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Episode #5: Success Can Be Painful w/ Entrepreneur Parham Parastran

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This is business as you've never heard before! From hairless to shameless, this is not another one of those typical, canned, boring, motivational, step by step process to success podcast!
You get AMAZING business content from the world's BEST Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Business Owners, Executives and Industry Leaders about entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, marketing, social media, life, and health. We do it with ATTITUDE!

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This is business as you've never heard before! From hairless to shameless, this is not another one of those typical, canned, boring, motivational, step by step process to success podcast!
You get AMAZING business content from the world's BEST Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Business Owners, Executives and Industry Leaders about entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, marketing, social media, life, and health. We do it with ATTITUDE!

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Artist : Eminem
Track : Business
Album : The Eminem Show

Track: The Purge (Trap Remix)

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Episode #24: Be Present For Your Greatness with Jarrett Payton
Nov 1st, 2019 will mark the 20th anniversary of the death of the greatest football player of all time, #34, Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears. The #BIZ with Beard & Bald Podcast was blessed to spend time with Walter’s son, Jarrett Payton, this week to discuss his dad as a player, father, friend, and the impact he had on the world. Jarrett shares with us the motivational wisdom of his father, living with the Payton name, being there for his dad at the end of his life, and what it meant to induct his dad into the NFL Hall of Fame. Jarret reveals Walter’s true feelings about not getting the ball to score in the Super Bowl, his impact on racial boundaries, who is the GOAT, and some touching and private moments that have never been shared before. Jarrett discusses his own success and journey and how his father’s encouragement and guidance, even in death, have helped mold him into the successful entrepreneur, father, husband, and man he is today. He talks about his newest adventure https://www.flagshiponthefox.com/ and his role with the https://www.chicagobears.com/ and https://wgntv.com/ We also discuss with Jarrett his time at Miami University and the life lesson he learned after the controversial call that determined the National Title Game against Ohio State as well as his shining moment the following year being named the Orange Bowl MVP. Listen in as he reveals what it was like to be part of a team during a time when it was at its pinnacle and loaded with talent. You will not want to miss this Podcast episode that started on Jarett’s drive home but ended at exactly “34” minutes past the hour. It is purely raw, motivational, and takes you inside an emotional view of Jarret and the Payton family. This episode is sponsored by Moreno Salsa in Chicago, IL! #wheredoyousalsa https://www.morenosalsa.com/
October 30, 2019
Episode #23: Land Your Dream Client with Marketing Automation Expert Meliss Jakubovic
If you are serious about your business and scaling it then you need to implement Marketing Automation now! Nobody is better at it than marketing automation expert, Meliss Jakubovic of Meliss Marketing, in Atlanta, GA! Meliss has been featured by Forbes, the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and the Profitability Paradigm! Meliss and the guys talk about what is Marketing Automation, when do you need it and how to go about implementing it today! They also dive into Meliss's career in entrepreneurship and what drives her to succeed everyday. You will also hear Beard rant about Facebook, and as always Bald is there to chime in!    This episode is sponsored by Top Flight Athletics in Cypress Texas! Give your student athlete the most advanced instructional training methods and aids in overall athletic performance at Topflightcoach.com Music Copyright Goes to The Following: Artist : Eminem Track : Business Album : The Eminem Show No Copyright Infringement Intended At All!!! Copyright Goes to Interscope And Eminem Shady Records And Aftermath   Artist : DJ JAXSIN Track : The Purge (Trap Remix)
June 11, 2019
Episode #22: I Don't Bug Out About Failure with Cowboy Cricket Farms Owner, James Rolin
When failure and hard times open your eyes to the need for food source alternatives, you don't bug out about it.  What you do is start the largest edible insect farm in the United States, in Bozeman, Montana. Beard and Bald "jump" into this week's podcast episode to discuss the business of edible insects with James Rolin, COO and owner of Cowboy Cricket Farms.. James shares with us his entrepreneurial journey and overcoming very difficult times in his family's life.   After more than a decade of marriage, 3 kids, a couple businesses, and a life changing bankruptcy James and his wife Kathy found themselves in their “forever home”: Bozeman, Montana. Though the company started as a simple cricket farm, through grants, awards, and plain bootstrap ingenuity, Kathy and James have grown the company to support several independently owned farms across the nation and help supply the growing demand for Cowboy Cricket Farms products.  As a bonus, Beard eats a cricket and give you his review of this high protein snack! Music Copyright Goes to The Following: Artist : Eminem Track : Business Album : The Eminem Show No Copyright Infringement Intended At All!!! Copyright Goes to Interscope And Eminem Shady Records And Aftermath 
May 31, 2019
Episode #21: The Business of Podcasting with Podcast Expert, Jeremy Ryan Slate
Do You Want To Know How to Start a Podcast? Maybe you have one already, and you want to learn how to make it better? Nobody can help you better than Episode 21 guest and podcast expert, Jeremy Ryan Slate Jeremy Ryan Slate is the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, to create life on their own terms and specializes in using podcasting and new media to create celebrity and was ranked #1 in iTunes New and Noteworthy and #26 in the business category. He also was 26 Podcasts to be More Intelligent & Influential" (Ranked #1) - INC Magazine "Top 100 iTunes Podcast" (Ranked #78) "Top 26 Podcasts to Follow in 2018" (Ranked #2) - CIO Magazine "7 Millennial Influencers To Follow In 2018" (Ranked #2) - BuzzFeed "Top 25 Most Influencive Influencers of 2017" (Ranked # 6) - Influencive. Jeremy has also been  featured in Forbes (3x), INC (4x), CIO Magazine, Influencive, Buzzfeed and New Theory Magazine. Jeremy loves podcasting and shares with the guys and you how can utilize this truly life-changing medium. Listen in as he tells the story of how he took podcasting and is now helping others to become amazing podcast guests through his company: Command Your Brand Media. Are you ready to take command of your brand through podcasting?  This week's show is sponsored by Cowboy Cricket Farms! Cowboy Cricket Farms is that largest edible insect farming operation in the USA. Cookies, a variety of different flavored Jumpers, and Cowboy Cricket Powder provides you with a tasty snack and great source of protein! Get Crickets at: cowboycrickets.com 
May 16, 2019
Episode #20: Great Brands are Made with Branding Genius David Brier
 What if you could tap into brand strategies that have generated over $1B in sales and continue to generate millions in revenue every day for companies across the globe?  Well, the guys have brought you the man that can do it!  David Brier is world renown for his brand strategies that eliminate the wasteful tactics, the lost sales, and the confusing messages brands put out every day. This is why Daymond John from FUBU and the hit TV show, SHARK TANK says, "David Brier is brilliant with branding" and why #1 sales expert and NY Times bestseller Grant Cardone says. "David Brier is a branding genius who will revolutionize the way you do branding." David is a branding veteran who for over three decades has provided branding strategies, brand identities and package design for startups, retail, technology, and tourism brands. His work's been featured in ADWEEK, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, New York Times magazine, INC., Communication Arts and numerous other publications.  He is also the author of the bestseller Brand Intervention: 33 Steps to Transform the Brand You Have into the Brand You Need which has called "the branding bible." This episode is a MUST as David reveals many secrets to branding success and doesn’t hold back when trading barbs with the guys!
May 9, 2019
Episode #19: Everything You Wanted To Know About CBD with Michael Rubenstein, DC & Shay Glenn, DC
Dr. Michael Rubenstein and Dr. Shay Glenn of Jade Harvest Hemp join the guys as the first duo guest ever to talk about their venture, Jade HArvest Hemp, and the business of CBD! CBD has exploded onto the market and the Dr Duo give us the low down of the business, and the challenges this industry face! There is a lot of confusion around this product, but never fear, we get into the facts, benefits, and the misinformation around CBD! If you were ever curious about CBD, then we have all the answers for you on Episode #19 of #BIZ with Beard & Bald! Episode 19 is sponsored by Well Adjusted Buckhead in Atlanta GA!Well Adjusted Buckhead specializes in health, wellness, sports injury management and rehabilitation, auto accidents, chronic pain, TMJ, and much more! You can find them at welladjustedbuckhead.com Stop in to say high to Dr Jess and tell them Beard sent you! *We do NOT own any rights to the music used & we do NOT get any royalties or ANY payment fees for it.*
April 7, 2019
Episode #18: Mastering LinkedIn with Growth Hacker, Jess Tiffany
Are you a believer? In this episode, the guys have the CEO and founder of [In] the C-Suite,  LinkedIn Strategist, and International Best Selling Author discuss the secrets to LinkedIn.  Jess also reveals the truth behind LinkedIn celebrities Brigette Hyancinth and Oleg Vishnepolsky... are they REAL PEOPLE? If that isn't enough exciting content, you won't want to miss the part where Jess takes on a Mountain Lion! You will not want to miss this show with one of the  Top 250 Growth Hackers (Marketer) for 2018 via Goodman Lantern.  This podcast episode has it all! 
March 27, 2019
Episode #17: Culture Eats Everything for Lunch with RC Outfitters CEO, Adam White
RC Outfitters? Yes, you read that right! Adam White, CEO of what was formerly known as Running Central drops the big news on #BIZ with Beard & Bald first! The largest running show retail outlet in the country is now called RC Outfitters!  Listen in as this CEO shares with us his journey from a 5 year old boy walking into a running shoe store to buy his first pair of sneakers, to later becoming a collegiate athlete, and finally going back to that same store and buying it.  He shares with us his battle with alcoholism, and how his faith saved him and his business. He also dives into and gives great advice on how culture is the key to every company's success! Adam also touches on community involvement, politics in business, and purpose! Run to your phone, plug in your earbuds in, and take a jog while listening to this amazing episode of #BIZ with Beard & Bald!
March 13, 2019
Episode #16: Take The Hit and Make It Your Dream with Dr. Jessica Duncan Propes
This episode is full of great content and plenty of laughs!  Dr. Jess shares with us her fitness journey into competitive martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,Cross Fit athlete, and Olympic Weightlifting enthusiast! She even accepts our challenge to take on previous guest Sensei Ron Thomas!  Listen in as she shares her life changing event that not only changed her personally, but altered her career into an entrepreneur and business owner! This episode, with this Instagram sensation, is a must listen! Episode 16 is sponsored by Jade Harvest Hemp! At jadeharvesthemp.com, you can get the most sophisticated, upscale line of CBD products that truly elevate you or your pet’s natural ability to heal and adapt to all of life's demands!
March 4, 2019
Episode #15: Selling to the C - Level Executive with Steve Hall
Well Bloody Oath, Mate! The guys travel down under and hook up with Australia's #1 C- Level Sales Authority, Mr. Steve Hall.  Listen to this episode as Steve and the guys discuss the secrets behind closing the deals at the C level. Steve touches on many great topics such as being prepared, creating value, targeting the right clients, and how to close.  He also discuss his methodology and delivering the right message to make sure it reaches the right decision makers! This episode alone will help you improve your sales! As Steve said,  this was " THE MOST FUN I'VE HAD OUT OF BED OR IN A PUB FOR AGES - probably both."  
February 21, 2019
Episode #14: Managing Your Brand with AI & CEO, Ravi Jain
We have gone international and people are listening! So, how do you manage all that chatter? Tune in an join us as our guest comes all the way from India!  Ravi Jain, CEO from Geny Medium and Auris, tells us how the use of AI is critical to manage your brand on social media, as well as curating the data you need, and allows you to have real time engagement with your consumers! If you are a CMO or CEO you need to listen to this! Hospitals, Banks, Insurance Companies and Sports Organizations subscribe today!
February 6, 2019
Episode #13: Success is a Mindset with Ron Thomas
FEAR, PAIN, and DEFEAT does not exist on EPISODE 13! Get your Gi on and step onto the #BIZ with Beard & Bald mat with Ron Thomas, also known as Cobra Kai Bobby Brown from the iconic 80's movie The Karate Kid.  Sensei Ron Thomas has been SWEEPING LEGS SINCE 1984, and he shares with us that  journey from an actor, to author, motivational speaker, mindset coach,  2X world champion & 5X international champion! Sensei Ron discusses how martial arts transformed him, personal empowerment, achieving a higher level of focus, self mastery,  and the secret to achieving a mindset of success. This is the most in depth show ever!  Get ready friends! It is time to Strike First, Strike Hard, and Show No Mercy!
January 29, 2019
Episode #12: Broken Dreams are the Start of Your Spectacular New Life with Tiffany Ann!
Tiffany Ann, the CEO and Founder of DreamsRecycled.com enters the world of Bald and Beard! During Tiffany's fifteenth year of marriage—and after a decade out of the work force—Tiffany was forced to recycle her life. She was repeatedly told she was unemployable since she was out of the workforce so long. After a fortuitous dream about problems selling her own engagement ring, she created a company for that purpose.  DreamsRecycled.com rose up as the marketplace that specializes in selling goods from one’s divorce. Listen in as she shares her journey from a dream life shattered to running a major e commerce site and a  gathering place for the divorce community. Today, her site consists of blogs, secondary divorce services directory and “community zones” to assist the divorce community.  Tiffany has appeared on AOL News, FOX News, CBS News and dozens of national publications and radio shows, bestowing hard-hitting advice on divorce. She is also the Author of My Dreams Recycled, and a certified Life & Divorce Coach.   This show is fun and there is a lot of great content.  The guys and Tiffany touch on a lot of subjects like: Starting over, Divorce, Marketing using Empathy, The Wall, Toxic Masculinity, Being Self Driven, Women in Tech, Overcoming Your Inadequacies, and most importantly...Beard or Bald!
January 23, 2019
Episode #11: Find Your Passion & Make Money with Todd Laux
This is the most outrageous and out of control episode yet! The guys bring in the CEO, Owner, and Janitor of PRiDE Fitness, Mr. Todd Laux! Todd is a world class athlete trainer who started in his garage and back yard! Todd has trained or trained with the best UFC fighters (Matt Hughes, Brian Foster, and Robbie Lawler.) Todd Laux has no problem getting into the weeds with the guys and throwing a couple of punches. His business is the #1 gym in the St Louis market! He annually puts at least one athlete a year into Division 1 College Athletics! In 2018 he had over 14,835 athletes come through what is now known as the THUNDERDOME! Find out how he took a passion and turned it into a world renown athletic training business in St. Louis! You have all been put on notice as Todd Laux kickoffs 2019 with #Biz with Beard and Bald! Did we mention these 3 knuckleheads went to college together? *We do NOT own any rights to the music used & we do NOT get any royalties or ANY payment fees for it.* *This episode may contain explicit language*
January 15, 2019
Episode #10: 2018 REWIND SHOW!
This is a WARNING! The guys revisit all 9 episodes of 2018 and pull the best clips from each of their guests! They are heating things up to kick off 2019! The experiment is over and #BIZ with Beard & Bald is one of the hottest business shows out there! If you want to improve your business or your leadership, then join the thousands of listeners and hear some of the best entrepreneurs and influencers as they bravely enter into the podcast ring with Beard & Bald! 2018 was great, so you don't want to miss listening to this REWIND Episode. If you liked one of the clips from this episode then listen to the full episodes and subscribe for 2019!
January 2, 2019
Episode #9: Big Kids Talking DNA of an Entrepreneur w/ Doug Hein
Entrepreneur and owner of Big Kid Powersports chimes in on when he knew he was an entrepreneur and the importance of digital marketing. He also talks about being familiar with your competition and whether or not it is OK still to use certain advantages when selling. BTW, does he mention he used to date Beard's wife? Check out this great down to earth and informative episode!
December 18, 2018
Episode #8: Going Viral with Shay Rowbottom
The Content Queen from Margle Media enters the arena with the boys and shares with them her journey from a musician to becoming one of the biggest influencers on LinkedIn and COO of a a major viral video marketing company. If you want raw, then you will want to listen to this!
November 30, 2018
Episode #7: Get Out of the Van! w Christine Deehring
Entrepreneur & CEO, Christine Deehring of the #1 Pregnancy Subscription Service in the world, Bump Boxes, joins the boys for a fun but insightful afternoon! Hear how this soon mom to be quit her corporate career at a Fortune 100 company to follow her dreams! She gives great advice on taking the leap of faith, the importance of sales & marketing working together, finding a mentor and coach, social media and balancing work and life!
October 26, 2018
Episode #6: Let's Talk Sales with Jay Jensen
Sales has been Jay's passion for over 36 years. As a Lead Coach for Carmotivators.com his passion in sales is to pass onto others the advice & lessons that were so generously passed down to him. Jay talks with the guys on a wild and hilarious show about helping others to achieve their success. He gives some amazing insight to his thoughts on the problems with Sales Management today as well as magic Sales Processes. He discusses the influence social media has on him and his industry and how he uses Industry and Competition analysis. If you are passionate about sales you won't want to miss this episode. Through all the humor, Jay is serious about Sales, and there is not a gimmick or trick.
October 10, 2018
Episode #5: Success Can Be Painful w/ Entrepreneur Parham Parastran
Parham Parastran is an Iranian-American entrepreneur and author of the book Perfect Pain. He joins the guys to discuss a wealth of business knowledge and the affects of success on people's mental health. After fleeing Iran as a child during the midst of the Iranian revolution, Parham became the epitome of the American Dream. He built a multi-million-dollar business, Car-X Tire & Auto, a franchise of tire and auto repair shops that quickly grew from a single store in Champaign, IL to 16 locations. Parham talks about while enjoying the monetary success as an entrepreneur, he had a secret: He suffered from severe depression and addiction. Listen in as this successful entrepreneur goes into his rock-bottom moment that that opened up the darkest doors within himself and found him revisiting a childhood of trauma, drug addiction, and low self esteem. Find out how Parham rebuilt his inner foundation that led him to be a better leader, husband, father and person!
September 26, 2018
Episode #4: Lessons from a 17 Year Old Entrepreneur with Aaron Avont Johnson
International award winning movie director and writer, Aaron Avont Johnson blows us away! This young phenom shares with us the guiding principles that drove him at such a young age to start his own media empire. Aaron shares with us the challenges he faces as a young entrepreneur, that all entrepreneurs endure, and how he overcomes them. He talks about what motivates him, how he handles his international success, and the importance of giving back. Aaron also answers the critics about being lucky and revealing his journey really started 8 years ago.
September 11, 2018
Episode #3: Wisdom in Failure and Leadership Lessons with Jim McConoughey
Best selling author, CEO, investor, and entrepreneurial guru, Jim McConoughey joins the boys to discuss his book the "Wisdom of Failure" and the 3 parts behind it. This show packs in so much in such a short amount of time. You will also learn how the next generation workforce, after the Millenials, will shape future business leadership models. He discuss his own failures and how to make them success. Additionally, if you want to be an entrepreneur, he tells you how to determine what business to be in and what to avoid. This is one show you will want to listen to more than once!
August 27, 2018
Episode #2: Balance, Vision, Personality & Effort with Ken Plfederer, CEO
Bald is back! Join the boys as they welcome the CEO of CSE Software and Simformotion, Mr. Ken Pflederer to the show. Learn how Balance, Vision, Personality, and Effort are his keys to success. Ken also gives us his opinion on Millenials and how they are shaping the business world. Lastly he answers the important question.... Beard or Bald?
August 13, 2018
Episode #1: Health & Biz w Dr. Shonna Goodrich
The very first episode of #Biz with Beard & Bald features Dr. Shonna Goodrich! She joins Curphy ( Beard ) to discuss the importance of Diet, Exercise, and Sleep for successful business leaders. Also, find out which is better....Beard or Bald?
July 25, 2018
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