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Radio Evanguard

Radio Evanguard

By Brian Flamme
This occasional podcast will keep you informed of our future gatherings and events. We'll also interview interesting persons who we find insightful and encouraging for men in their God given vocations.
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Sons of Solomon Part 2

Radio Evanguard

Sons of Solomon Part 2
We’re checking in with Titus Berndt of Troy Michigan to see what’s happening and what’s next for the Sons of Solomon men’s group. Join us!
June 18, 2021
Developing Lay Theologians
We’re used to our pastors being the expert, resident theologians in our churches, but what why can’t the laity be theologians too? Join us for this episode of Evanguard’s Occasional Podcast and hear how Bryan Wolfmueller of international fame argues that not only should some of the laity be theologians, but every Christian is a theologian. He’ll be telling folks where to start, what to read, and how to act like a theologian in their families, churches, and workplaces.
June 09, 2021
Fostering Adventure
What good can come from sending the kids outside, unsupervised? Doesn’t sound safe, does it, but it might be good for their souls. Check out this episode of Evanguard’s Occasional podcast as we delve into the necessity and place of adventure in Christian lives. Listen in as Pastor Brandon Ross argues that keeping our kids outside and independent is an indispensable part of growing up. Join us.
May 11, 2021
Law and Gospel in the Home
Law and Gospel are the two chief teachings of the Bible. The law is what we owe God and our neighbor, what we’ve been commanded to do. The Gospel is what God has done for us in Christ to save us from his anger against our corrupted nature and our many transgressions against the law. We’re used to the pastor ministering the gospel through preaching and the sacraments at church and the government administering law in the world. But what about the family? Should a father be minister of the law or gospel in the home? Are fathers obligated to teach the gospel to their families? Should they be ministering the gospel to their families? Listen in to this episode of Evanguard’s Occasional Podcast as we gain understanding and wisdom from Brandon Ross a father at both home and among his saints at Faith Lutheran Church in Johnstown, CO. Also check out these related links, and
May 04, 2021
Patriarchy - A Conversation with Andrew Preus
Patriarchy has a bad reputation among the progressivist luminaries of this world. But it's origins are biblical and God intends it to continue for our good. Andrew Preus, a pastor to a couple of congregations in eastern Iowa, joins me to discuss biblical patriarchy and to encourage men to apply themselves to patriarchy in the home, church, and community.
January 28, 2021
Introduction to Sons of Solomon
Join host Brian Flamme as he engages with the founder of the Sons of Solomon group, Titus Berndt. To learn more about the Sons of Solomon check out or email Titus also gave me a link to the Discord conversation that should work for the first 100 folks who use it.
December 21, 2020
Evanguard Podcast Trailer
Here's some basic information about our occasional Evanguard podcast. We'll keep you informed future events and gatherings and also gives us a chance to interview interesting men who can encourage us in our God given callings of father, son, husband, ruler, and worker. Join us!
December 17, 2020