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Finding Perfect Property - Diary of a Buying Agent

Finding Perfect Property - Diary of a Buying Agent

By Black Brick Property Solutions
Finding Perfect Property takes a deep dive into buying property - the pitfalls, the challenges, and how to get it right.
Since 2007, Black Brick has helped more than 500 people buy more than £1 billion worth of property and we will be sharing our insights into how to buy the right property, whether you are a first time buyer, a family home hunter, or an investor. This is your chance to hear what experts at the very top of their fields, with their fingers firmly the pulse of all things property, think about today’s market.
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Hot Off The Press!

Finding Perfect Property - Diary of a Buying Agent

Hot Off The Press!
Welcome back to Finding Perfect Property – Diary of a Buying Agent! In our second episode, host Camilla Dell will be speaking to property journalist extraordinaire, and ‘legend of The Times’, Anne Ashworth. Having graced our screens, print publications and radio for over 30 years, Anne’s experience in the London property sector is second to none, expertly delving into all things prime property and investment.
July 13, 2022
Financing Your New Home
In our first, inaugural episode, we’ll be talking all things property finance, one of the most critical factors buyers need to be able to buy property successfully. Camilla Dell will be talking to Katherine O’Shea, Director of Strategic Solutions at Coutts about the vital thing’s buyers need to know before buying – and mostly importantly, what buyers can expect in the current market.
June 07, 2022