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Black Girls Read_The_Podcast

Black Girls Read_The_Podcast

By Tasha Dennings Speaks
Black girls read is a platform for anyone looking for tips, and tricks for reading success in the black community lets get into it.
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Meet the author Charisse J. Cuff
This was such a fun interview we got all in two minutes the publishing process royalties and so much more do you want to publish a book this is the episode for you!
November 9, 2020
What have I been up too?
In this episode I discuss what I’ve been up to over the last few months! I have miss the tribe
September 24, 2020
Meet The Author: Donita J.Clark Season 2 Episode 006
Donita Jay Clarke is an author nurse and mentor... She is the author of three wonderful books and just such a wonderful person she’s also a mother of seven and a blended family so please enjoy the show.
May 16, 2020
Meet The Author: Zaakirah Muhammad
We welcomed Zaakirah  Muhammad to the show this week her story  "Seeing Life Through a Different Lens: A Survivors memoir on overcoming Adversity With Resilience.   Not only is Zaakirah an Author but also a podcast host, Brand cultivating strategist, Professional Photographer and Digital marketer. it was an honor to have her on the show to support her work you can  find her here  Instagram: @ i l l u m i n o u s o n e Facebook: @ i l l u m i n o u s o n e Twitter : @ i l l u m i n o u s o n e Her Book can be found on Amazon @ :
May 9, 2020
Season 2: Episode 004: Meet The Author: Ivory Adams
In this episode of Black Girls Read we discuss the writing an publishing process of one author. we Explore her Journey and discuss tips on writing and publishing your own book.   Author: Ivory Adams    Ivory Adams Book: Love is Horribly Wonderful Book list mentioned  The Ministry of Motherhood: Following Christ's Example in Reaching the Hearts of Our Children How to talk so Little Kids listen The Hero and the Crown
April 22, 2020
Season 2: Episode:003 Meet The Author: Will Holland
This episode we are joined with Author Will Holland who has authored over 12 children’s books his works can be found on YouTube: Instagram: Will Holland 9973.
October 27, 2019
Season 2, Episode 002 "Children’s Book Author Keosha Sath "Just Like you"
  Keosha Sath has  been living in Washington D.C. for about 8 years now right out of  college. Before then she was studying at East Carolina University to  obtain a Bachelors degree in clinical laboratory sciences. she is originally from Kinston, North Carolina but , now she is an author with a  strong passion for sciences. instagram  @keoshasath
July 29, 2019
Season 2 Episode 001 Tyierra Henderson Katrina: "When God Closed His Eyes on New Orleans”
Tyierra Henderson US  Navy Veteran Tyierra Henderson is the author of the memoir "Katrina:  When God Closed HIs Eyes on New Orleans," her true-life story about  surviving not only Hurricane Katrina trapped in the Superdome, but also  enduring the rough streets of New Orleans. The NOLA Native despite  facing struggles with homelessness, her sexuality, being motherless, and  being unable to read has earned a master’s degree in Management and an  undergraduate degree in Journalism & Mass Communications. Tyierra is  constantly fighting to ensure she positively impact lives across the  country by engaging with those in need so that no woman or child will  ever be in the situations that she faced in her past. She has a passion  for writing and has started her own blog centered around topics that  affect her culture, community and womanhood. Tyierra is married to her  beautiful wife, Sheena, has a 6-year-old son, Ja'Mauri and a three-pound  yorkie fur baby, Mushu. To contact Tyierra Henderson G: @TrueStoryOfTyierra Get your copy of my latest book “When God Closed His Eyes on New Orleans” now!  Visit Books suggested for personal Growth  Tiffany Haddish "Black Unicorn" Jennifer Lewis  "Mother of Black Hollywood" 
July 19, 2019
005 Shally Polk: From Katrina to Essence A story of strength. There is beauty in our scars.
Shall Polk a native of New Orleans, LA shares her story of strength. How did she did it? Follow along for the journey show her some love and support Instagram: @Shally_dope_af and on Facebook: “Truth Is”
June 15, 2019
004 Lyric the Poet: Tips for Writing Success and Helping Others.
It all started with poetry. Then developed into a much more. Lyric The Poet shares her story and how her and her fiancé plan to change the publishing process for people of color.
May 25, 2019
003: Meet The Author: Robyn Humphrey
From prophetic prophecy to reality Author Robyn Humphry is one of Houston‘s newest Authors. She has published a book titled Who’s Watching Me? Follow along for her story.
May 18, 2019
002 Jessica Jackson From Homeless to Honorarium: And How Books Helped!
In this episode we dive into the story of a young woman who had some life challenges but, books helped her gain comfort. She showed up and showed out and Wow look at her now! You don’t want to miss this story.
May 11, 2019
001 What is Black Girls Read?
Black girls read is a platform for anyone looking for tips, and tricks for reading success in the black community!!!
May 3, 2019