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PR: Done & Doner

PR: Done & Doner

By Bob Geller
Hosted by Fusion PR executives, this podcast features top experts with advice that helps tech PR and marketing pros achieve the best results. You have questions? We have answers! Done, and doner.
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Episode 1: Analyst Relations with Robin Schaffer

PR: Done & Doner

Episode 2: Kevin Maney on How to Create and Own a Category in Tech
On Episode 2, guest Kevin Maney, co-founder of strategy consulting firm Category Design Advisors, joins host Bob Geller to discuss how tech companies can achieve market leadership. It's a noisy and competitive world in technology. How to stand apart? It gets down to creating and owning a category.  Kevin will offer learnings based on his many years working as a consultant, top journalist, and co-author of Play Bigger. We also get into PR tactics, explore what tech marketing can learn from infomercials, and how to reinvent the press release. Kevin's book "Play Bigger" is available for purchase on Amazon: You can contact Kevin Maney via his email: To contact Bob Geller about the podcast or features, he can be reached at Want to be a guest on a future episode? We'd love to hear who you'd like us to feature as a guest. Simply reply to this email and let us know who you think would be a great fit—even (and especially) if that's you!
September 14, 2021
Episode 1: Analyst Relations with Robin Schaffer
Welcome to our first PR, Done & Doner podcast.  In this episode, Bob Geller interviews Robin Schaffer, an industry analyst relations expert.  Her company Schaffer AR helps B2B tech companies maximize results with analysts and get into the reports.  Here, Robin counters myths and misperceptions about analysts, answers the most common questions asked by PR teams, and explains how to influence these key influencers. Robin Schaffer's Book "Analysts on Analyst Relations" is available on Amazon using the following link: You can contact Robin Schaffer via her email To contact Bob Geller about the podcast or features he can be reached at
July 29, 2021