Boots Off

#8 - Matt Rossi, Miles For Nolan

An episode of Boots Off

By Mike Lahrman
Conversations with military veterans about their unique transitions to the civilian world
#9 - Dad
Please welcome my dad for this special Father's Day episode!
June 17, 2018
#8 - Matt Rossi, Miles For Nolan
Matt Rossi calls in from his 2,180 mile hike to tell us about his charity, Miles For Nolan
May 24, 2018
#7 - Maury Castaneda, Atten-Hut!
Maury Castaneda is a retired 22-year Naval Officer and the author of 'Atten-hut! 10 Things Veterans Should Know Before They Enter The Civilian Workforce'
May 17, 2018
#6 - Wade T Oberlin
Everett radio DJ and former Sailor, Wade T Oberlin joins to talk about what he's been doing since leaving AFN Tokyo and the Navy.
April 18, 2018
#5 - Reiki For Vets
Will and Allison of Reiki For Vets introduce us to the healing technique of Reiki, and discuss how they use it to help disabled veterans.
March 7, 2018
#4 - Joshua DeFour
Marine-turned-filmmaker joins the BOP to discuss military enlistment, PTSD, filmmaking, and Oscar predictions.
February 7, 2018
#3 - Dom P
When Dom isn't busy flying around the world, he's usually sitting in class. But today he's on the Boots Off Podcast!
January 19, 2018
#2.5 Veteran Charities
Veteran-friendly alternatives to Christmas consumerism
December 12, 2017
#2 - Christian Garzone
A conversation with Navy veteran, journalist, and PBS documentary star, Christian Garzone
December 7, 2017
#1 - Kellen Carr
A conversation with Air Force veteran and former AFN Tokyo radio host, Kellen Carr
November 10, 2017
#0 - Introduction to Boots Off
An introduction to what The Boots Off Podcast is all about.
November 8, 2017
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