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School in the Fast Lane

School in the Fast Lane

By John Bidder, Blippit® founder
For school & subject leaders, School in the Fast Lane seeks out some of the elephants in the class or staffroom such as: schools using social media for parental engagement and what's on your walls in school & who cares? We invite you to leave a voice message (nice ones!) for the podcast using the button below. Episodes are produced by Blippit founder John Bidder.
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#7: Can a school 'dip its toes' in social media? [Archive].mp3

School in the Fast Lane

January 14, 2021
January 14, 2021
#12: It’s good to talk. Record & leave a message?
Here’s an invitation to you as a school educator to record your own contribution to the podcast. To do this visit , create your own account when you’re done and send it in. Listen for more details. Thanks!
January 11, 2021
#11: What’s on the walls in your school?
What's the vibe in your school?  What story are the walls telling? A huge fan of display, John makes the case for a new bit of easy tech that might just be what you didn't know you needed!  This one is for subject and school leaders in particular.  To leave a message use the button below or use this link   By the by, this episode was recorded entirely using the Anchor App via mobile phone with no fancy studio stuff.
January 6, 2021
#10: Pros and cons for systems of learning in lockdown for schools
Linked to recent funds for school implementations of the big two, Google and Microsoft, the broad pros and cons of approaches are reviewed here by John Bidder (@Getloggedin)including: MS Teams, Google Sites & Classroom, Moodle (& Darwinism!), Facebook and school websites at primary and secondary level. John talks about different effects of choices schools are making regarding how they bridge the gaps of different kinds between home and school during lockdown including the role & stresses faced by parents.  What’s important to note is that for many, it’s about creating an ecosystem and not depending on one specific provider or approach. Not included are content provider sites, as excellent as many are, in the name of keeping this to a listenable length. This podcast doesn’t pretend to be comprehensive in content and choices being made but it does recognise that viewers are likely to be experienced educators and may be interested in the recent government funding application opportunity described here to support Microsoft & Google roll-outs. It also mentions vschool which is a new Blippit product & service to school based on Google tools. The unedited slide-based video version of this podcast is available on the Blippit Blog.
May 3, 2020
#9: What social media school updates can work best after a break like Christmas?
Sharing some tips about what works when you go back to school and start talking to parents and the community again via social media.  We'll do an additional episode about humour soon!
January 7, 2020
#8: Ambition! Flakefleet Primary Headteacher Interview
A guest chat (12/18) with Headteacher Dave McPartlin from Flakefleet Primary in Lancashire whose school is going for the Christmas No 1 with their song 'Light Up'. Hear their now global social media story so far #daretodream **Pre-order is available at the time of this podcast recording from all major platforms, single goes live on streaming services (Spotify/Apple Music) 14th December
December 5, 2018
#7: Can a school 'dip its toes' in social media? [Archive].mp3
If you think you're heading, or have headed down already, towards a path of tokenistic social media use for communication at your school, you might find this episode useful featuring lessons learned & action to take.
July 10, 2018
#6: What about the school website if we're using social media? [Archive]
Here's an archive episode that deals with one of the most commonly asked questions from Heads about what happens to a school website when social media is used by school & how the two can fit (School in the fast lane).
July 2, 2018
#5: Why use social media for school comms? [Archive]
Here's an archive episode that deals with one of the most commonly asked questions from Heads. (School in the fast lane)
July 2, 2018
#4: Parents behave differently with school on FB
This fourth episode takes you through why worrying about parent behaviour shouldn't be a barrier for you using Facebook for your school. (School in the fast lane)
April 30, 2018
#3: School websites & Social media
This third episode is about how can your school values be your guide on social media & how relevant is your school website to parents these days? (School in the fast lane)
April 26, 2018
#2: Stick a smile on it!
This second episode focuses on the value of a 'smile' in schools using social media parental engagement. Say CHEESE! You're listening to (School in the fast lane)
April 9, 2018
#1: You've not met our parents!
This is the very first episode of the 'school in the fast lane' series! I'm unpicking the barriers of adoption for schools wanting to use Facebook to engage parents and the community. Senior School Leadership Team members and teachers I'd love to hear from you.
April 4, 2018