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BryanGolf Show

BryanGolf Show

By Bryan LaRoche
This is the BryanGolf Show presented by Pinned Golf.

I’m Bryan, @BryanGolf on Instagram/Twitter, co-owner of, and a professional custom club fitter and builder. Above all, I’m a golfer and the show will be centered around the game we all love so much!
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US OPEN Preview With Johnny Wunder

BryanGolf Show

Wil Lutz From The New Orleans Saints Talks Golf, Big Kicks, Golf Destinations, and WITB!
Can we all agree that kickers are notoriously the best golfers in the NFL?  There's got to be a secret to it right?  Wil Lutz, Pro Bowl kicker for the New Orleans Saints, tells us his golf story and how he balances the fun of the game with his profession as a bad ass kicker in the NFL!  He's played some great golf courses and tells us one place you 100% HAVE to visit plus what it's like kicking a 58 yarder for the WIN on Monday Night Football with Drew Brees leading the way!
July 13, 2021
Callaway's Epic Speed TRIPLE DIAMOND Makes The Bag, PLUS Florida Open Qualifier Club Grades
The goal - play in tournaments, improve every time!   My tournaments scores have been improving as my game has been headed in the right direction but unfortunately I missed out on the FL Open this year!  I shot a 1 under 71 but needed a 68 to get through this time around! That's a far cry from where I was in November with my tournament scores.  In last year's Florida Amateur qualifier, I somehow managed to shoot 85.  Then I shot 80-70 in a tournament.  Then 80-80.  Then 78-78.  Then I shot 82 in the US Open qualifier.  After that I switched to a new putter, changed my grip, and after a good talking with a friend of mine, adopted a new putting routine that has helped tremendously.  While I missed the FL Am with a score of 75, I felt like I had the 72 in me that it would've taken to get through.  Same goes for the FL Open this week.  I know I had a 67 or 68 in me.   In this show, I'm going grade my game and my clubs and share what has worked for me and the mindset I have moving forward!
July 6, 2021
U.S. Open Recap: Chris Baker's Take After Playing His First Major Championship
What an amazing tournament it was! WOW...that finish was spectacular and a blast to watch!  Congrats to Jon Rahm on the W! Another huge congrats to friend of the show Chris Baker who qualified and played in his first major championship last week at Torrey Pines! On this Bryan Golf Show presented by Pinned Golf, Bake takes us through the week and what it was liking playing 4 rounds in the U.S. Open for the very first time!
June 22, 2021
US OPEN Preview With Johnny Wunder
It's legit the biggest week of the year!  Why would we not bring on JW to talk Torrey and US Open golf?
June 17, 2021
Tim Briand From Foresight Sports on GC Quad VS Other Launch Monitors, PLUS The Future Of Golf!
What a good hour of golf talk here!  Especially for those of you enamored with tech and data and the path that it is leading our industry down! We touch on radar launch monitors versus optical launch monitors like GC Quad and how the accuracy indoor and outdoor is unparalleled!  (Which is why we use it for our fitting studio!)  Plus, where is the future of golf headed and how does tech play a part?
June 8, 2021
Putting Woes Fixed At Florida Amateur Qualifier!
On this Bryan Golf Show presented by Pinned Golf, I've got my friend Nick Matthew on the pod!  He caddied for me at the US Open qualifier and again this past weekend at the Florida Amateur qualifier.   We did some grinding on the greens the night before the qualifier and made some changes to the setup with some great success!   Was it good enough to qualify for the Florida Amateur, though?  That's the question!
May 25, 2021
Grading The Game After A U.S. Open Qualifier
Bryan Golf Show is presented by PINNED GOLF and the new ACE Rangefinder!  Get yours at and use code BRYANGOLF to save an additional $25 on the already deep $100 discount!! On this show, I touch up on what it was like playing in a U.S. Open Qualifier and preview the upcoming Florida Amateur qualifier at Seminole Legacy GC in Tallahassee, FL!  Home of the Florida State Seminoles!
May 10, 2021
Custom Club Buying Tips In These Crazy Times! (And Crazy Turnaround Times!)
Turnaround times are insane right now so on this pod, I'm giving you a little breakdown on what is holding up your custom clubs and how you can change up your order a little and maybe speed up the process and help curb the expectation! 
April 27, 2021
THE MASTERS Preview With Johnny Wunder!
Will I got back to back on the pod as far as champion predictions. go?? Also, what type of nugs did Johnny get from his time with Phil Mickelson talking about his setup at Augusta?  Answers and more on this pod!!  
April 6, 2021
Answering Equipment And Fitting Questions Straight From The IG
This is a filler episode.  We really just need to get to next week's Masters preview! Ha!  While we wait, here's some questions we got on IG that I gladly answer on the pod!!
March 31, 2021
We Recap Battle at the Beach and A WINNER In The Driver Category!
What a weekend it was at Battle at the Beach!  Weather that would rival the OPEN Championship on it's worst of days!  None of that stopped us from having an amazing time and a successful event!  Excited for the next one!! Also, clear winner in the bag in the driver category for me?  I think so!  Looks like the replacement for my SIM 9.0 comes in a very different but familiar package!
March 23, 2021
Johnny Wunder On His New Position At Callaway Golf!
For the gear heads out there, this is BIG news for all of us!  I couldn't be happier for my friend Johnny Wunder!  No one is as passionate about the gear in the hands of tour players like JW and he will represent the gear nerds better than anyone!  Kudos to him and Callaway Golf for teaming up to add another layer of amazing golf content to their brand.  
March 10, 2021
The Bryan And Johnny Wunder Show! (BOTH IN STUDIO!)
For the first time ever on a podcast, my good friend Johnny Wunder is in town for Battle at the Beach and has turned BryanGolf into his hub for a couple days before the event!!   We talk plenty of golf, golf clubs, BATB, and tease a new opportunity for JW that is being announced next week!!
March 4, 2021
Thanks to everyone who showed some love and joined the chat with SuperSpeed Golf last night!  Always fun talking SPEEED and CLUB FITTING!  Even more fun when you find out how they work together!!!
February 24, 2021
Tournament Golf Talk, Changes In The Bag, & Sex 100% Makes You Better At Golf!
Mel and I recap a great pop up sale from this past weekend, preview the announced Battle at the Beach pods, recap my most recent tournament, and start to touch on the debate of sex making you better at golf!! (I think it does...Mel disagrees...of course.)
February 17, 2021
Answering Questions About Golf Equipment, Social Media Drama, & Owning A Golf Business
We got the stupid questions from Instagram...and we answered them with brutally honest answers! ;) We love you much and thank you for your participation! (Not all stupid questions are THAT stupid, btw...)
February 9, 2021
WITB Grades: Tournament Edition
Just played in another 2-day tournament and had some ol' trusty sticks in the bag BUT I also just put in the RF PROTO REV33 Irons in the bag from Cobra Golf as well as a new SIK DW Armlock w/LAGP shaft!!  It's new club SZN friends!!
February 3, 2021
Chris Voshall, Head Of Product At Mizuno Talks ST-Z, ST-X Metalwoods!
On this Bryan Golf Show Presented by Pinned Golf, we talk to Chris Voshall who leads the way at Mizuno on a BIG week with the release of the new Mizuno ST-Z/ST-X metalwoods!  NOW available for order! Obviously, we can't get the Head of Product at such an amazing company known for the purest of irons in existence without picking his brain on what makes the Mizuno irons so popular among golfers of all playing abilities!
January 26, 2021
Normal Golf Marriage Talk With @MelshelGolf
What don't we cover in this show?  Mel is on the pod this week to catch you up on how much she doesn't like me, Battle at the Beach, (and a big sale coming), her thoughts on my recent #WITB decisions, plus how we almost spent $4,000 on 2 golf clubs because of a failure to communicate! ;) The Bryan Golf Show is presented by PINNED GOLF!  Use promo code BRYANGOLF at to save big on your BLACKJACK Rangefinder!! (Retails for under $200!)
January 18, 2021
Truth be told, I don't really get into golf talk until 6:20ish in the pod so if you don't want to hear me shoot the breeze on NFL and NBA...skip forward! Good bit of this pod I discuss my own golf bag and what it will look like in 2021, as it's going to look very different than it has in the past! Also, I played in another tournament and took what I learned from recent experiences and applied them for the most part... Haha. Plus ARMLOCK PUTTING!  There's something there to it my friends.
January 11, 2021
A high quality range finder for under $200??  YUP!  That's what Pinned Golf is all about and they're officially the title sponsor of the pod!  On this show, we introduce the boys behind the brand and we dive into why they started a range finder company a couple years back! If you want to take advantage, now's the time!  Hit up PINNEDGOLF.COM and use code BRYANGOLF to save big $ on your gear!!  Including THE BLACKJACK!
January 5, 2021
Chris Baker Talkin' Retro Golf Clubs, Logo'd Golf Balls, & The PGA TOUR!
Our buddy Chris Baker stopped by the shop to play with some golf clubs and hop on the pod to talk about his rookie season on the PGA Tour as well as the upcoming season as COVID-19 continues to make things a little different for us all! Plenty of equipment talk in this pod as we also assemble our clubs for a retro what's in the bag discussion that has to include some 975D and bubble shaft action! ;) Make sure to follow Bake on IG - @ChrisBakerGolf and follow his play on tour this year!  Give him a STAR and make him one of your favorites on the PGA TOUR app! Haha!
December 29, 2020
Changes Coming In 2021...THANK GOD!
We're all ready for 2020 to be put in the rear view mirror correct??  COVID ruled the year and golf still found a way to prosper.  To me, that's done nothing but prime us for an amazing 2021!   The show is gaining a new sponsor in 2021 and I'm thrilled to announce that PINNED GOLF will be the presenting sponsor of the show next year!  We'll also be set up for video to where everyone of these podcasts will be available on YouTube as well as here on the pod!   Hope you have a fantastic end to the year and I very much look forward to growing the show with you in 2021!
December 22, 2020
Wes Altice, Director Of Instruction At Topgolf Jacksonville
Wes and I met through the small world of Jacksonville golf and have teamed up on multiple player's games with his instruction and my club fitting.  In this show, we talk through the stigma of Top Golf and what it's like teaching there, PLUS the things we see the most in golf swings. (Whether on the lesson tee or in the fitting bay!!) Find Wes on Instagram @WesAlticeGolf!
December 14, 2020
Mike Smith, Accomplished Amateur Golfer and Owner of @FORECOLLEGEGOLF!
A good friend of mine that just so happens to be right here in the Jacksonville, FL area stops by after spending some time in the fitting bay with me to record this pod and fill you in on the world of college golf!  Mike Smith is also a very accomplished amateur golfer at the state level who has played in multiple USGA events.  To this day, he's one of the most competitive guys I've ever played with! If you're an aspiring college golfer or know one, please feel free to reach out or have them reach out to @FORECOLLEGEGOLF on Instagram or find him at!
December 7, 2020
Brutally Honest Answers To (Somewhat) Stupid Equipment Questions!
I say it a little bit as a joke and with a little seriousness to it, there's a lot of stupid questions out there but dammit, I'm here to answer them!!   You can always reach me on IG, @BryanGolf, and ask away!
December 1, 2020
Playing In A "Qualifier" And The Stress That Comes With It!
The good ol' QUALIFIER.  No matter the situation, qualifiers are stressful.  They're normally a one-round shoot-out or 18 holes of attempted survival.  It almost seems without failure, if something can go wrong in a qualifier, it will. On this show, I'll discuss my experiences through playing in qualifiers, including my successes and failures!
November 25, 2020
The MASTERS Preview With Johnny Wunder
Does Bryson dominate? Does TW repeat?  Does Rory complete the Grand Slam?  Lot of questions heading into the first ever November Masters Tournament and we do our best to answer them!
November 12, 2020
PLAYERS Cup Week Is HERE And ThIS Is Why It's Important To Us
PLAYERS Cup or "PC" is our Ryder Cup style event that we've put on since 2018.  It's a player favorite and one that means a lot to us.  Here's a little bit of the PLAYERS Cup story including some changes that will be happening here in the future with the event!
November 3, 2020
Weekly Club Talk With Johnny Wunder - SURPRISE Cobra KING Tour MIM Iron Drop!
Our friends and sponsor of the show, Cobra Golf, just dropped a good one on us with the surprise announcement that the KING TOUR MIM irons are available for pre-order and coming out October 30th!  THAT is a quick release!   What's the story on these and where do they fit in the market?  We discuss that with some more iron talk in this show!
October 22, 2020
Playing The Victational At Dormie Network's Victoria National Golf Club
WOW.  WOW.  WOW.  Playing a few rounds and spending a couple days at Dormie Network's Victoria National Golf Club is a dangerous thing as it's almost impossible not to want to join the Dormie Network!   We went with a group of 10 to play some friendly competition at one of the hardest and most magnificent golf courses in existence and needless to say, it didn't disappoint! 
October 13, 2020
Weekly Club Talk With Johnny Wunder - TSi Metalwoods, RTX ZipCore, N' MORE!
Every week we'll check in with my good friend Johnny Wunder and talk on golf, golf equipment, and whatever pressing matters need to be discussed on the pod!  This will normally be in addition to the normal generic golf talk that goes on the show but this week, takes the main slot! This episode we talk on the new Titleist TSi metalwoods, the Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedges, and some fitter/builder speak on how certain sticks may or may not be working for you!
October 6, 2020
Wife Letting Us Join My Dream Country Club?
Could this be the day?  Could dreams being coming true?  Fellas, it's happening.  Mel has approved a membership at legitimately my favorite golf course in Jacksonville and I don't know whether to celebrate or cry!  
September 29, 2020
Post-US Open Roundtable...With Our 9-Year Old
Do we pressure our 9 year old to play the game of golf?  Should we pressure him more?  What does he like about golf and what does he not like?  We figured we'd just let him answer those questions that I'm sure every parent can relate to!
September 22, 2020
A Secret, PURE, Golf Course Exists In Jacksonville
What if there was a golf course that was pure simply because no one gets to play it?  That course may exist here in Jacksonville and we are going to start the attempt to see it in person!!  We start that convo around the 18 minute mark!  Right after we discuss Battle at the Bay, The Victational, and Mel's golf lesson progress!
September 15, 2020
From The BryanGolf Studio, The Pod Returns!
We've come back to the pod world after a little hiatus while we focused on opening up our own custom fitting studio in Fleming Island, FL!  We freshen up on what we've been doing and explain the direction we're going with our business and how excited we are to have you a part of it all!!
September 8, 2020
Watson Golf On Game Changing Training Aids
#theHANGER.  #theSTRUCTUREBALL.  What's next?  Already 2 training aids that have improved upon old practice drills that have made a difference in my game and so many others!  On this Bryan Golf Show, I've got my great friend Ted Watson, Owner of Watson Golf. If you're interested in trying either product after listening, use promo code BRYANGOLF on the site HANGERGOLF.COM to save 10% and get FREE shipping!
May 7, 2020
Catching Up With PGA Tour Player Adam Schenk
Here's the deal, whether you're a Boilermaker or a Hoosier, if you're from Indiana, you're a Hoosier to me!  That's the case with Adam Schenk!  An Indiana boy who is currently in his 3rd season on the PGA TOUR!  I caught up with Adam  to see what he's doing with this time-off right now as well as what he's been doing to prepare himself for when the TOUR starts back up! The man loves to tinker with his golf equipment...the perfect guy to have on this podcast! You can give Adam a follow on Instagram HERE!
April 23, 2020
Building Golf Clubs In The Garage On The Gear Dive
"I think that right now, where we're at in the world, this is a perfect time for people who can FIGURE. IT. OUT!"  - Bryan LaRoche I went on with Johnny Wunder from The Gear Dive on for a good chat of golf right now in the world and what we're doing during the quarantine days of COVID-19.   The pod is over an hour long on Johnny's show but I grabbed a little bit from it to share some of what we're doing with our custom build shop in the garage and our future plans for custom fitting and building, as well as partying! ;) Definitely give the entire pod a listen on by clicking HERE!
April 16, 2020
Ian Fraser, CEO & Founder of TXG
Ian Fraser is known in the club fitting world as one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the game and now, thanks to his vision for Tour Experience Golf, he's simply one of the most well know fitters in the world!  You probably know Ian and his team at TXG from their YouTube channel and probably have benefitted greatly from the knowledge that he passes on!  This convo dives into the content side of TXG more so than a 40 minute conversation of club stuff! (Which we get to...eventually!)
April 8, 2020
Chris Trott, @TrottieGolf, Director Of Sports Marketing (Entertainment) For TaylorMade Golf
In my opinion, Trottie is the only person to take life on tour and bring it straight to us!  He shares his day to day on with TaylorMade Golf through his social, @TrottieGolf,  with benchmarks like #TourTruckTuesday.  He also hosts his own podcast interviewing the top talent at TaylorMade that you can subscribe to HERE! On this show, Trottie and I cover life without the tour right now, his formula and thinking on social media and how important it is to his career, and a  the importance of custom fit, custom built golf clubs!
April 3, 2020
Matt Ginella, The God Of Golf Travel
I wouldn't be surprised if you have tweeted Matt Ginella and asked him how to spend your dollars on a good buddies trip or golf getaway!  I know that I have!  He's worked for Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, and most recently at Golf Channel, but truthfully he's always worked for us!  The avid amateur golfer who wants to know everything about golf travel! Matt and I talk for a good bit about the current state of golf with COVID-19 seemingly shutting our world down, public golf and what it means for the game, and we get his takes on the best spots to play golf in the USA!  With 2 of our Steez and Tees events at Pinehurst and Forest Dunes this year, I was happy to get the stamp of approval from the man I would say is the most valid source of golf travel information!
March 31, 2020
Quarantined At Innisbrook Resort With @MelshelGolf
Is golf one of the safest activities you can do throughout all of this COVID-19 madness?  We discuss it! Plus, why we had to reschedule and relocate Battle at the Bay!
March 20, 2020
Battle At The Beach Was Great...BUT THE PLAYERS WAS CANCELLED! What Now?
What.  Just.  Happened.  This is so sad.  I'm sad.  We should all be sad.  Everyone is obviously putting health #1 and that's what's important, but can we be selfish for 15 minutes and talk about all the things NOT happening in the world of sports because of it? The PLAYERS is our home event.  It means everything to us.  The fact that it was cancelled was simply surreal.  I still can't believe it.  
March 14, 2020
MASSIVE Golf Shafts Discussion With Don Brown From TRUE Sports
Want to know what it is like to be the big man on campus at TRUE Sports, the company that is True Temper, Project X, Accra, Aerotech, and Graffaloy?   Don Brown fills us in on what it's like being an industry leader with a deeeeep history of success as well as what the newly acquired shaft companies have coming out that will benefit golfers of all skill level! (Including the one I'm most excited about, ACCRA iSeries Steel!)
March 3, 2020
Distance Debate, Another Steez & Tees Sale, Plus The Bridgestone Tour B Release!
Just a check in pod! An update on what we have going on with, our upcoming events, my thoughts on the distance debate, and a quick reminder that the Bridgestone Tour B is available NOW!  
February 14, 2020
Tim Cooke, Director Of Instruction At Sea Pines Resort, On Teaching Tour Players & Advice For The Average Golfer!
Tim Cooke, based out of Hilton Head Island, SC (Harbour Town Golf Links), is one of my favorite instructions that I've worked with!  He's a joy to talk to about golf whether you're on the lesson tee with him or just lucky enough to get to take time out of his busy life to talk on the phone for an hour on a podcast!  Lucky for me and you, we get to do just that!  We cover teaching PGA Tour/Korn Ferry Tour players, aspiring tour pros, college/high school standouts,  mid-am players (like me) that are crazy about the game, and so much more on golf instruction in this hour long convo!  
February 5, 2020
Chris Baker On Playing Golf With Tiger Woods, His Rookie Season On PGA Tour, And MORE!
Chris and I caught up between tournaments to get an update on what life has been like on the PGA Tour thus far and what it was like to play with TIGER WOODS at the Farmers Insurance Open! 
January 31, 2020
PGA Show Wrap Up With Johnny Wunder
What were some of our favorite products? What was different? What should you be looking out for in 2020 and beyond?  We talk that up a little as we put a little stamp on a few days in Orlando at the PGA Show!
January 26, 2020
Adam Rehberg From Bridgestone Golf On The Ball That Tiger Woods Helped Design
I'd like to think that it's big news that I'm switching from the Pro V1 to the new Bridgestone Tour B XS but we all know that it's not. Haha.  What is big news is that Bridgestone does have a new Tour B line and a new way of fitting golfers for a golf ball!   It doesn't hurt that Tiger helped design the ball and has put it in play as of Torrey Pines.   Adam is the Golf Ball Fitting Manager and has a major hand in Bridgestone Golf's marketing efforts.  He goes deep on the new ball, what makes it so special, and how it's been in development for the last few years!
January 24, 2020
Answering 20 Questions About 2020 Golf Equipment
SIM VS MAVRIK? BEST LOW SPIN SHAFT?  HIGHER LOFTED DRIVERS? SPEEDZONE AGAINST THE WORLD? If there was a question about golf equipment heading into the PGA Show, it was answered HERE!  I had a lot of fun bring my son on to ask the questions straight out of the DMs on Instagram.  If there was something I missed that should be discussed, please get at me with a message or email me!! Thanks for listening!
January 20, 2020
Massive Golf Talk In VEGAS With The Chasing Daylight Podcast
I went on with my buddies at the Chasing Daylight podcast and discussed our event in Las Vegas at Reflection Bay (Battle at the Bay) and a TON of equipment talk!  This is one that might take you a couple trips in the car to get through but hopefully you enjoy a bunch of golf nerds just like you talkin' about this great game and all that comes with it!! For the entire conversation, give the Chasing Daylight boys from a listen!  
January 17, 2020
Streamsong Resort With My Friend @TheSweetSpotGolf
My buddy from Wisconsin flew down for a memorable trip that luckily I had the opportunity to tag along for a round at the popular Streamsong Resort to play Gil Hanse's BLACK course!  Yohan.  Chris.  Jose.  Keith.  Let it be known that I couldn't had more fun hanging with you boys for a day!  Thanks for letting me come along! Keith was able to jump in and play WP9's Skins Game hosted by Matt Ginella, a round on Streamsong BLUE, BLACK, and ended the trip at one of my favorite places in the world, BAY HILL!   Follow Keith on IG @TheSweetSpotGolf!
January 8, 2020
Happy Holidays!
THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Appreciate your time more than you know and can't wait for the new year and all of the amazing things golf is going to bring us all!! :).  Happy Holidays!  Happy New Year!!  Thanks again!
December 24, 2019
FIVE Presidents Cup Takeaways!
What. A. WIN!  GO USA!  While the Americans were only down 2 going into Sunday singles, a comeback is a comeback and THAT was a ton of fun to watch! I have 5 things I want to talk about from the event starting with TIGER WOODS!   Legend.  Absolute. Legend.  Then we go into Patrick Reed, Patrick Cantlay, Ernie Els, and the course that just shot to the top of everyone's bucket list, Royal Melbourne Golf Club!
December 16, 2019
Let's Talk GOLF Goals For 2020!
What are your goals of your game?  I have a few!  A few big ones!  Let's talk about them! I believe that if you put it on in the universe, it increases your chances of it happening.  So, lets work hard for what we want in 2020 and see what comes to us! (Hopefully better GOLF!)
December 12, 2019
Q & A #2 With Bryan and Mel
We took a bunch, I mean a BUNCH, of questions from Instagram to address on the pod!  What's my favorite part of working for Club Champion?  How good at golf is Mel?  What do I think are the hottest trends and biggest advancements in driver technology for 2020 and sooooo much MORE! If you have a questions when it's all said and done, shoot me a DM on IG and we'll talk! - @bryangolf (It's also worth noting that this is show #18!  Peyton Manning famously wore that number while winning a Super Bowl for the Indianapolis Colts.  Just thought I'd remind you that as a Colts fan, we've won ourselves a SB and I still remember it like it was yesterday! HA!)
December 5, 2019
Playing Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club & Lodge
Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend!  I spent it by, THANKS TO YOU, successfully launching and getting in a round at one of the best places on Earth!  Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club & Lodge. The golf is amazing.  The vibe is better than anywhere.  The swag int he pro shop is all-time. Haha.  Arnie created something special at Bay Hill and it's an honor to be able to play it! The Bryan Golf Show is Presented by Cobra Puma Golf and all guests appear via the Hanger Hotline Presented by Watson Golf.
December 2, 2019
Travis from @PGAMEMES On The Business Side Of Stirring Shit Up
No edits.  One hour.  Straight talkin' trash with the owner of @PGAMemes on Instagram.  Easily the fastest growing and probably most looked forward to content on the gram in the golf world. Travis let me ask a few business questions to understand the monetary value in playfully disrupting the golf world! 
November 26, 2019
STEEZ AND TEES Black Friday Sale PLUS Event Sponsorship Announcements!
This Bryan Golf Show is a little self serving!  Mel and I are about to launch our site, with a big Black Friday sale and we have some sponsorships to announce for our 2020 events!!
November 21, 2019
Q & A: Cobra Golf's New KING SPEEDZONE Driver
I took questions on the new Cobra Golf driver(s) straight from Instagram to share with everyone!  This driver has already shown early signs of being a top performer in 2020 and I can't wait for everyone to hit it!
November 19, 2019
Johnny Wunder Talks Career Path, Tiger Woods, & Working In The Equipment Industry
A good friend of the pod and reoccurring guest, Johnny Wunder is out in the open in the golf world due to his role(s) at  His history with the game was created through an interesting path that anyone who wants to follow the "passion project" should listen to! We talk about how Johnny ended up in the golf industry as well as his thoughts on equipment, past, present, and future, Tiger Woods, and what it's like having Greg Normal grab you by the arm and forced him to use his clubs in a friendly competition! 
November 17, 2019
Aron Price, A Golf Legend Who Speaks His Mind
Aron Price is a Australian Professional Golfer who has played through the ranks over in America starting at Georgia Southern University and climbing from the Korn Ferry Tour to the PGA Tour!  He's also qualified for the US Open TWICE! Aron is an awesome follow on social and is never afraid to speak his mind on any topic.  This makes this show that much more fun for me!  We chat on where he's been and where he's going with his playing career, if he is going to continue to play professional golf.  We touch on golf equipment from clubs and launch monitors and how it has all changed the game for every generation, but also how it's shaping the future of golf! What is a show with a pro who has played against the world's best if we don't bring up the likes of Tiger Woods, Brookes Koepka, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, and more?  Will Tiger get to #1?  Is Rory the best shot at another Tiger Woods?  So much good stuff here.  Hope you give our chinwag a good listen! 
November 14, 2019
Sam Hahn, CEO Of L.A.B. Golf
Easily the craziest of crazy when it comes to the flat stick!  L.A.B. Golf putters have a technology that they believe will help you sink more putts and make the game more enjoyable for you!  For the record, I don't disagree!! I talk with Sam Hahn, the CEO of L.A.B. Golf about the technology and what it means for you!  There's a lot of tech talk here but I believe it could hit that one person and make a difference!  Please reach out to me via Twitter/IG, whatever, with any questions on this product!  I'd love to point you in the right direction!
November 11, 2019
Inside Cobra Golf's 2020 Product Launch Event
Mel and I went to West Palm Beach to take part in Cobra Golf's 2020 product launch event that included many media members plus brand ambassadors on a small scale like myself and then on the biggest scale like Rickie Fowler and Greg Norman! We talk about the experience in the beginning and then later are joined by Mike Yagley and Joe Folker from Cobra Puma Golf and then later by our friend Johnny Wunder! Timestamps: 4:40 - Mike Yagley - Sr. Director of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence  8:00 - Joe Folker - Brand Experience Manager for Cobra Puma Golf in the UK and proud member of the Goat message group on IG  24:50 - Johnny Wunder - Director of Content for Find me on: Instagram - @bryangolf Twitter - @bryangolf TikTok - @bryangolf
November 8, 2019
Tiger Woods Wins Number 82 In Japan
Instant reaction as we fired up IG Live to talk Tiger Woods and his record tying 82nd win on the PGA Tour!  
October 28, 2019
Instagram LIVE Q & A
@melshelgolf and I went live on IG as we were doing the pod and tested out a new feature where we can pipe you in and answer your questions with YOU being a part of the show!  We threw our buddy @coloradogolfblog on for the test and feel like this can open the show up in the future for some really interested discussions!
October 25, 2019
Cobra Puma Golf's VP Of Marketing, Jose Miraflor
The MAN at Cobra Puma Golf that not only leads the marketing team but has roots that run very deep on the golf equipment side of things!  This is the golf equipment nerd's dream conversation as we talk some of Cobra Golf's best innovations as well as the 2020 product line that includes the new KING Forged TEC irons and T-Rail Iron-Hybrid set! 
October 23, 2019
PLAYERS Cup Recap With @Coach_Rusty & @MelShelGolf
Our flagship Steez & Tees event is the PLAYERS Cup presented by Julie's Real and is played at Reunion Resort with 2 teams going head-to-head, Ryder Cup style.  @BryanGolf vs @Coach_Rusty.  This Bryan Golf Show is a big THANK YOU to everyone involved and a look forward to what's to come in 2020!
October 22, 2019
PGA Tour Rookie Chris Baker
October 15, 2019
10 Things I've Learned From Custom Club Fitting
I jumped ship on a successful career to start a new one as a custom club fitter and builder.  I didn't start out by knowing as much as I do now but I was a sponge and have learned a lot in 2 years in the fitting bay and would love to share some of my biggest observations through my experiences! The Bryan Golf Show is presented by Cobra Puma Golf and the new KING Forged TEC irons featuring a traditional muscle-back shape with a hollow design for softer feel and improved power preferred by better players, available in a variable or ONE Length set make-up.  Fusing a classic look with modern, cutting-edge face, finish and feel technologies, the KING Forged TEC irons provide golfers with the ideal balance of precision and distance. Run of show: 2:40 - Performance is #1 but is also goal based 4:20 - You can’t fit over DMs or off a brochure 5:30 - Dynamic loft is my favorite metric 7:22 - Quality is worth the money 9:40 - Shaft tipping 11:59 - There’s more than 1 way to build a golf club 13:43 - Players truly don’t know how far they hit the ball 15:33 - Aesthetics aren’t as important 16:58 - Properly warm-up for best performance 18:10 - High handicappers can benefit almost more from a custom club fitting
October 10, 2019
Questions & Answers
On this Bryan Golf Show, we answer questions straight from Instagram about social media, golf equipment, golf tips n' tricks, and more!   Questions like: How often do you play golf? How do you improve your mental game? How did you get started as an Instagram "influencer"? What are some differences in golf shafts? What makes you grind day in and day out? What lessons have you learned in golf? How would you address slow play? How do you fit for the right grip size? Who is in your dream foursome? How do new irons compare too old? How often should you get fit based on swing changes? What are your distances for each club? How long do you test new equipment before putting it in the bag? What age did you start playing golf? Can SuperSpeed Golf help if my swing speed is already 130mph? Does theHANGER actually work?
October 4, 2019
My Wife @MelShelGolf
On this Bryan Golf Show, we get to know @melshelgolf a little more and learn how someone who had never touched a club in her life became so hooked on the game of golf!   Melissa, or Mel as she goes by, took one picture while on vacation that changed everything for her.  We touch up on that experience, her role in our company @SteezandTees, and what it's like to be a female with an active audience on Instagram!
October 4, 2019
The Origin Story
On this Bryan Golf Show, my wife @melshelgolf and I explain how we went from nowhere in the golf industry to our deep dive into the golf community using social media to develop our personal brands and catapult our golf events business that falls under the @SteezandTees brand!
October 4, 2019
This is the Bryan Golf Show presented by Cobra Puma Golf. I’m Bryan, @BryanGolf on Instagram/Twitter, co-owner of, and a professional custom club fitter and builder. Above all, I’m a golfer. The show will center around that but will not be limited to the subject! No subjects will be off the table but the show will always come back to golf! I’m proud to have Cobra Puma Golf on board…a company that I passionately represent and love, and couldn’t be more thankful for their support in this! If you haven’t figured out that this company makes some really cool golf gear that performs extremely well, then hopefully after a few episodes of the pod you will and give them a try the next time you go for a demo day or a custom fitting! As always, you can follow and connect with me by just searchng Bryan Golf on all social platforms! If you want to know more about myself as well as my wife and our relationship with the golf industry, make sure to give the next pod a good listen!
October 3, 2019