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The BlkWomenHustle Podcast

The BlkWomenHustle Podcast

By BlkWomenHustle
The BlkWomenHustle Podcast launched to inspire, inform, and elevate Black Women entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives in all phases of their personal journeys. Learn from some of the world's most innovative and influential Black Women in their respective industries as they're interviewed by Host and Founder Lashawn Dreher. Stream the latest episode to tap into your passions, monetize, and make a positive impact in the world!
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S2 Episode 6 - Disrupting the Workplace w/ Rahkal C. D. Shelton

The BlkWomenHustle Podcast

S2 Episode 6 - Disrupting the Workplace w/ Rahkal C. D. Shelton

The BlkWomenHustle Podcast

S2 Episode 11 - Scaling Your Business with Monique Rose
Entrepreneur, restaurateur, and beauty business owner Monique Rose speaks to the best way to earn multiple streams of income through one brand, how she mastered serial entrepreneurship, the key to building the right team, the risks of overleveraging your business, and the importance of showing up and doing the work. For more info about Monique and her brands, visit and Monique Rose personifies brains and beauty. As a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, restaurateur, author and culinary visionary, Monique is building a restaurant empire by fusing creations and niche restaurants that are appealing to foodies worldwide. With a fifteen-year proven track record of increasing sales and revenue for more than a dozen restaurants throughout America, in 2016, Monique created Milked, LLC. With Chef Sammy at the menu’s helm, the pair opened their first restaurant Milk & Honey Café, an all-day-brunch-themed bistro in Beltsville, MD, where Monique oversees the day-to-day operations. In less than two years, she helped grow a 55-seat café into four thriving restaurants. Catapulting off the success of Milk & Honey Café, Monique has embarked on a new adventure by entering the beauty space and launching her new beauty brand, Mink & Honey, which features powerful skincare products, lavish ink lashes, and wellness products so all can feel beautiful from the inside out.
November 05, 2020
S2 Episode 10 - Make Room for Your Gifts with Kim Coles
Actress, Comedian, and Entrepreneur Kim Coles discusses what it means to unearth your gifts by broadcasting your brilliance, pivoting on purpose to grow your business, making a professional and financial comeback after hardships, how to effectively monetize your skillsets,  the power of collaboration among women and sharing opportunities with others, and she gives it to us straight about the nostalgic, classic television show Living Single. As a beloved multifaceted actress, comedian, best-selling author of "Open Your G.I.F.T.S.", and speaker, Kim Coles has delighted audiences all over the world for over 32 years including ground-breaking shows like In Living Color and Living Single. A sought after online academy teacher and intuitive strategic coach, Kim also guides women on the incredible healing journey Broadcasting their Brilliance by telling and leveraging their own authentic stories to inspire others to learn, laugh and leave their own powerful legacy. For more information about her brands, events, and the KimUNITY Mastermind, visit and work with her at
October 28, 2020
S2 Episode 9 - Taking Your Talents to TV with Kayla Beal
NBC Universal Producer Kayla Beal discusses getting started in the media industry, how an HBCU prepared her for professional success, ways you can prepare to have your content featured on major networks, and the current sociopolitical climate. For more information about her brands and media opportunities, follow Kayla @kayla_way on IG. Kayla Beal is a natural born innovator in today’s society, a television producer, writer, model and entrepreneur. She was raised in Queens, New York where her parents showed her the importance of education. She excelled in her academic goals, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree and graduated magna cum laude from Virginia State University. She cultivated a remarkable track record of influencing her peers as Vice President of Academic Affairs. Kayla’s career began as a public relation representative for The Source Magazine and BET Networks. Her career flourished as an award-winning producer for NBC Universal, creating content for daytime talk and court shows. In addition, she produced commercials for Tri-Star Studios, worked with several celebrities such as Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos, Kimberly Locke, Wendy Williams, Tobias Truvillion, and many more. She is an active member of New York Women in Film and Television, which provides a platform to learn, enlighten, and inspire women in the film and television industries. Kayla also runs her own company, Perception For You, providing services of production which includes directing, producing, writing, editing, event planning, marketing, hosting, talent consulting, and casting. Behind the camera, she ultimately enjoys serving at church and participating in charity events.
June 17, 2020
S2 Episode 8 - Legally Protecting Your Brand w/ Lerae Funderburg
Lerae Funderburg, Esq., founder of Lawyer Mommy-The Brand and Funderburg Law, discusses the importance of legally protecting your brand through trademarks, her resource for filing a trademark yourself, what to look for in a lawyer for your brand, being your authentic self while running a business, and making motherhood a priority. Lerae the mother of 2 sweet, beautiful, and lively children, Preston Chase, and Mahogany Rose, and the founder of Funderburg Law and Lawyer Mommy-The Brand. Funderburg Law is an Atlanta based boutique law firm that focuses on entertainment and business transactions, trademarks, copyrights and estate planning.  Lawyer Mommy-The Brand was developed to assist female business owners in the early stages of building their businesses who couldn’t necessarily afford the fees that came along with hiring an attorney. Lerae has received extensive drafting and negotiating training, particularly in the areas of music and film, from top-notch industry professionals. She brings excellence, professionalism, integrity, and humility to every issue presented. Her philosophy for success is individual attention coupled with high quality work product, completed on time and always with the client’s overall vision in mind. Lerae’s love for her family and the black community as a whole has caused the expansion of her practice into estate planning, where she focuses her efforts into helping others to build black businesses, create legacies, and develop tools and plans to obtain and sustain generational wealth. Find more information about Lerae and her brands at and
May 27, 2020
S2 Episode 7 - Creating Your Own Lane in Media w/ Nikki Woods
Media Producer & Influencer Nikki Woods discusses the advantages of creating your own lane,  why black women shouldn't apologize for taking up space, how to provide value to media outlets when pitching, the do's and don'ts of pitching, building relationships for business partnerships, obtaining affordable media exposure, and not being fearful about the unknown. Nikki Woods has more than 20 years of experience as an on-air personality and former senior producer of the Tom Joyner Show, the most successful syndicated urban radio show in history. Woods is also the CEO of Nikki Woods Media, a corporation that rocks with entrepreneurs and influencers who want to grow their business to 6+ figures by leveraging the media and monetizing their expertise. To her credit, Nikki has: Written 6 Best-Selling Books Been featured by CNN, Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, The New York Times, and more Positioned her students and clients to be seen by over 873 million people and generated over 8 figures in sales from the media Mentored more than 500 authors to best-selling status Nikki is a trendsetter, a social media influencer, author, blogger, motivational speaker and most importantly, she's the mother of two teenage boys and two dogs who think they are teenage boys. With her wide-spread and diverse social platform, Nikki continually empowers, educates, and enlightens those who are looking to impact the world with their message. For more information on Nikki and her brand, visit
May 20, 2020
S2 Episode 6 - Disrupting the Workplace w/ Rahkal C. D. Shelton
Workplace Peace Advocate Rahkal C. D. Shelton speaks to advocating for yourself to gain opportunities, creating your own positions, what it means to disrupt the workplace, strategies for upward mobility to acquire new skills and promotions, maintaining normalcy while working remotely during covid, and she drops the details about her weekly affirmations project! Rahkal is a Chicago native, HBCU alum, 3x published author, speaker, and inspiration enthusiast with over 12 years of corporate experience, including roles with CNN, Warner Media (formerly Turner Broadcasting System, Inc), WGN, iHeartMedia, and Fox Chicago News. Rahkal has a Master's degree in media communications and a BA in Radio/TV/Film. She is passionate about serving, inspiring, and help individuals find harmony and strategy to thrive in and out of the workplace. Her latest book Woosah: A Survival Guide for Women of Color Working in Corporate has been featured on WGN, Huffington Post and Forbes. For more information on Rahkal's brand and initiatives, visit
May 13, 2020
S2 Episode 5 - Pitch and Pivot w/ Pauleanna Reid
Pauleanna Reid discusses her journey to becoming a celebrity ghostwriter and content ninja, pivoting to earn a 6-figure income as a first-year entrepreneur, pitching your brand to major publications like Forbes, mentoring through her program New Girl on the Block, and more. Pauleanna Reid is a senior contributor at ForbesWomen, celebrity ghostwriter and millennial mentor. A purpose-driven entrepreneur with a storied career, she is widely known for assisting high-profile leaders and doers, who are shaping the future, turn their personal stories into powerful brand assets. When she doesn’t have a pen in her hand you can find Pauleanna traveling around the world, advocating for youth and mental health initiatives, and delivering guest lectures on entrepreneurship in schools nationwide. For more info on Pauleanna and her brands, visit
May 06, 2020
S2 Episode 4 - Starting Your Wealth Journey w/ Star B. Melancon
Star B. Melancon discusses how to start getting out of debt, successfully managing personal finances during a pandemic, strategically entering the stock market as a beginner, and provides insight to her wealth management strategies and resources. Star B. Melancon is a Women's Finance Strategist, Southern University and A&M College alum, and the founder of SHEbuildingHER in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her time in corporate america as a bio-pharmaceutical microbiologist opened her eyes to the ever expanding wealth and resource gap between women of color and everyone else. Star is dedicated to teaching women about money in a simple and relatable way. She helps them build strategies to achieve their short and long term financial goals in the areas of Saving, Budgeting, Investing, Debt Repayment, and Retirement planning. She believes that if given the information, there is no financial goal too grand for a woman to achieve. For more information about Star and her brand, visit
April 29, 2020
S2 Episode 3 - Faith to Fulfillment w/ Monique Rodriguez
Monique Rodriguez discusses her faith-filled journey from being an RN to entrepreneurship and building MIELLE Organics, prioritizing family and business, scaling her brand, the importance of a solid team, MIELLE's initiatives for giving back during the pandemic, and more. Monique founded MIELLE in 2014 after her healthy, hair care regimen for her tailbone-length hair became somewhat of a craze among her social media followers. The company began with only one product, the Advanced Hair Formula. A unique proprietary blend of herbs, amino acids and minerals to support healthy hair, skin and nails, and immune system. Since then, MIELLE has expanded to a half-dozen collections under Monique’s direction, including products for skin and children. MIELLE has been distributed in more than 87 countries and can be found in more than 100,000 stores across the U.S. in retailers such as Sally Beauty, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. For more info about her brand, visit
April 22, 2020
S2 Episode 2: Trap & Truth in the Workplace with Keirsten Greggs
Keirsten Greggs, founder of Trap Recruiter, drops the gems on negotiating your salary for top dollars when working with recruiters, knowing your worth as a job seeker, maximizing on job opportunities while quarantined, the outlook on unemployment, and more regarding truths behind diversity and company cultures. Keirsten Greggs is Talent Acquisition Consultant and Career Coach. In 2017 she founded TRAP Recruiter, LLC to do her part to bring trust, relationship building, accountability, and a proactive approach back into the recruiting lifecycle. She engages with a broader audience via her blog, as a guest speaker, as a guest on various podcasts, facilitating workshops and training, and as creator of the #RecruiterProblems meme series.    For more information about her brand, visit
April 15, 2020
S2 Episode 1 - Put In the WERK w/ Koereyelle DuBose
Koereyelle DuBose discusses why WERK University is the place to be for female entrepreneurs,  the importance of mindset preparation,  bouncing back from your failures, gives us the details on the new HBCU Project, and more. Koereyelle is the founder of Werk Pray Slay and WERK U, a two-time author, award-winning entrepreneur, and former educator who managed to turn her $32K teaching salary into a six-figure brand. She's the Founder of the 1st African American woman-owned trade school in the country and is on a mission to connect women of color with the resources they need so they can stop living paycheck to paycheck. She's an International Speaker, Podcast Host and Edutainer who's been featured nationally by Forbes, ESSENCE Magazine, The Huffington Post, NBC, TV One, VH1, Bravo TV and more for her empowerment projects. Koereyelle is on a mission to help women uncover their purpose, prioritize their life and profit from their passions. Her motto is, “You already have everything you need to get everything you want, you just have to WERK for it. For more info about her brands, visit
April 08, 2020
S1 Episode 13 | Elevating Your Brand Through PR w/ Bee Brown
Top Millennial Entrepreneur and Award-Winning Publicist Brittni "Bee" Brown of  The Bee Agency goes in depth about the true purpose and benefits of obtaining a publicist for your brand,  dispels the myths surrounding PR, explains how you can elevate your personal brand through PR and her initiative “Bee-coming Your Brand University,” and gives a list of expectations to have and meet when working with PR professionals. For more information about her brand, university, and clients, visit  
June 05, 2019
S1 Episode 12 | Living In Your Purpose w/ Coach Nita
Mindset and Mental Wellness Coach and Author Coach Nita of Purposefully Bcoming speaks with us about learning to live in your purpose, the trauma of abortion and the controversial abortion ban, balancing a 9-5 and entrepreneurial endeavors, her book Mending After the Break, getting order in your life before you pour out to others, and more.
May 23, 2019
S1 Episode 11: Financial Literacy Decoded w/ Rachel Gibbs
Certified Financial Educator and Credit Specialist Rachel Gibbs speaks about her company Gibbs Financial Fitness and their student loan programs and credit repair processes, provides a full breakdown of financial preparation for homebuying, teaches us best practices for managing your personal and business finances, and gives insight to her upcoming book Financial Literacy Decoded. For more information, visit
May 01, 2019
S1 Episode 10 | Finding Your Voice w/ Such
Soul Singer and Actress SUCH speaks with us about her new single 'Before Dark' and discusses the journey of becoming an established singer, the difficulties of being an independent artist and making it without a major music label, acknowledges iconic musicians who've influenced the sound of music, and more.
April 24, 2019
S1 Episode 9 | Finances Demystified with Dominique Broadway
Top Millennial Money Expert Dominique Broadway speaks on the financial struggles coming down on millennials, addresses steps to take to reach financial freedom, discrimination in the corporate and entrepreneurial realm, and more.
April 17, 2019
S1 Episode 8 | Fly Girl With Fibro w/ Trina Nicole
Author, Blogger, and Podcaster Trina Nicole joins us to discuss her Fly Girl With Fibro movement and book, living with chronic illnesses, the troubles black women face when seeking medical care, and tips on how to indulge in better self-care for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of our being.
April 10, 2019
S1 Episode 7 | Creating Your Seat at the Table w/ Ashley Little
Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author Ashley Little gives us insight to becoming a visionary author and co-author, tells us how to develop lasting business collaborations, speaks about her new venture T.A.L.K. Radio and TV Network, LLP, provides the opportunity to develop your own radio shows and podcasts, and more.
March 27, 2019
S1 Episode 6 | Scholarly Pursuits w/ Dr. Andrea Davis
Dr. Andrea Davis, Founder of Scholarly Pursuits, speaks about providing scholarships and higher education opportunities to black youth, the continuous struggles faced when pursuing higher education, new resource, e-courses, and workshops designed to help youth attend colleges and universities, and more.
March 13, 2019
S1 Episode 5 | Creating a Multi-Million Dollar Brand w/ Rochelle Graham-Campbell
Rochelle Graham-Campbell, Founder of BlackOnyx77 and Alikay Naturals, gives the backstory on creating a multi-million dollar brand with a $100 investment, explains the starting and ongoing difficulties of breaking into the billion-dollar beauty industry, introduces the new Mogul University, brings back the FAB U Natural Hair Expo, and more!
March 06, 2019
S1 Episode 4 | God and Goals w/ Crystal Perkins
Crystal Perkins, Founder of God and Goals, Inc., speaks about leaving a major part of her life behind to begin a journey leading to a powerful, faith-based empire, positioning yourself for what you've prayed for, trusting God through your processes, the upcoming God + Goals Conference, and more. 
February 27, 2019
S1 Episode 3 | Priceless Planning w/ Dr. Sidjae Price
This week we welcome one of the women connected with BlkWomenHustle, Dr. Sidjae Price. She speaks about her consulting agency Priceless Planning and nonprofit organization Speak Loud, Inc., gives advice on starting a consulting firm in your industry, and presents a new initiative providing multiple resources for women and minority entrepreneurs.
February 20, 2019
S1 Episode 2 | Redefining Fashion w/ Claire Sulmers
Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Fashion Bomb Daily Magazine Claire Sulmers speaks on the evolution of the fashion industry and its inclusion and respect for our people, highlights new black designers to support, provides guidance on breaking into the industry, and tells how you can work with her.
February 13, 2019
S1 Episode 1 | Money Matters w/ Tonya Rapley
Finance Educator and My Fab Finance founder Tonya Rapley joins us to discuss how she went from blogging to creating a global brand. She speaks on developing better spending habits, obtaining financial stability, negotiating your salary, and she provides free resources to help diminish your debt. Visit and learn more about Tonya's mission & financial resources.
February 06, 2019
The BWH Podcast Intro
Welcome to The BlkWomenHustle Podcast. Let's work!
January 26, 2019