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The BordersLess Podcast

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Current Focus: international perspectives from Asia, entrepreneurship & Asian-Australians. The BordersLess Podcast focuses on guests that have taken alternative pathways in their careers and life. It aims to encourage listeners to take risks, explore options abroad and understand international markets. Find out more here:
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Building Bridges Between Australia & Southeast Asia: Thomas Da Jose (AASYP & Masy Consultants)

The BordersLess Podcast

Indonesia VC Perspectives: Jason Pard, Partner at Aksara Ventures
Today’s guest is Jason Pard, partner at Aksara Ventures, an Indonesian Venture Capital firm. With a large and growing digital savvy population, Indonesia has produced notable startup unicorns like GoJek, Tokopedia, Bukalapa and Traveloka: About Aksara Aksara Ventures is on a mission to discover startups with the potential to change the way we function in the future. They look to back the bold ideas and resolute operators at the edge of breaking out, backing startups at the post-product stage until the Series A stage. About Jason Jason Pard is a partner and cofounder at Aksara Ventures. He was previously an Analyst at Venture Capital firm Monk's Hill Ventures and had prior experience as Product Manager at Gojek and other startups. He graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. See more here: Topics & Timestamps 0:00 - Introduction  0:56 - Jason's intro, why he came back to Indonesia from the US and some thoughts on how hard it is to find jobs as an international student.  4:20 - How Jason got into VC, his career journey at Gojek, local Indonesian vs overseas graduates.  7:50 - Why Jason started his own Venture Capital firm (Aksara Ventures), what does Aksara mean, what is their point of differentiation?  15:20 - Why Indonesia as a place to invest? What are the opportunities and barriers?  19:20 - How does Jason find startups to invest in? The value of good karma, investing in the team vs numbers. 24:40 - which countries in Southeast Asia is Jason interested in? Which startups & sectors is he excited about?  28:10 - Is Jason worried about the current market cycle? (low interest rates, increased competition).  31:10 - are young Indonesians getting into entrepreneurship? Issues around income inequality. 34:48 - can SE Asian startups go global outside of their own region? Are many foreigners coming to Indonesia to work in tech?  39:20 - thoughts around NFTs, crypto & gaming.  43:45 - how to get into the Venture Capital industry? What traits make a good VC investor vs associate/analyst? How to contact Jason.
October 17, 2021
Living in Japan as an Asian-Australian Foreigner (Samantha Low)
Formerly based in Sydney, Samantha Low is a Tokyo based Senior Account Manager at Critical Mass, a digital experience design agency. Find out more about her life on her website, where she regularly blogs about her life in Japan at This episode appeared on the Professional Development Forum (PDF), an organisation helping diverse young professionals reach their full potential in the workplace and find career fulfillment. To find out more, please visit: Topics covered in this episode: · When and why did you come to Japan. How did you get a job? · Is Japanese fluency essential? · How to build a professional career in Japan (outside of teaching English)? · What is working culture like? · Thoughts as an Asian-Australian living in Japan · Tips & tricks for getting settled · Life in Australia vs Japan
January 21, 2021
Considering a Career in Asia? - Jason Yat-Sen Li (Vantage Asia)
Full episode & show notes: Note: this is a snippet from the Professional Development Forum (PDF), an organisation that aims to help professionals find career fulfillment. To find out more about about PDF, please visit their website. About Jason Jason is currently Chairman of investment group Vantage Asia and Managing Director of corporate advisory firm YSA. YSA specialises in complex cross-border, China-related M&A and capital raising mandates. Jason is a Fellow of the University of Sydney Senate, a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on China. He was previously a non-executive director of the George Institute for Global Health, Vice Chair of the Australia-China Chamber of Commerce, a Director of the Sydney Institute and a Governing Member of the Smith Family. Jason completed an Arts-Law degree at the University of Sydney and a Masters of Law at New York University, where he was Australia's Hauser Global Scholar. He was formerly Head of China Strategy for Insurance Australia Group and Head of Sales & Marketing for IAG's China operations. His work on road safety in China won the China PR Association Silver Medal for Best Campaign in 2005. Jason has also worked as a commercial lawyer for Corrs Chambers Westgarth in Sydney and Davis Polk & Wardwell in New York.
December 29, 2020
Diversity & Inclusion in Australia vs Japan: Sarah Liu (The Dream Collective)
Full episode & show notes: Note: this is a snippet from the Professional Development Forum (PDF), an organisation that aims to help professionals find career fulfillment. To find out more about about PDF, please visit their website. About The Dream Collective The Dream Collective was founded in 2012 by Sarah Liu, a passionate advocate for women in leadership and furthering diversity and inclusivity practises in corporate culture to transform the way we work. Sarah was named one of the "40 under 40: Most Influential Asian-Australians" in the Entrepreneurship category at the 2019 Asian-Australian Leadership Summit. The Dream Collective is a global leadership consultancy, helping business across Sydney, Shanghai, Melbourne, Tokyo & Singapore build diverse and inclusive workplaces: ウェブサイト:
December 29, 2020
Is Australia Utilising Their Asia Capable Talents? - Shelli Trung (REACH ANZ & ASEAN)
Full episode & show notes: Note: this is a snippet from the Professional Development Forum (PDF), an organisation that aims to help professionals find career fulfillment. To find out more about about PDF, please visit their website. About Shelli Shelli Trung is the Managing Partner for REACH Australia and Southeast Asia. REACH is a scaleup program for the real estate industry created by Second Century Ventures (SCV), an early-stage technology fund backed by the National Association of Realtors®. SVC is among the largest proptech funds globally with a portfolio of 100+ investments across mortgage, finance, marketing, big data and hardware including success stories such as DocuSign (IPO $6B+), August Home (sold to Assa Abloy), HouseCanary ($63M+ Series C) and Updater ($1B+). Prior to this, Shelli was an active proptech angel investor with a global portfolio of startups from New York, Shanghai and Australia. She was the Investment Fund Manager for Queensland University of Technology CEA where she oversaw a portfolio of 30 seed/Series A investments. Shelli has spent 10 years in corporate innovation successfully deploying new technology across the banking, medical and transportation sectors. For more:
December 28, 2020
Are Australians Pursuing Entrepreneurship in Asia? - Brad Chan (Haymarket HQ)
Full episode & show notes: Note: this is a snippet from the Professional Development Forum (PDF), an organisation that aims to help professionals find career fulfillment. To find out more about about PDF, please visit their website: About Brad Chan "Brad Chan, CEO of the Banna Property Group, is an entrepreneur leading one of Australia's most established third generation family companies across retail, entertainment & commercial property sectors. He is an Angel investor, mentor to startups and an active contributor to community groups with a close association with the Asian Australian community. His vision to establish an Asia Innovation Hub in Chinatown led to the creation of Haymarket HQ." He is a self-confessed introvert who is passionate about giving back to the community and paying it forward. Find out more here: •Banna Property Group: •Haymarket HQ:
December 15, 2020
Are Australians Ignorant of Asia? - Su-Lin Tan (SCMP)
Full episode & show notes: Note: this is a snippet from the Professional Development Forum (PDF), an organisation that aims to help professionals find career fulfillment. To find out more about about PDF, please visit their website. About Su-Lin Tan "Su-Lin Tan joined the Post in 2020 after the Australian Financial Review where she covered housing and commercial property, Asian business and street talk and investigations. She is a qualified accountant and worked in investment banking and funds management both in London and Sydney before becoming a journalist." Find out more here:
December 14, 2020
Why Taiwan for your Startup? - Elisa Chiu (Anchor Taiwan | Anchor Venture Partners)
Full episode & notes: Note: this is a snippet from the Professional Development Forum (PDF), an organisation that aims to help professionals find career fulfillment. To find out more about about PDF, please visit their website. About Anchor Taiwan Established in 2017, Anchor Taiwan is an Entrepreneurial Residency, Tech Community & Investor Network designed to tackle your soft landing in Asia through Taiwan. In 2019, Elisa Chiu launched Anchor Venture Partners, an early stage cross-border investment platform to combine her passion for startups and her expertise in capital markets. To find out more, please visit:
December 12, 2020
The Business Opportunities in Asia: David Thomas
Full Episode & Notes here: Note: this is a snippet from the Professional Development Forum (PDF), an organisation that aims to help professionals find career fulfillment. To find out more about about PDF, please visit their website. About David Thomas Over the last 30 years, David Thomas has inspired, motivated and educated global business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to pay attention to the massive growth potential offered by modern China and other emerging countries and taken them on a journey to identify and build long-term business and cross-cultural relationships. If you're interested in finding more about David, please visit and
December 12, 2020
Improving Employment Outcomes for International Students: Shane Dillon (Founder of Cturtle)
Show Notes Key Episode Themes: •Lack of university engagement & support for international students. •Poor employment outcomes abroad and at home as an international student. •The lack of understanding of Asia by Australian businesses & academic leaders. •The potential impacts of COVID-19. •Vietnam as a destination for founders & startups. About Cturtle Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Shane Dillon founded Cturtle, an edtech data company and employment network for international graduates in 2016. It is a talent community for companies looking to connect with local candidates who are bi-lingual, cross cultural and educated at top universities in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Europe and New Zealand. With a network of over 1.3 million international alumni who have returned to ASEAN, Greater China and South Asia, Cturtle works with innovative universities to connect their international graduates with over 12,000 hiring managers across Asia. To find out more, please visit or feel free to add Shane on LinkedIn. Episode Quote "There's a lot of marketing and messaging around how studying in Australia would help your career, but very little support in actually delivering that promise. So we were overwhelmed by the demand from students and graduates." Time Stamps 0:37 - Introduction to Cturtle & Shane Dillon 1:11 - Inspiration for starting Cturtle 2:17 - Why did you base yourself in Vietnam? 3:00 - Lack of support from Australian universities in regard to international alumni. 4:40 - Why have the universities been so poor in regards to this? 6:30 - International student's opinions of Australia as a destination for study. 7:40 - How does Australia compare to alternative education markets? 8:30 - What are the major employment barriers for students staying in Australia or returning home? 10:35 - How much data do you collect? What data do you collect? 12:05 - Potential Impact of COVID-19. 14:00 - Thoughts on the over-reliance of international students by Australian universities. 15:00 - Thoughts on the treatment of these students. Are they treated like cash cows? 16:15 - What can Australia universities do better? 18:05 - Lack of Asia understanding by Australians. 20:45 - Next economic opportunities for Australia: ASEAN. 21:50 - Australian brain drain, lack of long term planning. 23:05 - How does Australia rank compared to other markets? 24:30 - Why do international students get paid less than their counterparts that stayed at home? 26:00 - If that's the case, why do these students study abroad? 27:10 - Thoughts on Aussies studying and living abroad. 28:35 - Thoughts on entrepreneurship in Vietnam and SE Asia. 34:00 - Current status of Cturtle & UniAdvisor. 35:15 - What do international students typically study? 35:50 - Interesting statistics 37:15 - Thoughts on international student agents / recruiters. 40:30 - Increased competition from other universities. 41:20 - Australia should see students as assets rather than cash cows. 41:50 - How to contact Shane or find out more about Cturtle, final thoughts.
June 9, 2020
Innovation, Tech & Hackathons: Angela Bee Chan (Hackathons Australia & Hackathons International)
Angela Bee Chan is the CEO & Founder of Hackathons Australia (HackAUS), a community for hackathon organisers, participants, sponsors, partners and government to connect, empower, grow and advance the hackathon community and accelerate an innovative culture in Australia. HackAUS's vision is to activate Australian innovation and make Australia the world's largest innovation hub. Listen to the podcast to find out a bit more about: •Angela's motivations for starting Hackathons Australia (HackAUS), •Hackathons and how to participate, •innovation and having an open mindset, •diversity, tech trends and advice for those looking to be in the ecosystem, •and the background story to her Ted Talk! What is a Hackathon? A Hackathon is a 2-3 day creative, intensive competition where a diverse group of people solve problems using technology as an enabler. They've been used for centuries and were made famous by the likes of Google, Facebook and Atlassian. To find out more about upcoming Hackathons in Australia or if you would like to know more, please visit: Show Notes & Write-up here: Timestamps 0:37 - Her experience giving a Ted Talk in Adelaide, South Australia. 5:10 - A bit about introversion, building the confidence to speak in public. 6:35 - Why she founded Hackathons Australia (HackAus), difficulties of finding a stable job in the PR industry after graduating. 11:20 - What is a Hackathon? 13:40 - Is Innovation a buzzword? What is innovation? The Three Horizons of Innovation & Growth. 16:25 - Resistance to change, having an open mindset. 17:10 - Thoughts on diversity in STEM and being inclusive. 19:05 - Trends that's Angela is seeing in the ecosystem, why don't some start-ups succeed? 21:00 - Living true to your values, especially in unprecedented times. 23:20 - Angela's' goals and plans for the future - using digital tools to the fullest for Hackathons. 26:15 - Her role as Head of Innovation at Schneider Electric. 27:20 - Navigating struggles and doubts: authenticity, self-awareness, having a strong support network. 28:30 - How to get involved in the innovation ecosystem? 30:30 - Final words, some advice
March 26, 2020
PropTech & RealTech in the Asia Pacific: Jonathan Hannam (Taronga Group & Real Tech Ventures)
Today's guest is Jonathan Hannam, the co-founder and managing director of Taronga Group and managing partner of Taronga Ventures. We talk about his career and background, PropTech / RealTech themes and opportunities in the Asia Pacfic, and advice for emerging companies and startups in the industry. Originally from Australia, Jonathan found himself in Beijing in the early 1990's and built a 20+ year real estate career across major global markets, including Sweden, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, China and Australia. Show Notes here: About Taronga Group Taronga is an investment house that brings together institutional real estate investment with technology and innovation to create a unique eco-system for global institutional, corporate and ultra-high net worth investors. Taronga Ventures invests into emerging real estate and built world innovation and technology opportunities through the Real Tech Ventures Fund. Find out more about Taronga Group here: Timestamps 1:10 - Motivation for moving to Beijing, China. Life studying at the prestigious Tsinghua University in the early 1990's. 4:30 - Working for the first real estate agency in China, learning Chinese and moving to Singapore. 8:30 - Moving from agency to investment management and working as the Head of Real Estate, Asia for Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA). 10:00 - Moving to Sweden, then back to Australia. 13:00 - Advice for those looking to move to Asia for their careers. 15:00 - On Taronga Group and opportunities in real estate technology. 20:50 - PropTech vs RealTech, challenges for emerging startups/companies, wellbeing of founders. 24:15 - Real estate companies in Asia investing in innovation and technology. 27:15 - Thoughts on expats transitioning back to Australia. 29:00 - Thoughts on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how Taronga is managing the situation. 31:30 - Short-term behaviour of Aussie companies expanding or investing abroad, opportunities in the Asian century. 33:50 - Final thoughts and advice.
March 26, 2020
Building Bridges Between Australia & Southeast Asia: Thomas Da Jose (AASYP & Masy Consultants)
Thomas Da Jose is an aspiring humanitarian engineer who is on the journey to making a world that isn't good for a small few, but one that's good for everyone. Listen to the podcast to find out how he plans to actively make meaningful change and improve people's lives across the Southeast Asia region. In this interview we talk about: •his experiences in Southeast Asia on the New Colombo Plan Scholarship, •what inspired him to cofound Masy Consultants and the ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership, •how he's navigating unprecedented events like COVID-19, •how young Australians can get involved in the Southeast Asia and contribute to regional affairs and issues, •his commitment to health, sanitation, disaster resilience and connectivity in the region. Show Notes can be found here: Links for more information: To find out more about how you can contribute to Australia-ASEAN regional matters, please visit: To find out more about Thomas' projects in the Phillipines, visit: If you are an Australian undergraduate between the ages of 18-28, and are passionate about building relationships and experiences in the Indo-Pacific, consider applying for New Colombo Plan scholarship. More information here: Timestamps: 0:37 - Introduction and background. 3:50 - What is the New Colombo Plan Scholarship? 7:10 - Thomas' experience in Thailand and Southeast Asia on the New Colombo Plan Scholarship. 13:20 - Difficulties of utilising your international experiences back in Australia, some thoughts on international companies. 19:20 - How Thomas is dealing with COVID-19. 23:30 - What is AASYP? 27:50 - How to get more young Australians involved in Asia? 32:45 - What is Masy Consultants? Projects and pilots. 39:20 - Navigating between Philippino and Australian culture. 42:30 - Are you seeing many young Asian-Australians involved in similar humanitarian projects? 47:00 - How to contact Thomas or get involved, biggest issues and opportunities in Southeast Asia, final words.
March 26, 2020