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Breaking the Norm #11 - Vincent Clancy

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Conversations with those breaking the norm in their field. Whether it be sport, business, science, or anything in-between. We hear how they achieved (or are achieving) success, their views on current topics, and what it takes to be on the top.
Breaking the Norm #11 - Vincent Clancy
Vincent Clancy is Chief Executive Officer of Turner & Townsend, the world's largest independent construction consultancy. 'Tipped for success over a decade ago in Building's 40 Under 40, he has been a driving force behind the programme management and construction consultancy's stellar growth during his career with the business' -
May 23, 2019
Breaking the Norm #9 – Matt Jardine
Matt Jardine is an author, writer, athlete, and teacher. He is the founder of Jardine Karate and has helped thousands of students discover their personal potential through his specially designed martial arts programmes. Matt also hold a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Roger Gracie. He teaches in schools throughout London and at his... Continue Reading →
January 29, 2019
Breaking the Norm #8 – Guy Thompson
Guy Thompson is a Premiership rugby player with 100 caps for Wasps (and 24 tries), and is soon to be a Leicester Tiger. Guy’s route to the premiership is quite unconventional – he didn’t get there through the typical academy route, instead he played his way up the leagues as you will hear. Guy recently... Continue Reading →
June 19, 2018
Breaking the Norm #7 – Tim Crockett
If you’ve ever seen the film Taken, you will be familiar with the the quote “…what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.” This sums up Tim. We covered a lot in this podcast... Continue Reading →
June 10, 2018
Breaking the Norm #6 – Dr Kim Jobst
Dr Kim Jobst started his career studying medicine at the University of Oxford. He later undertook research at the institution with a focus on dementia which is covered, in part, in this podcast. Dr Jobst has gone on to become an award-winning physician and a consultant dedicated to integration in science, healing, and holistic healthcare. He... Continue Reading →
June 5, 2018
Breaking the Norm – Stress & Lifestyle with Stuart Turner
This episode is a bit different, the focus is on fairly specific areas – stress and exercise. A while ago I saw Stuart giving a talk online to an office, on the effects of stress upon the body physically – and I thought it would be a good idea to get him on for a... Continue Reading →
May 7, 2018
Breaking the Norm #4 – Mike Moran MBE
Mike Moran MBE is founder & CEO of Proton Partners International. Mike has 30 years of experience in strategic leadership, planning and programme delivery. He has held various executive positions in defence and healthcare in the UK and abroad and is the former Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce & Learning & Skills Council in... Continue Reading →
April 29, 2018
Breaking the Norm #3 – Garry Jones
Garry Jones is a Self Development Coach, International Speaker, and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis, via Dr. Richard Bandler. In this podcast we cover how Garry works with some of his clients, what NLP is, and the importance of holding yourself accountable, as well as other areas. If opting to play podcast in... Continue Reading →
March 24, 2018
Breaking the Norm #2 – Lindsay Bruce
Our 2nd podcast is now live!!! *If listening in browser, select ‘play in new window’ for best listening experience*. As well as streaming from the website, the podcast is also available on Youtube and iTunes which can be accessed by clicking the icons in the banner of the webpage. This podcast was recorded with Lindsay Bruce... Continue Reading →
February 28, 2018
Breaking the Norm #1 – Richard Shore
Here it is, the first episode of Breaking the Norm! *If listening in browser, select option to ‘play in new window’ for best listening experience* This episode was recorded in Abertillery, South Wales (pictured below as promised in the podcast) with Richard ‘Shakey’ Shore. Shakey is Head Coach of Tillery combat; a very successful martial... Continue Reading →
February 22, 2018
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