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Brand Ya Flava

Brand Ya Flava

By Lauren Varlack
Welcome to the Brand Ya Flava Podclass edupreneurs who are ready to authentically and culturally be themselves, educate with their "flava" and change the world. I'm your host Lauren Varlack, the Edupreneur's Educator, let's go; class is in session!
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S3E47: Introducing The Flava Podclass!
There's always a method and purpose to my creative madness. In this lesson session, I discuss why I decided to change the podcast to a "podclass" and why I dropped the Brand Ya Flava name to call our podcast "The Flava".  To find out more about me, Lauren Varlack, check me out at To find out how your special personality with teaching strategies can boost your brand to the next level, take my quiz at
February 20, 2021
S3E46 | How to Brand Your Business for the Long Game
Welcome back Flavas! It's 2020, (yes it is February, but I officially start my year on my there's that). And, boy have I learned some things in life and business. I share my 2020 year and the lessons I learned in life, business and every-damn-thing in this season 3 new episode of the The Flava Podclass.  
February 12, 2021
S2E45 | 3 Languages You Must Speak in Your Personal Brand!
Just everyone has a learning style or love language, we all have a buy language too. And just like dogs, we hear the buy language differently. Learn the ways you can figure out your audience's buy language in this episode.  Have a question about branding you need me to answer or just wanna give me a shout out? Leave a message for me here:  And of course, you can easily find out your brand language by taking my free branding quiz at !
September 27, 2019
S2E43 | How to Get Out from 'Oversaturation' or the Sea of Sameness!
As I grow in my life, my business grows and changes.  So my business has to reflect my lifestyle ; not the other way around. And I know I want my brand to stand out from among the many, many others who talk about branding as well.  Same thing goes for your business.  How can you carve out a place for your brand and make sure you're taking action to stand out from the bunch?  Find out in this podclass episode!  Discover your specialty and how you can use it to build a brand your audience adores by using your personality. Find out what your brand's personality archetype is by taking my quiz at  
August 02, 2019
S2E44 | How to Curb the Frequency Illusion to Build Your Brand (instead of someone else's)!
You know when you buy a bad ass outfit and now you're out and about chillin' and everybody and their mama wearing your shite?!?! Yep, that's the frequency illusion and it's a pain in the ass when it comes to building your brand., but it can also be a blessing for building your brand.  This week, learn how to curb frequency illusion and use it to build your brand! To learn how to use your personality and expertise to build a brand that excites and motivates your audience to become your clients, take the Brand Ya Flava quiz at:   Have a burning question about building your personal expertise brand or want to give your brand & the BYF Podcast a shout-out ? Drop your questions or shout out to me here:
July 19, 2019
S2E42 | 3 Big Mistakes I Made Building My Brand (And How You Can Avoid Them)
It wouldn't be a bushiness if I didn't have some mistakes I've done. In this episode, I discuss three really stupid mistakes I made (yes, even recently) while building my brand and give some tips and strategies on how to avoid the pitfalls I've made.  Discover your specialty and how you can use it to build a brand your audience adores by using your personality. Find out what your brand's personality archetype is by taking my quiz at 
July 12, 2019
S2E41 | What You Can Learn About Branding From Disney Choosing a Black Ariel!
They BIG MAD y'all. Disney went and made The Little Mermaid Live Action actress a beautiful Black woman, Halle Bailey.  And there has been a firestorm behind it... much to the benefit of Disney though because now Disney changes the animation industry --and there's some things we can learn about effective branding from Disney too. Find out what it is in this episode of the Brand Ya Flava podcast!  Find out how to attract your special audience without tons of work and tireless marketing by find out your brand's personality at Love our podclass? Tell friend to subscribe on any podcast platform or click the link here: The best conversations of the podcast continues in my Free Facebook group: Brand Ya Flava! Click the link to join!
July 05, 2019
S1E40 | The Most Important Part of Building a Brand!
There is one thing that is the most important part of building a brand... no it ain't your website and really, it ain't the paper either.  In today's episode I teach about this single important thing about building a brand and give examples via the BET Awards #betawards and the 2019 Democratic Debates #demsdebate to show exactly how the pros do it!  Join me on my Facebook Page Brand Ya Flava for the Live Version of this podcast!  Let's continue the conversation in my Free Facebook Group Brand Ya Flava! Click the link to join and we'll chat soon :) 
June 28, 2019
S1E39 | How to Get an Eye-Poppin, Jaw Droppin' Brand Style!
You've probably scrolled through Instagram or Facebook and saw ads or post of a brand's 'perfect' packaging or attention grabbin' graphics that makes you sit and wonder why your brand's style looking all blah and average. I assure you it's because you didn't do these things I talk about in today's episode, but Brand Ya Flava podcast is here to save the day because I will give you some quick tips on how to get that eye-poppin' brand style you and your audience are looking for. 
June 07, 2019
S1E38 | How to Describe What You Really Do In Your Business!
   I’m sure when you’re out networking or communing on social media in your business groups, more than likely you are asked, “What do you do?” Then your next line out of your mouth is, “ I help…” or “I sell..” But lady, l’m here to tell you that you do much more than that! And in today’s podclass, I show you exactly how to describe exactly what you do for your business so that you can be recognized for your expertise and begin to boost your brand!  You can get a fill-in-the-blank template and examples of how to structure your brand’s messaging from my show notes at Share your new brand message or elevator pitch in my Facebook Group: Brand Ya Flava 
May 31, 2019
S1E37 | 3 Things My Students Taught Me About Branding My Business
It's officially summer! Whoop Whoop and yes it's been quite an interesting ride as a teacher and entrepreneur, but my students taught me some things to that I can definitely take with me as I enter into my summer. Find out how you can use these tools and strategies in your brand to big up yo' brand and make it large and awesome!  What have your kids or just kids in general taught you about growing your business?  And as always, the best conversations happen in my free Facebook group: Brand Ya Flava.  Let me know your answer in the group! ️😊
May 24, 2019
S1E36 | How to take your main hustle to make your side hustle a brand!
Your job may be hell on roller skates and you dread each day going into your 9-to-5, but if you do these 3 strategies I share on this new episode of the Brand Ya Flava podcast,  I assure you, you can take your main hustle and make your side hustle or business an awesome brand! And you'll even build a great personal brand in your 9-to-5 as well.  Join me and other Flavalistas to continue the conversation at my free Facebook group: Brand Ya Flava!  
May 17, 2019
S1E35 | The Biggest Mistake We Make in Building a Brand! (And how to fix it!)
What should you do when life or career gets in the way of building a successful brand??? It’s been happening to me and I’m sure many of you — and we’re gonna tackle how to get our brands back on track in this new episode of the Brand Ya Flava Podcast 😊
May 03, 2019
S1E34 | Building a Niche Coaching Brand with Samantha White
Thinking about starting a coaching brand, but don't know how to start? Or maybe you are a coach already, but need some extra ideas on how to move forward? This is the episode for you! Samantha White joins me on the Brand Ya Flava Podcast this week for our Flava of the month to discuss how she developed her niche coaching brand, Consult Positivity, a brand focused on developing the a healthy, positive mindset with a Christian focus and all the bumps along the road that has helped her become the brand she is proud of and influencing lives. Tune in for this awesome episode! Get the shownotes at 
April 26, 2019
S1E33 | 3 Ways You Can Niche Your Customer Experience to Expand Your Brand!
I was setting a hair appointment to get my hair treatment and all that jazz, but it sparked a short video tip for my FB group AND even this podcast episode! There's so much we can learn from being on the other side of the fence as a customer and thinking about the experience you would want from your own business. In this episode, I share 3 ways you can expand your brand by niching your audience into smaller categories. And check out the before and after hair in my free Facebook group: Brand Ya Flava   
April 19, 2019
S1E32 | How to Use Your Life's Mess to Create a Message or Your Brand!
With a blast from the past, I go back to my very first podcast episode I recorded and was too chicken to post! LOL  So,  take the journey with me and find out the first half of how the Brand Ya Flava revolution got started. And believe me, it certainly 'ain't been no crystal stair'. Being stuck in the closet was just half of the battle.  Take a listen to this episode to find out what happens and how you can take your life's mess to create a powerful message or build a spectacular brand.  Click here to join me in my free Facebook group, Brand Ya Flava, to talk more about this episode! 
April 12, 2019
S1E31 | Is Your Brand Running a Race or Marathon?
S1E31 | Is Your Brand Running a Race or a Marathon? In this episode, I reflect on my burnout status from a previous episode and discuss the benefits of either running a race or marathon for your brand! Join my free Facebook group at 
March 29, 2019
S1E30 | 3 Ways on How to Niche Your Brand!
In the online entrepreneur space, everybody and their mama talks about “the riches is in the niches” but, how to do get the damn niche in the first place? I’ll help you figure out 3 ways on how you can niche your brand! 😉
March 15, 2019
S1E29 | What You Should Know About the Difference between a Brand Strategist and Branding Designer
 One of the biggest questions I get from interested ladies in my DM’s are what exactly do I do? Well, I’m a branding strategist and designer. But, that leads to other questions because real talk… the branding world in entrepreneurship is unclear.   So, let's have a mini-class session about what you should know about the difference between a branding strategist and branding designer – and also when you should hire either one or even have a person that does both which will save you time, money and stress! Get the show notes at 
March 01, 2019
S1E28 | Got Passion Burnout? Here's how to get through it!
Yes, I'm back in a new episode of the Brand Ya Flava Podcast, but I needed to go incognito for a little while because I was genuinely experiencing passion burnout! Maybe you are too? Find out more about what passion burnout is and how to get through in this episode of BYF podcast! Get the shownotes at  
February 22, 2019
S1E27 | 3 Ways to Create Systems for Your Business and Give Stress Tha Boot!
Those New's Year's resolutions for your business that you're not making may be giving you stress, but it doesn't have to.  That's because you need to create a system for your business to fit your life --not the other way around.  Check out my 3 ways I figured out how to create systems for your business and give stress and overwhelm the deuces.  Get the show notes at
January 18, 2019
S1E26 | 3 Ways to Attract Your Right Audience for Your Brand!
Tired of Beggin' Brendas asking for discounts constantly or Want-It-All Wanda's looking for everything and the kitchen sink for a $30 budget? It's time for a rebrand, Sis! And my featured class this month gives you 3 ways to attract your right audience for your brand! Get your class recap notes at 
December 21, 2018
S1E25 | How to Define Your Brand on Your OWN TERMS!
When you stand for what you believe in and for the needs of your audience, you begin to create your own path in your business. This is the essence of building a great brand. This week, I chat it up with my special guest and Flava of the Month, Loreal Moss of Intuitive Biz Solutions who did just that. And she shares her insight on how she's able to build a brand she loves and her clients prospers from. Get the show notes at
December 14, 2018
S1E24 | 3 Reasons Why You Need To Rebrand Your Business Right Now!
It's December and we're some weeks away from closing out 2018. This was a great time for me to rebrand my business and a great time for you as well --- learn 3 reasons why you need to rebrand your business right now in today's episode of the Brand Ya Flava Podcast! Get the shownotes at
December 07, 2018
S1E23 | The One Thing Your Brand Should Focus on ASAP!
I learned a big lesson over the Thanksgiving holiday and I'm over the moon about it; it didn't happen to me, but one of our awesome Black women entrepreneurs. Find out what I learned in this episode and the one thing I feel ALL brands need to focus on since yesterday! Get the shownotes at
November 30, 2018
S1E22 | Why Your T-Shirt Brand is Missing the Mark! (And How You Can Fix It!)
If you're considering building an e-commerce brand or even more specifically, a t-shirt branded company, listen up! Our guest, Courtney Underwood of Passports and Purpose, is sharing her strategy of how she was able to build a successful t-shirt brand e-commerce company by using effective branding! Get the show notes at
November 16, 2018
S1E21- The Most Effective Strategy for Growing Ya Brand!
There are many different plans of action out there to grow ya brand. Today, I give you the most effective one I've used AND the easiest one that makes it so simple even my 6-year-old can do it! Find out more at
November 09, 2018
S1E20 | How to Grow Ya Brand on Instagram!
This week we chat it up with Rocki of Social with Rocki droppin’ some Instagram SCIENCE for ya ear! And we kick off our Brand Strategy series with our first Flava of the Month – Rajsheda Griffin of Social with Rocki and learning how to grow ya brand on Instagram! Follow Rocki by checking out our show notes at
November 02, 2018
S1E19 | You Won't Be Able to Build a Brand Without Doing This!
More and more businesses are starting especially via the Internet. And it will become more critical to get the attention of your audience. However, if you're not doing this one thing in your business, you won't be able to build a brand for the future. Find out more in this episode. Get the show-notes at
October 26, 2018
S1E18 | One Lesson About Business I Learned the Hard Way
If I learned this one thing about business a long time ago, I would have grown much more. But I'm certainly doing it now and telling you my one lesson and strategy to get it done! Get the show notes at
October 19, 2018
S1E17| Why Giving a Good Customer Experience will Change Your Brand Forever!
So you’ve got a customer to purchase from you, now what? Do you just send them the product and that’s it? Or do you give them the service and then hasta la vista, baby? What comes next will change your brand forever! Find out what in this episode! Get the show-notes at
October 12, 2018
S1E16- Moving from Overwhelm to Execution
Have you ever started questioning everything about a business launch or decision you had to make to the point your completely overwhelmed? Let's tackle a way to move from overwhelm to execution in this episode of the Brand Ya Flava Podcast! Get the show notes at
October 05, 2018
S1E15| How to Get Excited About Building Your Brand!
When life hands you lemons or you just feel like 'meh' about writing that copy for your landing page, how do you get your mojo back for building your brand? In today's episode, we get into 3 ways of how you can get your excitement back about building your brand! Get the show notes at
September 28, 2018
S1E14 | Biggest Secret to Branding Your Business
What's the biggest secret of how brands seem to make success look all easy and money flowing? I'll tell you what it is here in this episode of the Brand Ya Flava Podcast. Get the show notes at
September 21, 2018
S1E13 | Your Logo is the Last Thing You Should Do!
As solopreneurs, we get caught up with the details that don't really matter. One of them is your logo. This should be the last thing you should be doing on your start-up to-do list. So what should you be really concentrating on? Find out in this episode! Get the show notes at
September 14, 2018
S1E12 | 3 Reasons Why You Need a Brand Strategy!
There’s a reason why you’re feeling overwhelmed, scattered and don’t think your business is working out Sis. It’s because you’re overthinking the process and you don’t have a clear brand strategy. In today’s episode, I run down the 3 reasons why you need a brand strategy in your business ASAP! Get the show notes at
September 07, 2018
S1E11 - How to Create Your Brand Story!
Telling your story for your brand makes an instant connection and gives your audience a reason why they should care about your brand. In this episode, I detail three (3) strategies on how you can create a bomb-ass brand story. Get the show notes at
August 31, 2018
S1E10 - How To Use Your Senses to Boost Your Branding!
We all use them daily, why not use them in our branding? In this episode, I talk about how to use all your 6 senses in branding. Get the show notes at
August 24, 2018
S1E9- The Queen of Soul & Branding
The Queen of Soul may have left us on an earthly realm, but her legacy will live for eternity. What have you learned about building a brand, a legacy, from Aretha Franklin? I've learned a lot. Find out what I learned in this episode. Get show notes at
August 17, 2018
S1E8 | Are You the Face or Heart of Your Brand?
Are you the face or heart of your brand? Interesting question to think about, but you’ll never guess what my answer is or where I got the inspiration for this podcast from. I talk about it in this episode. Get access to full show notes by visiting
August 10, 2018
S1E7 | Using Sixth Sense to Boost Your Branding S1E7
When it comes to boosting your brand and giving your audience a full experience, most businesses depend on the visual advertising and branding. But what about your sixth sense? In this episode, I discuss how you can use your sixth sense to boost your branding. Get access to full show notes by visiting
July 27, 2018
S1E6- The Difference between Branding, Marketing & Advertising
One of the terms many starting entrepreneurs tend to mix up and get totally confused about is branding. There’s much more to branding than just logos, colors and websites though. In this episode, I’m going to clear up the differences between branding, marketing and advertising. Get access to full show notes by visiting
July 20, 2018
S1E5: What is Brand Ya Flava?
So what exactly is Brand Ya Flava and how you came about it? Well, I give you half of the story here on this podcast episode of the Brand Ya Flava Podcast. Get access to full show notes by visiting
July 13, 2018
S1E4 | Hiding in Our Branding
And WHO are YOU? Yeah, you! When we build our businesses, as Black women, we have the opportunity to be ALL of our cultural and ethnic selves; yet we find every way possible to hide and tuck it away so we won’t be judged or denied something. In this week’s episode, we are going to tackle this issue of hiding in our brands and what I did to stop hiding and start shining. Get access to full show notes by visiting
June 22, 2018
S1E3 | What a Logo is Really Is!
As we get started in our new businesses, we can get really caught up in the logo design. But your logo is much more than just your brand name in “fancy-smanschy” fonts. In this week’s episode, I’ll share my thoughts on the book Origin by Dan Brown Part II AND how this book gave me new business awareness about branding and specifically, logo design. Get access to full show notes by visiting
June 15, 2018
S1E2 | You'se human before the brand!
There’s a serious issue when it comes to us as entrepreneurs and business owners, it seems like we forget the one thing that makes us who we are. But there’s more. We seem to forget how to use this in building our brands! It’s the one thing that makes a brand stand out more than others. In this week’s episode, I’ll share my thoughts on the book Origin by Dan Brown AND how this book gave me a new self-awareness and business awareness about branding and branding design! Get access to full show notes by visiting
June 08, 2018
S1E1 | Your Logo Ain't That Important!
This is something I see over and over again from Facebook group after Facebook group and it literally crawls my blood every time I see it. There’s so much more to focus on in your brand than this regularly post that pops up literally every day… yes, it’s the dreaded logo post. I’ll explain from a designer’s perspective why it’s an issue and how you can really maximize your logo to have the effect you seek for your brand. Get access to the full show notes by visiting
May 26, 2018