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Purposeful Parenting Period!

Purposeful Parenting Period!

By Brian Donato
Host Brian Donato has conversations with mothers and fathers who parent purposefully! Two major themes discussed are: 1. Parenting to instill specific character traits in your children, an inside-out approach, and 2. Parenting towards what is desired more-so than parenting to avoid "the negative". The podcast is heavily Positive Psychology inspired. Checkout Brian's "Raising an Ace" series on YouTube for additional parenting inspiration + perspectives also.
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Damon Burton - How To Facilitate a Child’s Independence & Individuality

Purposeful Parenting Period!

Damon Burton - How To Facilitate a Child’s Independence & Individuality
Purposeful parent Damon Burton discusses the importance of parents supporting their children’s authentic expression and independence. Damon is dedicated to thriving in all areas of life, from his work as an SEO consultant to his role as a father of three - and we dive into his purposeful mindsets in this episode! Damon discusses ideas such as maintaining open-mindedness as a parent, the difference between exposing vs. forcing things onto child, letting children explore on their own, bonding through technology, utilizing Pinterest for creative activity ideas, how environment plays into focus, seeing misbehaviors as learning opportunities, channeling a child’s energy in a positive way, & the power of responsibility. Damon’s parenting mission statement: To raise happy children who contribute to society, through finding the right balance of being a parent + friend, Connect w/ Damon at: Website - Facebook - Linkedin -
December 23, 2020
Dustin Dean - EmPOWER Children With Resilience
Purposeful parent Dustin Dean discusses the importance of resilience in today’s world and how to instill mindsets in children that empower them, rather than disempower. As Dustin says, the key to life is resilience! Powerful topics are discussed such as the importance of embracing life’s struggles, positive themes from the movie Black Panther, taking back control, how to talk with kids about the chaos that is 2020, how resilience is tied to being an independent thinker, why modeling resilience is so critical, & so much more! Dustin’s parenting mission statement: Be the parent you wanted to have. Connect w/ Dustin on: LinkedIn - YouTube Channel - Twitter - Website w/ Coaching Opportunities:  * Pathways to Empower referenced resource on brain development + resilience:
November 4, 2020
Kriya Lendzion - Authentic Development of an Inner Compass
Purposeful parent Kriya Lendzion discusses the importance of parents supporting their children in their development of an inner compass in their life - essentially core values that they hold dear as they navigate through life. Specifically for Kriya, she discusses valuable strategies that she personally used and uses with her 22 year old son and two step teens that every parent should hear. Deep topics are discussed such as how to purposefully parent on a budget or as a single parent, how parents can learn from their children, the difference between being an authoritarian vs. authoritative, how to build trust with children at an early age, practical questions to ask your children, the importance of validation, and so much more! Kriya’s parenting mission statement: To raise kids who consistently have love & respect for themselves, others, & the planet in all they do and who are able to craft fulfilling, joy-filled lives for themselves. Connect w/ Kriya at: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Website -
November 4, 2020
Introduction - Who Am I & What is this Podcast About?
Welcome to Purposeful Parenting Period! Podcast! In this opening episode, I introduce myself and discuss the purpose and format of the podcast going forward. This will be the only episode where it is just me talking! Every episode to follow will include a powerful parent who will share his/her perspectives on deep parenting topics, and the guest will do the majority of the talking going forward also. For this episode, I discuss potential questions I may ask guests and answer them myself for my son Ace, who was born June 2019. The topic I focus on is self-love specifically, and how fostering self-love in a child is the root for a lot of successes and greatness in a person's life. Check it out for more insights! I go deeper in the episode but a quick word on the name choice for the podcast - I believe that every parent has a duty to have purpose in every action and decision they make with a child. I firmly believe that raising a child blind and saying things like "I'll just learn as I go" is precisely letting yourself off the hook and being lazy. Of course there are some things you have to learn as you go, but being proactive with parenting is one of the many things in my opinion that separate the great parents from the mediocre parents. And I hope the insights shared on this podcast inspire listeners to challenge themselves to be the best parent they can possibly be. The bar needs to be raised in parenting I believe, and I hope this podcast contributes to making that happen! The final question on every one of my episodes will be, "What is your mission statement as a parent?". For myself I would answer that: To empower my child to dominate and control the controllable aspects of his life - his mindset, his words, and his actions - and provide him the necessary tools internally as intentionally as I possibly can, to help him achieve his greatness.
November 4, 2020