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Engaging on Social Media with Brandy Henry, M.Ed.

Engaging on Social Media with Brandy Henry, M.Ed.

By Brandy W Henry, M.Ed.
If you're going to post to social media, you must engage. What does that mean? How can we engage without spending hours and hours on every platform? That's what I'm here to answer.
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47) Yes!! This is a Difficult Time.
It's great to be back! Thank you for listening. Yes!! This is a difficult time. It's normal to find it tough to know what to share, who to engage with, and how to get going every day. What can we do? One thing we can do is be a positive presence. This episode acknowledges the difficulties you're facing and give you some tools to move forward with the difficulties. What would you like to hear on future episodes? Email me at  Here are today's Tidbits and Freebies: Canva Pro Scheduler Kanopy CloudLibrary  Thanks for being you!! 
August 31, 2020
46) What You Do Matters
Hello! It's great to be back.  In this episode, I dive into your purpose, the importance of your passion, and why it matters to share it on social media. I'm here to empower you, and I hope this episode helps you keep going!  Sign up for my WEEKLY NEWSLETTER HERE. And thanks! :)  Take good care of yourself. I'll talk to you again next week. 
June 22, 2020
45) The 8 Stages of Social Media Acceptance
This episode was a lot of fun to create and record. Thanks to my client and online personal trainer, Jessica Lonbeck, for the inspiring it!!  What are the 8 stages of social media acceptance? How do we go from Stage 1:  'What's Facebook?' to Stage 8: Acceptance & Effective Use of Social Media? It's certainly a journey! Let's dive in.  If you're not yet a newsletter subscriber, I encourage you to sign up. Once weekly, and only once weekly, I send out an uplifting and resourceful newsletter. Starting this week, I'm adding a section to highlight 3 businesses and their owners. Will you be one of them? SIGN UP HERE! And thank you.  Take good care of yourselves! Brandy 
May 26, 2020
44) Your Digital Presence Basics for Business Owners
How's your business's digital presence? What is a business digital presence? If you're in business, you need a digital presence. You may have gotten away without one prior or the Coronavirus Pandemic, but now you've got to have a digital presence.   Questions? Reach me at  Learn more about be at my website.  Thanks for listening, and be well. 
May 11, 2020
43) Business Owners: Here's What to Say on Social Media. A Formula for You!
Are you a small business confused about what to say on social media? Are you worried you'll say the wrong thing or come across weird? I've got you!  In this episode, I address how to comment on other's posts and what to write in your posts. I give you a 4-sentence 'formula' for your social media posts. You can do this! I'm excited to help. You can reach me at Learn about my services at   Would you like weekly encouragement and updates on my free and paid classes? Click HERE! I won't spam you. Promise!  Be well, and thanks for listening.  Brandy
May 4, 2020
42) How Social Media is Like Using the Bathroom :)
You go in. You do your business. You clean up. And, you get out.  That's how social media is like using the bathroom.  BUT! There's a good side too. There's a well cared for bathroom where long leisurely baths can restore us both mind and body.  Let's talk more!  If you'd like to send me your ideas for episode topics, please email me at Would you like to subscribe to my email list? I'd love it! Click HERE TO SUBSCRIBE, and thank you.  Be well. 
April 26, 2020
41) Looking to Social Media for Emotional Support, Be Careful!
Are you looking to social media for emotional support? Are you staying aware of why you're on social media and what content you are absorbing? I hope so!  I want you to take good care of yourself. It's especially important that you care for yourself during this pandemic and societal restrictions.  You matter to me. How you approach social media matters to me too.  Let's dive in.  Reach out to me on LinkedIn or email me,  Thanks for listening. 
April 19, 2020
40) Navigating Social Media During the Coronavirus Crisis
Social Media is different now. How we use it needs to adjust. In this episode, I discuss the three keys plus a flash-back bonus to navigating social media during the Coronavirus Crisis.  The Three Keys: 1) Empathy, which is not pity or sympathy. 2) You're still an expert, but ya gotta pivot. 3) Different platforms still mean different delivery.  Flash-back bonus: Planned and Flexible  Do you know a nonprofit who could use help with social media? Please have them contact me. I give nonprofits an hour of help for free. Connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.  Sign Up for weekly inspirational newsletter HERE.  Keep shining!  Love, Brandy
April 5, 2020
39) Your Positive Presence On Social Media Matters!
Your presence on social media right now matters! Why? Because you can make a difference during this time. You have the ability to be part of solutions. You have goodness in you. You have all that and more in you! I'm here to help you! For many weeks to come, I will release more episodes than usual. It's my intention to help you be the best you can be on social media. Why? Because it's good for all of us to show up as positive and as helpful to the collective mood as possible.  This podcast is my part in that.  If you would like weekly show notes, please sign up HERE.  Free audio books through your local library. Fill your ears with uplifting stories and nonfiction. Click HERE.  Send your loved ones free audio recordings. Try Voxer. It's fun! Click HERE.  Talk to you again soon. You can reach me at  Lots love, Brandy! 
March 23, 2020
38) How to Be A Shining Light on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a great platform! It's calm. It's direct. It's about problem solving. But it's still about being human, being approachable, and understanding.  At the time of this episode, we are all dealing with the ramifications and prevention methods of COBID-19. It's not easy. How can you be a shining light on LinkedIn and all platforms? Let's Talk! Would you like weekly show notes delivered to your inbox, sign up HERE! I'll also be sharing short social media to-do lists that you can get done during this time of social distancing.  Get free LinkedIn Article writing help HERE!  Would you like to work together on our social media message, content, and systematization? Contact me at  THANK YOU! Brandy
March 15, 2020
37) Own Your Outsider Insight: A Powerful 3-Part Action Plan
What does it mean to own your insight? How do we even know what our insight is? And, how do deliver it on social media? Great questions!! I'm here to help. Let's dive in! Would you like a group that will help you do better on social media? Support you? Understand? I've starting a private group on Facebook called 'Let's Do Better!' Click HERE, and ask to join. I'm excited to help you!! Next week! LinkedIn basics. If you'd like some help writing LinkedIn articles, click HERE. We've got a great tool waiting for you.  Thank you!! I appreciate that you allow me into your ears. Keep up your great work! It matters.  Love and Hugs, Brandy
March 8, 2020
SPECIAL INVITATION: Let's ALL Do Better on Social Media!!
I'm starting a movement! Join me!! It's called LET'S DO BETTER! It's about showing up BETTER on social media. It's about being our best selves, rising above, stepping up, and being the change. Let's start now! Let's start with us!  Join me! Email me at, and I'll send you a Facebook Group invite.  Would you like weekly show notes? Click HERE, and I'll send you the best of every episode.  Thank you for listening! Thank you for your support. It means a lot. 
March 1, 2020
36) Bravery Required!! Being Brave as an Outsider With a Message
Are you struggling to stay strong with your message? Do you find bravery a fleeting feeling? I'm here to help! In this episode, I encourage, bolster, and help you with tips all on staying true to your message on social media. It's tough to show up with your truth, to make a positive difference, and stick with it. I get in. Let's dive in!  Would you like help to define your message? Join me for my Four-Week Live Online Course, Let's Define Your Social Media Message! I'd love to have you! Got questions? Email me at Thanks for listening! I appreciate you. 
February 23, 2020
35) Your Truth Makes a Difference
 What is it to share truth? Your truth? And, why does it matter? It matters because you matter! It matters for your sake and for those you can help by sharing the truth you've learned, experience, and know. That's important! That matters! Would you like to work with me? I have a 4-Week online course Fridays in March. Check it out by clicking HERE. Thanks for listening! Coming Episodes: 36) Bravery and Truth as an Outsider 37) An Outsider's Power Trifecta! 38) Practicals: A Tech How-To Episode
February 16, 2020
34) OUTSIDER POWER! Outsiders Have Insights That Make Our World Better
Outsiders have a power that scares insiders. If you identify as an outsider, you see more because you've had to. If you want to bring what you see and know to social media to help others, I want to help you.  Episode 34 is the first in a new series of Outsider Empowerment. Whoot! I'm here to help you share your insights, your truth,  and your message that will help others. Thank you for listening.  Click HERE for 'Finding Your Strength' worksheets.  Click HERE for 'A Simple Way to Create Content' worksheets.  Freebies mentioned in this episode include using your library, the For Dummies books, typing 'How do I...' into Google, TechBoomer videos on YouTube, Canva for graphic design, and for social media tips and scheduling. 
February 9, 2020
BONUS Episode: A Simple Way to Create Content Topics. WHOOT!!
Whoot! It's my first BONUS Episode. In this episode, I walk you through a series of questions that will help you create content. There is great content inside of you that the world needs to hear, but I also know that it's hard to get it out of your head into an organized list of content topics.  That's why I created A Simple Way to Create Content Topics. You've got this! You really do.  If you'd like these questions in writing along with two worksheets to help you turn your answers into topics and dates on your calendar, click HERE! Let's do this! 
February 5, 2020
33) Interview! Listen as I Help my Guest Define Her Message
Listen in as I help my friend, DeeDee, define her social media message and create content from that message.  Without knowing the heart of your message, or what I call Your Social Media Message/Mission, it's crazy hard to know what content to create and how to deliver that content.  That's what I help DeeDee do in this episode. I hope it helps you define the message you want to share and the content you want to create.  Thank you for listening!  Would you like the weekly notes for each episode? Click HERE and a summary of each week's episode will arrive in your inbox on Thursday.  Want to connect with DeeDee? Click HERE to reach her through Instagram. 
February 2, 2020
32) Going LIVE on Social Media: The Why, The How and The When!
Go LIVE! We hear it all the time. "I'll be LIVE on Facebook/Instagram!" "You should Go LIVE  to get more engagement."  But, why and how and when!?!? That's what I answer in Episode 32.   Would you like to be interviewed for this show? Email me at And, thanks! Come see me IN PERSON on February 5th in Tigard, Oregon. Click HERE for more information.  Would you like an excellent summary of this episode? Sign up HERE, and you'll get the bullet points delivered to your inbox on Thursdays.  Try the Free version of ConvertKit HERE. 
January 26, 2020
31) How to Systemize Your Content Creation
By developing a system to get your best content out into the world, you give yourself a gift. That gift is results! In order to build your message, confidence, consistency, traction, and audience, you must have a system. In this episode, I walk you through how to do that.  For weekly episode notes and some help on what to say on social media, click here.  Coming Episodes: 32) Practicals: The How of Going Live on Facebook and Instagram. 33) Interview! Listen as I help a client find their message. 34) Outsider Power! If you're an outsider, you have the power of insight.  Please subscribe and share my podcast with a friend. Thank you! I really appreciate it. 
January 19, 2020
30) Your Message, Your Truth: How to Find Your Fuel
Where does the fuel for our message come from? What's the truth of our inner fire? This is tough stuff. It's tough to look inside and see why we're so passionate about something. It's often easier to bury it, ignore it, or justify not acting on it. Because it is so hard, I offer the history of my message to help you see the inherent value of yours.  This episode is a deeper dive into what motivates, truly motivates, us and how to understand that truth within us vs react to or hide from. That's tough stuff. I hope by sharing my story, you can see how your story matters.  If you'd like the key takeaways of every episode delivered to your inbox, sign up here. Thank you!  Love and Hugs, Brandy
January 12, 2020
29) Adding Value Through Content
What does it mean to add value when referring to content? What is valuable content? Why does it matter? These are the questions I answer in Episode 29. Let's dive in! Thank you so much for listening. It's my honor and privilege to have your ears. My commitment to you is to help you get your message out to the world. You have value to share with the world. I'm excited to help you do it! Would you like the notes for my podcasts? I would love to send them to you. Subscribe here. Coming Episodes. In my next episode, Episode 30, I'll share where my passion comes from for this podcast. Episode 31 will cover systemizing your content creation and distribution. Episode 32 is a Practicals episode. What questions do you have? Send them to me.  Thanks again.! Love and Hugs, Brandy
January 5, 2020
28) Practicals! Tagging and Analytics, The How and Why.
It's a Practicals episode. This week, I discuss the how and why of Tagging and Analytics. What do these terms mean? Why use them? And, how can we best use these features? Let's dive in! Thank you so much for listening. I'm excited to help you on your journey of sharing your message. What you do, what you've learned, and how you can change the world all matter. They matter A LOT! It's my honor to help you do it.  Newsletter Summaries! If you'd like a weekly summary of every episode, please sign up for my newsletter. You can do that here.  And, thanks.  Coming Episodes! Episode 29 will cover what it means to add value and why that matters. Episode 30 will dive into the fire of why my work helping you means so much to me. In Episode 31, I'll cover how I've systemized my content posting and you can too! You rock! Go out there and make a difference. 
December 29, 2019
27) Traction! Let's Get Your Message Out!!
What is traction in social media? What is it for your message to gain traction? Let's dive in! I'm excited to explain it and help you gain your own traction!! Would you like the key takeaways of episodes delivered to your inbox each week? If yes, click here.  Thank you so much for listening. Please let me know your thoughts, questions, and requests.  Follow me on Instagram or Facebook. I post short educational videos designed to help followers learn and grow. If you like nerdy humor, you'll enjoy those posts too.  Instagram Facebook  Next Episodes: In Episode 28, I'll discuss Tagging and Analytics. Episode 29 will cover adding value on social media. For Episode 30, I'll dive into my where my drive comes from. I'll share what feeds my message of empowerment. 
December 22, 2019
26) Your 2020 Content Planner: Teach Your Message Over 52 Weeks
Imagine you're a teacher. You have one year to teach your message to an audience. How would you do it? What lessons would you create? That's your content plan. CONTENT PLANNING IS LIKE LESSON PLANNING. Let's dive in!  Would you like the key takeaways delivered to your inbox each week? If yes, click here. And, thank you!  Thank you so much for listening. If you know someone else who could use this information, please share it with them. I thank you in advance!  Friend me on Facebook  Follow my geeky humor on Instagram  Email me at Happy Happy Holidays to you! 
December 15, 2019
25) You, Me and Social Media in 2020: Let's Set an Intention!!
What does it mean to set a social media intention for 2020? And, why does it matter? I answer both questions in this episode and offer a homework assignment.  Would you like the key takeaways delivered to your inbox each week? If yes, click here. And, thank you! Thank you all for your feedback! I heard from you via email, Instagram, and Facebook. I so very much appreciate your thoughts!! Thank you.  Do you know someone on the cusp of sharing their passion, story, or powerful work in the world and could use a boost? Please share my podcast with them. I truly love encouraging and empowering people. And, thanks!  Next Week: Episode 26)  Brandy's 2020 Social Media Mission and Content Plan You can reach me at  Follow me on Instagram @brandywhenry   Join my discussions on Facebook at Have a GREAT week! Take good care of yourself. 
December 8, 2019
24) Too Many Platforms: Which ones should you use? Why or Why Not? Let's Discuss!
There are so many social media platforms! Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, and More! Which one(s) are best for you? Where should you start?  In this episode, I compare the various social media platforms to the personalities of a workgroup, classroom, or family. There's the very direct person, the very sensitive person, the one who questions everything, and more. I then offer a way of folding in one platform at a time much like you might fold a new friend or children into your life. Finally, I offer why one or two platforms done well is much better than spreading yourself thin on several platforms.  Would you like the key takeaways delivered to your inbox each week? If yes, click here. And, thanks. Please SHARE this episode with a friend who could use some encouragement. I'd love to fill their ears with motivation, faith in their potential, and concrete help. Thank you!  Reach me at Join the conversation on Facebook Follow me on Instagram Freebie! How to Say It on Social Media. Click here. 
December 1, 2019
23) Algorithms Smalgorithms: Let's Stop Fearing Them!
Thanks for checking out my podcast and this episode. Do you use algorithms as an excuse not to share your voice on social media? Do you think there's some magical formula to master? Let's dive a bit into social media algorithms, and come out empowered. Let's not allow algorithms to be a mental block to showing up, engaging, and sharing your mission.  In this episode, I discuss what I've recently learned about where AI is and where it's not, the mental blocks I hear so frequently that give away far too much of our potential to social media algorithms, and what you can do to work with algorithms. YOU GOT THIS!  Would you like the key takeaways delivered to your inbox each week? If yes, click here. And, thanks. Thank you for listening!  Reach me at  Next Week! Episode 24)  So Many Platforms: Which ones should we use? 
November 24, 2019
22.5) Second Try at 'Likes, Links, and Profile Visits'
What do you think of Likes going away on Instagram? Do you wonder why Links are so tricky and used differently on each platform? And, why are Profile Visits more important than Likes? Let's dive in and answer these questions! Would you like the key takeaways delivered to your inbox each week? If yes, click here. And, thanks. Thank you so much for listening. You can reach me Please share my podcast with a friend or on your social media. I'd really appreciate it.  Do you have ideas for episode topics? Send them my way. I'd love to hear them.  Join me on Instagram
November 20, 2019
21) Brandy's Why: Why Does Brandy do This Podcast?
What's my Why? As Simon Sinek would say, what's motivating me to record this show? That's what I answer in this week's episode. And, guess what!?!? YOU are a big part of my why. Your voice is important. You matter. Because of these truths, how you show up on social media is important. That's a big part of my WHY.  Today's TidBit/Freebie is how to tie the pictures on your phone to your why and into a social media post.  Would you like the key takeaways delivered to your inbox each week? If yes, click here. And, thanks. Thank you so much for listening. I really appreciate it!  Do you have comments, suggestions, or show topic ideas? Email me at  I'd love to hear from you.  Join my newsletter for a mix of social media help and the latest in my business journey. Join next week's conversation at Need something uplifting? Follow me on Instagram at
November 10, 2019
20) What Do You Wish You Could Change About Social Media? Let's Discuss!
Is it the algorithms? Is it politics? Is it censorship? What if the only thing most of us change is our own reactions to and we show up on social media? That might be frustrating or disappointing to hear, but it's also empowering. Let's talk about it!  Next Episode: Brandy's Why. Why am I driven by this topic, Engaging on Social Media? I'll fill you in next week. Thanks for listening. I truly appreciate you!  Would you like the key takeaways delivered to your inbox each week? If yes, click here. And, thanks. Be a guest on other's podcasts via Spot A Guest Links to the two podcast episodes I mentioned about LinkedIn and I'd love to hear from you. Email me at  Join next week's conversation at Need something uplifting? Follow me on Instagram at
November 3, 2019
19) Facebook and Your Brand: Are You Intentional?
You are always your brand. You are always showing others what it's like to work with you. For example, if you're rude to the barista at your local coffee shop, those around you see that. They may be lost forever as possible clients for you. Or, they may agree with you and be your best client ever. The same is true on Facebook.  As we enter a hot political year, how do you want to come across to potential clients? What's your intention? Let's talk about it!  Would you like to receive weekly summaries of future episodes? If yes, click here. And, thanks!  I'd love to hear from you. Reach me at Please share this episode with a friend. I'd really appreciate it!  Join the conversation. Friend me at  As always, thank you for listening. I love having you.  Brandy 
October 27, 2019
18) Instagram Basics: Me, You, and Your Feed
Thank you for tuning into Engaging on Social Media with Brandy Henry. I really appreciate it. Episode 18 covers the basics of Instagram's Feed and Stories.  What's the Feed? How do I post multiple pictures or videos? What's Instagram Stories? These are a few of the questions I answer in Episode 18. I hope you find it helpful.  Would you like to receive weekly summaries of future episodes? If yes, click here. And, thanks! Reach me at Friend me on Facebook at Follow me on Instagram Episode 19 will cover Facebook Basics and a deeper dive into Facebook Messenger Lastly, remember that what you don't know now is 'Not Yet.' Shift that mindset because you can learn; you just might not have it yet. :) 
October 20, 2019
17 Be The Change: Cultivate the Culture You Want to Experience on Social Media
Are you proactive or reactive on social media? Be proactive and cultivate the culture you'd like to experience on social media. Cultivate the VIBE you want, and it will be returned to you.  In Episode 17, I offer you a foundation from which to build the experience you wish to have on social media. That's done from first deciding on the VIBE or Emotion you wish followers to experience when they engage with you through your posts or comments. It could be happiness, humor, empathy, encouragement, or education. You decide then grow that experience for your followers. They will then return it to you. That's how you can BE THE CHANGE.  Would you like to receive weekly summaries of future episodes? If yes, click here. And, thanks! As always, thank you for listening!!  Questions? Ideas! Points of clarification? Reach out to me at  Need more encouragement in your life? Follow Me On Instagram or Facebook  Spot a Guest Later Social Media Scheduling
October 13, 2019
16) Overcoming Social Media Anxiety
Anxiety: Worrying about events that have not and may or may not happen.  Yes, it's appropriate at times. But for many of us, we get stuck in anxiety. We worry, overthink, and project onto what others will think or not think about our comments, videos, and message on social media. It's enough to give up social media altogether. BUT WAIT!! Don't do that! You have a voice, a message, and a purpose for your presence and engagement on social media.  In Episode 16, Overcoming Social Media Anxiety, I dive into how we simply cannot control how others will respond. What we can control is how we show up. What' most important, is that you DO SHOW UP and SHARE YOUR VOICE on social media.  I discuss my friend, Joel Schueler's, new book, 'Love Your Fear: A Quick Self-Help Guide to Managing Anxiety' and how it applies to our anxiety over social media. It's a great, sincere, and helpful read. There's a link below.  AND, there's more! This week's free Tidbits are SlideShare and Otter. WOW! What great tools. The links are also below.  Lastly, YOU CAN TOO WRITE A BOOk. If you're thinking about it, do it. I offer insights as to why you are closer than you think to have a book out in the world.  LINKS Would you like to receive weekly summaries of future episodes? If yes, click here. And, thanks! Follow me on Instagram for uplifting and fun posts created by me for you. Comments, Questions, Suggestions!?!? Send me an email at  Joel's Book "Love Your Fear: A Quick Self-Help Guide to Managing Anxiety"  SlideShare Otter 
October 6, 2019
15) How to Say It on Social Media.
Do you find yourself at a lost for words on social media? Do you get stuck wondering what to type into the comment section of posts? This episode is here to help you!!  In Episode 15, How to Say It on Social Media, I offer exact quotes for the most common types of posts we see on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to use my exact language, or, even better, improve upon what I offer. And remember, stay above the drama. You're worth it! There's no need to take notes while listening. Would you like to receive weekly summaries of future episodes? If yes, click here. And, thanks! Join me on Instagram at I'd love to hear from you. You can email me at Most of all, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING. I truly appreciate you! Brandy
September 29, 2019
14) Rise Above! What if we were the change?
Engagers, be the one who changes the tone on social media! You and I can change the way we interact on social media. We can rise above divisiveness and drama. We can be the voice we'd like all of social media to be. Let's be the change.  10-Person Challenge. Today, and over the next two days, I've challenged myself to follow, genuinely take an interest in, 100 new people. Can you do 10? I challenge you!! I think--I KNOW--that you can. Join me.  Follow me on Instagram at brandywhenry I posted a video challenging my followers to find 10 new connections. Email at  Most of all, THANK YOU for listening. 
September 20, 2019
12 Second Try at the Correct Audio! :) 'Gimme Some Practicals, Brandy!'
As several of you learned, episodes 11 and 12 had the SAME audio. Not ideal!! ;)  This is the correct audio. Thank you for your patience. It's practical advice day! In this episode, I offer 5 Practical Bits for you. 1) Voice Overs.  2) Turn off notification pop-ups, BUT do check them.  3) If someone screenshotted your comment or post.  4) Wait 3-4 days before checking your analytics.  5) How to bring someone back into your feed. Thank you so much for listening. Truly!! Episodes that end in 2 and 8, such as this one at 12, are now "Practicals on the 2s and 8s." Listen for 5 practical tips in these episodes. Subscribe to my 3-times monthly Newsletter by clicking  Newsletter subscribers are invited to my first online workshop for FREE. That's happening September 20th at 10 am Pacific. Email me at I'm here to help!
September 15, 2019
13 But Who Cares What I DO? I do and so do lots of people.
This past Thursday, an amazing woman who finds people great jobs asked me, "But who cares about what I do?" What!?!? She finds people great jobs. That's amazing! Let's talk about that.  In this episode, I help you see that what you do is interesting and matters. I want you to see how you can share that on social media. Listen in, and I'll tell you how.  You can reach me at  Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  Sign up for my newsletter here, and you can join me Friday, September 20th, for a free workshop. I'm super excited to engage with you LIVE.  Most of all, THANK YOU for listening. You matter to me. 
September 14, 2019
12 Gimme Some Practical Advice, Brandy! You got it. Five Practicals just for you!!
It's practical advice day! In this episode, I offer 5 Practical Bits for you. 1) Voice Overs.  2) Turn off notification pop-ups, BUT do check them.  3) If someone screenshotted your comment or post.  4) Wait 3-4 days before checking your analytics.  5) How to bring someone back into your feed.   Thank you so much listening. Truly!!  Episodes that end in 2 and 8, such as this one at 12, are now "Practicals on the 2s and 8s." Listen for 5 practical tips in these episodes.  Subscribe to my 3-times monthly Newsletter by clicking here  Newsletter subscribers are invited to my first online workshop for FREE. That's happening September 20th at 10 am Pacific.  Email me at I'm here to help! 
September 7, 2019
11 G.I.O. Take a Gorilla Interest in Others
Are you taking an interest in others online? Do you see how social media is like in-person networking, a neighborhood BBQ, or your neighborhood cafe? It is! When you're at such gatherings, events, or local places, do you take the time to ask questions about the people you're meeting? I sure hope so! Social media is the same thing but in digital. YOUR CHALLENGE IS THIS! Be GIO. Take a Gorilla Interest in Others for a few weeks. Report back to me how it goes. I'd love to hear! You can find some extra help to achieve your GIO mission here  Today's Tips: 1) When recording video, talk as if you're talking to someone who would be most interested in what you have to say. Maybe that's your best friend, an agent who thinks you're brilliant, or your ideal client or customer.  2) Create a YouTube Channel to post your videos. You'll soon have links to send clients, newsletter subscribers, and customers to when you want to expand on a topic or a question they've asked. Click here for my not so fancy YouTube Channel. Just that dozen or so videos allow me to link folks to when I hope to better explain myself and, thereby, help them.  FREE RESOURCE! The pictures and videos on your phone. Seriously! They say so many wonderful things about you.  Uplifting Bit. You truly have good things inside of you to share. You do! You can reach me at  I'm here to help! 
August 31, 2019
10 Introverts Can KILL IT on Social Media!
It's my tenth episode! What a milestone!! Thank you for being a listener. In this Tenth Episode, I break down how Introverts have distinct advantages on social media. Did you know that I'm an introvert? If you're an introvert too, you are likely more thoughtful, more intentional, and more likely to know when to take breaks. I also discuss the flip side of these skills: overthinking, hiding, over socializing. Here's a resource for you to help  Also in today's episode, I share another funny insight about myself, ideas for posts, a free resource that might be under your nose right now, and an uplifting insight about how you have more to share than you may realize and how to draw that out of yourself.  Send me an email with questions, topic ideas, or just to say, "Hi." Check out my YouTube Channel, Website, or other areas of interest to you here  Thanks for listening! I appreciate you.  Brandy
August 24, 2019
09 PODCASTS! I LOVE Podcasts. Here are some of my Favorites
Do you like to learning while you drive? Could you use some free help? Podcasts are for you. In this episode I share with you my favorite, or my current favs, podcasts and why I love each of them and think you will too. I listen to Podcasts via Podcast Republic. The podcasts I discuss in this episode and list below, are available on every podcast platform.  Thank you for listening. I appreciate it.  Reach me at Mindset Podcasts: Cathy Heller  'Don't Keep Your Day Job' Brooke Castillo  'The Life School Podcast' Susan Hyatt  'Rich Coach Club' Creativity and Business: Andy J. Pizza  'Creative Pep Talk' Social Media Podcasts: Andrea Jones  'Savvy Social Podcast' Michael Stelzner 'Social Media Marketing'  Podcasting and Copy Writing: Dawn Lidwell  'Podcast Rockstars' Science: NPR and Ira Flatow  'Science Friday' or 'Sci Fri'  Dr. Kiki  'TWIS, This Week in Science' 
August 23, 2019
08 It's time to be YOU on Social Media!
Is the fear of being yourself motivating you avoid engaging? Are you afraid that engaging will take too much time? If you answered yes, or even a reluctantly whispered yeah, this show is for you. It's time to show up and engage. In this episode I give you concrete tools for being yourself as well as explain the financial savings and rewards for doing so. Best of all, it won't take over your life!  Thanks for listening. I appreciate you. Reach me at Today's free resources are Deluxe Small Business Resource Center and Vancouver, WA, SCORE Check out all I'm doing via this link, and thanks!
August 23, 2019
07 How I grew comfortable creating and posting video content. You can too!
Do you want to create and post video but keep putting it off? Are you being too hard on yourself? This episode is for you! In Episode 7, I give you insights to creating video on your phone including lighting, where to look, video length, and, most importantly, accepting yourself and putting your audience first.   Today's freebie tips are and using the same headshot everywhere.  I'd love to hear from you. Email me at Sign up for my newsletter at  You can check out my videos at Subscribe please while you're there.  Thank you for listening! 
August 22, 2019
06 Are you falling behind on your content goals? I'm here to help!
Do find yourself at a loss for what to post? Are you waiting until the end of your day to post then find you're too tired? BUT!! Maybe planning and creating an entire month or 3 or 6 at a time is not where you at. I totally understand.  In this episode, I discuss a weekly approach to content planning and creation. I share insights on what to include and how to draw your followers into the story of what you're sharing with the world.  Do you have questions or content suggestions? Email me at Subscribe to my newsletter I'm glad you're here. Thank you! 
August 21, 2019
05 What's your WHY for being on social media?
Do you have a mission statement for your social media platforms? Have you thought about how you want to show up or for others to feel after interacting with you on social media? In this episode, I discuss the importance of knowing WHY and HOW you show up on social media. It's important. Take a few minutes with me to write a social media mission statement.  I'd love to read your mission statement on a future podcast. Share it with me at  You can sign up for my newsletter at  If you have any questions or topics suggestions for future episode, I'd love to hear them. Email me. I'm listening! Thanks again for listening. I appreciate it. 
August 17, 2019
04 It's Okay To BLOCK Haters
Do you feel obligated to respond to haters? Do you feel bad if you block someone? Please don't! It's your platform! I encourage you to block anyone who gives you any inkling of icky-ness. In this episode, I urge you to remember that it's your platform, that there are people looking to get a rise out of you, looking to dump their issues on you, and you don't need to tolerate nor respond. Block them! EBOOK on the way! I'm working on an ebook to help you engage on social media. Thank you to all of you who responded to my Instagram post asking what your biggest challenge is engaging on social media. I really appreciate it! You inspired an ebook.  Do you have any thoughts for a future show or questions for me to answer in the ebook, please let me know. You can reach me at  Sign up for my newsletter here and thanks! 
August 14, 2019
03 Lead Your Team's Social Media Engagement Part Two
In this episode I discuss leading as a role model. I answer three questions. 1) How are you engaging on social media? Allow your team to see what you're doing, how you respond to comments and direct messages, and what you're posting. 2) Are you meeting your team members where they are? In the last episode, I encouraged you to define what you expect from your team regarding social media engagement. In this episode, I invite you meet your team members where they are and develop their social media engagement. 3) What else can you do to help your team? Get to know Canva, and share a weekly image your team can post. Focus on one platform at a time. And, lastly, I offer you a plan for helping your team get comfortable with creating video content. Thanks for listening!  Learn more about my work and subscribe to my weekly newsletter at  Send me your questions. I'd love to answer them in a future episode, 
August 9, 2019
02 Lead Your Team's Social Media Engagement
If you're a team leader, how do you lead your team in social media engagement? It's a lot like a group of new roommates all with their own definition of a clean kitchen. You're leader. You must define it. In this episode, I discuss three aspects of social media engagement for team leaders. I hope this helps.  Do you have questions about this episode or for future episodes? Email me at  Subscribe to my weekly newsletter here through my website   Thanks for listening! 
August 7, 2019
01 Introduction to Engaging on Social Media with Brandy Henry
Hi There. Thanks for giving my podcast as try. I'm here to help! Engaging on Social Media is just as important if not more important than posting to social media. You must show up. In this episode, I introduce my podcast and present an argument for why you must engage.  For more about me and to subscribe to my newsletter of weekly tips and updates on my business, click here .  Have a question, email me at or DM via Instagram at @brandywhenry, . 
August 6, 2019