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Boom! Be Courageous.

Boom! Be Courageous.

By Roz
Boom Be Courageous is a podcast that inspires courage in others. This show is for anyone who struggles with discouragement at any level and on it you'll hear a few moments of loaded encouragement necessary for life! You'll walk away from each episode with renewed perspectives and inspiration to keep going with a winners attitude.
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Scared, Terrified, Courageous.
Can you identify with having things in your life that scare you? If so, then these next 10 minutes are specifically for you. In this episode Roz goes more in depth into her own personal story and shares her unique definition of courage. In these 10 minutes you'll find vulnerability, genuine connection and inspiration on your journey into courage. Boom! Be Courageous.
February 18, 2021
Courage Moves Fear.
This season we're defining Courage. In this episode Roz dives into a bit of her story and shares how having clear definitions can help to disarm fear and move you into that place of courage! Join Roz for 10 minutes as she shares how Courage moves fear.
February 2, 2021
Courage. What does it even mean?
The word courage literally means to be brave. To take courage means to take heart in the face of danger or doing something that you're afraid of. In this episode Roz breaks down what it means to take courage in scary situations and she shares a bit more of what you can expect in the space. Boom! Be Courageous.
January 22, 2021
Welcome to the Boom!
This trailer shares the theme song and a bit of what you can expect to hear on each episode of Boom! Be Courageous. If you've ever struggled with discouragement on any level, then this show is for you! Here you'll find renewed perspective, and inspiration to keep going with a winners attitude. Welcome to the Boom! Be Courageous.
January 20, 2021