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Breaking The Ice Podcast

Breaking The Ice Podcast

By Breaking The Ice Podcast
This podcast has no filter, no volume control, no sense of personal space, no proper hygiene, no etiquette, and no clue. It’s like giving a monkey a microphone and a hand grenade.
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LUCAS CARR: ESPN, Matt Brown, and NHL | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Lucas Carr is a former Army Ranger, Boston Fire Fighter, frequent WAAF guest on air, badass, and owner of Pathfinder Tree Service. We talked to Lucas about his upcoming feature on ESPN 30 for 30 about himself & Matt Brown and The Matt Brown Foundation. Lucas also talks about his time fighting over seas, his inside NHL scoop and some old WAAF stories! 
August 20, 2022
Worcester Railers NEW Head Coach & GM: Jordan LaVallée-Smotherman | Breaking The Ice Podcast
We are BACK from Summer break and hitting the ground running with our good friend and frequent guest, Jordan LaVallée-Smotherman! Last season Jordan was Capitan of the Railers, but now he's in charge and talks to us about his vision for the team going forward and his plans for building a tough and winning team. We also talk about bad coaching, Jordans new dog, and Josh Dolan seems ready to lace up his skates again. Will Jordan sign Josh Dolan to the Worcester Railers on a PTO? Nope. But it's funny to see Josh try to talk his way onto the team.. WELCOME BACK EVERYONE AND GO RAILERS!  #Worcester #RailersHC #WorcesterRailers #JordanSmotherman #TableTalkPies
July 27, 2022
Be A Man | Breaking The Ice Podcast
We were join this week by #TikTok Celebrity @Boston Be A Man . We talked about man stuff and his two shows coming up.. June 23rd at The Chevalier Theater and June 24th at Foxwoods. Listen to this episode.. Be A Man.
June 21, 2022
Arcades, Daytime TV, and Throwbacks | Breaking Thew Ice Podcast
We were guest-less this week but we did cover a lot of ground. We talked about throwback items that aren't around anymore like VHS, Smoking Sections at restaurants and Josh Dolan's daughter turning one! 
June 07, 2022
Comedian Jonathan Kite | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This week we were joined by comedian Jonathan Kite! Not only is he an amazing actor and hilarious comedian, he's one of the best impressionists out there! You may know him from best known for his role as Oleg Golishevsky on 2 Broke Girls and his show on Netflix with Jamie Foxx and David Allen Grier called "Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!" and many other shows such as Family Guy. We talked to Jonathan about bad interviews he's done, Wilt Chamberlin, and doing celebrity impressions. Isaiah and Jonathan have a mutual friend Isaiah have a mutual friend Chad and Jonathan explain how him and Chad first met. The show started in a Lyft until Jonathan was able to break into a house to use the wifi. (He didn't really break in.)
May 21, 2022
Dane Cook | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Dane Cook came on the show to talk about his show this Saturday at the Boch Center - Wang Theater! Dane also talked about the old days starting out in Boston comedy, Kowloon, Chris Rock, and Mike Hsu spots some star wars memorabilia behind Dane.. even on Zoom Hsu can sniff out Star Wars! GO SEE DANE COOK LIVE THIS SATURDAY IN BOSTON: Get your tickets here:
April 22, 2022
Worcester Railers Captain - Jordan Smotherman | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Worcester Railers Captain, Jordan LaVallée-Smotherman, came back on the podcast to talk about the end of the season and the Railers playoff push! Jordan also talks about going to the Masters TWICE, having minor heart surgery, hockey fights, bad team names, and Josh tries to convince Jordan to let him play for the Worcester Railers if they are ever short on skaters for a game.. (Nobody took Josh seriously). And we also learn that you can no longer go with no bucket during warmups.
April 09, 2022
Will Smith, Smoke Candy, and Billionaires | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This week we started off with talking about why Josh won't except food you offer him if you brought it from home, Billionaires, Will Smith's Slap, and Mike Hsu's Daughter teaches us the new words the cool kids are using nowadays, and how to use the words. We also talk about the BTI live music show on The AMP App!
April 04, 2022
Comedian Paul Mecurio | Breaking The Ice Podcast
We were joined this week Emmy & Peabody award winning comedian Paul Mecurio! We talked to Paul about his shows coming up March 25th & 26h at Off Cabot Comedy in Beverly, MA. You may know Paul from his several appearances on “The Late Show w/Stephen Colbert,” “The Daily Show,” "The CBS Late, Late Show," HBO, “The Tonight Show,“ ESPN, Showtime, NBC’s “Fridays,” and “The Joke Show” and VH-I Clip Shows and MUCH MORE! We also talked to Paul about his Rhode Island Italian family, political correctness, and we talk about Don Orsillo and it's not about what you think!  To see Paul live and check out his podcast go to for TIX and more!
March 24, 2022
Tom Dreesen | Sinatra, The Comedy Store, & Free Speech | Breaking The Ice Podcast
We were joined once again by comedian Tom Dreesen! We talk to Tom about the Showtime documentary he was is about The Comedy Store! Tom also tell some stories about Frank Sinatra and talks about his book "Still Standing..."!
March 14, 2022
LB PANT-LESS In A Bar, Internships, and The Comedy Store | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This week we talk about how soft kids are today with their PAID internships and what our first radio internships were like. Mike Hsu tells a story of the time LB took his pants off in a bar and we talk about a whole lot more including The Comedy Store Documentary on Showtime! Oh, and the Racist Cock gets some more work this week.
March 08, 2022
Mistress Carrie Answers The Bat-Signal | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Our big guest this week had to bail and then Mike Hsu ended up on a Milk-Carton because he went missing and was nowhere to be found once it was show time. So Josh and Isaiah sent out the Bat-Signal on social media to see who would come on the show.. and within a matter of seconds Mistress Carrie was in the chat! We apologize that we didn't end up getting to anyone else who joined the chat. We ended up doing a full episode with Carrie and before we knew it we were out of time! Also we located Mike Hsu later that day.. He's fine.   Check out our friends from 1 Worcester Homes: CHECK OUT CARRIE'S WEBSITE:
February 25, 2022
Tuukka, Concerts, and Locker Rooms | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This episode we talk about Tuukka Rask retiring from hockey, old WAAF concert stories including Locobazooka & The Wallace Civic Center in Fitchburg and times we found ourselves in professional sports team locker rooms when we probably didn't belong. We also see a few appearances from our old friend the Racist Cock! We also welcome our new sponsor to the show --->
February 15, 2022
Joe Rogan vs. Neil Young | Breaking The Ice Podcast / Long May You Young Podcast
Breaking The Ice joined forces with our friends Luke & Russ Condon from the band Town Meeting and Mike Hsu's other podcast Long May You Young. We talk about Neil Young removing himself from Spotify after saying he didn’t want to be on the same platform as Joe Rogan. 
January 29, 2022
Samantha Ramsdell RETURNS | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Samantha Ramsdell makes her second appearance on BTI! Sam will be at Laugh Boston this weekend doing stand up as well as shoving food in her mouth & much more! We talk to Sam about her Butt Hole, Food, leaving the corporate world and we call Andy Ferg from North Shore Beefs for advice on what place Sam should hit up for some roast beef while she's in town! To see Sam live in Boston this weekend go to: FOLLOW SAM ON IG & TikTok:   IG: TikTok:
January 21, 2022
Greg Fitzsimmons | Breaking The Ice Podcast
WE'RE BACK! In our first episode back we were joined by comedian Greg Fitzsimmons! Greg talks about his good friend, the late Bob Saget. Greg also talks about some old stories when him and Joe Rogan were roommates when they started out in comedy, and the time him and Bill Burr got into a situation at a rest stop off the Mass Pike! We chatted about his shows at Laugh Boston this weekend and what he has coming up!
January 12, 2022
Worcester Railers Captain - Jordan LaVallée-Smotherman | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Captain of Worcester Railers, Jordan LaVallée-Smotherman, joined the show this week! Jordan talked about turning down 2 million dollars to keep playing pro hockey, getting sent down to the AHL after scoring his first NHL goal, terrifying team bus rides, and the time he filmed a commercial with Lyndon Byers. We also talked to Jordan about Mike Hsu competing in a pie eating contest coming up that will be held at a Worcester Railers game! Jordan had a lot of great stories from the early days of his pro hockey career and what he plans to do once he stops play hockey!
December 10, 2021
Dan O'Connor of FOUR YEAR STRONG | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Four Year Strong vocalist and guitarist, Dan O'Connor, joined the guys this week to talk about the bands recent tour, their holiday show coming up, tour stories, Four Year Strongs first gig on an island in the middle of a swamp! We also talk to Dan about growing up in Worcester and how many people ask for free tickets when Four Year Strong is playing a show at home in Worcester! A lot more was covered in this episode.. but to find out what else we talked about you're just going to have to listen!
December 03, 2021
Everyone's Sick | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This episode got off to a slow start because everyone on the show was feeling under the weather.. but then things pick up as the episode moved along!
November 09, 2021
A.J. Galante & Danbury Trashers | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This episode we had A.J. Galante from the smash-hit Netflix documentary Untold: Crime and Penalties about his UHL hockey team the Danbury Trashers! A.J. talks about Drake asking for his jersey and posting it on IG, running a pro hockey team at age 17, and some of the other crazy stories in his life that was cover in the documentary, like the story of the time The Rock, Triple H and other WWF stars showed up at his 11th birthday party. We talk to A.J. about his life now in professional boxing and what may be new with the Trashers brand. If you haven't seen this documentary on Netflix yet, you need to go see it even if you aren't a hockey fan!
October 29, 2021
DRUGS & TIME TRAVEL | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Mike Hsu, Josh Dolan, and Isaiah talk about some drug adventures they have been on.. This episode explains the meaning of life apparently as well as what is coming up on the podcast now that we are back from break!
October 25, 2021
Micky Ward | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This week we were joined by The Fighter himself.. "Irish" Micky Ward!
October 04, 2021
Norm Macdonald, Netflix, & Drugs: Breaking The Ice Podcast
This week we talk about Norm Macdonald and Josh coming out of standup comedy retirement! We also talk about what we've been watching on Netflix, drugs we've tried and what's coming up with the podcast!
September 27, 2021
Mistress Carrie | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This week we were joined by Mistress Carrie! Carrie apologizes to Celine Dion, talks about her feud with deer and being covered by coyote urine. We also talk about an event on Tuesday September 21, 2021 when Mistress Carrie has her 150th Cocktails in the War Room LIVE at The Boat in Dracut! Mike Hsu co-hosting the night with Carrie and Josh Dolan will be open the show with stand-up! Also Mike Hsu is still hangry and gets a little stoned at the end.
September 04, 2021
Mike Hsu Is Hangry | Breaking The Ice Podcast
First of all don't listen to this episode if you are hungry. This we we talk about a lot of crazy good food! Also we talk about the passing of former NHL player and fellow podcaster Jimmy Hayes and Josh tells a couple stories from when he first got to know Jimmy. Mike Hsu talks about his diet and all the food he has had to cut out of his diet. Isaiah does the podcast from the surface of the moon but manages to talk about why he wasn't allowed to use his real name on the air back in the 90's. Also this week we talk about a few live podcasts we will be doing! 
August 27, 2021
Shane Vitko | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This week we welcome back Shane Vitko! We talk to Shane about his podcast with singer Tommy Vext, prison, beard oil, road rage and a whole bunch of other topics! We cover a lot of ground in this episode!
August 19, 2021
Charlie Moore | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This week we are joined by The Mad Fisherman, Charlie Moore!
August 06, 2021
Lenny Clarke | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This week we welcome back one of our favorite people in the world, LENNY CLARKE! We talk to Lenny about the show he is doing at Polar Park in Worcester of 7/20/21 to pay tribute to fallen Police Officer Manny Familia drowned while attempting to rescue someone in Green Hill Park. Lenny also talks about doing comedy in Worcester in the 80’s, his massive stroke, and how he got sober! This episode in shorter than normal but a lot was packed into this one! 
July 19, 2021
Comedian Tony V | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This week we were joined by Boston comedy legend Tony V!
July 12, 2021
Comedian Corey Rodrigues | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This week we talked to comedian Corey Rodrigues! We talk about a man getting attacked by a bear, writing jokes & finding your voice as an entertainer, boxing, real and fake radio, and how politicians are all on the same team. Hopefully this episode is as fun to listen to as it was to record! Go check out Corey to watch his video and find out where he is performing at!
July 05, 2021
Comedian Jimmy Dunn | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This episode was for sure a wild one after taking a week off last week! Comedian Jimmy Dunn joined us this week to talk about comedy, writing on our favorite show Loudermilk, his sitcom, best and worst shows seen at Hampton Beach, seafood, water parks, and crazy small engine plane rides we've all been on! We also find out about how Josh almost died last (everyone is fine) and why a cop asked Josh about Mike Hsu.. AND MORE!
June 28, 2021
North Shore Beefs' Andy Ferg | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Andy Ferg from North Shore Beefs returns to the show! We covered the drama surrounding North Shore Beefs and what really happened. Andy calls out Isaiah for being creepy to one of our recent guests, and Mike Hsu tells us what he has to do now because he lost a bet!
June 14, 2021
Andrew Raycroft & Baby Dolan | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Former Boston Bruins goalie and NESN analyst Andrew Raycroft returns to the show to talk playoff hockey and Josh brings is new baby onto the show to meet everyone!
June 07, 2021
Samantha Ramsdell | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Samantha Ramsdell is a comedian/singer and has become a social media sensation for her fame on TikTok because of her huge mouth! Sam joined the guys to talk about what it’s like being famous because of shoving large amounts of food in her mouth, the crazy interviews she’s been doing, proving her mouth size to Guinness World Records, and they talk about her stand up comedy shows she have been selling out and her plans going forward for more live shows as things continue to open up!   #SamanthaRamsdell #HugeMouth #TikTok #BreakingTheIcePodcast #Viral
May 24, 2021
Mike Wendt | Breaking The Ice Podcast
We talked to our pal Mike Wendt. You may remember Mike from his time on WAAF and WZLX as well as his show on NESN. We talk about Happy Hour, his podcast with Andy Ferg of North Shore Beefs, and what his plans are for TV since moving on from his #NESN show!
May 17, 2021
Joe Rogan, Crazy Band Requests, and Ellen | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Isaiah has been missing in Mexico for about a week now. Mike and Josh talk about weed, crazy band requests, having a baby, Mistress Carrie joining Hsu on 100.1 FM The Pike, Joe Rogan as president and MUCH MORE!
May 06, 2021
Comedian Will Noonan | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This week we are joined by comedian and actor Will Noonan!
April 26, 2021
Red Sox Opening Day Recap & Meeting Alice Cooper | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Mike Hsu, Josh Dolan, and Isaiah were one of the few people at Fenway Park to see Red Sox home opener! Not only was it the first game that allowed fans since the virus hit, it was also the the first time all three of the guys were in the same room at the same time! They also talk about meeting Alice Cooper, Beer, and Loudermilk! 
April 12, 2021
The Call of Kilimanjaro: Jeff Belanger | Breaking The Ice Podcast
New England Legends Host and Podcaster Shares Message of Hope and Motivation in First Memoir: The Call of Kilimanjaro. Jeff climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to LLS to help fight blood cancer. He join BTI once again to tell stories and talk about everything from what it’s like to write a book, what it’s like to find out the book store put your book in an awful place, and what goes through your mind when you get to the top of one of the biggest mountains in the world!
April 05, 2021
Danielle Murr - Leaving Radio & What's Next! | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Danielle Murr joined BTI to talk about her decision to leave WEEI's The Greg Hill Morning Show and radio all together for podcasting! Danielle talks about her new podcast called "I'll Have One Of Everything". She also talks about what else she has in the works plants, ASMR, animals, old WAAF stories and possible names for restaurants!
March 28, 2021
St. Patricks Day, Radio Wars, and Lucas Carr | Breaking The Ice Podcast
For the second year in a row St. Patricks Day was canceled and nobody could go out. But that didn't stop us from having a party on this show! We we were also joined by our old friend Lucas Carr. Lucas was an Army Ranger, Boston Firefighter, former Edmonton Oiler (Kind of) and Chuck D's new best friend! So many topics were covered in this episode from old radio war stories, Nirvana, Bacon, and how Lucas's Army Ranger jacket ended up becoming the Boston Bruins good luck charm during their 2013 Stanley Cup run!
March 20, 2021
Comedian Jackie Flynn | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Comedian / Actor Jackie Flynn joined Breaking The Ice Podcast this week to talk about his show, LOUDERMILK, which will be available on Amazon Prime on Friday. You've probably seen Jack in movies such as Stuck On You, There’s Something About Mary, Kingpin, Me Myself, and Irene, Here Comes The Boom, The Heart Break Kid, Mall Cop, Shallow Hall and MORE.. We talk to Jack about comedy, TV, and first time getting drunk and one of Jackie's old childhood neighbor's checks in the show!  REMEMBER: Be sure to check out Jackie's show now in it’s 3rd season called Loudermilk which premieres on it new home Amazon Prime Friday of this week! #Loudermilk​ #JackieFlynn​ #BostonComedy 
March 11, 2021
Phil Labonte of All That Remains RETURNS! | Breaking The Ice Podcast
All That Remains lead singer, Phil Labonte, returned to the podcast this week! Phil is our first three peat guest on the show.. so Phil has scored the first BTI hat trick! We talked to Phil about the struggles of planning a tour and getting back on stage even for a well known band like  All That Remains. We also talked about Phil's move to Texas, his love and marriage proposal to Taylor Swift, All That Remains baby merch, Dr. Seuss, and clearing up some comments that were made about him from some recent news and metal blog who tend to target Phil. We also talked to Phil about going viral worldwide for comments he made about Nickelback and Metallica last time he was on our show!! We covered a lot of ground in this episode and we were so happy to once again have Phil on with us!
March 05, 2021
Mike Hsu Has A New Morning Radio Show! | Breaking The Ice Podcast
Mike Hsu is back on the air full time and he debuted his new morning show this week on 100.1 FM The Pike! We moved our guest to next week because we felt we just needed to talk with Hsu about his new show, what he has planned, and we also chat about how crazy it's been that it has now been over a year since WAAF went off the air! We also talk about NASCAR fans, Hsu's green drink, and getting old! #RadioRehab #MikeHsu #ThePike #WAAF
February 26, 2021
WAAF & Serial Killers | Breaking The Ice Podcast
This episode we talk about how it's crazy that's it's been almost a year since WAAF went off the air. We had our Day 1 OG sponsor Chris Riggs from Garage Doors Plus on the show who was in the AAF studio with us the day the station went off the air. We also talk about how Josh Dolan's wife is doing with pregnancy and we get into it about serial killers and creepy places you can stay over night!
February 18, 2021
Never Wake A Pregnant Woman | Breaking The Ice Podcast
The title of this episode explains it all, Josh Dolan learned a few days ago that it is not a good idea to wake up his pregnant wife, and it may have something to do with why he didn't drink during this weeks episode. Mike Hsu talks about how his gig at 100.7 The Pike is going while drinking FIVE BEERS at once out of a glass boot. We get a look behind the scenes of the Breaking The Ice World Headquarters and we hear the story of the time Josh chose sandwiches over saving a life?! Hsu's daughter drops in to say hello, and the guys also talk about the new Foo Fighter album! Yeah we covered a lot in this episode. Give us a #Cheddah if you listen to the whole thing!
February 08, 2021
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft
Andrew Raycroft returns to the podcast. Some of you maybe know Razor from his time minding the net for the Boston Bruins, rookie of the year in 2000, or as a NESN analyst for Boston Bruins games. Or maybe you remember him during his time as co-host of this podcast in the early years! We talked to Andrew about how weird this season must be for the players, Zdeno Chara going to the CAPS, Sandwiches, concerts and the Natick Mall!
January 28, 2021
Breaking The Ice with Rick Middleton
Its the beginning of the NHL season and the Boston Bruins have a new captain, Patrice Bergeron! So who better to have on the show than a former Boston Bruins captain who has his number hanging in the rafters of the Boston Garden. Nifty talks about what it takes to be a captain of a hockey team in the NHL, The Bruins Alumni, his movie "Tough Sledding" that's in the works, how he found out the Boston Bruins were retiring his number, and how Derek Sanderson got him shipped out of New York when the Rangers traded Nifty to the Boston Bruins.
January 21, 2021
Breaking The Ice with The Vulgar Chef
Yes we were a couple days late, we are sorry. But the wait was worth it! This week we had on The Vulgar Chef (Kyle Marcoux). Kyle has some of the craziest food mashups on his Instagram. If you like food porn then you may like this guy! You could say he is "Hardcore Food Porn". We talk about how he got started, events he has coming up, and did Burger King really steal one of his recipes?!
January 16, 2021
Happy New Year, Radio Stories and BABY DOLAN!
This weeks episode starts off a little hot as it was in the middle of the protests in our capital. Then the boys moved on after about 10 minutes.. Then they covered some old WAAF stories, what it's been like not being on the radio for about a year, and people who review radio shows and standup comedy in blogs but have never done standup themselves. Also they go over some possible baby names because Josh and his wife announce they are having their first baby in May! IT'S A GIRL!
January 07, 2021
Breaking The Ice with Mark Riley
This week we were joined by comedian & former NHL referee, Mark Riley! We talk about the science behind comedy, buzz words, old hockey stories, and the time Mark and Josh fought on the ice and when Josh told a cancer joke at a cancer comedy fundraiser and made the crowd hate him!
December 26, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Jeff Belanger | A Creepy Christmas
A BTI favorite guest returns, JEFF BELANGER! Jeff  is an American author, public speaker and paranormal investigator. You may know Jeff as the host of New England Legends on Amazon Prime. Jeff is a writer and researcher for the show Ghost Adventures. Jeff talks to the guys about the wild and CREEPY history of Christmas, how he is connected to the Playboy Mansion, and how Christmas is WAY more scary than Halloween!
December 17, 2020
Breaking The Ice with THE NEW INTERN!
As the podcast grows, we seem to find more people to drag down with us! Now we are getting college kids involved! YES, that's right we now have INTERNS! As Mike Hsu said on the episode, it'll be very hard for the new intern Alex to go on coffee runs for us over Zoom.. but I'm sure we'll find a way to make it work! We talk about our experiences interning and much more!
December 11, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Stiz Grimey
This episode we were joined by our old pal from WAAF Stiz Grimey. We talked about what he's been up to lately with WEEI and acting. Also Stiz tells the story of the time he thought he had his big break with Eminems' producer Jeff Bass, but it ended up just being a cruel prank by Josh Dolan.
December 03, 2020
Breaking The Ice with North Shore Beefs' Andy Ferg
This episode of BTI had the most heated debates of the year on this podcast. Was is about politics? Was it about race? Was it about religion? NOPE! None of the above. It was about beef. That's right BEEF! We also argued about what makes up the North Shore, what makes a TRUE roast beef sandwich, is it called a hoagie, grinder, or a sub? Plus who thought Mayo was dairy?! 10 people died during the making of this episode. Enjoy.
November 19, 2020
Breaking The Ice Podcast | Katie Has COVID-19
A friend of Mike Hsu's, Katie, is fighting a case of COVID-19. She was nice enough to fight through the symptoms she has had for the past 9 days to come on the show and talk about what it's been like for her to battle the 'Rona. We ask her many things about dealing with COVID including what her experience was like finding out she had it and then being contacted by the CDC.
November 12, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Frank Turner
Singer/Songwriter Frank Turner joined Breaking The Ice this week! You may know Frank from his band Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls or from English hardcore punk band Möngöl Hörde. Frank talked to the guys about what he's been doing during the pandemic, like how he performed a weekly show from his own home on his Facebook and YouTube channels to raise money for independent grassroot music venues that were forced to temporarily close due to the pandemic. They talked about opening acts, some of his albums / new projects, and whether or not he still thinks rock and roll can save us all!
November 05, 2020
Halloween, Smoking and Voting | Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan, Mike Hsu and Isaiah
Once again the racist cock got a workout this episode. This is just what happens when BTI does an episode with no guests AND you add beer into the mix.. names get named and stories get told that probably should be told. Mike Hsu sparks one up, Josh is in a new studio, Isaiah was oddly sober and the guys talk about everything from voting, Halloween costumes and some celebrities that used to come into the WAAF studio!
October 23, 2020
BONUS BREW | Breaking The Ice with Lucas Carr
On the first edition of the Bonus Brew Episodes of Breaking The Ice Podcast we spoke to Lucas Carr. Lucas tells amazing stories from playing with the Edmonton Oilers, serving overseas, being on the scene when the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon in 2013, and WAAF Event stories with LB! We talk about that and MUCH MORE!!
October 18, 2020
Breaking The Ice ZOOM BOMB II
Our SECOND ever live Zoom Bomb! The Racist Cock got quiet a workout at the start of this episode and Josh Dolan catches Mike Hsu trying to get away with something.. Guests included podcast listeners and radio friends! Also Josh Dolan parents try to join but they couldn't seem to figure out how to work the Zoom Machine!
October 14, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Jeff Belanger
HAPPY OCTOBER! Jeff Belanger is an American author, public speaker and paranormal investigator. He has served as the host of New England Legends and has appeared on Ghost Adventures. Jeff talks to the guys about the most haunted places he's been, why he thinks there is an after life, and why Christmas is way more scary than Halloween! Plus Chris Riggs from Garage Doors Plus drops in to say hello!
October 01, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Shane Vitko
This week we are joined by Massachusetts native, Shane Vitko! You may know Shane from the Deviant Gentlemen Podcast that he co-hosts with Bad Wolves' lead singer, Tommy Vext. He talked about his story coming from a troubled youth in Boston, MA to living his dream out in LA doing things he never thought he could. The guys talk about addiction, prison, staying positive, and the old school days of WAAF.. plus a whole lot MORE! Go check out Shane's Podcast with Tommy Vext at!!
September 24, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Sue Costello
Actor/Comedian Sue Costello joins Breaking The Ice Podcast this week. She talks to the guys about how toxic the entertainment industry can be for woman, her plans for the future, and her beef with Joe Rogan!
September 17, 2020
Breaking The Ice ZOOM BOMB
Our first ever live Zoom Bomb episode was a success! Guests included podcast listeners and former radio personalities such as Mistress Carrie, Corinne Kimball, Denny Doherty, Patrick Heenehan, Big Red and MUCH MORE!
September 10, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Doug Dave
WAAF Alumni, Doug Dave, joined Breaking The Ice this week. We talked about some old WAAF stories. Since leaving radio a few years ago Dave is now owner of Pinz. Pinz has five locations and is a great bowling, arcade, restaurant and bar. He has taken a huge hit with the MA rules for COVID reopening and talks about how tough it's been and what he thinks the future will hold.
September 02, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Nemr
Lebanese comedy superstar, Nemr, joins the guys on Breaking The Ice this week. We talked to Nemr about everything that has been going on in his home country especially with the recent explosion. We also talk to Nemr about how he single handily brought the art of standup comedy to the Middle East. So much was covered in this episode including cancel culture, political correctness, and Nemr says it's cool that NH kids call Beer Pong "Beirut"!
August 27, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan, Mike Hsu and Isaiah
A lot was covered in this weeks episode! Mike Hsu has made his way back onto the air! Hsu announced the he's made his return to radio on 100.1 The Pike. The guys talk about some WILD radio stories, NHL playoffs, living in Worcester and Pumpkin Spice in August?!
August 21, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Ray Harrington
This episode of BTI we are joined by comic Ray Harrington. We find out that Ray and Isaiah are fraternity brothers, and that Ray and Josh have the same fascination with Hitler.. but not in a weird way.. you just have to listen to piece this one together..
August 14, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Yannis Pappas
The hilarious Yannis Pappas joins BTI this week! Yannis Pappas is a standup comedian and co-host of the well known podcast, "History Hyenas". Yannis talked about how Ellen should go to prison, the future of the entertainment industry and did Bobby Orr's Family own slaves? Also at some point during this episode we play some "Drag-Mail"!
August 06, 2020
Breaking The Ice with The Soupman
This episode of BTI we were joined by our guest Peter Kelleher (aka The Soupman). Peter tells us how he turned the loss of his son Travis into a positive. He tells us his story about how he got from the first bowl of soup that he gave to the homeless, to how he got national attention from the media and getting a phone call from New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft. This is for sure one of the most inspirational episodes of BTI yet. After we said goodbye to Peter, Josh and Isaiah may have given the Racist Cock his heaviest work load on the show yet. This episode has a little bit of everything!
July 30, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Kevin Barbare
Kevin Barbare joined his former WAAF co-workers on Breaking The Ice Podcast. They talked about how Kevin acquired Getty Lee of Rushs' keyboard, movies that could be made today, and Morgan Freeman makes an appearance!
July 23, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Mistress Carrie
Mistress Carrie returns to Breaking The Ice Podcast! The last time everyone was in the same room together was right before the Rona-virus hit hard was at Mistress Carrie's house! So of course everyone had some catching up to do! They talked about Mistress Carrie's new podcast (The Mistress Carrie Podcast), Grabbing puppets boobs, names of generations, and what countries are listening to our podcasts! This episode gets wild!
July 16, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan, Mike Hsu and Isaiah
This episode of BTI Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan were finally in the same room but Isaiah is still hiding from the COVID in his bunker in an unknown location. We play a few Drag-Mails and talk about Master Bedrooms, Hsu's family has new shirts, and Italian subs!
July 09, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Town Meeting!
Russ & Luke from the band Town Meeting return to BTI! The have a new album out now and a new podcast that they co-host with MIKE HSU! We talked about the advice Hsu gave to Weird Al, Pam Grier's boobs, Josh Dolan's sniff, and what it's like to be in a band with family! 
July 02, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Corinne Kimball
Fellow Boston radio personality, Corinne Kimball formerly of AMP Radio on 103.3, joined the podcast. We talked about the transition from radio to podcasting, the future of radio, NASCAR, strip clubs and her new podcast "Cut To Corinne"!
June 25, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Gerry Callahan
Gerry Callahan joined Breaking The Ice Podcast to talk about all the craziness going on in the world right now. They also talk about radio, Aaron Hernandez, Podcasting, and how bad baseball has become! This episode gets wild!
June 18, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Bad Wolves Singer Tommy Vext
Bad Wolves lead singer, Tommy Vext, joined the podcast today to talk about his thoughts on everything going on in the news right now with Police, COVID19, Black Lives Matter, and we talk Bad Wolves! Tommy also has a new podcast out now with Shane Vitko called Deviant Gentlemen!
June 11, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Nick Stevens aka FITZY
BTI was joined by our former co-worker and WAAF friend, Nick Stevens, from the Matty & Nick Show! You may know him from his character Fitzy from & Sh*t Pats Fans Say! Nick is currently co-host of the Greg Hill Show on WEEI!
June 04, 2020
Breaking The Ice with OCD & Drag-Mail
This episode the guys get into it about how nobody wants to hang out with Josh Dolan, how Mike Hsu ruined two Mothers Days, and they try to come up with a new name for the voicemail segment and somehow come up with "Drag-Mail".. you'll just have to listen to hear what it means!!
May 28, 2020
BONUS Breaking The Ice: Chubby Emu Returns! Ask A Doctor - COVID19 and Reopening
Back in March Dr. Bernard came on the show when this whole COVID19 thing was new. We wanted to talk to an expert on everything that was going on. We talked to him about locking down and now we had Dr. Bernard back on the show to talk about the country reopening.. and ask if we are out of the woods with this whole thing? Dr. Bernard goes by the name "Chubbyemu" on Youtube and social media. 
May 23, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Trapt's Chris Taylor Brown ROUND II & Voicemails
Trapt lead singer, Chris Taylor Brown, joins Breaking The Ice Podcast for the second time in a month! This time Chris came on to talk to the guys about the recent news of a petition to get Trapt’s song “HEADSTRONG” banned from the new Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game. Did it get removed from the playlist? Was it ever on the playlist? Chris also talks to the guys about Trapt’s new music, Twitter, and how the band got the name “TRAPT”. We also debut the new voicemail segment! We still have some that didn't get played, but don't worry those will be played next episode!
May 21, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan: Mike Hsu and Isaiah - Netflix Cheating
WE HAVE A NEW PODCAST INTRO! The new Breaking The Ice website is up and the guys talk about what's new with that and the show and how you can be involved. They also talk about Netflix cheating, Rock Hudson, and Isaiah found kittens!
May 14, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan: Andrew Raycroft, Mike Hsu and Isaiah
Former Boston Bruins goalie and former Breaking The Ice co-host, Andrew Raycroft, joins the show and talks about a possible NHL return this summer, how he's been doing during quarantine and later on the in the episode we are joined by one of our sponsors, Chris from Garage Doors Plus!
May 07, 2020
BONUS Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan, Matty Blake, Mike Hsu and Isaiah
Matty Blake from the former afternoon show of WAAF, Matty & Nick, checks in with his former WAAF co-workers Josh Dolan, Mike Hsu, and Isaiah! They talk about WAAF being sold, Treats, COVID-19, and Mike Hsu got a new shirt!
May 04, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan: Chris Taylor Brown (TRAPT), Phil Labonte (ALL THAT REMAINS), Mike Hsu and Isaiah
Trapt lead singer, Chris Taylor Brown, has been in the news lately for his tweets. We mentioned Chris and Trapt in our last podcast episode with All That Remains singer, Phil Labonte. Chris saw the video of the discussion when Josh Dolan tagged Trapt in his tweet and felt Josh's comments were unfair and agreed to come on the show and join Josh, Mike Hsu, and Isaiah as well as Phil Labonte for the second episode in a row! This one goes DEEP!
April 30, 2020
BONUS Breaking The Ice: Lead Singer of All That Remains - Phil Labonte
Lead singer for All That Remains, Phil Labonte, joined the guys on a very special bonus episode of Breaking The Ice! They talked about Covid-19 and when things will go back to normal, The lead singer of Trapt having a mental breakdown on Twitter, Guns, Nickelback, Taylor Swift, movies, and there was even a rubber chicken! So every topic was basically covered! #RadioRehab
April 27, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan: Bill 'Spaceman' Lee, Mike Hsu, and Isaiah #RadioRehab
We were joined by the always entertaining former Red Sox and baseball legend, Bill 'Spaceman' Lee!! Bill Lee has been off the grid his whole life so we wanted to check in with him to see how or even if this COVID-19 pandemic has affected him and his way of life. Spaceman talked about COVID-19 testing, thinning the herd, baseball, Gronk, and much much more!
April 23, 2020
BONUS Breaking The Ice - Tom Dreesen: Stories of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and MORE!
BONUS EPISODE! Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan were lucky enough to be able to speak with their new pal Tom Dreesen on the podcast. We could have listened to Tom Dreesen tell stories ALL DAMN DAY! We feel like we just got to talk to a former president.. Dreesen told old stories about his friends Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, David Letterman and more! He talked about getting his start in show business over 50 years ago, being apart of, Tim and Tom, the first biracial stand-up comedy duo in the United States which he has written a book about and also talks about his appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and the 14+ years he toured across the country with Frank Sinatra.
April 19, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan: Lenny Clarke, Mike Hsu, and Isaiah #RadioRehab
Comedian Lenny Clarke was on Breaking The Ice and things got wild talking about Covid-19, Joe Rogan, Robin Williams, Guns, Kowloon, Denis Leary, Woke people, Plastic straws and MUCH MORE!
April 16, 2020
Breaking The Ice Podcast with Josh Dolan: Comedian/Actor Dustin Ybarra, Mike Hsu, and Isaiah
You may know Dustin Ybarra from We Bought A Zoo, Gotham, Us, and Hop, or his many time as a guest on WAAF. Dustin checked in from Los Angeles to talk about having to cancel tour dates, TV & movie gigs and talked about how things are in Hollywood during this pandemic.
April 09, 2020
BONUS Breaking The Ice: Russ & Luke Condon from Town Meeting
Russ and Luke Condon from the band, Town Meeting, joined Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan to talk about COVID19 canceling their gigs and income, WAAF, the music industry today, and bands they've opened for, and much more! They just released a new single and they have a new album coming out soon! CHECK THEM OUT and keep up with Town Meeting at
April 06, 2020
Breaking The Ice Podcast with Josh Dolan: Danielle Murr, Mike Hsu, and Isaiah #RadioRehab
Today we had former WAAF co-worker and current WEEI Morning Show Co-Host, Danielle Murr, on the show! Danielle talks about working from home, her new podcast, and of course, we had to talk about Tiger King, Tom Brady, and coronavirus! Also, we find out Mike Hsu's daughter is very disappointed in him.
April 02, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan: Mike Hsu & Isaiah Still Running From The 'Rona
So it seems like Josh Dolan, Mike Hsu, and Isaiah has all figured out how to podcast from different locations! They might even be getting a little TOO comfortable! This episode gets wild!
March 26, 2020
BONUS Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan: Mike Hsu, Isaiah, Dr. Bernard - #RadioRehab in Quarantine Part II
This episode we had to get serious for a second and talk to an expert on everything that is going on in the world right now. Mike Hsu was able to line up an interview with Dr. Bernard, who also goes by the name "Chubbyemu" on Youtube and social media. We talked about our new reality, podcasting from different locations, what we can be doing to stay safe and the actual science behind the coronavirus!
March 21, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan: Mike Hsu & Isaiah - Quarantine
A lot has happened since the last time we have spoken to you.. Josh Dolan, Mike Hsu, and Isaiah try to do their first episode of this #RadioRehab edition of Breaking The Ice Podcast in preparation for a lockdown. It started out promising just like the year 2020 but it just turned into a shit show! Here's what happened.. there are just no rules anymore!
March 19, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan: Ken Casey of Dropkick Murphys - Emergency Quickie Episode
Ken Casey from the Dropkick Murphys called Josh Dolan on the podcast today for an "Emergency Quickie Episode" of Breaking The Ice during this weird time we find ourselves in. Josh Dolan, Mike Hsu and Isaiah are planning some bonus episodes of the podcast to help take everyone's mind off of the news and the world coming to an end, but today we had to take time to plan and prepare for the worst. Ken Casey called to talk with Josh and the fans about the concert tomorrow and how everyone can find it!
March 16, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan: Mistress Carrie, Mike Hsu and Isaiah #RadioRehab
This week Mistress Carrie joins the #RadioRehab with her former WAAF coworkers Josh Dolan, Mike Hsu, and Isaiah! They talked about how hard it was to not swear on the radio, what the new WAAF would have looked like, the future of rock radio & radio, Porn Stars, Weapons, Booze, zombies, coronavirus preparation and SO much more. This episode covered a lot of ground and got kinda wild!
March 12, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Josh Dolan: Mike Hsu & Isaiah #RadioRehab
It's the second edition of Breaking The Ice's #RadioRehab episodes, and today we have MIKE HSU! Hsu chats about dealing with the death of WAAF, his wife's bra, free weed, the radio business, and weed again! 
March 05, 2020
Breaking The Ice Podcast with Josh Dolan: Isaiah from WAAF
The first of many #RadioRehab episodes recapping the death of WAAF. Josh and Isaiah talk about their time on-air at WAAF, the last days, and who is coming up on the podcast. BTI was scheduled to be back this week anyway, but now we have a few things to talk about and one of them is talking about a subject we’ve been getting hundreds of messages about.. we start the radio rehab NOW! We’re on to podcasts!!
February 28, 2020
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #23: Stanley Cup Finals, Old Lady Rage, and Goalie Interference!
Andrew Raycroft and Josh Dolan talk about the Bruins playoff run to the Stanley Cup Finals, The Blues vs. Sharks series, and they may disagree on the goaltender interference call against Jake DeBrusk just a tad.  
May 20, 2019
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #22: Guest Host Isaiah Moskowitz
This episode may be a little bit more aggressive than you're use to as Isaiah Moskowitz from WAAF fills in for Andrew Raycroft. We know, we've been missing for a hot minute but we are back at it and the Boston Bruins are in the conference finals! They talk about why Isaiah bailed as a Boston Bruins fan and is now a die hard Colorado Avalanche fan. They also get into talking about the comedy, radio, and Josh may have offended Andrew Raycroft by mistake at the end..
May 11, 2019
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #21: Facial Hair, Drake and NHL Playoffs Preview!
Andrew Raycroft and Josh Dolan preview the NHL playoffs and who they think will come out on top between the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs. They also talk about bad facial hair, media nightmares as well as The Love Guru and Drake!
April 08, 2019
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #20 Hecklers, Playoffs, and Josh Needs A Doctor!
Andrew and Josh talk about what they did during their time away from the podcast for a few weeks! They catch up on how their past few weeks on the road were and talk about the NHL playoffs coming up. Also Razor thinks Josh should go see a doctor before he dies like a wild animal.
April 01, 2019
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #19: Passports, Bruins, and Eating Healthy
Andrew and Josh talk about the Boston Bruins winning streak and old NHL teams. Razor is on a health cleanse and they talk about their plans for St. Patricks Day (More like the plans they didn't make)
March 11, 2019
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #18: NHL Trades, Concerts, and Wings!
Andrew Raycroft and Josh Dolan look at the trades the Boston Bruins made at the trade deadline and talk about Razors TV interview with Charlie Coyle. They also talk about concerts and where to get the best wings in town!
March 06, 2019
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #17: Bergeron, Skiing, and The Goalie Challenge
As Andrew Raycroft and Josh Dolan's goalie challenge heats up.. they talk about Bergeron's 1000th game as a Boston Bruin and skiing!
February 21, 2019
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #16: Darcy Tucker & Coatgate, Aruba, and New Cars!
This week Josh Dolan got a new car and a new dog.. Andrew Raycroft is back from Aruba and gives an update on the Bean Pot and his role at NESN. Also we dive into a story about Razor involving his former teammate Darcy Tucker, a jacket, and the band Nickleback! All this and a lot MORE!!
February 09, 2019
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #15: Razor's Almost Return To The NHL
Before the NHL All-Star break, Tuukka Rask was injured and had to leave the game, leaving Halak with no back-up goalie.. so the Bruins had to call on Andrew Raycroft for help. Also Josh thinks he'd do well in a shoot-out with Andrew and he doesn't think Josh has the skills to score on him!
February 01, 2019
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #14: Pet Names & Fighting
Andrew Raycroft talk about fighting in hockey and then they answer your fan questions and talk about what it takes to make the NHL!
January 21, 2019
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan: HAPPY NEW YEAR! #13
Andrew Raycroft and Josh Dolan and back from the holidays to do the first episode of 2019! They talk about their trips, The Office, and what is to come with their up coming radio and TV appearances!
January 13, 2019
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan: End Of Year & Xmas
Andrew and Josh end the year talking about ugly sweaters and say Merry Christmas! They talk about their plans for the winter break and what is to come 2019! See ya next year!
December 31, 2018
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #11
Josh Dolan and Andrew Raycroft talk about pre-game soccer in the NHL, hits to the head, and comedy shows!
December 11, 2018
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #10
Josh and Razor talk about Rick Middleton being on their show and his number going up into the rafters. Then they talk about Christmas shopping, Catholic schools, and Sgt. 1st Class Eric Michael Emond who Razor got to spend some time with a few years ago but tragically lost his life over seas recently.
November 30, 2018
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #9: Rick Middleton
Andrew Raycroft and Josh Dolan have Rick Middleton on BTI today as their first guest ever! In just about a week the Boston Bruins will be raising Nifty's #16 to the rafters. It was an honor to have him on to talk about what his emotions have been like leading up to the big day, old NHL stories, and the time he drove a motorcycle around the inside of a bar in Long Island!
November 22, 2018
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #8
Today on Breaking The Ice Josh Dolan talks about his horrible morning and then Josh and Andrew discuss the Ottawa Senators trash talking their coach in an Uber and much more!
November 12, 2018
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #7
Andrew and Josh are in studio for Episode 7 of Breaking The Ice. They talk about their weekend, pulling goalies, politics in the NHL, coaches, and much more!
November 08, 2018
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #6
Andrew Raycroft and Josh Dolan talk about Halloween, coaching, stealing jackets and the Red Sox! Also find out why Josh almost passed out when he showed up to Razors house today to record the podcast!
November 05, 2018
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #5
Andrew Raycroft and Josh Dolan talked about weed being legal in Canada, pranks in the NHL and a couple new segments for the show!
October 20, 2018
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #4
Former NHL goalie Andrew Raycroft and comedian Josh Dolan talk about the start of the hockey season, NHL players tattoos, epic Toronto Maple Leaf Halloween parties, UFC fights and MUCH MORE!
October 12, 2018
Breaking The Ice with Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan #1
Former NHL goalie Andrew Raycroft has joined Josh Dolan as co-host on Breaking The Ice podcast. This is their first episode together as they talk about their summer and Raycroft's NHL career and what is coming up this hockey season!
September 18, 2018
Breaking The Ice: Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth from The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette stars, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth.. along with celebrity fitness trainer Erin Oprea, joined Josh Dolan while they were in Boston for their event #CityStrong.
July 31, 2018