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Bitcoin OP_UXUI

Bitcoin OP_UXUI

By Pedro
A Podcast on Designing Bitcoin
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Bitcoin OP_UXUI #3 - Dennis Reimann, BTCPay Contributor, UI Engineer

Bitcoin OP_UXUI

Bitcoin OP_UXUI #5 - Greg Walker from Learn Me a Bitcoin
In this episode, we're joined by Greg Walker: web-developer, writer, researcher, and bitcoiner.   We talked about: • the drivers behind his educational work on bitcoin • a reductionist approach to interacting with bitcoin • preferences in programming languages • openness of the bitcoin ecosystem • and a lot more
January 19, 2022
Bitcoin OP_UXUI #4 - Craig Raw from Sparrow Wallet
We're back to talking design on bitcoin. I had to take a break because of some health issues but the design space in bitcoin is evolving so fast this year that we just had to come back to work. For the forth episode, we had the pleasure to talk to Craig Raw from Sparrow wallet, one of my favorite projects in bitcoin. Great for beginners to learn more about the protocol, and amazingly useful for more advanced bitcoin users that want full visibility when it comes to UTXO control. We talked about the origins of the Sparrow Wallet project, contributions, priorities, how much information to reveal to the user, privacy practices and a lot more. Enjoy it!
April 23, 2021
Bitcoin OP_UXUI #3 - Dennis Reimann, BTCPay Contributor, UI Engineer
For the third episode of the Bitcoin OP_UXUI podcast, we talked to Dennis Reimann, a BTCPay contributor, UI engineer, and developer. We talked about: How designers and engineers work together, BTCPay Server contributions, Filling multiple roles in a project, Self initiated projects, Bitcoin design community by Square Crypto, And a lot more
July 20, 2020
Bitcoin OP_UXUI #2 - Nuno Coelho from Blue Wallet
For the second episode of the Bitcoin OP_UXUI podcast, we talked with fellow designer Nuno Coelho from Blue Wallet.  Nuno shared with us interesting insight on: Finding a Bitcoin project to work as UX/UI designer Monetizing open-source projects Opening up the design process to community feedback Bitcoin design constraints and a lot more!
May 17, 2020
Bitcoin OP_UXUI #1 - Rodolfo Novak from Coinkite
In the first episode of the podcast, we talked with Rodolfo Novak from Coinkite and discuss their design process, from branding to actual hardware design, supply chain, and the tools used in the creation of ColdCard and Opendime. Some interesting points: Constrains of designing hardware. Ethos behind the brands. Production process of devices like the Coldcard. Coldcard Easter Eggs. Open-source impacts on design. Participation of visual designers in open systems.
February 18, 2020