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Get Your Edge

Get Your Edge

By Brian Bott
Co-Hosted by Brian Bott of Sports AdvantEdge and Dean Matsche of Fox Valley Throws, this podcast is dedicated to helping high school and college coaches and athletes get a competitive advantage over their competition. With over 50 years of experience in performance training, both coaches and their all star line up of guests will be bringing incredible Information for all listeners.

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#6 Coach Tim Polasek
Wyoming coach Tim Polasek joins Brian and Dean for this episode. Tim discusses how his career has evolved based on the various locations he has been at. He shares similarities and differences that have helped him in his career. He also discusses recruiting and how it has changed over the years. Coach also discusses how having a positive social media presence is critical for athletes and coaches. Great information for athletes of all ages and for coaches looking to develop in their career. Coach Polasek brings incredible energy to this podcast! Get Your Edge Social Media Instagram- @getyouredgepod Twitter-@getyouredgepod Coach Polasek Contact Twitter- @coachTimWYO Dean Contact Instagram and Twitter- @foxvalleythrows Brian Contact Instagram- @sportsadvantedge / @brianbott23 Twitter- @botter23 Graphics and Logo design- Bailey Marasch Instagram and Twitter - @bmarasch13
May 10, 2021
#5 NFL Linebacker AJ Klein
In this episode, Brian and Dean talk with Buffalo Bills Linebacker AJ Klein. Klein a former standout at Kimberly High school and Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year shares some incredible information for our listeners. The groups discusses AJ's "late bloomer" work ethic and how he went the through his recruiting process of taking personal ownership of his situation. They also dive into what it really takes to play high level college sports and make it to the next level. Klein also shares information of the Son of a Saint program he is a part of. Information can be found on his instagram page which is in the notes below! GET YOUR EDGE PODCAST INSTAGRAM @getyouredgepod GET YOUR EDGE ON PODCAST TWITTER @getyouredgepod AJ KLEIN CONTACT TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM @ajklein47 DEAN CONTACT Instagram and Twitter @foxvalleythrows Brian Contact Instagram- @sportsadvantedge / @sportsadvantedge_waunakee / @sportsadvantedgebeaverdam / @brianbott23 Twitter- @botter23 Graphics and Logo designed by Bailey Marasch Instagram and twitter - @bmarasch13
May 3, 2021
#4 Sharpening the EDGE
In this episode, Brian and Dean give their experiences with topics discussed from Alec Ingold and Steve Jones. The goal of this podcast is to bring real people who give real scenarios for being a better athlete and coach. With over 50 years of coaching experience, Brian and Dean also take the messages our guests share and bring them full circle for athletes and coaches. Great information on consistency, battling adversity, betting on yourself and love and ownership are covered in this episode. Sharpen your edge with this information! GET YOUR EDGE PODCAST ON INSTAGRAM @getyouredgepodcast GET YOUR EDGE PODCAST ON TWITTER @getyouredgepod Dean Contact Instagram and twitter- @foxvalleythrows Brian contact Instagram-@sportsadvantedge / @sportsadvantedge_waunakee / @sportsadvantedgebeaverdam / @brianbott Twitter-@botter23  Graphics and logo Designed by Bailey Marasch Instagram and Twitter- @bmarasch13
April 26, 2021
#3 Kimberly Football Head Coach Steve Jones
In this episode Brian and Dean talk with the head football coach at Kimberly High School Steve Jones whose program holds the Wisconsin state record for most consecutive wins(70). That includes 5 consecutive state championships as well! The group discuss some of the systems Kimberly has in place to help guide young athletes for success both on the football field and in life. They discuss the culture in Kimberly, how it was built, and how it is maintained year in and year out. Coach Jones gives great insight for coaches and athletes on how to GET AND EDGE on your competition! Finally coach Jones shares how a consistent approach (#waterit) is how his program continues to have success! GET YOUR EDGE PODCAST INSTAGRAM @getyouredgepodcast Steve Jones contact Information Instagram-@coachjoneskhs Twitter- @CoachJonesKHS Dean contact Information Instagram and Twitter- @foxvalleythrows Brian contact Information Instagram- @sportsadvantedge / @sportsadvantedge_waunakee / @sportsadvantedgebeaverdam / @brianbott Twitter- @botter23 /  Graphics and Logo Designed by Bailey Marasch Instagram and Twitter- @bmarasch13
April 19, 2021
#2 Raiders Fullback Alec Ingold
In episode 2,  Raiders fullback Alec Ingold joins Dean and Brian to give listeners perspective on some great topics. We discuss the recruiting process and how it shaped his career. We also discuss the difference training for Pro Day and combines vs training to play your chosen sport. Alec brings incredible insight on having the right mindset and ATTACKING everything he does on a daily basis! We also get to hear about how he took the limitations from the pandemic and created THE BEST possible scenario for his development and how kids can learn to face adversity head on! Finally we hear about some of the awesome things he does outside of football for some very special causes! All his information to find out about great AI45 opportunities listed below!  GET YOUR EDGE PODCAST INSTAGRAM @getyouredgepodcast Alec Ingold Information Dean contact Information Instagram- @foxvalleythrows Twitter- @foxvalleythrows Brian contact information Instagram- @sportsadvantedge / @brianbott / @sportsadvantedge_waunakee / @sportsadvantedgebeaverdam Twitter-@23botter
April 12, 2021
#1 Welcome to the Show
In this Episode- Brian and Dean introduce themselves and the goals for this podcast. We want to give our athletes and coaches as many golden nuggets to gain that competitive advantage. This podcast will be efficient and focus on the athletes as well as the coaches. Contact info for Dean Instagram - @foxvalleythrows   Twitter - @foxvalleythrows Contact info for Brian Instagram- @sportsadvantedge / @brianbott23 / @sportsadvantedge_waunakee / @sportsadvantedgebeaverdam Twitter - @23botter
April 6, 2021