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Brave In Vision

Brave In Vision

By Kenya Bryant
Welcome! Brave in Vision Podcast unites women through storytelling and the power of sisterhood with sharing the bold, brave valley and mountain top stories of fellow visionaries. Join vision enthusiast and founder of the Oven: A Women's Vision Incubator, Kenya Bryant every month for fun, real conversations on tackling fear and life's cray, cray to walking out our  beautiful vision journeys.  Love to hear your feedback, comments and shoutouts, send to or leave an Anchor voice message. Stay connected with us @braveinvisionpodcast & @kenyasbryant.
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15 Minutes of Affirmations with Celi Dean-Toure| Practicing Self-love through Self-talk | Episode 40

Brave In Vision

15 Minutes of Processing with Kourtney Bostick| Owning Your Story |Episode 55
"Owning your story is the bravest thing you will ever do." Brene Brown is so right, it is definitely one of the the bravest things I've ever done and doing! Really taking ahold of the humps, bumps, messy and good while owning it ALL, whew! Not an easy task to do because it requires such vulnerability, but every good story is written with that at its core. This week what a honor to have Kourtney Bostick, founder and writer of a new blog 'I Am Becoming KB.' Kourtney is a beautiful soul with a heart to see people mentally, emotionally and spiritually well. She has a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is a certified Mental Health Counselor with a focus in women and young adults. This episode is full of wit and humor as Kourtney takes us on a deep, soulful 15 minutes of encouragement as she guides us in owning our story. To stay in touch with all that Kourtney is doing and to subscribe to her blog, check her out at @whatliesbeneath and @iambecomingkb.
October 21, 2021
15 Minutes of Encouragement With Larisa Robinson| Meaningful Mentorship| Episode 54
"The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but reveal to him his own." Meaningful mentorship is such a powerful gift and tool. Anyone who has had the honor to either be mentored or mentor others knows the power of that trusted connection. Our podcast guest today is new to the show, but not new to the BIV family, Larisa Robinson is a woman on a mission to live a full, rich and brave life! She has found that mentorship has been the guide needed to fulfill those life goals. On the show Larisa shares her journey to finding her amazing mentors and gives us a road map on how to find our own mentors. This episode is full of gems and nuggets! Follow all that Larisa is doing by checking her out on social media: IG @larisaluciel and FB @Lrobinson16 and LinkedIn @larisarobinson.
July 15, 2021
15 Minutes of Pivoting with Stephanie Sinclair| Using the Tool in Your Hand | Episode 53
"I'd rather stand in the tension of the middle and have some not understand than to stay safely in one camp and not have the impact I know I was born to have." When you finally decide that you have to make a radical pivot in your life, tension is a definite, being misunderstood and even feeling crazy are all things that will probably happen. Our podcast guest, Stephanie Sinclair, owner of Mini Crop Photograph, community advocate, fella sista friend and true down-home southern belle understands that all too well. Today she shares with us her radical pivot that led to quitting her job, making her faith bigger than her fears and using the tool in her hand to make the impact she knew she was born to have. Not only is Stephanie a beast behind the camera lens, she is a witty story teller that makes you feel right at to be that southern charm with nuggets of wisdom and knowledge dropping all throughout this episode. To learn more about Stephanie's work and stay in touch, visit her on Instagram at @minicrop, Facebook: Mini Crop Photography, or her website: 
May 20, 2021
15 Minutes of Pouring Out with LaKesha Bankston-Glover|Pouring into Others to Receive|Episode 52
"Best advice I have ever received about living a great life is to make it a goal to DIE EMPTY" Whew...that right there hit me some kinda way. How do we get everything we want? By living a life that helps others get what they need and want. What a concept right? This week's podcast guest, LaKesha Bankston-Glover who I like to call a #DreamConnector, is a government change agent, coach, wife, mom and dope makeup artist, who challenged us to move into a practice of pouring out on others and seeing the end result be a greater capacity to receive! LaKesha dropped so many beautiful gems in this episode and really coached us through finding the essence of who we are through giving. One of my favorite parts is how she shared that through pouring into others, she saw her territories expand and found herself in rooms and at tables she never would've been if she hadn't put this work into practice. Follow all that LaKesha is doing @justme_ldbg and you don't want to miss her MUA classes and tutorials @lakeshainspiringlooks &
April 15, 2021
15 Minutes of Identity with Shalice McKnight| Radical Purpose |Episode 51
"Define yourself radically as one beloved by God. This is the true self. Every other identity is an illusion." All that we have been through has played a major role in how we identify ourselves. Identity actually is defined as fact of being. We often get stuck in the experiences, trauma or the assumptions of others but who we are is based on the proof of our fact of being. We have to get back to the basics, to the core value and our anchored truth. Today's guest Dr. Shalice McKnight, is an Adult Psychiatrist, who specializes in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, mom of 5, wife, hope dealer and prayer warrior, comes to the show with a challenge for us to get back to the basics and our core values. She calls us to pause and reflect on our quality and character and not the labels or experiences that try to define us but what is our value base. She leaves us with a question, how do we rest in God’s authority and excerise what is factual in the present moment to define WHO we are? Follow all that Shalice is doing @shalicemcknight.
February 25, 2021
15 Minutes of Vulnerability with Keah Mason | When Loneliness Visits | Episode 51
Loneliness is not always the lack of company, it can also be a lack of purpose. The pandemic, COVID, quarnatining have all contributed to us experiencing some form of loneliness. But, what about those feelings of rejection, lack of motivation or even the disappointment of not seeing your perceived purpose come to pass the way you envisioned? Did you know those can also be contributors? How do we overcome the ugliness of loneliness when it comes knocking ? Today's podcast guest Keah Mason, brings us a witty yet powerful episode on her experiences with loneliness that led her right into the arms of God and provided her with some life lessons and a brand new prespective. Keah is an educator, author, and a facilitator and writer for REAL Women Rock, who realized that her journey opened up a door to greater self-discovery that then sparked a mission to write the book, 'When Loneliness Visits' Grab a pen and your journal because beautiful gems are been shared from her book on this episode! Stay in touch with Keah on FB @KeahLMason and grab a copy of her book at
February 18, 2021
15 Minutes of Closure with Darren Franklin| Closure to Peace| Episode 50
Happy Black History Month! "Sometimes a thing needed opening before closure was found." In 2010, realized that I couldn't continue on my healing  journey unless I came face to face with the brokenness in my relationship with my dad. If I wanted wholeness, I would have to uncover or rather open that wound up...ouch! Yet, in doing that, one incredible restoration story was written. My story continues with my dad, but I had to open something inoder for it to be closed. Today's podcast guest, Darren Franklin is not new to the podcast, he was our first guy on the podcast and co-host to The Bridge Men's series. On this episode Darren shares his "deep valley" story of finding closure by finally opening the door to it. He knew that if he took this brave step, he could experience wholeness on new levels. This is a special edition, as we celebrate black history month and recognize the importance of our men and fathers to the black community and our history. Along with this episode, I'll be doing a replay of the episode with my father, as we open the door to reconciliation and healing that allowed for closure to one chapter and an opening to the next (episode #10).
February 11, 2021
15 Minutes of Consistency with Mahasin Washington| Small Everyday Steps | Epsiode 48
What's really the key to success? It's the habits we create from taking everyday action...those small action steps repeatedly day in and day out. Yep, the key is consistency. The big C word! Whew that is the game changer. Today, our guest Mahasin Washington, is a lover of God, family and all things fashion...check out her new fashion blog @thestyleflow. I love that Mahasin seeks to inspire others with her passion for style while positively impacting their lives with God-led encouragement. Well today she takes us on a journey of living a life of simple consistency. Mahasin shares with us her personal journey and struggles with being consistent and how everyday steps have changed her life. Is it time for you to take some real, consistent steps in your life? Then get ready for some truth nuggets that will challenge you to move forward on the things tugging at your heart. Stay in touch with Mahasin @itsmahasin and again her fashion blog @thestyleflow.
February 4, 2021
15 Minutes of Hope & Action With Cassandra Vincent | #playtimeisover| Episode 48
Happy New Year! We made it to 2021...woohoo! So, blessed that we walked through 2020 together BIV family. Well, now is the time for us to fully embark on this new year. Let's take this fresh start as a way to pivot into a greater hope for what's next. Oh and there is a next for each of us! This kick off episode is one that is straight up, no chasers...okay! Our guest Cassandra Vincent, is a leadership coach, author of 'Life is Full', co-founder of the Vision + Strategy Brunch and dedicated educator who dropped so many truth nuggets that I lost count. You will need your notepad and favorite pen for this one. Cassandra gives us principles and practices for us to put into place to go to our level in 2021 on and in purpose. is a full meal and you will be licking your fingers and rubbing your tummy from the lessons she brings on this episode. Some of my favs: lean into kindness and honor. Prioritize wealth building and flourishing fellowship opportunities. #playtimeisover, let's go with faith, focus and action. Stay in touch with Cassandra and grab her book at
January 7, 2021
15 Minutes of Gift Giving with DeShaun Stafford | Being a Gift that Keeps on Giving | Episode 47
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We are *holly jolly* excited for this week's special episode celebrating the season and we decided to drop it a day early in honor of the holiday. Today, DeShaun Monique Stafford, founder of Calling Joy, mom, wife and Healthcare advocate give us a message of hope and joy. She reminds us that we are the gift that keeps on giving. That as we are shopping and wrapping gifts, that we be reminded of the amazing treasures we are to this world. We are good gifts that God wants to use to bring hope, joy and love. DeShaun Monique shares simples ways on how we can do that during this special time of the year. Keep up with all that DeShaun Monique is doing @DeShaun.monique and learn more about her coaching company and IG @callingjoy.
December 23, 2020
Reflection with Danielle DuCre`| Saying YES to Adventure | Episode 46
"Then I realized that to be more alive, I had to be less afraid. So I did it. I lost my fear and gained my whole life." This week, Danielle DuCre` an adventure seeker, community advocate and organizer, philanthropist, and co-founder of the lifestyle brand rib+arrow, takes us on a reflective journey of saying YES to adventure. Yes to opportunities that will align us to living our most bravest lives. Danielle challenges us to find areas in our lives where we can say yes. This is a mini-episode that will have you look for adventure over fear! Keep in touch with Danielle and her adventures @sphereofdin and @ribandarrow. Also, check out her cool blog @sphereofdinblog.
December 17, 2020
15 Minutes of Stillness with Javon Inman| Overcoming the Fear of Stillness | Episode 45
So, who knew there could be a fear of stillness!?! Yet, its a real and true thing. We have been taught that the grind and hustle gets the goal, right? Well, today we are going on a journey of overcoming the fear of stillness and taking ahold of the gifts that come with it. Our guest, Javon Inman, awarding wining recording artist, husband, father and fellow go-getter challenges us to welcome in the "still monster" lol. Yep, you read that right! Its an invitation to unsubscribe to the performance curse, to shatter the pieces to get to peace. Javon gives us some incredible tips on how to move into a place of rest. This episode is just what we need. You have to check out the beautiful music and amazing work Javon is doing by following him @javoninman. Also, here's the link to his latest single
December 10, 2020
15 Minutes of Truth with Jennifer Tyler | Coloring in Whites Spaces | Episode 44
As we are approaching the close of 2020, many of us are still recovering from the daul pandemic of COVID and racial injustice. We've been in this dance of being safe from an invisible virus and then if you are a person of color protecting your identity and worth. The navigation of "coloring in white spaces" has become the norm for brown and black people. When among predominately white groups we may have the tendency to code switch just to fit in. Change the tone of our voice around certain colleagues or become quiet or invisible in the space. Those acts take away our identity and ability to be truly authentic. Today, it's an honor to have my sista friend and fellow storyteller Jennifer Tyler on the show. Jennifer is a champion of hope, community bridge builder and fierce entrepreneur. She joins us with a heart to get encourage black and brown people to know their worth, to stand in their most authentic selves when in spaces when you are the only one and to lean into community as a form of soul care. This episode comes at an ideal time as we close this year out in reflection and owning our truth. Jennifer has her hands so many amazing initiatives and causes, stay in touch with her @Jenniferlucytyler and
December 3, 2020
Bonus: Grateful | Alittle Thanksgiving | Kenya Bryant
Hey Ya'll! I had to stop by and share a little thanksgiving. So, 2020 definitely has come with it losses, crazy and "what just happened" moments, yet it has also come with so many beautiful surprises and blessings. One for sure has been this platform...this podcast! Wow, this space has been an Incubator for hope, faith, community and encouragement. I'm forever grateful to the guests that showed up and shared their brave stories! Kept us sane, laughing and encouraged through this pandemic! Yep, I had to take a moment to say, I'm grateful💛
November 26, 2020
15 Minutes of Purpose with Ashlee Tate | Redefining Purpose | Episode 42
" When you modify, you are literally and figuratively standing up for yourself; you're building the muscle of looking inside and asking for what you need right now." When we experience unprecedented events in our lives, they become the markers of where redefining begins. We start to look at our purpose and see the areas that require a change. On the podcast today, my beautiful niece, Ashlee Tate, who is a Strategic Communications Consultant and self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur shares with us how the pandemic and the death of George Floyd pushed her into a journey of redefining her purpose. Ashlee comes raw and with a spirit of vulnerability and transparency in this episode. Throughout she drops truth nuggets and challenges us to do the work to modify, pivot and redefine! Ashlee is also the founder of LaunchPad 4 Kids, Inc., as well as creator and co-host of a local television show in the Redding, CA PBS station. Follow Ashlee @thesocialifediaries and to learn more about all she is doing check out
October 15, 2020
15 Minutes of Surrendering with Shakirah Hill Taylor | Secret to Surrender | Episode 41
What does surrender look like to you? For me it's allowing space for failure, owning that being a limited edition could look weird to some, trusting God's plans for my life greater than my own, blooming even in midst of struggle and redefining what womanhood and sensuality look like for me. I'm forever grateful for the gift of surrendering and today I invite you to join me on a journey of letting go. Today's guest Shakirah Hill Taylor, social advocate, author, wife and dope sista friend will be unwrapping the secrets to surrendering. Shakirah takes us on a beautiful journey of acceptance and letting go! Grab your notebook and pen and open your heart to what this episode is going to bring. Stay in touch with Shakirah on @the_dope_doula and grab her book Until My Surrender: A Story of Love, Loss and Letting Go, available at
October 1, 2020
15 Minutes of Affirmations with Celi Dean-Toure| Practicing Self-love through Self-talk | Episode 40
We are back! During this time of reflection, recharging and stillness, alot of self-talk happened. I was reminded again of how necessary affirmations and declarations are to self-love. What you say to yourself really matters! So, I had to ask my sista friend, fellow visionary and #confidencebuilder to the podcast! Our guest Celi Dean-Toure is founder of ELLE EST FIERCE, author of Her Declarations and Her Game Strategy is Prayer journal and she brings all of her fierceness to this episode. Celi takes us on a journey of practicing self-love through the gift of self-talk. She gives us 5 icredible gems on how we can implement this practice into our daily lives and yes she throws in a challenge or two to keep us on our game. Grab your note pads because you don't want to miss a single nugget from this episode! Stay in touch with Celi by following her at @celimariedeantoure and @elleestfierce. To grab a copy of her ebook and prayer journal, go to
September 24, 2020
15 Minutes of Inner Work with Ericka Oakley | Finding Our Way Home| Episode 39
"There's no place like home, there's no place like home." Dorothy was right! There definitely is no place like the steadiness and comfort of "home" which is not a building but a place of being. Today's guest is Ericka Oakely, veteran, wife, entrepreneur and #MUA queen. Ericka gives us a beautiful vulnerable moment as she shares her journey through inner healing. It challenges and reminds us that we should never discount the investment in our mental, emotional and spiritual health. That investment helps us find our way and to build harmony in our relationships as well. This mini-episode is full of real and relevant nuggets that encourages us to do the inner work that gets us from the thought of sick and tired to one of Ericka's favorite mantras, " the best is yet to come."
August 27, 2020
15 Minutes of Happiness with Kacie Thompson | Preserve your Happiness | Episode 38
"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama. How are you preserving your happy? What a question to ponder while trying to stay safe and sane in the midst of a pandemic, lol. Yet, it is one our guest, Kacie Thompson, posed to us in today's mini-episode. Kacie is what I like to call the *full package* kinda boss, as an author, podcast host, change expert, mom, wife and overall cool chick. She reminds us that being able to tune into our happy is a great form of self-care, along with not getting caught up in the optics of what others think should give you joy. This episode is packed with practical tips and tools that will help guide us to stay the course for 2020 and preserve our happiness through it all. So, I mentioned Kacie is an author and podcast host, check out more on her fun and insightful (don't let the title fool you, it's so much more) book on IG @thehitchedbitch and her podcast The Hitched Bitch on Spotify.
August 13, 2020
15 Minutes of Play With Lauren Devera | Making Time For Play | Episode 37
"Almost all creativity involves purposeful play." This is not to say that all play or creativity has to look the same, doesn't mean you have to be an artist or dancer, it very well may be your work or passion. Today's guest, Lauren Devera, owner of the Lion's Den and host of Thrive + Thread podcast, reminded us that, "our soul lights up when we cultivate creativity in our lives." Imagine, seeing your work blossom because you allowed purposeful play to be apart of the process. On this episode, Lauren challenges us to be brave enough to trust the process of play and yes she is going to push us to move past perfectionism which often leads to procrastination. By the way, did you know that creativity is a form of self and soul care? I know, what a nugget and there's more! Grab a notepad and pen, you will need it. Want to tap into your playful side? Join Lauren for one of her dance or yoga classes @thelionsdendmv or tune into her new podcast @thriveandthread. You can also stay in touch @thelaurendevera.
August 6, 2020
The Bridge: From Anger to Understanding | Aaron Abernathy | Epsiode 36
Something amazing happens when we are brave enough to ask the questions, have the simple conversations and try to understand, right? We hear the saying," be slow to speak, quick to listen and slow to anger" but often times that simple phrase is so hard to do when we are unable to give space for understanding. Today, I welcome you all to a special conversation with guest Aaron Abernathy. This is the first face to face interview I've had the honor to do in over 15 weeks and what a treat it was to do it with Aaron. He is a mutli-talented artist with a gift of using his voice and passion for music to build bridges between men and women, especially black and brown men and women. We went on a journey on this episode and dove into how do we move from anger to disappointment to the final destination of understanding.  We went there y'all and it got real and Aaron dropped some powerful nuggets. He even gave us a challenge that I believe we all can do and if we do healing can occurr in our communities and families. I want to also invite you to head on over to Spotify and check out Aaron's 'Affirmation' album.  To stay connected to what Aaron is doing in the world, follow him on IG @aaron_abernathy and
July 30, 2020
15 Minutes of Shedding with Jamarl D. Clark | Process of Self-Discovery |Episode 35
How many of us have gained some extra *pounds* in this pandemic? That weight may be in true pounds around our waist or a heaviness from the weight of loss or the solitude of the quarantine has exposed hidden or unaddressed pain. However, you have felt or seen the gain, it's something that if not addressed can lead to greater weight, right?!? And who wants that? Today, our guest Jamarl Clark, founder of WeINSPIRE Movement shares with us his journey of shedding the pounds of shame, fear and loss to beginning the process of self-discovery. I love the quote he shared, "I wasn't searching for something or someone...I was searching for me." Who knew that self-discovery would be apart of our weight loss program in life! Jamarl is a natural storyteller and encourager with a heart to see people thrive in life. Follow all that he is doing @weinspiremovement and
July 23, 2020
15 Minutes of Navigating with Donna Thompson | Grief in a Pandemic | Episode 34
"It is okay to grieve. Grief is a natural response to loss." But, how do we grieve in the midst of COVID-19 with social distancing, quarantine and literally we are hidden behind masks? Loss has become almost an expected thing these days. Loss of "normal", routines and some of us have experienced the loss of a job, relationship or a loved one. What we do know is that, the process of navigating through grief is not easy yet one that even in a pandemic doesn't have to be done alone. Today's guest is a Women's advocate, champion for children and my forever sista, Donna Thompson. Donna shares with us her personal journey of grieving through COVID-19 with the guidance of God, the power of community, and her #tribe of sista friends. Know that we are better together and if you are currently walking through a loss and need a community to come around you, come on, we are HERE! Arms wide up and ready to stand with you. We can be reached at
July 9, 2020
15 Minutes of Processing with Fynn Coleman | Trusting the Process | Episode 33
"BREATHE, Darling! This is just a chapter, NOT your whole story." Whew! How many of us need to just stop and breathe? No, really take a deep, long loving breath. Now, grab your pen and notepad cause this week's mini-episode is so packed you are going to want to write it ALL down. After all we have endured together in these last 11 weeks, felt we needed a *word* today! One that encouraged us with beautiful reminders of God's heart for us in the midst of crisis and chaos. Today's guest is one of my dearest friends, my in the "trenches" prayer partner and lil sissy, Fynn Coleman. She is a financial strategist, entrepreneur and ultimate fashionista. Fynn comes with an on-time message and I will admit there maybe a few tears shed, some shouting may occur and possibly a praise twerk or two from this one! As she challenges to trust the process; which is never an easy thing to do but when we do, it can change our lives and ultimately shift the lives of the next generation. Want stay in touch with Fynn, shoot her an email at or check out all she is doing with her business at
July 2, 2020
15 Minute Recap with Kenya | We are Better Together| Episode 32
Happy Juneteenth! Wow! With everything going on in the world, we can say we made it to this day! That's a greeting I don't take for granted. So, to honor that and Juneteenth, wanted to do a recap of the power, beauty and yes black goodness that's been on the podcast over the last 10 weeks. We have been on a journey with COVID-19 and the most recent racial injustices. Yet, together we have stood...we truly are better together👊🏾. Now, this hasn't been a comfortable journey, actually it's been an uncomfortable one but we got to admit there have been lessons and opportunities that wouldn't have been learned or opened if we hadn't walked through this. I always like to say, "the struggle makes for a greater capacity of joy." Today, jump in with us as we recap the goodness of the last 10 mini-episodes of 15 minutes of encouragement, focus and soul care series. Oh and you know I couldn't get on here and not share alittle bit of my story! Make sure to check out ALL 10 of the mini-episodes and follow us on IG @braveinvisionpodcast and @kenyasbryant
June 19, 2020
15 Minutes of Clarity with Autumn Joiner | Her Epiphany| Epsiode 31
"I was so focused on getting through the crunch and pushing through the pain that I didn't take time to "sit" in my situation and properly process all that was going on." How many of us have been right there? Are there right now? Our guest, today for 15 Minutes of Clarity is one I like to call a #hopedealer with a gentle yet powerful presence and heart, Autumn Joiner. Autumn joins us right at the peek of all this pain and mess we are walking through as a nation and as women standing trying to process through own personal pain. This powerhouse is a mom of three handsome fellas, military wife, youth advocate and champion for hope! She is going to take us on a much needed journey of doing an introspective look within ourselves, which allows us to reflect and challenge ourselves to lean in and learn from the pain. The mantra she lives by is, "what I grow through today will contribute to who I become tomorrow." Follow Autumn on IG @autumnjoiner.
June 11, 2020
15 Minutes of Building with William Cooper | Seeds of Legacy | Episode 30
Here we are in June, the month we celebrate the men in our lives that have had the greatest influence, our fathers or those that stepped in as a father figures. Being a women of color, I often wonder what it must feel like to be a black father, mentor or uncle in these times of racial discrimination and injustices. What the hearts of men desiring to leave "seeds of legacy" in the gardens of their children's lives in the midst of crisis must feel like. COVID-19, quarantining, demonstrates, protests, riots and let's not forget just everyday life that can come with it's own chaos. On today's mini-episode, William Cooper joined the BIV family and braved being the first man on the mini-series. He shares with us his heart on fatherhood, legacy building and how being a father helped him with his mental health. William, affectionately known as Sha, a Brooklyn native, veteran and 2nd oldest to 11 siblings, used the following quote to describe being a father, "Being a father is my #1 priority, I don't know what what #2 is but it's light years behind #1" This is what we need right now, a reminder of the goodness black fathers bring to our communities. A powerful 15 minutes sprinkled with storytelling, laughter, affirmations and encouragement. Follow William on IG @Sha_rock250.
June 4, 2020
15 Minutes of Rediscovery with Yvonne Pacheco | Now What?| Episode 29
"It sounds corny, but I've promised my inner child that never again will I abandoned myself for anything or anyone else again." Who are you? What gifts and talents do you hold in your heart? Today, our guest Yvonne Pacheco, who is my sista from another momma, born again artist, line sister in Delta Sigma Theta, Air Force Veteran and prayer warrior take us on a journey of rediscovery. She challenges us at time where the world will try to tell us who we are not, she reminds us of who we are by tapping back into our inner child! So fitting and on time for the times we are currently facing right now. As Yvonne is a brown mom raising brown sons, in a world that would try to stripe them of their very lives. She gives a heartfelt loving reminder to fight, rediscover and tear down those labels to return back to the thing you were born to be. What gifts and talents are you not tapping into? Well, today Yvonne is going to call you to action and you just maybe painting or creating after this mini-episode. Follow Yvonne on IG @yvonnejosepacheco.
May 28, 2020
15 Minutes of Love with Jennifer Dodd | The Liberation of Love | Episode 28
Yass! Ya'll we are at mini-episode #7! Wow! Seems ideal that today's episode would be about LOVE, when the meaning of the number 7 is tied to God's heart, completeness and having an appreciation and love for yourself and others. So, not only is the topic on point, but our guest for today's "15 Minutes" of Love is a woman in love with love. Jennifer Dodd is a community advocate and servant leader who is passionate about people, food, life and of course love. She is also my forever sista, sorority sister and fellow food enthusiast. Jennifer brings a fun and witty perspective on the greatest gift - love. She takes us on a heartfelt journey of learning what it means to experience freedom through loving yourself and others. Make sure you have your journals and note pads because Jennifer challenges us with a beautiful call to action that reminds us just how liberating love can be! Follow Jennifer on IG @j_dodouble.
May 21, 2020
15 Minutes of Self-Care with Amina Okosi | The Rebellious Act of Self-Care | Epsiode 27
Why is it that loving and caring for ourselves seem to be a rebellious act?! How do we get past that? Here we are in a time when the world is upside down and we are feeling incredibly vulnerable, shouldn't that be a time soul care and being kind to ourselves be a priority? This week's " 15 Minutes" mini-episode is with the amazing Amina Okosi, writer, founder of Dear Men and fellow shoe enthusiast (General Manager for DSW...yasss!). Amina addresses some of the challenges many of us are facing during this global pandemic with 6 rebellious practices for self and soul care. She reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and to allow healing through movement...get those endorphins flowing. This episode is authentic, relatable and necessary. Follow Amina on IG @thedearmenblog & @aminathegreat
May 14, 2020
15 Minutes of Joy with Talaya Simpson | The Joy of a Difficult Process | Episode 26
"What we don't need in the midst of struggle is shame for being HUMAN." - Brene Brown. This beautiful reminder is spot on for this precedent time. What we are currently living through is a struggle like nothing we have ever been through and together in our humanity, we can find 'Joy in this Difficult Process'. On this mini-episode, my dear friend, author, servant leader and fellow #visionboss Talaya Simpson joins us again on the podcast. Today she gives us space to be our most authentic selves with tips, encouragement and affirmations that give us permission to use the greatest tool we have...OURSELVES while finding joy to stand! These 15 minutes are power-packed with a permission slip to fall in love with the vulnerability that being all human allows, along with incredible tools to help us grab ahold of our faith in the midst of this challenging time. Follow Talaya Simpson on IG at @talayassimpson.
May 7, 2020
15 Minutes of Power with JaNay Queen Nazarie | The Power of Kindness| Episode 25
Hold your power Queen 👑 With everything happening right now surrounding the pandemic, life can leave us feeling hopeless and powerless. Yet, we have power queens! What is that power you may ask ... it is KINDNESS! JaNay Queen Nazarie, bridge-builder, collaborator and advocate with a heart to empower leaders, shares on today's episode how you can activate that power through small, simple acts. She challenges us, with a gentle push, to spread kindness even in the midst of chaos. This mini-episode is packed with golden nuggets, sweet reminders and a call to action that will get us all ready to sprinkle the magic of love and kindness everywhere. Follow JaNay on IG and Twitter @Docqueen. 
April 16, 2020
15 Minutes of Value, Vision & Action With Ayodola Anise| Discipline to Motivate|Episode 24
"You won't always be motivated, you have learn to be discplined." Periodt! That quote will make you stop in your tracks. Ayodola Anise, owner of Be Anised and Coloring in White Spaces shares on this week's episode why that quote changed her "to-do" list game. Really, how many of us prioritize our to-do list based on what's most valuable to us? Most of us create our lists with multiple tasks and deadlines in mind. Not even thinking about the vision, value or actions associated to it. Well, on this " 15 Minutes" of encouragement, Ayodola dives into how discipline can ground us and allows us to experience restoration and peace from our to-do list. Yeah, I know this is exactly what we all need in our lives right about now! Follow and stay connect with Ayodola on IG @beanised. Also, if these mini-episodes have blessed your soul, please share them, subscribe to the podcast and give us a review!
April 10, 2020
15 Minutes of Courage With Michele Roseman | Courage Under Fire| Episode 23
Welcome back to another power packed 15 Minute mini-episode. Many of us are going into week 3 or 4 of being quarantined at home or having to homeschool children while still going into work fulltime or trying to pick up the pieces of your life after being laid off from your job. Every one of these situations requires some form of courage, one that is being put under fire. This week, Michele Roseman, Author, Natural Hair Guru and Writing Coach brings us "15 Minutes" of Courage, where she shares a very vulnerable time when she was put under the fire and courage plus a whole lot of grace had to show up. As most of us have discovered it's not in the seasons of calm that courage bubbles up yet when it's been through some heat. This mini-episode will connect us through our struggles and remind us we are not in this alone! Stay in touch with Michele by following her on IG @micheleproseman and at
April 2, 2020
15 Minutes of Peace with Tiffany Johnson | Be Still and Know| Epsiode 22
We all have heard the saying " 15 minutes of fame." Funny, it seems like in those few minutes, something life altering happens. Well, I decided to use that same thought as a tool to encourage, empower and inspire us during this time of #socialdistancing and #quarantining. But, what fun would it be to do this alone?!? So, I partnered with 4 amazing women to do a bonus series for the podcast. These mini-episodes are just 15 minutes, but are each packed with beautiful reminders, affirmations and words of encouragement to inspire us all. Today we kick off the series with my dear friend, Tiffany Johnson, who is the co-founder of the Listen Up Conversation. She reminds us of the freedom we have with the gift of being still and knowing. Tiffany's gentle spirit, faith and love for God will warm your heart with comfort and peace. To stay in touch Tiffany, follow her on IG @thelistenupconversation and check out
March 26, 2020
Self-Love Through the Lens of Vulnerability - Donna Lane | Episode 21
"We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known." - Brene Brown. What would it look like if you loved yourself through the lens of vulnerability? Donna Lane, one my dearest and oldest friends of 30+ years joins me for a juicy deep dive on self acceptance, love and vulnerability. Donna is an enthusiastic IT nerd, who took a passion and desire to empower women and launched her own photography business. In her studio, she invites women to experience self love through boudoir photography. Talk about vulnerability, yet Donna's hearts desire to help women be more confident as they move into the next phase of life has actually transformed many of their lives. Cause confidence changes lives! This episode is full of belly laughs, powerful reminders and encouragement. Follow Donna on IG @boudoirbydonna and check out her website to book a session, trust me it will change your life!
March 12, 2020
Gentle Giants-Table Talk Series | Part 2| Episode 20
Welcome back to the table! Wow, Part 1 of the Table Talk Series with the Gentle Giants was amazing! We are back around the table for part 2 and we are going in alittle deeper as wrap up our conversation on God through the lens of Gen-Z, unpacking the quote, "Vision give pain a purpose" and sharing how Black History is our History. Come on, grab your chair and take a seat for the closing episode of the Table Talk Series. I want to hear from YOU, so please if you were touched or moved by this episode or one of the other Brave in Vision episodes, subscribe to the podcast, share your feedback and tag @braveinvisionpodcast.
February 27, 2020
Gentle Giants- Table Talk Series | Part 1 | Episode 19
"Children learn more from what you are than what you teach." - W.E.B. DuBois. I knew it would be challenging to raise three Gentle Giants to be fiercely compassionate, kind, loving and strong. So, I figured if I became what I wanted them to be, and showed them, they would follow! Today, Tsion, Josiah and Gabriel share their stories of braving through messy middles, deep valleys of healing and climbing their own mountaintops. Today, you are invited into one of our favorite places in our home, the dining room around our family table. “The Table Talk,” a two-part Series, went down in that cherished space. The Gentle Giants dropped nuggets of truth, mad wisdom and multiple mic drop moments, as we talked about everything from love, courage, honoring God as a Gen-Z’er, being history makers to why open communication is so important. We also did an emotional unpacking of the quote, "Vision gives pain a purpose" and so much more. Come grab a chair and take a seat at our table! 
February 13, 2020
Happy New Year! Braving the Gift of New| Yodit Kifle Smith| Episode 18
We made it to 2020! A whole new decade! Woot woot! There's something so refreshing and kind of intimidating about walking into a new year, or new season, of life. But, regardless of how hard “new” can be, staying in the old can be detrimental to our destiny! Our guest, Yodit Kifle Smith, is founder of Within Ministry and co-host of the Everything Under the Son podcast, shares with us her brave journey through the winding roads of being newly married, and relocating to a new home in a new state located 3,000 miles away from family and friends! Yep, the running joke was she had a for real, real NEW season! I invite you to lean in as Yodit takes us on a wild, yet faith-filled ride of allowing God to write her story and the gift of braving “the new!” Follow all that Yodit is doing at She is married to her BFF, Dwight and is a lover of writing, coffee, chick-fil-a and everything dealing with encouraging women and girls to live a life full of faith.
January 9, 2020
Couch Conversations with Kenya - Chapter 3| Dear Self, I Love You| Episode 17
Happy Holidays! I hope it was filled with an abundance of love, joy and high pitched belly laughs! We made it back to the couch for the final episode of the Couch Conversations series. This is the last episode of the year... wait actually, it’s the last one of this decade. Wow! Well, Talaya and Ayodola made it a special one with an audience Q & A, that led into an intimate conversation on self-care and self-love. We tackled battling guilt, self-sabotage and minding one’s “busyness.” Along with doing a deep dive into how self-love is a huge part of our healing and necessary for our success in the new year, this episode was the perfect close to sharing my brave mountaintop journey. Thank you for coming along for the ride. As a community of brave souls, we want to ensure we serve you. We would love to hear from you, as we are planning content for 2020. Email feedback, topic ideas or just to say 'Hey' at I'm so excited for what's on the horizon. 2020 better watch out, coming for ya ; ) Stay connected and follow Kenya and Brave in Vision Podcast on IG @kenyasbryant & @braveinvisionpodcast.
December 26, 2019
Couch Conversations with Kenya- Chapter 2| Birthing of Vision | Episode 16
Welcome back! We are picking up on Chapter 2 of the Book of Kenya. Join us on the couch, as I once again switch places and become the interviewee sharing the birthing of my brave story. In Episode 16, titled the Birthing of Vision, we talk about my personal call to courage. To quote one of my favorite authors Brené Brown, "There's always a call to courage. You don't want to get to the end and ask yourself 'What if I would have showed up?" In this episode, we talk about what it looks like to show up. Now join Ayodola, Talaya, and I for Chapter 2 of Couch Conversations.
November 8, 2019
Couch Conversations with Kenya Series Launch - Chapter 1 | Episode 15
Welcome to Couch Conversations — a three-part series where I open up and share, The Book of Kenya. After 14 incredible episodes, it dawned on me that our guests have shared some of the most amazing stories. These stories highlight the beauty found in walking through challenging seasons in life and in the midst of it all ... finding “your brave.“ There was only one thing missing, my story. In the next episodes, my forever girlfriends Ayodola Anise and Talaya Simpson will cohost the Couch Conversations mini-series, as the interviewer becomes the interviewee. In today’s episode, I share my journey to brave and the birth of the Brave in Vision podcast. This is a raw and beautifully unexpected episode packed with fun, laughter, pain, God’s math, restoration and my climb to brave. Join us now for Chapter One: The Story of Kenya: Mountains, Valleys, and Triumphs.
October 24, 2019
Perfect Timing: The gift of NO! Erica N. Williams | Epsiode 14
Grow so remarkably that people have to get to know you all over again!" Wow, what a statement! Growth, in and of itself, necessitates change. In order for many of us to grow to the point where we have to reintroduce the world to the new version of ourselves, we must employ some level of intention and a transformation mindset. Neither of these come easy when you have faced 50+ job rejections, taken the GMAT 4 times, or encountered multiple failed relationships like our guest Erica N. Williams. With the biggest smile, Erica says "... each NO became a gift." Each NO became a push to take courageous steps that would go against society, family and friends. Each NO would dismantle old beliefs causing Erica to bloom into a woman walking in the power of God's perfect timing. On this episode Erica shares her brave story of the reintroduction to herself and to others, overcoming closed doors, the power of timing, and the gift of NO. In this episode, Erica holds nothing back and encourages us to never give up because every NO is a brick beautifully placed on the path to YES! Connect with Erica on IG @ericanwilliams & @journeytopurity and to purchase 'Don't Give Up' - 7 day devotional journey for women, stop by Amazon or
September 26, 2019
Just Start! Trust the Process- Anika Hobbs| Episode 13
"When you've been given blessings, you should be able to live off those blessings." ~Anika Hobbs, Owner and Lead Curator of Nubian Hueman . Join us today as we talk about pushing through the pain of incremental growth to passion and purpose with Anika Hobbs. A former H&M executive turned entrepreneur, Anika Hobbs' heart and passion are to see artists living off their true blessings, their art! Nubian Hueman, Anika's social enterprise, is said to have a unique energy that not only empowers you, but it feels like home. It is a place where the beauty of culture, creativity and community collide. Nubian Hueman curates unique goods inspired by Black and Brown culture and the many facets of the African Diaspora. The landscape of this incredible space reflects the essence of an ever-changing canvas that gives way to pieces of the past, while capturing features of the present, and projecting concepts of the future. On this episode, Anika discusses all the beauty, realness and power her social enterprise does to bring life back to the community. She is unapologetically HER. You can't help but fall in love with the calmness she brings as she shares with us her journey from H&M to entrepreneurship and the power of #tribelife that kept her going through a painful loss. Anika describes herself as the definition of "incremental growth!" This episode is full of wisdom, truth, black love, and excellence. Sit back, listen, and join us today on this journey to growth. Connect with Anika on IG at @NUBIANHUEMAN & @blackloveexperience.
September 12, 2019
The Bridge - Living legacy from the inside out Karl Oakley | Episode 12
Wow! The Bridge Men's series has been one incredible ride and this kickoff was so powerful! This episode closes out our launch of the series, but is definitely not the end. We will be back in October! So, we are excited for this episode, where we talk with Karl Oakley- military veteran, entrepreneur and philanthropist about living a life of legacy, from the inside out. Most folks think of legacy as property, wealth, etc, but we tackle this topic in a different way. Karl talks about what the journey looks like when men realize that leaving their mark on this world begins with self-work and development that overflows from the inside, and then out to others. This epsiode is a game changer and on FIRE( lol, actually you will hear a firetruck cause of the 🔥 being dropped). Full of wisdom and truth! Connect with Karl at @keointernational.
August 29, 2019
Stigma be gone! The Bridge to Better Men's Mental Health | Episode 11
As we know, without mental health, we can not be healthy overall. Even the brain can get sick. We all experience emotional highs and lows from time to time. But mental health goes beyond these emotional reactions to specific events. Today's guest, Robert Umana, is one who not only walked through depression and anxiety, but is passionate about informing others who have been trapped in the stigma of hiding behind the mask called "together." Rob walks us through his journey of denial and acceptance, intervention and healing, and what it looks like to be a man who seeks wholeness for himself and others. Listen as Rob let's us know that it's okay not to be okay, and it's okay to seek help when you're not. Thank you Rob for bringing awareness to this situation and giving insight to those who are in a position to help those in need. Connect with Rob at @Robeatsfood.
August 15, 2019
Bonus Episode - The Bridge Mini Stories: Between Fathers & Daughters
A special bonus epsiode of mini stories told by five brave women bridge building through sharing memories and stories about their fathers and how that relationship played a role in their lives today. This episode was birth from the Bridging Relationships Fathers & Daughters episode #10 of the Bridge Men's Series. At the beginning of the bridge, you cannot see much ahead of you. But as you near the top, you can see both sides and the vast divide beneath. You realize that something incredible is happening on this span. One shore meets another. Two understandings merge, the divide is overcome, and the beauty of perspective is gained. These stories are raw, real, vulnerable and beautiful! Please share your comments and reviews at or IG @braveinvisionpodcast
August 14, 2019
The Bridge Men's Series Launch- Bridging Relationships | Epsiode 10
Welcome to The Bridge- a special edition men’s series with real stories of real men doing real life. We are kicking this series off with an episode on bridging relationships between fathers and daughters. Issac Newton, quotes that "we build so many walls and not enough bridges." Isn't that so true? How can relationships heal or experience wholeness without real and authentic conversations that bridge the gap. This episode is an invitation into a journey where our host Kenya Bryant and her father, Quinn Hill have an intimate and vulnerable conversation that has become an integral part of their bridge building journey. You will hear Quinn share his brave story of moving through hurt, loss, pain, love and healing with the gift of journaling and poetry. This is a raw, beautiful episode packed with forgiveness, restoration, wisdom and love. Learn more about this series and the podcast @braveinvisionpodcast on IG.
August 1, 2019
Shine Your Light - Living in its Power |Episode 9
"If you are dreaming it, if you are imagining it, It's in there and it's YOURS! You have to live it!" that is the kind of goodness and truth you are about to hear on this episode! I got the honor and pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Trenace Richardson, founder of REAL Women as she shared her brave story of no longer dimming her light to overcoming depression and braving into full time entrepreneurship! I love her mantra to live brilliantly and she brought the house down with her wealth of knowledge, wisdom and REAL talk! Connect with Trenace on Instagram @realwomenrock2 and at
July 18, 2019
Braving it- Uncertainty & Perfectionism |Episode 8
Yes! We got our first guy on the podcast and this episode marks our 6th month anniversary! So, it was fitting to have our guest and first guy be Darren Franklin, Racial Equity Champion, Father and Federal Sector Leader on the show today! He is my dear friend, ace and dare I say partner in crime. On this episode Darren shared his mountaintop story of braving through divorce, parenthood and now being single. We laughed as he told stories of his Pentecostal upbringing and had powerful moments of reflection as he talked about walking through uncertainty and being a recovering perfectionist. Then Darren dropped the mic, as he closed the show with a beautiful declaration to the ladies! This episode is packed with wisdom, laughter and incredible truth nuggets. Connect with Darren on Instagram @darrengfranklin.
June 27, 2019
Why Not Try - Facing Your Fears | Episode 7
On this episode you will hear something alittle different as our guest Dr. Anne Beal, physican and founder of AbsoluteJOI Skincare and I recorded in her serene back patio where we soaked up the sunshine and were serenaded by the birds. Our peaceful studio didn't stop Anne from dropping the mic as she shared her brave climb through a divorce and single parenting to writing for Essence magazine, working at Harvard to launching her own skincare line. Anne broke it down on how we can be fearless if we name our fears and work the gift of trying! This episode is packed with pearls of wisdom and incredible truth nuggets. Connect with Anne at @myabsolutejoi.
May 30, 2019
Mountaintop - Trusting our Vision & being present | Episode 6
On this episode, I got to sit down with friend and fellow #visionenthusiast, Sarah Bayot founder and head designer of the social impact brand Kicheko Goods. Sarah shared her brave "mountaintop" story along with schooled me on how she redefined the word authentic and how that definition sparked a newness in her. This episode was raw and jammed pack with moments of laughter, real girl talk, beautiful gems and golden takeaways! Connect with Sarah on Instagram @kichekogoods and at
May 9, 2019
LIVE - Women's History #girlbosstakeover | Episode 5
We went LIVE for a very special #girlbosstakeover to close out Women's History Month with a BANG! I sat down at the cool podcast studio Switch and Board with five beautiful #visionenthusiasts, Bridget Nistico, Ayodola Anise, Talaya Simpson, Ericka Oakley, Tiffany Johnson as we had an amazing conversation about being women who are on fire with purpose, defenders of greatness and living out our brave stories. The entire episode is FULL of gems, truth nuggets and golden takeaways. Girl, grab your notepad and pen cause you are going to want to jot down all the goodness that will be dropped in this one!
April 4, 2019
Women's History Month - Making History Now | Episode 4
Happy Women's History Month! In honor of this month, I'm hanging out with friend and fellow #visionenthusiast Cassadra Vincent. Cassandra is leadership coach and host of the Vision + Stragey Brunch, who is on a mission to create and lead a movement of happy, whole, and ambitious women who are committed to living their vision! On this episode we do a fun, deep dive into the topic of making history now! Being women who take risks, stand for social change, are legacy driven and visionary minded. Its full of laughter, truth nuggets, encouragement and amazing takeaways. Connect with Cassandra on Instagram @vsbrunch and at
March 14, 2019
Black History Special- Loving the Woman that I AM | Episode 3
On this episode, I got to hang out and chat with two of my fav sista friends Toya Carmichael and Michelle Edwards. Both of these powerhouses are making their mark on the world through their respective careers, heart for social action and paying it forward. We jumped all in on the topic of Loving the Woman I AM" the beauty, power and boldness of being a woman of color. Sharing personal and professional stories of race, the power of community, sisterhood and how their most recent roles have created platforms for women and men of color to thrive. High fives, snaps, "yasss girl," laughter and powerful takeaways filled our time together. This episode is celebrating Black History Month and closes out our 'Love has the Final Say' series for the month of February. To connect with Toya and Michelle, you can find them on Facebook and Instagram @toyacarmichael and @michellenedwards
February 28, 2019
Love has the Final Say - Surrender | Episode 2
On this episode, I got to hang out and chat with Shakirah Hill. This #rockstar is an author, digital strategist, mentor and overall cool sista. We tackled the question, what if to live the life you dream, you must first let go? There's tons of laughter, high fives, amazing nuggets and takeaways as we really dig into the topic of finding love, freedom and the life you dream of through surrendering. This episode also kicks off our 'Love has the Final Say' series for the month of February. Connect with Sharikah on Instagram @shakirah_adianna.
February 7, 2019
Launch Day- Fearless | Episode 1
Woohoo! It's Launch Day of the Brave in Vision Podcast and on today's episode we will be talking about being fearless, the Oven's anniversary and what's on the horizon. Connect with Kenya at @kenyasbryant and @braveinvisionpodcast.
January 24, 2019