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Lessons & Ideas

Lessons & Ideas

By Bryan Harris
Get an unfiltered look behind the scenes of a 7-figure online business. Follow along as I learn how to grow the company and become a better leader.

The episodes range from my personal lessons and ideas to private team meetings and recorded calls with other business leaders.

If you want to peek inside the brain and business of someone in the trenches of marketing, leadership and hiring, this podcast might be for you.
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6 ways to persuade

Lessons & Ideas

2 ways to lead
2 ways to lead
November 19, 2020
2007 letter from IRS
2007 letter from IRS
November 16, 2020
Library of Alexandria
Library of Alexandria
November 13, 2020
Amazing Facebook ads?
Amazing Facebook ads?
November 09, 2020
6 ways to persuade
I just finished reading Influence by Robert Cialdini and loved it! The big idea in the book is that persuasion is a powerful and learnable skill. It enables you to lead better and get more things done. And it is guided by 6 fundamental principles. 6 Fundamental Principles: Liking Reciprocity Social Proof Consistency Authority Scarcity Book notes:

November 02, 2020
3 ways to build creativity
3 ways to build creativity
October 02, 2020
1 per week
Marketing plan = Teach 1 new audience per week
September 25, 2020
$100m webinar funnel
$100m webinar funnel
September 22, 2020
Write a 3 year vision in 90 minutes
Write a 3 year vision in 90 minutes
September 18, 2020
Prevent the 3 most popular objections to buying your product
Your product most likely has one of these 3 problems: 1. Seems to complicated 2. Problem isn’t acute enough 3. Price seems too high These 3 problems create the vast majority of buying objections that your prospects will have. And most products have 1 of if not all of these problems. In fact, some products have such strong resistance that it will all but stop buyers if they are not addressed head on. How do you fix this? Redefine the product. Redefine by rearranging your prospects perspective of the product. When executed well the problem naturally dissolves. Chapter 10 of Breakthrough Advertising covers this technique in depth. It outlines a custom tailored solution for each of these three problems. Here is a brief rundown of how to handle each problem: 1. When the product seems too complicated? Simplification: When the product seems too complicated or hard to use it needs to be redefined. Simplify the product by taking them from hard to easy with a few simple ideas strung together so that what seems complicated to them becomes brain dead simple and obvious. 2. When the problem isn’t acute for enough people? Escalation: When the problem is not important enough or appeals to too small of a market it needs to be redefined. Escalate it’s importance with one of these 3 approaches: a) shifting to higher level area of their life b) showing how something else they want depends on it c) show how they’ll really need to use it more often than they think. 3. When the price seems too high compared to the alternatives? Price Reduction: When the problem is that the product costs too much.compared to typical alternatives the product needs to be redefined. “Reduce” the price in your prospects eyes by one of 2 methods  a) show the cost of not fixing problem b) change the comparison to another class of product. In this episode I’ll walk you through 3 Facebook ads that show these techniques in action:
September 15, 2020
Our mission
Our mission
September 04, 2020
20 weeks in a row
20 weeks in a row
September 01, 2020
8.5# lost in 16 days
My OMAD story
August 28, 2020
Magic of SpaceX
Tool thinking vs Problem Thinking
August 25, 2020
What worked 6mo ago?
What worked 6mo ago?
August 21, 2020
3 marketing wins from Q2
3 marketing wins from Q2
August 18, 2020
Better question = $1m+
Our #1 marketing tweak of Q2
August 14, 2020
How to write a FB ad like Eugene Schwartz
4 steps to theme and create the headline: 1. Who is your best fit client? 2. What desire are you satisfying for them? 3. What product result does that? 4. Awareness of your BFC? Answer for my product (marketing coaching progrma) 1. Course creator with some traction 2. To have clarity and focus on a plan im confident in to grow the business 3. Simple plan with a few tweaks that will unlock them (aka: marketing plan) 4. Know they need help but not sure where to turn. Have tried lots of stuff. A coach they trust sounds good, but who is that and where do i find them? A few sample headlines and themes: 6x Faster Than Facebook ads How would you sell 28 online courses per month? How many course sales hit 50k per month? Sell 100 courses per month Want to stop advertising your courses on Facebook? Tried to sell your course or coaching w/ FB ads? 2x your FB ad spend How to 2x your FB ad ROI with partnerships When you’re course sales stagnate, try this… Try one of these 5 tweaks to increase your course sales Can you send an email? Then you can sell your online course. If you haven’t sold 10k of your course, dont read this How to 2x your FB ad roi by not using FB ads. To the course creator that needs help marketing
August 11, 2020
Clarity > Quality
A friend hired a writing service recently. The clarity in their offer and the process was the #1 reason he chose them over someone who would have done a better job.
August 07, 2020
Who is your best fit client?
Defining who are best fit client is has moved the needle in a significant way. In this episode I interview Drew Breaux, the Growth Tools director of marketing. And he outlines the process he uses to do this. High level outline: 1. Survey existing clients 2. Study results of biggest fans 3. Pull out before / after emotions 4. Write the 2 part BFC profile 5 immediately update website and marketing assets to attract more BFCs
August 04, 2020
8 actions to be happier
1. Drink giant glass of water now 2. Text 1 friend that you love them 3. Drop and do 25 push-ups 4. Go for 10m walk outside 5. Help someome this morning 6. Take 5m to imagine a 5 star future 7. Eat < 50 carbs today 8. Get > 7 hours of sleep tonight
July 31, 2020
Ask this question ASAP
What is a problem so interesting and inspiring that you could dedicate the next 3 decades to solving?
July 27, 2020
Podcast Update
Podcast Update
June 15, 2020
$1k per email
‪🤔interesting...‬ ‪Economics of @tldrdan ‘s daily newsletter. Runs on sponsorships. ‬ ‪- 118,000 subscribers‬ ‪- 36% open and 8% click‬ ‪- Tech audience ‬ ‪Charges $1,000 per email. ‬ ‪Details:‬
May 11, 2020
What kind of company are you?
Got big questions about your career or company? Good. You should. Exhibit A: Phil Knight started Nike in 1964. Twelve years in he still had major questions about Nike... “What are we trying to build here?” “What kind of company do we want to be?”
May 08, 2020
Simple way to catch issues with an employee before it becomes a big deal
Simple way to catch issues on your team before they spiral... Track these 4 metrics: 1. Hours 2. Stress 3. Happiness 4. Education Monitor weekly. Meet if any are out of whack.
May 05, 2020
Are you a bad leader? Take this test.
When was the last time your team convinced you not to do something that you wanted to do? If you can’t remember, that’s a problem: 1. Everyone has ideas 2. Most get run through the filter 3. Yours probably bypass the filter That’s a bad thing. Fix it. Use “What do you think about…” to rephrase your mandates as question and give your team a way to filter you ideas.
May 01, 2020
How I’m ending each day
Writing Tip: Split your writing ito two sessions. 1. End each day by writing for 15m 2. Start each day by writing for 45m 3. Publish by 8am Leaving it mid sentence and letting my brain work on it over night works wonders.
April 27, 2020
How to set quarterly goals
How to set quarterly goals Here is the simple framework I use: 1. Vision: want I want things to look like 2. Habits: Do task X times, use streaks 3. Projects: 1 time initiatives 4. Use basecamp to log it all Listen to this episode for more details and examples.
March 31, 2020
What lie are you believing?
Life lesson I learned recently
March 31, 2020
What to do when you disagree
I've been thinking about this quote a lot... "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function." -F. Scott Fitzgerald When you encounter a thought that doesn't ring true (meaning that it doesn't reconcile with what you believe or how you view the world) you have two choices: 1. Dismiss the idea 2. Examine the idea If you choose to dismiss it, that's ok. In that case, withstand the urge to disparage or form a straw man. WARNING: Only disparage ideas that you fully understand. You'll know if you fully understand the idea if you can recall it to someone that holds the view and they agree that it is an accurate representation of their view. WARNING: Even then, disparaging idea is probably a bad idea. If you choose to examine the idea, don't adopt the idea (yet) or dismiss your current view. Instead, hold the new idea in your hand and examine it. A few potential outcomes of this examination: 1. Slight recalibration to your world view 2. Major recalibration to your world view 3. Wholesale dismissal of the new idea If you are forced into discussing an idea you haven't fully examined, say so. And leave room for being off target in your view. "Anybody who doesn’t change their mind a lot is dramatically underestimating the complexity of the world we live in.” — Jeff Bezos
March 23, 2020
2 gdocs to help with Corona stress
I’m keeping two tabs open in my browser at all times durring this crazy Corona event. 1. Stress reducing protocol 2. Worst case scenario list These 2 docs give me instructions for handling any anxiety or stress that creeps in and a place to put the anxiety and stress once it rears it’’s head. Hope this helps you!
March 20, 2020
10-min leadership team meeting
Recently the Growth Tools leadership team had a meeting to talk about how to encourage and incentivize everyone at the company to identify small tests with high upside and problems with simple fixes and then to empower them to go execute on them.  We even setup a large reward for the person with the simplest and most impactful project of this nature in Q1. In this meeting we talk about the pros and cons of this. How to encourage it. And how to think about it. This is a recording of a private internal meeting. Enjoy! 
March 19, 2020
5-minute reading: Share something small every day
I came across a fun chapter from Austin Klein’s boom, Show Your Work, today. The chapter Is entitled, Share something small everyday. It resonated with me. So in this episode I’ll read you the chapter and share why I liked it. Enjoy my beautiful reading ability! :)
March 16, 2020
My personal and business plan of action for COVID-19 lockdown
This week has been the most bizarre and crazy week I can remember in multiple decades. I just sent a video and update to our team sharing how I’m thinking through it on a personal and business level. Two key points: 1. Take precautions 2. Take advantage (aka: turn it into a positive) This was originally a video, but I stripped out the audio to post here. I hope this is helpful for you!
March 13, 2020
4 rules of thumb
One of the best uses of my time right now is working with our leadership team 1:1. I love it. But one of the down falls is my calendar can turn into a hot mess of random meetings. So, today I wrote a quick memo to everyone with a few guidelines on how to schedule with me. This will help them get what they need quicker and make me more efficient. Listen to the episode for the details: Here is the memo I sent:
March 12, 2020
My Morning 10
Each day starts the same for me. I sit down at my desk and do my Morning 10. These are 10 shot tasks that take 1 minute or less to do. These 10 things set my tday up well, prime me to be productive and ensure that the most important stuff in my life is being attended to. Hear more about it in this episode. This is my current Morning 10: 1. Pray 2. Pre-log my food 3. Pull notes our of my phone 4. Write down tasks for the day 5. Text wife 6. Check Bank 7. Log Q1 goal progress 8. Journal core emotion wheel 9. Clean out Basecamp notifications 10. Look at weekly goals
March 09, 2020
Why Vision Is More Important Than Strategy
In this episode I read an article by Michael Hyatt entitles “Why Vision Is More Important Than Strategy”. Highly encourage you to read the article. Linked above.
March 05, 2020
Challenge for my team ($2k prize)
Every quarter we do a challenge on our team focused on encouraging and empowering each person to find problems and opportunities for the company (and fix them). This quarter the person with the best project wins a $2k trip. Listen to the episode for details.
March 02, 2020
Hello My Name Is Awesome
I just finished reading my favorite book on naming things (products, companies etc.) and I loved it! I recorded a short video summary and wrote up detailed notes on the book so that years from now I can come back to it and remember the key parts and the method taught in it. In this episode I share the audio from the my book summary video. For the full video, notes and a few custom worksheet I made - go to my Twitter account @harris_bryan, everything is linked up there. The notes: Enjoy!
February 27, 2020
2 small scheduling adjustments
Recently I made two small adjustments to how I schedule lunch meetings.
February 24, 2020
$24k ARR from Linkedin w/ Marti Sanchez
A few smart people I know are hardcore into Linkedin for biz dev. I've mostly looked at Linkedin as a giant spam trap.  However, my curiously was piqued. So, I hoped on with Marti Sanchex who mentioned that he was using Linkedin succesfull (without spamming people). He shared his playbook for how he uses it to book 10+ sales calls per week. And how he used it in January (last month) to book $24k ARR of business. Enjoy! 
February 20, 2020
9-step process to name a product, company or podcast
I struggle to name things. Product, companies, podcasts etc. It’s so bad that I struggle to name our dog. I picked up a book on naming recently to help. And I loved the book. It’s Hello My Name Is Awesome by Alexandra Watkins. In it she shares her method for naming things. In this episode I walk you through her 3-step process and and a 9-part brainstorming excercise. Process: Step 1: List 12 words related to it Step 2: Choose 1 & research for 60m Step 3: Repeat on each word Branstorming excercise: 1. Run the word through a Thesaurus 2. Image search the word 3. Look up industry related glossaries 4. Run the word through a dictionary 5. Search for cliches related to the word 6. Google the word 7. Look up movie titles with your keyword 8. Search iTunes for song titles with your keyword 9. Look up book titles with your keyword By the end of this you should have 100+ names. 10-15 should be ones you really like. If you want more examples and details go follow @eatmywords (on twitter) and grab her book Hello My Name Is Awesome: (I’ll be publishing my full notes and takeaways on Twitter soon)
February 17, 2020
Should I hire this person?
I’m thinking of hiring someone to help answer 95% of my emails. Email and inbound messages have become a big problem and my slow response times is one of the biggest “weights around my neck”. Listen as I process through how to fix this.
February 14, 2020
The more a CEO does the weaker your business becomes
My business coach shares a quote and post on Linkedin recently. Its been in my head ever since. “The more a CEO does the weaker the business becomes” In this podcast episode I read the rest of the post to you and share the 3 specific things he does in his business (and all the stuff he avoids).
February 12, 2020
10 letter phrase to de-escalate w/ team or spouse
Instead of asking, “What’s wrong?” Ask “What happened?”. That phrase is neutral, holds no baggage and will get the person in a more calm and logical state.
February 10, 2020
Want to go to a marketing conference with me?
Want to go to a marketing conference with me? I have an extra ticket, thought it might be cool to see if anyone wanted to hang for a few days with me and some friends at a marketing conference in late March. Listen for details.
February 07, 2020
February 2020 Growth Tools Update
A quick update on what we’re working on this month at my company 1. Swipe 2 of my favorite email sequences for free 2. We’re hosting a “How to write your launch email sequence” class next week 3. We’re hiring a coach and I’m hiring an executive assistant 4. new tool we’re developing to predict how our promo’s and launches will go 5. A new book I’m reading and loving - 3 Minute Rule by Brant Pinvidic
February 06, 2020
Simple tip to 3x productivity when stuck
I’ve been stuck. Finally took a super small action and before I knew it I had 3x’d my production of the last 5 weeks. Quick story and tip of how to use this.
February 03, 2020
My 6 goals for Q1 2020
Two of my big targets for the year are: 1) Best year of marriage ever 2) Treat my personal brand like a business These are the 6 activities I’ve committed to doing in Q1 to work towards those targets (and the number of times I’ve committed to doing them) 1. Prelog my food 70x 2. Work out 30x 3. Read to start the day 30x 4. Record a podcast 10x 5. Pray with stacy 60x 6. Go on a date night 8x
January 31, 2020
6 impactful quotes from Kobe
I had no idea what Kobe meant to so many. Over the last 48 hours I’ve been inspired, moved to tears and motivated by his life. Here are 6 quotes that moved me the most: 1. "I can't relate to lazy people. We don't speak the same language. I don't understand you. I don't want to understand you." 2. “I have self-doubt. I have insecurity. I have fear of failure. I have nights when I show up at the arena and I'm like, 'My back hurts, my feet hurt, my knees hurt. I don't have it. I just want to chill.' We all have self-doubt. You don't deny it, but you also don't capitulate to it. You embrace it." 3. "When you make a choice and say, 'Come hell or high water, I am going to be this,' then you should not be surprised when you are that. It should not be something that is intoxicating or out of character because you have seen this moment for so long that ... when that moment comes, of course it is here because it has been here the whole time, because it has been [in your mind] the whole time." 4. "I'm here. I'm not going anywhere. No matter what the injury -- unless it's completely debilitating -- I'm going to be the same player I've always been. I'll figure it out. I'll make some tweaks, some changes, but I'm still coming." 5. "The important thing is that your teammates have to know you're pulling for them and you really want them to be successful."  6. "I have nothing in common with lazy people who blame others for their lack of success. Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses."
January 29, 2020
7 ideas to grow this podcast to 1000 downloads
This podcast started on a whim as a fun little side project 8 months ago. And I’ve really enjoyed it and want to take it more seriously in 2020. My new target is to consistently get 1,000 downloads per episode. Here are 7 ideas I’m considering to get me there: 1. Publish 1+ /wk 2. Repost to social w/ video 3. Brand (name, theme, art) 4. Start SMS + email list 5. Standing first5 challenge 6. Tease next 5 episodes to big list quarterly (early access) 7. Tease next 2 @ in episode w/ adbarker 8. Topic
January 27, 2020
Gdoc template I use 4x per day
1 simple hack for better meetings 1. Make a ‘meeting notes’ gdoc 2. Link it in your bookmarks bar 3. Take notes durring the meeting in the doc 4. Include 4 bullet points for each meeting (Attendees, Agenda, Notes, Action Items) Makes it easy to remember what you talked about and agreed to do months later. Try it out!
January 22, 2020
1 tool to play with today
December 22, 2019
He 5x’d sales in 3 weeks
Story of our new Director of Marketing and how he 5x’d sales of our most important product in his first 3 weeks.
December 21, 2019
5 step review of 2019
Great end of year review process from Tim Ferriss. 1. Get a notepad and create positive and negative column 2. Go thru calendar, pictures, orders from the year 3. For each week write down people, activities or commitments that triggered positive or negative emotions. 4. Filter to top 20% on each side 5. Do more of the positives in 2020 and create stop doing lost you review daily for the negatives Original article:
December 16, 2019
1 idea for 2020
Me thinking out loud about a new potential project to take on in 2020. What do you think?
December 02, 2019
One Minute Manager
I just finished one of my all time favorite books...   The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard   Big Idea: 3 simple 1-min tasks to be a world class leader. They aren’t hard and don’t take much time.    1. One Minute Goals 2. One Minute Praising 3. One Minute Redirect Get my full notes and video overview here:
November 22, 2019
6 takeaways from examining 100+ Black Friday promo emails
I spent a few hours researching all the deals I got durring 2018 Black Friday and a few things stuck out.  1. get on the waiting list x sneak peak 2. our deal is live  w/ subject line reminder of deal 3. our deal is ending w/ subject line reminder of deal 4. Re-surface best deal of the year 5. Bundle multiple products together 6. put the deal in your subject line (for product aware segments) Original video recording:
November 19, 2019
Our 5-step high-ticket sales funnel
Our 5-step high-ticket sales funnel
November 15, 2019
November 2019 Growth Tools Update
Every month Will Hoekenga and I get on a call and talk about major initiatives and stuff I'm working on at my company, Growth Tools. This is our November 2019 Update. Key areas we cover: 1. Experiments in trying to figure out how to sale our 4-week marketing classes 2. Four engineering projects we're working on  3. Personel issues and hiring updates 4. A new report we use that's provided some pretty legit takeaways  Hope you enjoy! 
October 29, 2019
How to never get mad at someone
How to never get made at someone
October 17, 2019
My #1 scheduling and planning tip
My #1 scheduling and planning tip
October 15, 2019
6 steps to get more out of every non-fiction book you read
Ruben Gamez asked how I go about taking stuff from the books I read and implementing and executing on them. 1. Read one chapter at a time 2. Underline key points and concepts as I go 3. At end of chapter, stop and write down all of the concepts into a note 4. Organize the notes so it logically flows 5. Rinse and repeat for rest of book 6. As ideas and applications of the core concepts come up, put them in my ideas inbox
October 11, 2019
7 steps to decide what projects to work on
James Clear recently asked how decide which projects to work on. Here is our process: 1. Pick projects quarterly 2. Dont add new projects once quarter begins 3. Capture any new project ideas 4. Spend 1 hour a month sorting the ideas and ranking 5. Spend 1 day a quarter to pick and define appetites 6. Write out a short scope document 7. Schedule it
October 09, 2019
September 2019 Growth Tools Update
Every month I shoot a quick video updating the Growth Tools  team on what we're working on and what I'm excited about. Highlights: Update #1: An entirely new way to learn how to build an email list Update #2: Solving 2 problems with our free tool for creating lead magnets, Attract (plus, a new partner!) Update #3: 1 position we’re hiring for, and 1 position we’re considering Update #4: Sales slumped this summer. Here’s what we learned.
September 06, 2019
8 ways to get me to hire you
We usually get 100+ applicants when hiring. Filtering through them all can be tedious.  Here are 8 things that I’ve noticed make people stand out.   1. Excitement level 2. Fit 3. Follow   4. Familiarity 5. Fluffy words 6. “Destiny” 7. Experience 8. Projects Here is a written summary of each point:
September 04, 2019
Finding Your Purpose
August 19, 2019
2x buy-in from your team
‪One tweak thats helped to 2x buy-in from the team = rephrase task as a question.‬ ‪👉🏻 “What would you think about ?”‬ ‪Helps leadership develop by being part of the decision vs just the conclusion. ‬
August 13, 2019
How to cancel 50% of your meetings
How to cancel 50% of your meetings
August 09, 2019
August 2019 Growth Tools Update
Every month I shoot a quick video updating the Growth Tools  team on what we're working on and what I'm excited about. Highlights: Update #1: A 94% success rate in our latest 4-week marketing class Update #2: Two problems w/ our new homepage + potential solutions Update #3: We’re still hiring for our first ever Director of Marketing. Update #4: Noodling on: What’s the best way to coach someone?
August 06, 2019
How we set KPIs
Want to know how to pick KPIs for your team? This is how we do it. 1. A quesiton that pulls out your KPIs 2. What to do if you still cant get them 3. Two examples from Growth Tools
August 05, 2019
2x Your Price
Val Geisler and I had a 30m coaching session on raising prices.  We talk about: 1. Risk of raising prices 2. How to do it with out scaring off clients 3. Niche service idea for her to be able to charge more  Enjoy!
July 26, 2019
Tweet From @benjihyam
Tweet From Benji
June 27, 2019
8 Hacks For A Healthy Remote Team
8 Hacks For A Healthy Remote Team 1. Track happiness, stress and hrs 2. 1:1's every 3 months 3. Clear expected outcomes 4. Wkly KPIs tied to outcomes 5. Wkly & Quarterly goals 6. Meet in-person every 3mo 7. Live video for hard talks 8. Catch them doing stuff right
June 18, 2019
30min Goal Review
Simple exercise to increase your teams happiness and low their stress.
June 11, 2019
5 Levels Of Delegation
5 levels of delegation via @michaelhyatt  Level 1: Do what I have asked you to do Level 2: Research and I’ll decide Level 3: Research, show options and make recommendation Level 4: Decide and tell me what you did Level 5: Decide and I don’t need to know My #1 company focus this year is finding our "4 Generals" to lead the organization.    One really good takeaway for me from the "5 Levels Of Delegation" concept was that those 4 people need to be in Level 4/5 75%+ of the time or I'm not leading well and/or have the wrong people. And if ANYONE in our organization spends more than 25% of their time in Level 1, we need to re-evaluate our leadership and the persons fit and role. 
June 07, 2019
30-Day Experiment
Monday Starts A 30-Day Experiment.  Can we do a $10k per month lead gen service for companies w/ LTV >$2k?    Goal = 5 committed partnership with projected qualified lead count of 1000 and sales of $20k.
June 04, 2019
1 Fun New Tool & 3 Ideas
I found a tool that turns my podcasts into videos.   1. Publish an episode 2. They email the video
May 31, 2019
My Business Model Explained
18 months ago I found our long term business model 1. Create free marketing tools 2. Tell users about our paid training products Getting clear on that has had a profound affect and the business.
May 29, 2019
Private Meeting
Yesterday we had a brainstorming session to talk about new product concept.  Be a fly on the wall as we discuss:  1. The concept 2. Should we and can we do? 3. Pricing and structure? 4. How to validate w/o building?
May 23, 2019
4 Generals & 3 Jobs
‪@CaseyGraham told me a CEO has 3 jobs:‬ ‪1. Vision: stay focused on it‬ ‪2. People: recruit and retain the best ‬ ‪3. Money: don’t run out‬ ‪My top focus this year as CEO is #2. Finding my 4 Generals.‬
May 22, 2019
Free Round Trip Ticket
A challenge I gave the team last week: 1. Share your top “figured it out” moment from the week 2. Everyone votes on their favorite 3. Most votes gets free round trip ticket to anywhere in the US Results have been 🤯
May 21, 2019
2 Lessons And 1 Book Recommendation from Will
Are you a “year end review” blog post addict?‬ ‪Will DeShazo shares lessons, recommendations and highlights on his 28th birthday.‬ ‪📖 Best Book: “Never Split The Difference”‬ ‪🔮 Biggest Lesson: “Being intentionally dependent on others”‬
May 18, 2019
How To Get a Meeting With (Almost) Anyone
To get a meeting with someone: If you know them: 1. Create a cal invite with agenda in description and time of meeting 2. Send it to them. Don’t ask, just send. If you don’t know them: 1. Ask for the meeting 2. If no response, just send the cal invite
May 17, 2019
May 2019 Update for Growth Tools
Each month I film a short video updating our team on: 1. What I’m excited about 2. What we’re working on 3.. A few fun behind-the-scenes things  I thought I’d share an audio only version here this month. 
May 15, 2019
Out of 1000+ job applications this one stood out
Weird thing happens each time I hire: Apps falls into 2 groups: 1. Pass 2. Maybe Then 1 comes along that blows me away and resets the bar. All the maybes turn to no’s, I get super excited & imagination for the role explodes.
May 14, 2019
6 hours with 5 clients
‪2 months ago on a whim i invited 5 clients to come to dinner.‬ ‪1. Meeting in real life 👍🏻👍🏻‬ ‪2. Immediately evident they are **craving** community ‬ ‪3. Best product research and customer insight process ever ‬ ‪You should try it.‬
May 10, 2019
#1 Lesson From Reading 3 Books By The Basecamp Guys
#1 Lesson From Reading 3 Books Written By The Basecamp Guys 1. These books are amazing talent recruiting rolls 2. I (think) I’m going to write a book 3. See an email I sent to our team today.
May 03, 2019
I’ll do your lead gen for you
Had an idea today: “Whay if I did your list building and lead gen for you?”‬ ‪1. The service that inspired me
2. Breakdown of how it would work
3. My next steps to test it ‬ Nat's Twitter: Nat's Sales Page:
May 02, 2019
How To Get Free Audible Credits (By Returning Books You Haven’t Listened To)
‪Do you use Audible?‬ ‪Return books you never finished or didn’t like for credits. (h/t @robwalling)‬ ‪1. Account Details‬ ‪2. Payment ‬ ‪3. ‬
April 25, 2019
3 Words To Add To Every Email
It’s easy to come across like a jerk in an email. Use 3 words to end every on a good note no matter how difficult or direct the email is. “Thanks so much!”
April 23, 2019
2 reports. 2 meetings. 2 approvals.
‪If you hate the financial mgmt part of business, try this... ‪+ 2 meetings (quarterly & bi-weekly) ‬ ‪+ 2 reports (transactions and RYG) ‬ ‪+ 2 approvals (bills and budget) ‬ It takes ‪< 2 hours per month.
April 22, 2019
Our 8-Page Hiring Process (Plus 5 Hiring Tips That Took Me 6+ Years To Learn)
Hiring is tricky. I haven't mastered it, but we've been working on it for 3-years now and have learned a ton. In this episode I share our hiring SOP. And 5 lesser known hiring tips that have made a huge difference for us. 1. Write a job scorecard 2. No less than 100 candidates 3. Spend a lot of time sourcing 4. Use an applicant tracking 5. Get a hiring manager ASAP
April 19, 2019
30sec Tweak That’s Cured My Social Media Addiction
TL;DR time delay posting to social or sending emails using Spark and Buffer. It keeps my brain from being attached and wanting a response
April 15, 2019
Create A Webinar In 15-Minutes
What if you could create a legit sales webinar in 15-minutes? + Hear about an idea for our next Growth Tool + The types of tools that have almost no competition + I get lost in a parking lot while recording this
April 13, 2019
How To Save $60k Per Year In Your Business
A tweet by @deveshkhanal inspired these thoughts... 1. How I saved $60k a year in my biz 2. A challenge to throw away your second monitor and fire your VA
April 11, 2019
106 Plug-and-Play Email Sequences
I had a marketing idea last night I’d like your feedback on... 1. Do you like it? 2. How would you promote
April 10, 2019
$100 Tip To Write Better Emails, Headlines Or Anything
Simple copywriting technique that you can learn and use today.
April 09, 2019
We Paid $600 To A Copywriter For 3 Facebook Ads
Our Facebook ad cost has slowly risen over the last 45 days. Couldn’t figure it out. So I hired Neville to write some fresh ads. Cost dropped from $4.50 to $1.13.
March 29, 2019
390# Dead Lift By Old Dude At The Gym
I’ve been struggling. Pep talk to myself. + Old overweight dude at the gym that’s been schooling me + James Clear kicking my butt + 3 thoughts on comparison
March 22, 2019
100 pitches sent. 1 sucked and 1 did not.
Update and recap on my “best marketing idea in a long time” experiment. This week I’ve sent out 100 pitches. Hear the results. 1 pitch sucked and the other did not.
March 15, 2019
How not to get mad at people for stupid stuff (even when I know I’m right)
Not getting annoyed or even mad at people saying stuff I vehemently disagree with can be hard. Here is a framework I’ve started using that’s helped me:
March 12, 2019
“Done-for-you” as a lead magnet!
“Done-for-you” as a lead magnet?
March 08, 2019