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Boys Don't Try - The Podcast

Boys Don't Try - The Podcast

By Matt Pinkett and Mark Roberts
Writers of the book 'Boys Don't Try? - Rethinking Masculinity in Schools', a guide for teachers teaching boys in the modern setting, Matt Pinkett and Mark Roberts, discuss the issues that they highlight in their ground-breaking book.
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5: Expectations

Boys Don't Try - The Podcast

6: Sex and Sexism
James, Mark and Matt are joined by a special guest to discuss this particular minefield and how schools can start to tackle it, but not before Matt and Mark have had a fight over intellectualism and James his plugged his band.
July 23, 2020
BONUS EPISODE: How Not To Write an Edubook!
In this slightly frivolous mid-season special, Matt and Mark give their top tips on how to write an edubook.  Amongst some jovial nonsense, there are some nuggets of advice in here....
July 06, 2020
5: Expectations
Matt, Mark and James discuss the importance of high expectations in getting boys to achieve academically, via a chat about James Bond and role models.
June 22, 2020
4: Mental Health
Matt, Mark and James discuss the pressures on men that lead to the extraordinary stats regarding mens' mental health and try to come up with some solutions to the problem of boys not talking about their feelings.
June 03, 2020
3. Peer Pressure
Matt, mark and James discuss the impact of the need for popularity and acceptance on our behaviours, particularly for boys - and Mark makes several Literature references!
May 19, 2020
2: Disadvantaged Children
Matt and Mark chat to James about the issues surrounding disadvantaged students - starting with what to call them, but taking in the problem of university as an aspiration and how class affects the classroom.
May 02, 2020
1: The Engagement Myth
Matt and Mark chat to James about engaging boys and the pitfalls of trying to make everything relevant.
April 20, 2020