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Mobile DevOps is a thing!

Mobile DevOps is a thing!

By Bitrise
Mobile DevOps is a thing! by Bitrise is a podcast for — and about — mobile developers and their unique app development processes.
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App Performance Monitoring with Rasmus Larsson

Mobile DevOps is a thing!

Build secure mobile applications with Anastasiia Voitova
In this episode, we talked to cybersecurity expert Anastasiia Voitova about all things related to mobile app security: from the first and most important steps teams should take to prevent potential attacks to reaching a high level of DevSecOps maturity. Besides working at Cossack Labs as Head of Customer Solutions, where she builds data security tools that help companies protect sensitive data, Anastasiia also regularly talks about security & cryptography at conferences and is a community leader of WomenWhoCode Kyiv. In this episode In this episode, we talked about all aspects of app security: the benefits of integrating end-to-end security checks, zero-knowledge and zero-trust architectures, and cryptography best practices. We also discussed how mobile teams getting started with app security should approach the implementation of these practices, such as data encryption, authentication, dependency management, secure coding, etc. There are plenty of low-effort, high-reward steps they can take, enabling them to proactively prevent security incidents. We also asked for Anastasiia's opinion on what the future holds when it comes to app security and how she expects these practices to evolve in the coming years. Show notes: OWASP MASVS OWASP ASVS OWASP SAMM
June 2, 2021
Building mobile infrastructure with Russell Stephens
In this episode, we talked to Russell about his team’s CI journey, from the struggles of hosting an on-premise Jenkins solution to building a cutting-edge case of mobile infrastructure on Bitrise. We explored how their responsibilities have shifted from the team to the platform: whether it’s a beta build or delivering to the app stores, the team now has the entire process of building, testing, code signing, and shipping automated. We also discussed how the switch has impacted their day-to-day job, their team structure, and how it resulted in an increase in agility and productivity. You can find out more about Russell and his projects here, or check out their Engineering and AI blog. If you're interested in joining Compass, head to their careers page and explore their open positions. Books and resources referenced in this episode: Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship, by Robert C Martin Refactoring — Improving the Design of Existing Code, by Martin Fowler, with Kent Beck Treehouse: Online courses for people of all skill levels and backgrounds How to UI test Push Notifications and universal links in the iOS simulator Code References: Open Source Tools:
March 17, 2021
App Performance Monitoring with Rasmus Larsson
In this episode, we talked to Rasmus Larsson about new technologies from App Performance Monitoring to building engaging apps for sports fans, and integrating Augmented Reality or App Clips into iOS apps. Rasmus is the Product Strategy Director at Pulselive, a Sony company that has been crafting digital experiences to connect teams, leagues, and sports federations to their fans for over a decade. The mobile team’s main motivation is to continuously build the best possible sports apps with the best UI, the best UX, built on the best code. They are doing all these things for an impressive list of clients, including AFL, Premier League, or Liverpool FC. In this episode, we talked about how App Performance Monitoring tools can serve as a safety net by helping mobile teams notice bugs before users can. By diagnosing deep-level performance problems, APMs also help teams detect code change mistakes that can potentially cost thousands of dollars. We also discussed the special expectations sports fans have when it comes to mobile apps, what the best ways are to engage them, and how Augmented Reality can help create more immersive experiences and impact the ways we watch games, interact with our phones, and each other in the future. You can find out more about Rasmus on his LinkedIn profile or check out more Pulselive projects on their website.
December 1, 2020
Fintech, Flutter, and tech leadership with GDE Mariano Zorrilla
In this episode of Mobile DevOps is a thing!, we talked to Mariano Zorrilla about fintech, building apps in Flutter, and his journey from a small town in Argentina to Silicon Valley. In this episode Mariano is a Tech Lead at Venmo, where he manages a team of mobile and backend server-side engineers. He is a passionate member of the Flutter community: besides recently becoming a Google Developer Expert, he also founded — and gives talks at — the San Francisco Cross-Platform SFXP meetups, where developers share knowledge and experiences in cross-platform development. In this podcast episode, you’ll hear some of Mariano’s thoughts on the current and future trends in mobile finance and banking. We discussed his experiences of leading a product-focused team, which of his previous jobs helped him become a better manager, and why he believes that soft skills are often more important than hard skills. He also shared the story about the beginning of his career as a developer and how it all started with him being the only person who knew how to code in a small town in the Argentinian countryside — to now working for one of the biggest fintech companies in the U.S. You can find out more about Mariano on his Twitter or check out his Flutter projects on his Github here.
September 11, 2020
Optimizing iOS workflows with Marcos Griselli
In the fourth episode of Mobile DevOps is a thing! we talked to Marcos Griselli about all things iOS: the community, how he’s optimizing his workflows, and his best practices for releasing great apps. In this episode Marcos is an iOS developer and open-source contributor from Argentina. As an active member of the Swift community in Buenos Aires, he co-organizes the SwiftBA meetups. Last year, along with Josefina Bustamante and Facundo Menzella, he also organized Swiftable, the very first English-language iOS conference in South America. In this episode, among many other topics, you’ll hear some hands-on advice on automating mobile CI processes, automatic versioning, release strategies, and smart testing based on code changes. We also talked a bit about his open-source projects and his thoughts on WWDC and the future of the Apple ecosystem. You can find out more about Marcos on his Twitter page or check out his past and current projects at Timestamps: Swiftable & iOS community in South America 01:50 Open-source contributions: 07:04 Managing Swift libraries: 11:54 Release strategies, testing, & user feedback: 15:55 Running iPad and iPhone apps on Mac: 24:20 Collaboration & DevOps: 26:54 Thoughts on WWDC: 31:06 Learning recommendations: 38:57
August 2, 2020
How to level up your team’s skill set with John Sundell
In the third episode of our podcast, Mobile DevOps is a thing!, we talk to John Sundell. Join us as we discuss how mobile teams can level up their skills and benefit from test automation and continuous delivery. John Sundell is a well-known authority on Swift development. He's the author of the popular website, hosts his own podcast, produces video, and is a regular speaker at conferences around the world. All with the aim of supporting and contributing to the iOS developer community. John recently added consultancy services to his busy schedule and has been supporting mobile development teams with exciting challenges since. A recurring theme of these engagements is knowledge transfer, in the form of training, code reviews, workshops, and help with adopting automation in different phases of the development process. During this episode, we'll dive into some of the technical details, John's unique approach to consultancy services, and we'll discover why he's not a fan of telling people what to do. We also learn how he facilitates discussions and stepping out of your comfort zone as ways to help mobile development teams progress and improve. Timestamps Intro: 00:00 John’s career: 00:00:51 Consultancy for mobile teams: 00:14:44 What is Mobile DevOps?: 00:19:25 DevOps practices in teams: 00:24:58 Codebase and process improvements: 00:30:30 Tools used by John: 00:43:39 Web and script development projects, open-source: 00:46:10 Test coverage: 00:47:20 Best practices for great UX: 00:58:28 Future of DevOps: 01:05:44 Learning recommendations: 01:08:49
June 29, 2020
Remote work & Mobile DevOps with Joe Birch
This episode features special guest Joe Birch and focuses on different aspects of remote work, Mobile DevOps, and how to remain productive from home. Joe is the Android Lead at Buffer, a Google Developer Expert, and the creator of ChordAssist, the accessible smart guitar for the blind, deaf, and mute. His experience in working from home at Buffer — an entirely remote company — and his work in the developer community give him a unique perspective on today’s changing work climate and its challenges. Timestamps:  11:30 Remote work 13:19 Tools for async communication 16:18 How collaboration works at Buffer 16:30 Collaboration techniques 19:44 Remote onboarding  21:20 Learning 24:23 What does Mobile DevOps means for Joe? 26:52 What makes mobile development difficult? 30:10 Specific challenges to Android  33:40 Do you need a DevOps engineer? 34:30 Mobile DevOps 38:00 The future of Mobile DevOps 40:10 Monitoring 41:00 Online courses 44:30 Advice for newcomers to the mobile world 45:25 Advice for people suddenly working remotely
May 19, 2020
Does mobile need its own DevOps? with Vladimir Ivanov
In this episode, we're discussing the main differences between mobile and web development, the unique challenges of developing mobile apps, the main ideas behind Mobile DevOps, and the tools, processes, and technologies that can help teams adopt this new culture. Today's guest: Vladimir Ivanov, Solutions Architect at EPAM Systems from Saint Petersburg, Russia Hosts: Anna Bátki and Nóra Bézi from Bitrise Follow Vladimir on Twitter: References: The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford Waltzing With Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects by Tom Demarco Liquid Software: How to Achieve Trusted Continuous Updates in the DevOps World by Fred Simon, Yoav Landman, and Baruch Sadogursky Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems by Niall Richard Murphy, Betsy Beyer, Chris Jones, and Jennifer Petoff Mobile People Talks podcast (in Russian): Follow us on Twitter:
April 3, 2020