremost transhumanist leader is here today to talk about this fascinating field of science. Zoltan Istvan is widely recognized for helping spearhead the modern-day transhumanist movement, which advocates for using radical science to improve and evolve the human being. From National Geographic writer, to real estate mogul, to best selling author of “The Transhumanist Wager” and then running for President in 2016, he has had a fascinating career and I’m so grateful to have him here today to share his story with us. On this episode you will hear: How to transhumanism is upgrading the human experience... The science behind life extension... Why death is NOT imminent... How genetic editing, bionic organs, and new medicines are changing human norms... How transhumanist science can stop the biological clock of women... The revolutionary applications of stem cell science... New advancements in bionic organ technology... How cyborg parts can revolutionize athletic performance... Current athletic performance experiments that could change the Olympics forever... How we can overcome access issues with medical technologies... How our current medical system is stunting medical advancement... The politics of American medicine... Top biohacks for longevity... How genetic innovation has made the fountain of youth a reality... The discovery of the fountain of youth in pill form... How our society and the current medical system is working against our heath... How religion interfaces with transhumanism... How podcasts will eventually be recorded using nothing but our brains... YES, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! The difference between transhumanist science and the social movement... Why the transhumanist social movement aims to classify aging as a disease... How genetic editing and AI will revolutionize modern medicine... How transhumanism could be the solution to all human diseases... The commonalities between transhumanism and other social movements... And the key for optimal health and wellness!
May 24, 2019
The Worlds Most Powerful Superfood With Catharine Arnston #19
Today we are talking about a facinating and incredibly powerful superfood - algea! Founder, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of ENERGYbits, Catharine Arnston, is here today to teach us all about the power of algea - more commonly known as spirulina and chlorella. On this episode you will learn about: The benefits of an alkaline diet... The importance of plant based nutrition... Why algea is the miracle of foods... Why it’s the only supplement backed by the UN and NASA... How algea can heal disease and illness... How algea is farmed and how the farming industry is changing... Why algea is the most sustainable and eco-friendly crop in the world... The implications of water source on crops... The surprising, lesser known uses for algea... The reason why this miracle food is still largely undiscovered... An inside look at the supplement industry and the challenges of entrepreneurship... How algea could be a solution to hunger and malnutrition... Why algea is amazing for vegans who want to follow the keto lifestyle... How spirulina can boost brain function... How endurance athletes can enhance their performance using spirulina and chlorella... Why it’s important to get a compete amino profile from your food... How chlorella helps with recovery... Why chlorella is amazing for detox and a better choice than charcoal... Why most chlorella is contaminated with lead... The best time of day to take algea... Why people in Japan only take chlorella and no other supplements... How to check the quality of your algea supplements... The problem with most widely available supplements... How the modern farming industry has created a need for supplements... Why algea is ideal for supporting intermittent fasting and ketosis...
May 17, 2019
Yogi Entrepreneurship With Mary Ochsner #17
Today we have an amazing yoga expert on the pod, Mary Ochsner who is not only a yoga instructor but a successful entrepreneur who has taken her passion to make yoga accessible to everyone and built it into a very successful online business. She is on the podcast today to share her yogi wisdom and journey in entrepreneurship! On this episode you will learn: The importance of the mind-body connection in optimizing health and wellness; how mindfulness, breath and motion can be a powerful stress busting combination; why it’s so important to move intentionally, even if it’s just a couple of moves per day; how to simplify and maximize your yoga practice; the best way to begin a yoga practice; how to get the full benefits from yoga practice; how to purposefully experience each pose; how dedicated yoga practice can translate into useful skills for every day life; how yoga can improve resilience and boost longevity; the physiological benefits of increased self awareness, self compassion and self reflection; how to overcome physical and mental limitations; how Mary was able to leave the corporate world and do what she loved full time; how to align your work with your purpose; tangible tips for entrepreneurship; the biggest mistake that most entrepreneurs make; how to reach a state of flow and ease in your business; when to accept business advice and when not to; and how to start your day with purpose!
May 3, 2019
Evolutionary Lifestyle With Dave Florence #16
On today's episode we have Dave Florence, also known as the Evolution of Dave on his educational YouTube channel and Instagram. Dave is a digital entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to learning and teaching others how to live a happy, healthy and successful life. Focusing on 3 key elements: mental health, physical health and financial well-being. More specifically, he specializes in the Wim Hof method and other health optimization biohacks. On today's episode you will learn: About the shocking event catapulted Dave into his evolutionary journey; how in one year Dave completely transformed his life from a rock bottom to being at the top of his game physically, mentally, emotionally and financially; how Wim Hof and YouTube contributed to his transformation; what the Wim Hof Method is; the physiological benefits of power breathing and cold thermogenesis; how these practices boost immunity; the energetic benefits of the Wim Hof method; the risks involved in practicing the Wim Hof method; how he biohacked his mind; why challenging self limiting beliefs is key for optimal wellness; how you can control your physiology through mindset; why discipline may be the most impactful aspect of biohacking; and why you should take a selective approach to your biohacking routine.
May 1, 2019
Conscious Healing With Dr. Crystal Jones #15
Today we have Dr. Crystal Jones on the podcast who is a personal mentor of mine and such an inspiration for women everywhere! Dr. Jones spent 15 years working in clinical practice, specializing chiropractic, reiki, energy medicine, yoga, and birth and death doula work. Now she focuses her energy towards evoking conscious conversations, advocacy and boundaries that do not subscribe to the idea that people need to be “fixed”. On today’s episode you will learn about the connection between emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health; how the body can heal Itself; what medical school curriculum is missing; what healing centered care is; about the truth of the lived experience; why everyone is perfect whole and complete as they are; why lived experiences are just as important as other aspects of health; why operating from a state of lack could be blocking your happiness; how brokenness originates in childhood and how it can be passed through generations if left unhealed; how to become validated in your truth; how to biohack self awareness; steps to reconnect to yourself; why knowing your power is a crucial step in taking ownership of your health and wellness; what true wellness is; why you need to feel your feelings all the way through; how to shift your consciousness and change your narrative; what collaborative healing looks like; and why the present moment is the only thing that matters!
April 26, 2019
Healing & Performance Tips From Pro BMX Athlete Josh Perry #14
Today my friend Josh Perry is on the podcast to share his biohacked healing journey and top health tips! Josh is a former professional BMX athlete, motivational speaker, and certified holistic health coach who is fighting 4 brain tumors, which led him on a path to researching brain health, performance, and longevity. On today’s episode you will learn: How josh stopped the growth of his brain tumors using the ketogenic diet; how to combine epigenetics, brain training and other holistic health practices to optimize health and performance; how these practices can be applied to other health issues like seizures and diabetes; why mindset is a critical component of healing; how to erase limiting subconscious programming; why removing the goal may actually lead you to successfully reach the goal; what a morning manifesto is and how to create one; how you can re-wire your brain by doing new things; why you might want to start brushing your teeth with the opposite hand; why brain health should always come first; why what you think you want isn’t actually what you really want; how to biohack your sleep; how to biohack your workout routine; why supplements are not the end-all-be-all biohack; and how to prime your body and brain for a successful day!
April 19, 2019
Energy Healing With Natalie Biniasz #13
Today’s episode is all about energy healing and Natalie Biniasz is here to teach us how energy plays a role in everything we do. Natalie is an amazing energy healer who combines her energetic gifts with yoga, meditation, interpersonal psychology, the enneagram, pranic healing, and astrology to help her clients break down barriers and unlock their true potential. On this episode your will learn: what pranic healing is; why clean energy is key for healing; how different breathing techniques produce different types of energy; what shake therapy is; how dogs clear negative energies; why the “joy jig” is the best way to start your day; simple practices you can use to clear negative energy; how to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain with breath; how to use meditation to tap into your yin energy; the incorrect way to meditate; the science of astrology and how you can use collective energy it to make more informed decisions; how to biohack self awareness using astrology; and how just 5 minutes a day for 21 days can radically change your life!
April 12, 2019
Biohacking Blindness With Victor Mifsud #12
Can you biohack blindness? On today’s episode you’ll find out the answer to this question and so many others! Victor Mifsud - an optimal health coach, citizen scientist, motivational speaker, and documentary filmmaker - shares his journey to restore his sight through biohacking. In his most recent documentary, called My Neuroplastic Adventure. Victor chronicles his healing experiences. From the cutting edge of neuroscience to the most ancient forms of tribal healing, he’s worked with world renowned physicians and scientists to biohack his vision. On this episode you’ll learn: about Retinitis Pigmentosa and holistic optometry; how going blind, actually taught Victor to really “see” the world; how he harnessed the science of neuroplasticity to change his brain; how he biohacked anxiety, depression, and autoimmunity; the book that changed his life; the power of the subconscious mind; how trauma effects the brain; the exercises that improved his vision; why your eye prescription might be harming your eye sight; how eye movement plays a roll in healing; how emotions effect eye sight; the link between ancestral post traumatic stress and epigenetics; why light environment is so important; and why watching the sun rise is more than just a beautiful sight to see! I’m so excited for you to listen because this episode is truely eye opening!
April 5, 2019
Metabolism Biohacks With Megan Kober #11
Do you want to learn how to biohack your metabolism to burn more fat, boost your energy, and feel great? If so, this episode is for you! My good friend and functional nutrition expert, Megan Kober, shares her simple and highly effective nutrition tips and tricks! Her mantra is “eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard”. On this episode we discuss: the harmful effects of yo-yo dieting to your metabolism; how to boost your metabolism without starving yourself; the best ways to stop sugar cravings, sleep better and boost mood; how to eliminate anxiety around food; why you need to heal your mind before you can heal your metabolism; the PHFF approach to eating that will keep your blood sugar stable; why the thermo effect is protein is higher; how to turn off hunger hormones; the science of losing weight; why eating every 2-3 hrs is harmful; why easing into the day is so important for gut health; the healthy way to drink alcohol; the simple morning routine hack that can help you lower cortisol and balance your hormones; and why sleep is even more important than nutrition. Grab your notepads and strap on your earbuds for this one cause it’s jam packed with tons of tangible nutrition tips that you’ll love!
March 29, 2019
Nutraceutical Science with Jeff Hoyt #10
Today’s episode is all about nutraceuticals! From functional health to strategic supplementation, Jeff Hoyt - a diagnostic practitioner and the president of Glycolife Sciences - gives us the low down on the applied science of nutraceuticals. On this episode you will learn: what nutraceuticals are; how aloe saved Jeff’s grandmother and gave her two additional years of life; why people with cancer or autoimmunity need more nutrition than the average person; why bioavailability is key to nutraceuticals; what constitutes “high quality” supplements - HINT: no fillers or additives; why polysaccharides are key in adaptogens and mood regulation; how to increase the bioavailability of your nutraceuticals; what mushrooms, aloe, breast milk and plankton have in common: why you might want to stack your mushrooms; and why asking “why” is so powerful! —->> BONUS - Jeff has offered y’all a 10% discount for his nutraceuticals at use “ BIOCURIOUS”
March 27, 2019
Mirror Medicine With Helen Black #09
Today we are going to dive into the magical world of facial reflexology! You’ve probably heard of foot reflexology, but I bet you’ve never heard of facial reflexology... and contrary to what you might be thinking, the two are actually not related! — On this episode Helen Black of Mirror Medicine shares a unique and magical healing modality that anyone can use! She explains how we can hack our nervous system using this unique method; how facial reflexology can be used to heal gut issues, food sensitivities, pain, anxiety and more; what facial reflexology and meditation have in common; why human touch is so powerful; and how practitioners and patients actually heal each other. I hope you’re ready for a whimsical ride because this episode is pure magic!
March 22, 2019
Personalized Approach To Nootropics With Dan Freed #08
If you’ve been curious about nootropics, this one is for you! In this episode of the BioCurious podcast you’ll get an inside look into nootropic formulation. I interviewed Dan Freed, who is a neuroscientist from Yale and the founder of a nootropic company called Formula. From high school dropout, to world traveling Michelin Star restaurant chef, to rocking the GMAT to get into Yale, Dan has done it all! Through self experimentation, extensive human subjects research, and with top neuroscientists from Yale and MIT, Dan and his team created nootropic formulas designed for specific needs. On this episode you will learn why tracking metrics is key for self optimization; why the throw it all in and see what sticks approach doesn’t work with supplements; How different nootropic ingredients have different benefits; why “one size fits all” won’t work; the difference between an athlete, student, and artist’s brains; what other biohacks can enhance nootropic benefits; and why nootropic‘s aren’t the most important or first biohack you should try.
March 15, 2019
Kundalini Brain Healing With Hanley Bradfield #07
On today’s episode kundalini yoga and meditation expert, Hanley Bradfield, shares how she healed from traumatic brain injury in record time! Learn now she shocked her doctors by healing her brain through a holistic healing protocol she developed combining her occupational therapy knowledge with kundalini yoga practices, chiropractic care and reiki. Learn how meditation played a huge role in her speedy recovery and why time and patience are number one when dealing with brain injury. And did you know that there’s actually specific kriyas and mantras designed to boost and balance the hemispheres of the brain? Pretty cool, right?! So many brain-loving tips and tricks in this one, so put your thinking caps on, your earbuds in and get ready to hear a fascinating story!
March 8, 2019
Ketones To The Rescue With Shawn Wells #06
On this episode I talk with a fellow health scientist, Shawn Wells, who has a unique background in the field of performance nutrition, supplementation, and exercise science. In this episode you’ll hear about why Keto may be the one diet that is worth sticking to; about the benefits of being fat adapted; why the lack of Ketone intolerance is key for endless energy; what the two most important biomarkers that can easily show us our health status; the problem with the modern farming, food industry and high bliss point foods; how our healthcare system is actually making us more sick, the power of touch; and why self-care is the best medicine of all! So, strap in because this is going to be a really fun and action filled episode that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I did!
March 1, 2019
Biohacking Psychotherapy With Caitlin Bailey #05
In this episode, we take a look at some really exciting emerging, integrative practices in mental health! Psychotherapist and Neurofeedback Specialist, Caitlin Bailey shares her unique and holistic approach to psychotherapy. She explains how combining neuroscience, nutrition and pharmacogenomics for treatment of anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD and many other mental health disorders is incredibly powerful! Learn how nutritional deficiencies impact mental health and how training the brain with neurofeedback can improve mood and cognition in as little as one session! And all you have to do is enjoy a movie with a few electrodes on your head? Now that’s my kind of therapy!
February 27, 2019
Getting To The Root Cause Of Illness With Dr. Kristin Oja #04
This episode of the BioCurious podcast is all about functional and holistic medicine for the whole person! Dr. Kristin Oja, owner of STAT Wellness in Atlanta, explains the concepts of root cause and lifestyle medicine, which begin with understanding each person’s story, starting from the birth experience, to childhood environment, to interpersonal relationships, and everything in between - diet, exercise, education, etc. From gut health, to hormone imbalance and autoimmune disease, Kristin has seen it all and she shares her secrets to healing and creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This episode is fast and furious, jam packed with tons of amazing information, so you may have to listen twice to catch it all!
February 22, 2019
Biohacking Basics - Cutting Through All The Hype With Will Wallace #03
From occupational health and safety to biomechanics to research to formulation science, my guest Will Wallace is one of the most informed and seasoned biohackers out there! In this episode, Will cuts to the chase of cognitive supplementation and brain performance biohacking. After years of research and experimentation, he honed a simplified biohacking routine with a few highly impactful interventions - including a couple non-negotiable supplements and daily routines. You’ll want to take notes for this one because you’re going to get a ton of tangible information that you can use to craft your own no-nonsense biohacking routine!
February 15, 2019
Turn On Your Self Healing Gene With Elizabeth Clark #O2
This episode of the BioCurious podcast is all about self healing! Fellow health scientist and holistic biohacker, Elizabeth Clark shares how she healed herself from autoimmune disease and now teaches others the art of self healing. She reveals the secret to unlocking the power of our own self healing gene! That’s right, there’s a gene for that! You may have heard of it - it’s called PGC 1 Alpha. You’ll have to listen in to learn more, but I promise it will be so worth it! Not only will you learn how to turn on your self healing gene, but you’ll also learn about epigenetics, nutrigenomics, and biogenesis! Heck ya!
February 8, 2019
Top 5 Brain Performance Hacks With Dr. Titus Chiu #01
Today’s episode is all about brain hacks! The renowned Functional Neurologist and best selling author of BrainSAVE, Dr. Titus Chiu shares his top 5 brain biohacks to leverage neural plasticity and boost your brain power! We dive into the wonderful world of brain health and discuss how to heal and grow the brain for higher performance! Grab your notebook for this one! There is so much powerful information in this episode, that you won’t want to miss anything! Now, excuse me while I visualize success and change the shape of my brain! (you’ll see what I mean)
January 29, 2019
The BioCurious Podcast sneak peek episode - full episodes launch 2019
Find out what the BioCurious podcast is all about from your host Kayla.
December 25, 2018
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