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B's Creative Asylum | Small Business Advice

B's Creative Asylum | Small Business Advice

By Bobbie Jo
This is a place for creative marketers & entrepreneurs to come learn, THINK, & try new ideas in the small business, startup marketing space without fear. Host Bobbie Jo Stuff has led creative incubation on multiple zero to a million startups. Join her as she explains creative marketing.
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Episode 7 | Copy Notes 101

B's Creative Asylum | Small Business Advice

Episode 11 | Basic Advice
This episode was done on the fly and mostly because I promised myself I would get it out before the end of the year....which is in about 45 minutes. Cutting it close I guess. I'm so excited because through this process of creating the first season of B's Creative Asylum I've been able to really figure out who I am as an artist and where I'm trying to go. I've experienced so many new things this year.  Thank you guys for being a part of that especially my friends and family who don't have to listen but do. Y'all be da best!  Next season coming in February with a new flavor but same ol' ME!  I'm about to go heat up some leftover Chinese, read some new Year tarot, and kiss my sleeping son at midnight.  Happy New Year!
January 01, 2021
Episode 10 | Content Funnels
Hey Busy Little Bees, I'm actually ahead of my work for once in my life ahhh. So exciting, but I know it will be short-lived. I hope you're having a fantastic December and you're building the brand of your dreams. This week we've finally made it to the super salesy stuff. The infamous sales funnel is all about thinking, planning, and testing. We'll how to really think intuitively about your customer's needs. Then, we'll talk about ToFu, MoFu & BoFu. Then, we'll be discussing your offer. My non-profit for this week is Kiva International. My creative shout out is Rachael Pedersen on IG as @themrspedersen! Check her out and her Tik Toks are great too!  Have a wonderful week! 
December 17, 2020
Episode 9 | Content Planning
Hey Busy Little Bees, How's your week going? It's running away from me! Where has the time gone? This week is all about planning your content. So many brands I've worked with overthink this process and get so lost in calendars and perfection, something meant to help them makes it worst. I don't want you to be running and not understand why you're doing this. Figure out what works best for you and your brand but in this podcast, I explain the baseline understanding of building your content strategy. Keep trying new things too. Never get too comfortable in any strategy until or unless you feel comfortable in the exact level of business your brand is doing each week. My non-profit for this week is Hope Housing. My creative shout out is Jorge Valle-Artiga his photography IG is @dinorhombus & his illustration is @valleartiga & his website is
December 11, 2020
Episode 8 | Feedback Breeds Growth
In this episode, I speak with my fellow creatives about how to receive feedback. I get it, getting feedback can suck sometimes. Suck time, energy, creativity but you HAVE to be willing to put yourself out there to properly grow. And as I say in this episode you should be growing or you should be going. Being a creative especially a creative marketer knowing how to direct and accept feedback is going to change your entire creative experience. A lot of this is about mindset and it's okay if it hurts sometimes. People always want us to "man up" and pretend things don't hurt. That toxic culture, you don't need someone to babysit your emotions but you certainly deserve to be spoken to and your work be spoken about with respect. Point blank exclamation mark!  Nonprofit Shout out: 826 National  Creative Shout Out: @ I can't link him because in the three days since I recorded this and am posting it he went out of business and deleted his profile. Woah!  FInd me @bliftedcreative IG & Tik Tok or personal @bobbiejostuff IG @blifted Tik Tok See my work at Please don't forget to rate the podcast on whatever platform you use. It really helps and I'm a little guy just getting started. Thank you so much! See you next time busy little bees!
December 04, 2020
Episode 7 | Copy Notes 101
This episode is tough. Like as tough as that dry leftover turkey you're trying to make a sandwich with, but some of y'all wondering why you can find or keep a good writer need to hear this. Seriously, please do not listen to this one if you're not ready to hear the full truth of what your creative and copywriters NEED and DESERVE from someone giving them notes. Hint, it's not some negative overgeneralized statement. Don't worry, next week I'm coming for my fellow creative hard too about HOW they need to humble thy self to accept notes and edits. But first, let me sit you down and have an honest one-on-one. My creative shout out this week goes to @sunflowers_and_angels on Tik Tok. My non-profit this week is the wonderful Room to Read You can find me at B Lifted Creative and my IG & Tik Tok is @bliftedcreative  Thanks guys, have a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you and your entire family give better notes this next year. haha
November 27, 2020
Episode 6 | Creative Copy
Show notes....add dat
November 19, 2020
Episode 5 | Technological Terror
We're all afraid of technology, right? No, just me? In this B's Creative Asylum podcast episode, we move into the preparation phase of building our website. This non-master class is getting serious y'all! I give some tips for overcoming any lingering fear you may have with learning a new platform. I also give tips for getting it done son! Hint, don't defeat yourself and use those resources! I see a lot of entrepreneurs just getting started myself included defeat ourselves about something that should excite us, learning new technology to help expand our startup life. I am passionate about my purpose and my small business so if learning this Shopify plugin or WordPress app is going to help get me closer I'm ready to be fantastically frustrated. Are you? As always you can find me at or @bobbiejostuff @bliftedcreative on Instagram and @bliftedcreative on TikTok. My creator for this week Mattias Barker can be found at My non-profit for this week is Taking Control of Your Diabetes and can be found at Have a great week busy little bees!
November 12, 2020
Episode 4 | Gratitude Attitude
PSA: I'm moving this podcast into a more relaxed business therapy type atmosphere so if you're looking for old school "professionalism" in a podcast this is NOT for you, but there are plenty of other podcasts for you so get out there and find them. This podcast is real-life small business advice the messy, the funny, the real. November is National Gratitude Month so let's talk about how gratitude can change your business. In this episode, I explain the top three reasons why having a gratitude practice in your business can significantly improve your hustle overall. I explain how I caught myself being ungrateful for my blessings and began cycling myself back. I also give some gratitude practice ideas for you in this Gratitude Research blog that just dropped in the asylum. Finally, the brand guide will be out tomorrow! I caught a last-minute designing bug so I've been making it real pretty for guys, but what you'll really love is the unique strategy. It's going to allow you to work with any type of creative either freelancer or onboarding a new marketing member without having to repeat the same things over and over or risking not getting on-brand content out the gate. I guess I better make a YouTube explaining this one. Yes, I'll get on that tomorrow as well. You'll be able to scoop that up for FREE for the next 7 days and then it's going onto the store never to be seen fo free again (well, maybe not ever but for the rest of 2020). Check out my creative shoutout on IG @thevibewithky and on Tik Tok @kyruskeenan My advocation shout out is for the Preemptive Love Coalition  As always you can work with me at  You can follow me on IG @bliftedcreative or @bobbiejostuff And you can get therapy/spiritual advice on Tik Tok @blifted
November 05, 2020
Episode 3 | Helpful Haters
I'm writing this from a devastated place as I just learned a creative mentor and friend of mine lost his battle with depression earlier this week. Many of us who knew him had no idea he suffered from this awful disease. I literally have no memories of this man with anything but a smile on his face. He was one of the best photographers I've ever met. He taught me a lot while I worked with him at Busch Gardens. He was so nice to me even though I was literally the lowest person on the marketing totem pole there. His Gasparilla parties were the closest I'd ever come to acceptance at frat house parties. His insane ability to work with and capture wildlife took my breath away every single time. This week's creative highlight goes out to the man, the myth, and now the legend, Matt Marriott. You can see his work at Because of this, my advocation shout-out for this week is Project Return a fantastic non-profit out here doing work to educate and equip those of us suffering from mental illness. I am not shy about my mental struggles because I know spreading awareness is how we normalize getting help. Please do not suffer in silence. There is no shame in getting the help you need. To learn more or see how you can help please visit This week's episode is all about Helpful Haters. A lot of times we fall into the triggers or toxic patterns of our fellow haters (we're all haters at some point in our life). This week I share three stories of haters from my creative and personal developmental journies and how these haters actually helped me. It's all about your mindset. In life, in business, in startup marketing, you've got to be prepared to go head to head with these haters.  As always you can work with me at  You can follow me on IG @bliftedcreative or @bobbiejostuff And you can get therapy/spiritual advice on Tik Tok @blifted Until next week, stay busy my little bees, and seriously if you're struggling and need resources, please reach out to me. I am here to help. 
October 29, 2020
Episode 2 | Finding Your Entrepreneurial Purpose
Episode 2 is about finding your passion, purpose, and ability to help others. This is what drives truly great businesses and makes wonderful entrepreneurs. If you don’t believe me you’ll certainly believe Richard Branson or Seth Godin’s advice right? I’m going to be trying out different intros so feel free to shoot me a message with whichever you like. I’m adding another week to the FREE Product One-Sheet Template Download. Grab it here. Check out B Lifted Creative for all of your Black Friday Promotional needs and small business content. Find me on IG at @bliftedcreative @bobbiejostuff Find me on Tok @blifted Join the Jenny Chang Gang on IG @jennychanggang or yay, she’s back on Tok @iamjennychang You can help the Daytona Dream Center at On IG @daytonadreamcenter or their parent center at @ladreamcenter Scoop up them yummy apple from Amy's Candy Kitchen at Have a wonderful week my busy little bees!
October 21, 2020
God in the Odd | Episode 1 with co-host Fake Morgan Freeman
B's Asylum is OFFICIALLY OPEN! This episode has guest co-host fake Fiverr Morgan Freeman and introduces B's 11-Week Business Launch Non-Master Non-Class. Perfect for anyone who wants to start a small business by the end of 2020! Learn more about our host Bobbie Jo Stuff and why she started B's Asylum.  Your first activity is to create a Product One-Sheet for your new brand. You can grab that template free and a link to B's in-depth YouTube explanation with copywriting, product branding, and pricing structures advice at this link but hurry! The FREE offer expires 10/22 and then it will be just $11.11. You can afford that right? RIGHT!  B's advocation shoutout is for Shower of Hope and B's creative shoutout is for graphic designer Ellada on IG at @elladadesigns. Go show some love and tell 'em B sent ya!
October 14, 2020