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Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti

Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti

By Angela & Patti
These podcasts are about building better relationships at home and work with Angela Ambrosia, Love and Relationship Coach and Patti Oskvarek, Leadership and Work-Life Balance Coach.
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Episode 22 - Working at Home with Family and Establishing a Flow!

Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti

Episode 67 - Does Intentional Creativity Build Better Relationships with Special Guest Kami Pollvogt
In this podcast episode we have a special guest Kami Pollvogt and she will be discussing Does Intentional Creativity Build Better Relationships.  Kami did a previous guest podcast, Episode 57 called Wish You Knew Why The People In Your Life Do What They Do? Kami Pollvogt is a Transformational Life Coach, an Intentional Creativity Coach, and the founder of Change by Design; a creative personal development company that focuses on teaching, guiding, and accelerating personal change through the practice of living intentionally. She is a Certified Intentional Creativity Coach. Intentional Creativity is an approach to creating with mindfulness that she utilizes with her clients to catalyze consciousness towards self-agency. Kami is here to share about Intentional Creativity, her program Best at Being ME! and how it fits into helping you, our listening audience, to Build Better Relationships at Home and Work. For more information about Kami Pollvogt her website is Kami has an upcoming summer workshop in 2022 called Best at Being ME! This workshop is for every woman who feels like they are in the midst of a life transition.  To learn more about her workshop go to #BuildingBetterRelationshipsatHomeandWork #IntentionalCreativity #KamiPollvogt #RelationshipPodcast #ChangeByDesign 
July 01, 2022
Episode 66 - Reconnecting Relationships Through Music with Special Guest Robert Alexander
In this episode - Reconnecting Relationships through Music, we have a special guest Robert Alexander. He will be sharing how to use Music for Healing, rebuild relationships with centered self and the chakras, and reconnect with others as we move through these challenging and changing times. We will share a few samples of the Chakra Collection in the podcast. Robert Alexander is an Audio Alchemist located in Southern CA. With this LifeRhythms business, he offers healing work via private sessions and designs unique personalized pieces of music to help his clients find healing away from the work they do with him. Alongside his LifeRhythms business, Robert has a label-signed music project called Evlov. His music is found on various platforms online. Robert also was the creator and host of LifeRhythms Radio; an online Radio show made to help you find relatable content that can help you create more of what you desire in your life! (1) Resonance Recordings are personalized pieces of audio that help you attract more of what is most sacred and desirable in your life - to learn more - 2) To listen to the Chakra Collection Vol 1. - 3) Music Lounge - 4) LifeRhythms Radio - 5) For more information about the Genie In The Headphones - Email: To contact or learn more about Robert Alexander and his services and products: Email: Website: #musicforbetterrelationships #liferhythms #musicaffirmations #buildingbetterrelationships #customizedaffirmations 
May 15, 2022
Episode 65 - Changing the Perspective of Not Taking Everything Personally In Relationships
This podcast topic came from a listener's request about not taking everything so personally. Why do some people or cultures make it look so easy not to take things personally and others take every little thing to heart? Is it the environment of how we are raised? Or do some people have DNA that can let things roll off their back or turn the other cheek with ease? Are some people more sensitive than others because they are empathic or highly sensitive in nature?  How to overcome hurt by someone's harsh words: Remind yourself it's about them not about you at that moment.  Maybe you did something they didn’t like. What did their words really say?  Was it about the behavior?  Or something else? One tip is to watch your conditioning: What the annoyed and angry voices in your head regarding the household chores. You will hear your expectations, you may hear your parents, but you will hear the frustration of someone else not doing what you want and thinking about what should be done. This is your conditioning. So once you hear it. Simply say - ok - that’s my conditioning - it's not that this person hates me or is insulting me - or wants me dead or ignores me. This is my expectation about how things should be done. And then if you’re really angry maybe don't speak with the other person! But then think about how you could say to them what you want. But don't expect them to do it the way you want - because that may not be their conditioning! Some strategies to help deal with and not take things personally: Listen to happy, soothing, calming, or spiritual music when feelings start to surface within you. Find something fun to do to help redirect thoughts. Practice meditation and pray for "Letting Go" of things people have said.   Watch your reactions and triggers when around certain people. Become aware of those thoughts and assumptions. Reflect on why these reactions are happening and how you can release or address them? With friendships, coworkers, partners and family how has taking things personally affected these relationships?  What can I do to change it for the better Are some people more sensitive than others because they are empathic or high-sensitive in nature? Do you feel you’re Feeling too much? Feeling everything about you - you are the center of attention - are you the most important thing in a relationship? What is a relationship? A relationship is not just about you. Relationship is like a dance - two people having a tango - push-pull Not about just you and your feelings. For a meditation to help with hurt in relationships here is the video series “Choose the Relationship”. The meditations are at the end of the videos. Handling Emotions Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation go to
April 08, 2022
Episode 64 - Exploring a Better Balance with Men and Women’s Relationships at Work and in Business
In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti have a conversation about women and men in the workplace and more.   (Patti) Angela, I recently saw an Instagram Reel of a young lady from Alabama who was looking for a place to do her eyelash business and because she was a woman she was having a hard time getting a place even though her business was successful and had the money to make the rent.  She even had a male friend call and the landlords were going to rent to him but not to her.  This was shocking to me because I thought those days were gone. The link (Patti) Do men make more money in the same position as women? YES or NO - To participate. (Angela) The Gig Economy is where everyone is moving away from full-time or part-time work to casual on-call work, like an Uber driver to an Online Entrepreneur to offering services in exchange for a fixed fee - like a coach or trainer or other service provider. And women have jumped on this for thousands of years before what we have now as a way to provide for their family while also cooking, housekeeping and raising their young families. The modern gig economy is also increasing from a demand for work-life balance so women and men can have time to be with their family and not work full time hours. How can women change their mindset to feel comfortable to ask for what they are worth? Practice in the mirror asking for what you want at work. Write a script and memorize it so the words come out easy and confident. Say powerful daily affirmations for confidence and getting what you want. Get a mentor or coach to work with you on strategies to get what you want. How can we have a better balance in the workplace with men and women whether it is pay, top management, or respecting each other?   We would love to hear your comments and feedback on this question. Thank you so much for listening, please share the podcast with others and give us a 5-Star review or a clap on the Anchor podcast app so more people can find and listen to our podcast.  To work with Angela- To work with Patti  - To learn more or purchase the Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation go to #relationshippodcast #buildingbetterrelationships #relationshipsatwork #betterrelationships
March 29, 2022
Episode 63 - Becoming a Leader in the Workplace for Better Relationships
Today Patti and Angela explore leadership in the workplace.  Patti is a leadership and work-life balance coach who specializes in helping Managers and Supervisors. Patti has a monthly mini-podcast called Exploring Life and Work with Patti from Chaos to Calm - This podcast is for you if you are a manager or supervisor who focused on your career for years and now wants to live a more purposeful and balanced life outside of work. These mini-podcast episodes inspire life and work strategies to maintain sanity within your busy day, from chaos to calm. Patti’s Podcast Exploring Life and Work with Patti from Chaos to Calm tackles issues that affect leaders directly. Here are some questions to ask yourself and reflect on if you’re in a leadership role or thinking about pursuing a leadership position? How do you speak to others? Do you enjoy working with others? Are you a team player? Are you willing to be accountable for other people's actions? Are you ready to hold yourself responsible for your actions, admit when you are wrong, and apologize when needed? Are you ready to give honest, constructive feedback to staff members? Are you dedicated, dependable, trustworthy, ethical, and loyal to your company and employees? How did you feel after answering these questions? Being accountable for yourself and others is not something to take lightly. There are times when mistakes happen, and you have to accept the consequences of those mistakes and not blame everyone else around you but take responsibility even when it is one of your staff members who did it. Learn from it and move on, believe me, Patti know this is hard.  We tend to overthink it and beat ourselves up when mistakes happen, but reflecting on what happened as a lesson learned helps ease the process and strengthens relationships with yourself and others. Leadership is an ongoing process of sometimes making mistakes and learning from those mistakes, and choosing not to make them again. Reflect back on your working experience with your previous bosses. What did you like about their leadership style? What did you not like? What makes a good leader? How does a good leader create leaders in others?  To work with Angela- To work with Patti  - To learn more or purchase the Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation go to Incredible Work-Life Balance Hacks for Busy Leaders. #relationships #workrelationships #leadership #leadershiprelationships #anchorpodcast #relationshippodcast #management 
March 15, 2022
Episode 62 - Building A Better Relationship With Your Body
In this unedited podcast episode, we discuss Angela's Body of Love Journey and her book Body of Love: 10 Steps to Love Yourself and Your Body - A Workbook. Link to the Workbook It's been ten years since Angela wrote the Body of Love in 2012. Happy 10th Anniversary Congratulations, Angela! Today, Angela will celebrate what she has learned and so much more about the Body ten years later, and Angela is excited to share pieces of her teachings from the Body of Love and how they can help you change how you relate to the Body. Angela also discusses how different dance experiences helped shape her mindset to love her body. "The time you spend connecting to yourself and your body is how you develop and make a relationship with the reservoir of love inside of you that allows you to share that love with others." ~ Angela Ambrosia "The Body of Love is the part of you so in love with life that it is beyond the suffering you experience in love and loving others, or yourself or in being here in the world. The more you love yourself, the more you are able to be who you truly are." ~ Angela Ambrosia "The concept of "service" is stepping into loving and knowing who you are so that you no longer live a lie, and in doing so, you allow others to live their truth and step into their own loving being." ~ Angela Ambrosia  "But as you grow through life with higher principles of love, you develop ways to accept people, tolerate differences and enjoy their differences without expecting others to live according to your version of love and find creative ways for us to grow and live together." "The greatest service you can do for others is to allow them the gift of loving themselves. When people feel that you encourage this self-love in them as you allow it for yourself, they will flock to you and want to be your best friend." ~Angela Ambrosia To learn more about Angela's book Body of Love and to purchase Angela books We would love to hear about your Body of Love Journey. Thank you so much for listening; please share the podcast with others and give us a 5-Star review or a clap on the Anchor podcast app so more people can find and listen to this podcast. To work with Angela- To work with Patti  - To learn more or purchase the Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation, go to #Relationships #RelationshipPodcast #LovingYourBody #RelationshipCoaching #BodyofLoveBook #AngelaAmbrosia 
March 01, 2022
Bonus Episode 1 - About BBR - Why Building Better Relationships Is Our Future With You
Angela and Patti shared why they started Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti's podcast in this bonus unedited live episode. Their vision for Building Better Relationships at Home and Work podcast, the future of relationships, and why we created the Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation. Right now, we understand that many people are struggling with relationships. The spectrum of problems ranges from isolation, social anxiety, and feeling unloved to unsatisfying relationships to relationships full of conflict and even abuse. Patti and Angela started this podcast before the pandemic because, as a leader in the workplace, Patti saw people being taken advantage of and companies not appreciating employees. As a teacher of love and relationships, Angela saw that people weren't interested in looking at themselves and seemed to have lost the ability to find love because they didn't know how to love or accept themselves. We saw how more and more people at work and in society were becoming inconsiderate, lacking empathy, and just lost. But, most of all, we want to help our listeners have long-lasting loving relationships. Follow us on Spotify and participate in the polls and answer the questions. To purchase and find out more about the journal and meditation, go to To work with Angela - To work with Patti   - #podcast #relationshippodcast #buildingbetterrelationshipsathomeandwork #lastingrelationships
February 25, 2022
Bonus Episode 1 - About BBR - Why Building Better Relationships Is Our Future With You
Angela and Patti shared why they started Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti's podcast in this bonus unedited live episode. Their vision for Building Better Relationships at Home and Work podcast, the future of relationships, and why we created the Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation. Right now, we understand that many people are struggling with relationships. The spectrum of problems ranges from isolation, social anxiety, and feeling unloved to unsatisfying relationships to relationships full of conflict and even abuse. Patti and Angela started this podcast before the pandemic because, as a leader in the workplace, Patti saw people being taken advantage of and companies not appreciating employees. As a teacher of love and relationships, Angela saw that people weren't interested in looking at themselves and seemed to have lost the ability to find love because they didn't know how to love or accept themselves. We saw how more and more people at work and in society were becoming inconsiderate, lacking empathy, and just lost. But, most of all, we want to help our listeners have long-lasting loving relationships. Follow us on Spotify and participate in the polls and answer the questions. To purchase and find out more about the journal and meditation, go to To work with Angela - To work with Patti   - #podcast #relationshippodcast #buildingbetterrelationshipsathomeandwork #lastingrelationships
February 24, 2022
Episode 61 - Twin Flame is it a Myth or Reality
In today's episode, Angela and Patti will discuss whether Twin Flame is a myth or the real deal. This topic came about when someone asked Patti about twin flame. Patti didn't know much about twin flame, so Patti asked Angela if she knew about the twin flame concept. Angela does and suggested we do a podcast episode on this topic.  Does the twin flame concept give the appearance of the Fear of Missing Out? “Everyone else has this ideal relationship but I don’t”. Constant Craving - remember KD Lang? Angela - Remember the Diary of Bridget Jones Movies?  1. Why do you want to have this powerful intimate connection? 2. If you want a life-long powerful intimate connection - what are you excited about sharing with someone over a life-time?  A life-long connection requires a different way of thinking about love - like being there for when this person goes through sickness, grief and even death. 3. What do you want to experience in being a witness to someone else’s life and journey? 4. If this person that you think is your twin flame does not stay in your life - why do you still want them to be in your life? What is it that you deeply want from a physical relationship with a partner? Angela - In that film - I’m not spoiling it - but Susan Sarandon’s character says that she sees her role as a partner is to be a witness to her husband and him to do that for her. For Angela is the greatest gift you can have with anybody - to witness their life and share in that person’s journey. And couples that I see deeply bonded without labeling themselves as twin flames - have discovered complete freedom in their relationship because they no longer look for their partner to fulfill some concept of love - but instead they deeply appreciate the gift of being able to witness someone’s life and be part of their journey. The movie Shall we Dance does a great job of sharing that. What soul group do you think is Angela and Patti? Thank you, Angela, for sharing your expertise, in-depth explanation and opinion of twin flame and soulmates with the listeners and me. We would love to hear about your perception, belief and experience with twin flame relationships. Thank you so much for listening, please share the podcast with others and give us a 5-star review on Apple iTunes so more people can find and listen to this podcast. Click on the link below and scroll towards the bottom to leave a review. To work with Angela: To work with Patti   To learn more or purchase the Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation  go to
February 17, 2022
Episode 60 - Forgiving Family Members for Angry Hurtful Words
In today's episode, Angela and Patti discuss forgiving family members and hurtful words. Have you ever said something so hurtful and regretted it? The same is true for family members who have said angry, hurtful words to you. Hurting people lash out at others. Words hurt profoundly, and a lot of times are not forgotten. Speaking in anger can be dangerous for all relationships, even if it is accurate and how you are feeling at that moment in time. The damage has been created and really can't be taken back. Why do we say hurtful words? First, it's helpful to understand why people become habituated to saying hurtful things. Understanding why people say hurtful things will help you see underneath the words; the hurt the person is experiencing. Patti often says in our podcasts, "hurt people - hurt other people." Angela - What I see is that people who are hurt have no way to heal their hurt or resolve it - so they project it out - like spitting out the poison inside them - or when you spit out something that you don't like in your mouth. The thing is - it seems pretty stupid to spit out your hurt on someone else - if you want to stay friends with them. So why would we do that? Well, monkey sees - monkey do. How do you forgive? This is the hardest thing for most people. Unforgiveness is a poison on your soul and spirit. People with un-forgiveness spill it out on others, and the cycle continues down the line. Questions to journal or self reflect on: Are apologies needed to be said before healing can happen? YES or NO What if apologies never happen? What if the family member doesn't want to make amends? How will you let go and forgive without an apology? When un-forgiveness takes over your thoughts and heart, recite the Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer Ho'oponopono" at least three or more times. First, say the person's name and then the prayer. Or you may not get a chance to apologize or get an apology; this prayer will assist in healing and forgive with a true desire to heal the relationship. I'm sorry Please forgive me I love you Thank you We would love to hear about your family dynamics and how you conquered and let go of the hurt from angry words said, whether you were saying them or being directed at you. Thank you so much for listening; please share the podcast with others and give us a 5-star review so more people can find and listen to the podcast. To work with Angela - To work with Patti   - To learn more or purchase the Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation
February 01, 2022
Episode 59 - Building Relationships with Integrated Healing
Today’s episode has some adult language, a special guest Daniel Bauman, White Wolf Black Bear, and an exciting conversation about Integrated Healing. Daniel Bauman is an intuitive healer and lightworker. He has been a spiritual practitioner for over 40 years; his foundation is in Transcendental Meditation, Native American Shamanic Medicine, and the energy medicine known as Reiki. How can our listeners find Daniel Bauman or contact him about his products, services, and workshops? Daniel Bauman Email: Daniel Bauman Website: Daniel Bauman offers many services but all fall under physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Reiki treatments for people and their pets teach and initiate Reiki Practice. Intuitive (Psychic) Readings. House Blessing - He uses a blend of shamanic and Christian rituals and the power of reiki energy. It’s a ceremony to cleanse and protect a home or place of business from stale and dark energies or entities. Counseling/coaching drawing from tools found in spiritual paths/religions and psychology, he shares with people how to negotiate and enjoy this thing called life - As an ordained minister, he has facilitated marriage and commitment ceremonies. Daniel and Patti Performing Reiki at Banner Baywood Hospital interview on Fox-10 To purchase and find out more about the journal and meditation, go to #buildingbetterrelationships #anchorpodcast #reiki #Integrated Healing #DanielBauman #WhiteWolfBlackBear 
January 10, 2022
Episode 58 - Building A Better Year of Relationships
Starting 2022, we wanted to wish you a beautiful year of love and connection in your relationships. So today, we are talking about the Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation that we have crafted as a self-directed coaching tool to help you attract better relationships, learn how to accept yourself, and build trust in your wisdom. We want to help our listeners in their relationships throughout the year and outside of the podcast. So we created a relationship journal and meditation. Do you ever wonder why we ask questions during our podcasts? The secret to building better relationships does not lie in our tips and strategies alone. So we ask questions in the podcasts to dive into your inner wisdom and your unique perception and experience of your relationships. Every individual is unique. As coaches, our job is to help you understand HOW you are unique and different from others - what we might call your strengths, gifts, and qualities and how to best use these gifts to strengthen your ability to relate and build meaning in your life and relationships. The Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation help you build that sense and understanding of how you are - and how you perceive relationships, and what you want to create and receive in your relationships. While others can give you valuable feedback on your relationships, suppose you don't understand your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about relationships. In that case, you won't be able to be strong in your relationships - and you fall into the habits of pleasing people, having weak or no boundaries and being afraid of conflict, and not speaking up and avoiding people or relationships. Right now, we know many people are struggling with relationships. The spectrum of problems ranges from isolation, social anxiety, and feeling unloved to unsatisfying relationships to relationships full of conflict and even abuse. Patti and Angela started this podcast before the pandemic because, as a leader in the workplace, Patti saw people being taken advantage of and companies not appreciating employees. As a teacher of love and relationships, Angela saw that people weren't interested in looking at themselves and seemed to have lost the ability to find love because they didn't know how to love or accept themselves. We saw how more and more people at work and in society were becoming inconsiderate, lacking empathy, and just lost. At the beginning of 2022, Angela sees people valuing relationships but is not sure how to make those relationships better either because they are uncertain about the future of the world and their lives and jobs or are limited in how they think about themselves. The power in a journal with meditation you can write from the journal. The energy of the meditation works to build your trust in your wisdom and knowledge and is one of the essential pieces of working with a coach through powerful self-reflection questions within the journal and meditation. With the Building Better Relationships at Home and Work Relationships Journal and Meditation, we've given you an easy choice to start working with your wisdom, intuition, and energy to create your foundation for better relationships. To purchase and find out more about the journal and meditation, go to #RelationshipJournal #RelationshipMeditation #Relationships
January 03, 2022
Episode 57 - Wish You Knew Why The People In Your Life Do What They Do?
In this episode, Angela and Patti have a special guest Kami Pollvogt, a Transformational Life Coach and Intentional Creativity Coach. Kami Pollvogt is a Transformational Life Coach, an Intentional Creativity Coach, and founder of Change by Design; a creative personal development company that focuses on teaching, guiding, and accelerating personal change through the practice of living intentionally. She is a Certified Independent COLOR CODE Trainer which is based upon the personality science research done by Dr. Taylor Hartman who published his work The Color Code in1987 (almost 35 years ago) subsequent editions are titled The People Code. Kami is here to share all about Color Code and how it fits into helping our audience Build Better Relationships at Home and Work. How can our listeners find you or contact you about your products, services, and workshops? and Best At Being Me Workshop. Interested in a color code assessment from Kami Pollvogt, Email her at Kami will be coming again on the podcast in 2022 to discuss another aspect of her coaching practice Intentional Creativity. #colorcode #kamipollvogt #relationshippodcast #buildingbetterrelationships #changebydesignaz #relationshipcoaching #anchorpodcast
December 24, 2021
Episode 56 - Being Your Authentic Me in Relationships
In this episode - Being Your "Authentic Me" in Relationships, we have a special guest Davina Lyons.  She will be sharing about Being Your "Authentic Me" and so much more. Davina Lyons is the founder of the Authentic Me". Community and Workshops for Women, a safe space for women to do the work of self-awareness and resilience collectively. This means discovering more about and redefining themselves, along with elevating their personal living standards. Davina has overcome many hardships: childhood trauma, multiple miscarriages, abusive relationships, and unfulfilling careers. However, she learned from her journey that those challenging experiences do not define her life. She is now on a mission to help women love and embrace their authentic selves to live their BEST life and reach their highest potential. Davina Lyons wrote a chapter in the book - The Lemonade Stand From Sour to Sweet. Davina, How can our listeners find you or contact you about your products, services, and workshops? Mindfulness journal for teens and young adults: Email: Website: "Many of us wear masks to hide our authentic selves. It's time to take off those masks!" Davina Lyons #authenticme #davinalyons #buildingbetterrelationships #relationships #beingauthentic 
November 29, 2021
Episode 55 - The Great Resignation - The Beliefs of How It Should Be
This podcast episode looks at our beliefs about life and work and invites you to consider how things should be about work and life choices. Do you find yourself challenged by the pandemic and questioning everything? Do you live in regret? What to consider before joining the Great Resignation: Reflect on when you first started at your current position. What attracted you to the job in the first place? What did you like about the job? What has changed? What would make your job more enjoyable? What do you truly want in a career? Should I stay at my current employment or move on? Self-reflect or journal about what you want in life. What's keeping me here? Are there other options? If so, what are they? What did your answers tell you? Think about why I am staying in a job that you dislike. Is there something better for me that "lights me up"? Before joining the great resignation, come up with a solid exit plan. Then, whatever decision you make to either stay or go, focus on what kind of trade or career you want and prepare yourself for that. We often complain about something before we leave it. We make something terrible, like a job, boss, or relationship, but actually, what is awful is teaching you something about yourself and the original attraction to the job. Touches your dreams and beliefs of how things should be, and if you follow those questions which we'll have in the show notes - you can discover what you have been avoiding or conditioning in your dream to live the life you want. We know we gave you a lot to think about and would love to hear about your beliefs and how you move past them without any regrets. Angela's recommendation of the book - For I Am John: Channelled Paperback – by Helen Barton (Author)  DISCLOSURE: Please be aware that we shared an affiliate link in this post. Please know that we only share products or services that we have used and found great value. To work with Angela - To work with Patti   - #podcast #relationshippodcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipcoaching #lifecoaching #thanks  #makeyourrelationshipsbetter #buildingbetterrelationships #betterrelationships  #careercoaching #livewithoutregrets #greatresignation 
November 13, 2021
Episode 54 - The Light and Shadow in Every Culture and How to Build a World with Better Relationships
Today Patti and Angela explore the difference between cultures to understand the lesson and the gift of that culture. Much of today is seeing uprising about this culture being more important than another culture. However, is that a way to create better relationships between cultures? In our society, we take these ideas of light as something attractive and shadow as something we hide because it's unattractive. However, the shadow is also a very important part of us as individuals. As part of our culture, it teaches us how to embrace the light and what boundaries to claim so that we can grow more intelligently and in the way that we want to grow. Not in the way that only benefits humans but also helps all life. And that appreciates all life and celebrates all life, cultures, people, and even species. Episode 39 - Finding Your Purpose through Loneliness!  To our listeners: - We love to hear what the pandemic has taught you personally.   How has it affected your relationships at home and work?   What are some good things that you have experienced?   What are your experiences living with a partner from another culture, and how did you both learn to understand each other and share your differences in a positive light? Reflection questions: Can you imagine a world where everyone admired each other's differences and loved each other for their uniqueness?   What would that be like? Angela: To visit Angela’s website at Patti: To visit Patti’s website at #podcast #relationshippodcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipcoaching #lifecoaching #thanks  #makeyourrelationshipsbetter #buildingbetterrelationships #betterrelationships
October 31, 2021
Episode 53 - Is Marriage Built To Last?
In today's podcast episode, Angela and Patti have a special guest John Helton, the Blind Fury, from the podcast "Martial Monkey Mania Radio Show" and the podcast topic "Is Marriage Built To Last?" John, AKA "The Blind Fury," is President/Founder of The Blood Wall Ministries. Marital Monkey, one of those ministries, which teaches biblical principles of God's design for marriage and puts the fun back in marriage with the Marital Monkey Mania Radio Show.  John Helton's teaching and interaction with the Marital Monkey Mondays workshop, certified relationship coaching services, a soon-to-be Marital Monkey Preparation Course. He has a detailed book to hopefully be released in 2022 called "Marital Monkey: Helping You Navigate the Marriage Jungle God's Way!" He is also a Christian inspirational speaker and author, amongst other things like being a professional goofball. "Martial Monkey Mania Radio Show" episode "Cell Phones Harm Relationships."   Can you give the listeners some examples of why cell phones can harm relationships? Here is how to contact John about his services: - #Marriage #ChristianMarriage #MarriageCoaching #BuildingBetterRelationships #RelationshipCoaching 
October 16, 2021
Episode 52 - Claiming Your Value at Work or Entrepreneur
This episode we look at the changing expectations in the marketplace where people are moving to offer their services for sale versus working in a job with fixed salary and how this forces you to claim your value versus having employers or your own perceptions determine what you are worth. Self-Reflection Questions for Determining a Raise: Do I exceed expectations of my job duties, job description, and why? Am I the go-to person who gets things done? Do I take on additional tasks, projects, and responsibilities outside of my job description? Do others come to me for my advice, knowledge, and leadership? Am I increasing my learning and knowledge within my industry? People at work describe me as vital within the company? How Do You Claim Your Value as an Entrepreneur? Is the world interested in what you share? Does the world understand what you share? Do you have something of value to others? And if you do - do you know how to communicate that effectively to others? Can people afford what you have to share? Will people want to pay for what you have to offer? There are so many other people offering what you have, why would they want what you’ve got to share? Self-Doubt to Self-Assured  Common stuff that goes through people minds: How much do I share?  Did I share too much? Do people want to hear about it? Will it make a difference? I am being too pushy? What if no-one buys my products or services? What if people are making fun of me or judging me? Here are some questions and Journal exercises about thinking about your value and how you condition your value. If you want to claim your value, you need to see the conditions you put on it, so that you will understand why you are using your time and energy the way you are  - and so that IF you want to can change your perception about your value you can: 1. See how to change your mindset or perception about your value 2. Change the way you describe your value to the world so they understand your value or 3 See how to communicate your value to the world so that they understand it clearly. It is ONLY the belief in what you offer is worth a certain price. How do you claim your value in what you offer to the world, whether it is at work - or in personal relationships? Patti's new podcast ExploringLife and Work with Patti from Chaos to Calm. Patti has the 21 Days to Optimal Work-life Balance for busy people and entrepreneurs who often fall into the trap that if they DO more, then they are doing good. To Book an Energy Healing Session with Angela:
October 02, 2021
Episode 51 - How To Change Your Mindset and Relationship With Money
In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti have a special guest Breeze Krumm, a Financial Coach, and we will be discovering how to change mindset and relationship with money, finances, and financial systems. About Breeze Krumm She is a certified professional coach and has completed the Financial Coach Master Training. She specializes in financial coaching, with an emphasis on helping you overcome a negative mindset and develop better disciplines when it comes to your personal financial management. Her goal is to help you achieve financial wellness and freedom! Quote from Breeze: Our relationship with money is a very personal one. I have found that most struggles with money come about due to a lack of support or education around it from a young age. Traumas from childhood or even adulthood can affect our relationship with money. I know this from personal experience. Here is how to find Breeze Krumm or contact her about financial mindset coaching services: Email Contact: Website: Angela’s Resource to find out what’s your money personality:
September 16, 2021
Episode 50 - How Inner Thoughts At Work Affect Your Performance and Relationships
In this episode we explore inner thoughts that affect work performance and relationships. Angela: Today, we dive deeper into understanding the thoughts circulating in the modern workplace and the pandemic and conflict with working at home.   Angela: What are some of the sabotaging thoughts you have been exposed to in the workplace? There's probably a long list - so maybe the ones common to many people first. Patti: How about thoughts of comparing your abilities to your coworker's strengths, or wanting to control outcomes, fear of rejection, or fear of failure, and the feelings that your manager has favoritism towards a coworker over you. These thoughts can sabotage your performance at work and can overtake you with fear and overwhelm. Angela: There is a move to having people from work from home. How does this change the way some are performing at work? What makes some people love it while others hate it? Patti: Since working at home, some have realized how much the work environment has caused havoc to their physical and mental state and given them space to reflect on what they want in life, and it may not be this workplace or career. For some, they liked working alone; it's non-stressful dealing with other personalities and communication styles.   Angela: When the inner thoughts about work are not working well, what are some things you can suggest to help people get clear on their thoughts to make things better? Patti: Recite positive affirmations to eliminate any negative thoughts about work.  I'm sure you have seen those funny work memes. There is one where someone is sitting at their desk repeating this affirmation. "I love my job!" over and over again.  Reciting a prayer - something like this: Dear God, please help and encourage me today to have a positive attitude towards my job, work performance, and the people I work with and have a good day at work. Thank you, AMEN!  Listen to uplifting music.  Journal how you are feeling.  Go for a walk.  Focus on work tasks.  Remember - What you want in your life and remove the thoughts of what you don't.  Set goals of how you are going to change your situation at work and put them into action. Angela: In Australia, in lockdowns, Parents who work at home have more expectations to do everything, homeschool, parent, and work - and it's too much. Does something have to give with the way corporations or organizations approach work? The rising stress of parents is not healthy for society.  This episode has given us a lot to think about in our relationships at work. We would love to hear your tips, strategies, or inspiring stories on building better relationships at home and work or about this podcast topic.  Optimal work-life balance program Ep 49 on How balancing thoughts and feelings #podcast #relationshippodcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipcoaching #lifecoaching #thanks #balancingthoughts #balancingfeelings #makeyourrelationshipsbetteratwork #buildingbetterrelationships #betterrelationships  #workrelationships #relationshipsatwork
September 04, 2021
Episode 49 - How Balancing Thoughts and Feelings Make Your Relationships Better
In this episode Angela and Patti discuss how having balance with thoughts and feelings can improve your relationships with others at home and work.  Angela: All of us have thoughts that are not happy thoughts. All of us have thoughts that are out of balance, not kind, not great and better not shared.  However, once you think a thought - that thought adds to the collective thoughts of consciousness in all human beings - in podcast EP. 48 Building Resilience with Social and Viral Media for Caring Relationships I talked about Mass Consciousness which is the collective thoughts and emotions created, experienced and projected by humans through all time.  Patti: Adding a little more to this about our unhappy thoughts - When we are feeling victimized, our thoughts and feelings become unbalanced. Working through those feelings helps to maintain balance and interactions with others. For example, looking towards the future with hope and gratitude while realizing the past was a life lesson to navigate a better tomorrow.  Patti: To me inspiration is when you feel compelled or drawn to do something and feel good about it.  Someone encourages you and you feel energized and enjoy doing it. Angela: If you’re a parent beating yourself up about your parenting, a good book is Dan Siegels’ Parenting from the Inside Out  Angela: What you can do is focus your thoughts and watch them and see which ones are helpful and which ones aren’t.  Try not to be so conscious and serious about being perfect.  What is fruitful to the relationship? Angela: Motherly Love and its connection to lack of self-love Facebook Video Dan Siegels’& Mary Hartzell Parenting from the Inside Out - (affiliate link) For resources and services with Patti DISCLOSURE: Please be aware that we will be sharing affiliate links in this post.  Affiliate links give a very small percentage on purchases towards helping support the podcast.  Thank you so much for listening and supporting our podcast.  
August 18, 2021
Episode 48 - Building Resilience with Social and Viral Media to Create Caring Relationships
Today we will explore how to interact with Social Media and keep yourself focused on the impact that social media and addictive viral media has on how you treat others with care or carelessness. When Angela trained in Mass Communication we researched the history of documentary and fiction film, radio, creative video and theater. She used the term Mass Communication and the modern forms of Social Media and Viral Media grew out of these forms of mass communication as a way for every human to participate actively in all forms of mass communication. Social Media was a way for the people to create their own stories and respond to the mass media being projected on them or about them. In spiritual work we call this type of collective back and forth of thoughts, words, feelings, emotions and communication in humanity - Mass Consciousness.  Angela always been struck by how Mass Communication and Mass Consciousness are two very different worlds of the media and spirituality that have a lot to offer each other about how to control or worsen the negative aspects of human thoughts and emotions.   Mass Consciousness is the collective thoughts and emotions created, experienced and projected by humans through all time.  This includes all the literature, all media, all the thoughts your ancestors had, all the thoughts you have when you’re not even aware you’re having thoughts. Some people also refer to Mass Consciousness as the thought sphere.  However, Mass Consciousness is not just thoughts. It is the emotions and thoughts that have been experienced by humanity through all time. And these are not just in written form. Many cultures did not use writing, they used spoken words, they used art, architecture and all cultures had love and relationships, families, communities, tribes and these had thoughts and feelings. So Mass Consciousness is the collective of all these thoughts and feelings.  Is this similar to shadow work? Shadow work comes from the term “the shadow self,” which was coined by famed 20th-century psychologist Carl Jung. In Jungian psychology, this term describes the unconscious parts of the personality that our conscious ego doesn't want to identify in itself.  Shadow work is a process of inner work in which you bring those unwanted parts to the surface to purify, heal, and integrate into yourself. Your shadow isn't something to be ashamed of or something to hate. It simply points to where you have work to do and where you got to give yourself more love. Often if you watch that media, if you literally just watched how the media makes you FEEL, you would get the TRUE impact of that viral media. Try this experiment:  Before you even get on social media - take a note of how you feel and write it down.  Then go on social media for 5 minutes. Get off - and notice how you feel and write down how you feel. And be honest. If you do this experiment over time. You will see the difference. There are some positive examples of viral media - like my favorite eurovision band from Iceland- that had a dance craze from their song “Think about things”  from Dadi Freyr and Gagnamagnið. To Book an Energy Healing Session with Angela To book a coaching or reiki session with Patti Thank you for listening! DISCLOSURE: Please be aware that we will be sharing affiliate links in this post.
August 04, 2021
Episode 47 - How To Be Honest About What’s Not Working in a Relationship
In this podcast episode Angela and Patti explore how to be honest about what’s not working in a relationship. "Being honest” does not mean being mean. Being honest does not mean you are right and the other person is wrong. It is sharing your feelings so things can change. Being honest means being clear about your feelings and contributing solutions to what you want to change or need based on your perception of the situation. When you feel upset and discouraged inside towards others, pull out your journal and start writing exactly how you feel. Then, step away from the situation until you have calmed down. I know this may be hard at first, but it can change how you feel and save relationships whether it is a friendship, marriage and your reputation at work by taking these small steps. Angela talks about Graham Gibbs created a great Reflective Practice with 6 steps that helps break down what your feelings are about a situation so that concrete actions can be implemented that help include the value of our feelings. Description of the experience Feelings and thoughts about the experience Evaluation of the experience, both good and bad Analysis to make sense of the situation Conclusion about what you learned and what you could have done differently Action plan for how you would deal with similar situations in the future, or general changes you might find appropriate. Hamlet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare Honesty with oneself and others is one of the biggest challenges in life.  Being Authentic is not about hurting, criticizing, manipulating, pushing your viewpoint, or offending others. It's about being kind, compassionate, respectful about the other person while keeping it real.  Honesty delivered in the right way expresses wisdom, boundaries and releases expectations. Think before you speak - Is it true, Is it helpful, Is it inspiring, Is it necessary, Is it kind (Author unknown) Here are some reflection questions to think about and write in your journal. * What is the difference between being honest and insensitive to others? * How can honesty with yourself change your life and relationships at home and work? To Book an Energy Healing Session with Angela: To Book a Coaching or Reiki Session with Patti: We would love to hear your thoughts about this episode topic.  If you enjoyed the podcast.  How about becoming a monthly supporter of this podcast?   Click on the support button in the Anchor App. Thank you so much for listening. #honesty #buildingbetterrelationships #relationships #relationshippodcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipcoaching
July 08, 2021
Episode 46 - How to Calm Anxiety with Work and Money
In this podcast, we're going to look at money anxiety. Angela shares some thoughts about the new economy based on sharing and caring about yourself and others which can help relieve tension and look at money from a collaborative and self-value-affirming perspective.  During the pandemic, many of us stopped work, school, living the way we lived. Discovered many activities at home, which were things we used to do before life got busy, such as cooking, baking, making craft, making music, art, home-based exercise, journaling, talking to people, playing cards, etc.  And many people realized they were working and living in a way they didn't like.   Patti's workbook the 21 Days to Optimal Work-Life Balance. Angela talked about The Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) has an article on The Vision of a Well-Being Economy, which shares how “We must shift how we understand and build societal health and prosperity, looking beyond economic growth to collective well-being and environmental sustainability.” Patti discussed - When negative thoughts or emotions enter your mind, you can allow them and redirect them. The trouble with worrying about money and work can consume you, but having strategies can relieve the anxiety. Spend some time in meditation to calm your thoughts. Listen to upbeat music to manage anxiety and manifest money. Pray about the situation for guidance and peace. Journal about the problem which is causing the worry. Go for a walk, the gym, bicycle ride, yoga or fitness classes or any type of exercise. Repeat positive affirmations. Hire a financial coach to help develop a healthy money mindset and reasonable financial goals. Angela shares about Sondra Ray and Leonard Orr’s book Rebirthing in the New Age. It is hard to get a copy of it now. One of her powerful ones is “I deserve to be loved.”Shakti Gawain has a great book called “Creating True Prosperity” that gets to your underlying beliefs around money and abundance and T Harv Eker book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Dr. Patrick Wanis that is a paid meditation download. To schedule a distant Reiki session or life coaching with Patti To schedule Angela's online Meditation Class.   #buildingbetterrelationships #calm #anxiety #moneybeliefs #manifesting 
June 23, 2021
Episode 45 - Daily Habits to Prevent Depression During Stressful Times While Strengthening Your Relationships!
In this episode Angela and Patti will be discussing daily habits to prevent depression during stressful times and strengthen your relationships. The definition of depression according to the American Psychiatric Association website: Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Fortunately, it is also treatable. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed. It can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and can decrease your ability to function at work and at home. Angela recommends the Megaway Shakes. It has 13 powerfoods, like maca, ashwagandha, cinnamon, lucuma, barley greens, and the list goes on. Brigitte from the megaway formulated her shake to directly affect the mood and hormonal system of the body. You can find out about her shake at Angela talks about Spiritual Mantras are really good for clearing the air in your home environment when things get stagnated by your thoughts and feelings. Forest therapy is used in Japan to treat depression and anxiety. Patti shared forest bathing technique in episode Episode 41 - How Spending Time in Nature Can Help You and Your Relationships. Angela talks about the book that shares how we all carry trauma called “The body keeps the score” by Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk. Angela shares about seeing the musical Come from Away in Sydney ( For those of you interested in meditation as a way to touch your own light. Angela is starting a new 8 week course on July 8, 2021 in the USA and July 9, 2021 in Australia. It's meditation for relaxation and transformation where we explore how to transform old ways of being with yourself and learn how to relax, enjoy and dive deeper into your true energy - which is the energy of joy. Meditation for Relaxation and Transformation. #BuildingBetterRelationships #Depression #Anxiety #Podcast #BetterRelationships #PreventDepression #RelationshipPodcast 
June 09, 2021
Episode 44 - Accepting Responsibility for Choices in Your Relationships - The Good, the Bad and the Narcissist!
In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti discuss taking responsibility for your choices. It's becoming common now that people are starting to label and blame the end of a relationship on their former partner. Instead of taking responsibility for their choices within the relationship and the other person, they were a narcissist. Is it easier to blame everything on the other person instead of self-reflecting on what went wrong within the relationship? What did you learn? What will you look for before entering into a relationship next time? What do you want from a relationship? What are the deal breakers? Angela talks about the book  Brain Wash by David Perlmutter. He has many studies showing that narcissistic behaviors are connected to the generations that use more social media. So that could make it easier for people to blame people for selfish behavior because it is a typical cultural attitude. When self-reflecting, ask these questions to yourself: *What did I learn? *What will I look for before entering into a relationship next time? *What do I want from a relationship? *What are the deal breakers for me? Patti wrote blog posts about Making Good Choices and A Workplace Phenomenon - the Narcissistic Manager. Angela speaks about dance and meditation. Dance is about feeling yourself. Meditation is about seeing yourself. Both dance and meditation help you to look inward - not outward. Want to Dance with Angela?
May 18, 2021
Episode 43 - Managing Negative Emotions in Relationships Whether at Home or Work!
In this podcast episode Angela and Patti discuss how to deal with negative emotions and energy whether in the workplace or in your personal life. Patti:  Being negative is easy, everyone is doing it.  How does it affect you in your career and personal life? You may lose a promotion or worse yet all relationships by being a constant complainer, talking bad about others, when displaying anger and hostility or a victim mentally.  I’ve heard some people say that being positive all the time is toxic.  Why do you think that is? Angela: Perhaps they see people being falsely positive without dealing with the underlying issues that are creating imbalance in the workplace or home. And without facing the real issues of sadness, anger or fear that go unaddressed when people are trying to be positive.  Some people are fearful of positive energy for fear that they can’t ever be happy. When you are addicted to suffering, it is very hard to enjoy someone’s happiness. Plus people from the beginning of humanity have had jealousy when they think that they can’t have what others have. So if you see someone too happy, it can trigger ancient fears that somehow you are missing out. Patti: How do we change these situations from toxic to kindness? What if people stopped watching the news? What if people smiled more? What about looking at the good in others and appreciating each other? Do you think things would change for the better? Patti: Angela, you have told me many times it is okay to show your emotions.  To feel them and release them.  How do you do that without taking it out on the other person or projecting those emotions on them? Angela:  Have you heard of Daniel Goleman's book Emotional Intelligence? 1 Self Awareness of your Emotions 2. Managing your emotions and 3 Awareness of Social Relationships 4 Management of those Relationships. Angela: The book “Noise” by Daniel Kahneman is looking at how companies can make better decisions and stop errors at the company level that cost the company thousands of dollars.  Patti: Strategies to help stay positive? Walk away when drama is happening around you. Excuse yourself from the conversation. When there are unkind remarks about someone else, say something nice about that particular person. This action tends to halt the conversation. Plug in your headphones and listen to uplifting music. Recite Positive Affirmations. Journal about how you are feeling. Go for a quick walk and pray about the situation, listen to an uplifting podcast, music or recite positive affirmations. Concentrate on your work tasks.   Patti has a blog post series on Bad Leadership Styles.   We would love to hear your ideas and what you are doing with Managing Negative Emotions in Relationships Whether at Home or Work!
May 08, 2021
Episode 42 - Building a Better Relationship with our Planet!
In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti discuss building a better relationship with our planet and our environment. During lock-down, it gave the planet time to heal in many ways; the air quality from pollution became better with fewer vehicles traveling. The beaches recovered due to fewer people visiting and the wildlife starting to populate.   Where are you respecting energy? Taking notice of where you respect, giving thanks, and reciprocating energy is an excellent example of being a good steward, yourself, your family, and your planet.  In the movement classes, Angela shares how to respect your body and listen to your body. This has been the easiest way for me to learn respect for energy. When we move together, we feel how we contain energy in the body and how we lose energy in the body. And in movement you can learn where you have habits in your body that disrespect your body or don't listen to the natural flow of energy in your body that pushes the body. When we do the movement in nature, the elements of nature help us align and balance our bodies. And activity in nature, even just walking in nature, can show us how to be one with nature and respect it.  When we're caught up in modern life, we fall into habits where we forget our own nature and own body, which makes us feel disconnected from the planet. What can you do to make a difference in the world we live in and your relationship with the planet?  Reflection Questions: What kind of relationship do you want with the planet? What are your thoughts about air pollution, plastic waste in the ocean, and nuclear waste? What can I do to support the environment? When Patti is out camping or in nature, and I come across trash, she will pick it up, take it home, and throw it in the trash. Patti remembers when I was visiting a friend in Hawaii, and we were getting ready to parasail, a woman was fishing out debris from the ocean with a net, and this man said to her, why there is so much trash in the sea it won’t matter. To her, it mattered. Was she making a difference, yes, one less piece of trash in the ocean that day?  We would love to hear your ideas and what you are doing with improving  your relationship with the planet! Thank you so much for listening. If you enjoyed the podcast.  How about becoming a monthly supporter of this podcast?   Click on the support button in the Anchor App. #podcast #betterrelationships #betterrelationshipwiththeplanet #anchorpodcast #betterplanet
April 13, 2021
Episode 41 - How Spending Time in Nature Can Help You and Your Relationships!
Summary of the podcast episode Angela and Patti discuss spending time in nature and how it can calm your soul and strengthen your relationships. How to Forest Bath: Go outdoors and find some trees or garden areas with various plants and trees. Turn off your phone. Walk slowly and quietly within the area. Breathe in the smells Listen to the nature sounds. Look around at your surroundings. Ask yourself, "What am I noticing?" Enjoy those moments of peace and calm. Angela shares: Use imagery, music, sound to connect you to nature. There are many meditative music videos on youtube with pictures of nature. Ever wondered why cat videos are so popular? They help people connect to the simple love of nature. What videos of nature can you watch to inspire you? A lot of David Attenborough videos are deeply inspiring. Also, Angela loves Disney's Unlikely Animal Friends, which shows the love between animals of different species. I have free meditations on my youtube channel in the I love Mondays series that help you relax and feel your body. One video talks about Creating a new love in our body and ends with a meditation.  All of the I love Mondays videos give a meditation at the end to connect to your heart and body and soul. If you want to feel and enjoy your body, Angela has a guided Visualization specifically on How to Love your Body. This specifically looks at how to enliven your senses and bring a new relationship to yourself by focusing on the minute details of the sensations in your body and building confidence, calm, and gentleness in how you connect to your body. Patti shares: Being in nature is like music to your soul and spending time connecting to oneself and God. I love meditating, praying, and journaling while in nature. It can calm your mind from chatter, relax your body and lighten the weight of your burdens holding you down. Spending time in nature with your partner can connect you at a deeper level of being at peace and tranquility with each other and the surroundings. #findingpurposeinnature #findingpurpose #forestbathing #ilovemondays #buildingbetterrelationships #podcast #relationshipspodcast #anchorpodcast #spendingtimeinnature 
April 01, 2021
Episode 40 - Finding Purpose Beyond Work - There is More to Life than Working!
In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti discuss Finding Purpose Beyond Work.   A Summary: Having some work-life balance keeps communication open and nourishes your relationships. Take time out weekly to cherish your family life, spend time with a friend, a hobby and make some time to rest, so your life is fulfilled? Here are some self-reflection questions to ponder if you are overworking: Am I putting my work or career ahead of everything else? What is it doing to my relationships? Am I saying yes to an unreasonable workload and not taking time off or vacation? Am I connecting to my family? Do I have true friends? Am I happy? Do I smile? Am I kind to others at work? What does being successful look like? What is a satisfying life? What is a purposeful life? What is a meaningful life? Purpose is not always about big-scale plans. Purpose is about meeting people who can help you get to the next stage of life. Many of the most important or valuable connections in life start by meeting other people and seeing what opportunities may come.  To help create a work-life balance and purpose in life, Patti made an online course called - Incredible Work-Life Balance Hacks for Busy Leaders! - Angela helps business owners with spirit work. What are the spiritual reasons you incarnated to have this business or life? Your business and life are often a lesson to help you develop - it's not only about the money. Of Course, there will be challenges and learnings about money. For more information on how to work with Angela go to - If you enjoyed the podcast.  How about becoming a monthly supporter of this podcast?   Click on the support button in the Anchor App. #purpose #findingyourpurpose #MarryingPurposeandFinancialSecurity 
March 16, 2021
Episode 39 - Finding Your Purpose through Loneliness!
In today’s podcast episode Angela and Patti will discuss how to find purpose through loneliness. With the ongoing pandemic many people are feeling isolated and lonely.  We want to explore this topic and share some tips and strategies to ease the emotions, find your purpose and put it into action. What does having a purpose mean? Do you believe that we are here to serve our purpose? Is there something that you feel deeply about and you know you are supposed to pursue it? What if we don’t find our purpose? Angela and Patti have been pursuing these questions for years.  Why did we feel so strongly to make this podcast? We want to help people have good relationships with oneself and others while living their best life with a purpose and intent. Angela's talks about the shadow side.  What does it need? And what does this thought or feeling have to say about my purpose? Why am I here now experiencing these feelings? Patti's gives tips of how to connect with others. Patti's has an online course through Teachable called - Incredible Work-Life Balance Hacks for Busy Leaders! - This mini course is for managers, supervisors, anyone in a leadership role who’s crazy busy, working 24/7 and wants something more in life beyond their career.  This is a great way of finding your purpose outside of work. Angela's has a movement meditation class - If you want to explore your spirit moving freely check out the movement meditation class, where we take a journey through movement to explore how your divine is truly within you. If you enjoyed the podcast.  How about becoming a monthly supporter of this podcast?   Click on the support button in the Anchor App. Thank you so much for listening. #conqueringloneliness #findyourpurpose #podcast #anchorpodcast #loneliness 
March 06, 2021
Episode 38 - Dating in Post COVID World - Changing the Rules of Relationships!
Today Angela and Patti have a special guest Belle Vivienne from Belle Vivienne Coaching, joining us to discuss Dating in the Pre and Post COVID World and what opportunity for online relationships has to offer. How we do dating and how we seek romantic love and build better relationships. Belle shares her experience where people during the pandemic are not using dating creatively and using online dating to dump their emotions on potential love interests or political grief and general angst. Belle shared how important it is to focus on self-healing and not dump your feelings or hurts about past relationships on others during the podcast. Taking a look at yourself and see what needs healing so that you can come to a potential new love interest and online dating with a playful and gracious approach and have more fun! In the podcast, Angela shared how she was asked by a teenager, "What is chemistry?". If you are in a couple, or single and looking to experience yourself more deeply, Angela offers: Movement Meditation classes where you can explore how your body can know itself at both the physical and spiritual level. If you do the class with a friend or partner you can explore healing techniques and safe ways to support your friend through the body and through the way you connect to their body.  The movement mediation class is on Wednesday nights in USA and Thursday mornings Sydney. To contact with Belle Vivienne her website is #podcast #relationshippodcast #listening #thanks #podcastepisode #anchorpodcast #buildbetterrelationships #relationshipbuilding #relationships  #podchasers #relationshipcoaching #datingtips
February 17, 2021
Episode 37 - Is Your Relationship Lock-Down Proof?
In today’s podcast episode, we will be discussing how to fool-proof relationships so they can endure during lock-down. With any relationship, you will have things that are going to irritate you about the other person. No one is perfect, and no relationship is either. You will have highs and lows during the partnership. For some, it is easier to walk away than to work it out. Anything worth having you have to work at it. Now, let's get real, there were many times Patti felt like running away, and that was pretty much my inner and outer struggles, not him. It's okay to feel this way at times, and it's alright to take a break to figure things out when needed. It takes two to have a healthy, thriving relationship. In relationships, you have two imperfect people with very different views on what a happy relationship should look like while trying to relate to each other, besides having a different upbringing, love languages, personalities, and values. Gary Chapman wrote a book on the 5 Love Languages. It's important to do things together as well. Have a date night at home - dress up, make a special dinner, etc. Sit outside with a glass of wine or beer, coffee or hot chocolate, whatever is your favorite beverage and watch the sunset, go for a walk, watch a TV show or movie together or go for a bike ride, take a drive in the car together to get outside and away from home. For more tips on surviving social isolation, we did a podcast on Episode 15 on this topic.  How are you surviving the lock-down in your relationship?   Are you looking for an activity to connect as a couple? Angela is offering an online Wednesday movement meditation class in the USA at 7:30 pm EST, which is the following day in Sydney, Australia, Thursday, where couples can explore healing touch with their partner to feel heart connection with your partner. It happens right in the comfort of your home over zoom and is excellent for those looking to do an activity that is not just watching Netflix and can break up your routine with something new and a shared activity to enjoy with each other. You can do it with a friend or child over 14 as well.  Individuals can also join in the class and discover how to feel connected to your heart and build your awareness of what love is and how easy it is when you create a supportive environment. Some things to consider as you think about your lockdown experience.  How did you survive it, or how are you still surviving it? What have you discovered about your relationship? Did you blame yourself, your government, your partner, your children?  We would love to hear your answers to these questions of your lock-down experience. Patti and Angela are intending and wishing all the best for your relationships where you can build stronger resilient connections that will prosper in these times. How about becoming a monthly supporter?   Click on the support button in the Anchor App.  Thank you so much for listening. #podcast #relationshippodcast #listening #thanks #podcastepisode #anchorpodcast #buildbetterrelationships #survivinglockdownrelationship #relationshipbuilding #relationships #foolproofrelationships  #podchasers #relationshipcoaching 
February 03, 2021
Episode 36 - How Can Reiki Healing Help You and Your Relationships?
In this episode, we discuss what Reiki is and how it can heal you and your relationships. Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation, which also promotes healing. Reiki's performed through touch, or the hands are hovering over someone or by distance. Warm and soothing energy flows from the practitioner's hands into the recipient, promoting relaxation and releasing tension. Disclaimer: Reiki is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment, and it does not replace them. A Reiki treatment takes about an hour and is carried out with the recipient fully-clothed (except for shoes) and resting comfortably with pillows and a blanket on a massage table or other stable flat surface, which is a comfortable height for the Reiki practitioner to work. The Reiki practitioner's hands are placed gently on or above the body and kept still for a few minutes. The recipient may feel heat or tingling from the practitioner's hands or notice a flow of energy within the body. Recipients usually feel calm and relaxed during and after the treatment; however, some may feel energized. Reiki balances and works on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.  It goes where it is needed.  It may assist with pain management, preventive care, and mental/emotional circumstances such as anxiety, addiction, stress reduction, relaxation, overwhelm and more. It focuses on sending energy into the body for optimum health.   Reiki energy moves through the body and releases blocked energy. When you are stuck mentally and emotionally in a loop when having a relaxing Reiki treatment, it can help you release that particular situation to move forward, which will help you balance your emotions towards that situation or relationship.    To find out more about Reiki visit Patti's website: Every Monday in 2021, Angela will have a FB live where you can breathe for 7 minutes and focus on what you want to manifest and focus on during the week. Angela is starting a new meditation class. To find out more at If you enjoyed our podcast - How about becoming a monthly supporter.  Click on the support button in the Anchor App. Thank you so much for listening. #Reiki #EnergyHealing #BetterRelationships #RelationshipCoaching #ReikiHealing #ReikiTreatment #ReikiSessions 
January 19, 2021
Episode 35 - Emotional and Physical Self-Healing Reset!
In today's podcast, we will share some techniques to refocus your energy, which can also help you reset yourself for the year. What is Physical Self-Healing? Physical self-healing is learning and creating habits that support you, your body, and your spirit. And recognize and release patterns that are out-dated and need to go, such as workaholic tendencies, wasting your energy, thinking bad about yourself and others, and putting your body's health last. Tips on Resetting your Physical and Emotional Energy: Setting an intention for the year to determine your focus for your life. How does the intent take you further than last year? Did you achieve your goals for last year? Why not What would you love to try this year? Is it more or less of what you are doing? Physical Reset Tips: 1. Shower. And imagine the water washing over you is fresh life energy and white light. Feel that light is releasing the past. 2. Go to the ocean and release old energy. 3. Visualize yourself in a bubble of light to accept who you are just the way you are without attempting to change or be different. Light is used in healing to wash in different vibrations because we are vibrating; from our blood flow to our heartbeat, we are always vibrating. You can even now imagine yourself in a bubble of any color light and notice how it makes you feel. 4. Angela does meditation to walk you through this technique quickly on the podcast. BREATHE. FEEL HEART AND FEEL BREATH and LET GO of OLD and FOCUS ON NEW BREATH. Take a few breaths to refocus your energy. Ask the following and see what comes to you. WHAT IS IT YOU WANT FOR YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR WORLD? Every Monday in 2021, Angela has a FB live where you can breathe for 7 minutes and focus on what you want to manifest and focus on during the week.  Angela is starting a new meditation class.  Jan 13, 2021, at 9 pm EST and 7 pm MT and 6 pm PT Wednesdays or 1 pm Thursdays Jan 14, 2021, in Sydney the next day. Patti's 21 Days to Optimal Work/Life Balance Program and affirmation cards. How to write an affirmation: *Start with the words I am? *Use the word or statement in the present tense. *State it in the positive. Affirm what you want. *Keep it brief, specific, clear, and straightforward. *Have a word with (ing) *Include at least one dynamic emotion or feeling word. *Make the affirmation, so it resonates with you! Affirmation: I am resetting my focus on my dreams! Patti gave an example:  Someone that works all the time and has little attention or focus on their body or health.   *What are the benefits of leaving work on time? *What actions will you put in place to leave work on time? *How will you use this extra time to focus on a healthy lifestyle? *Describe your life after achieving this? How about becoming a monthly supporter.   Click on the support button in the Anchor App.
January 05, 2021
Episode 34 - Communicating in Conflict!
In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti get real and have a conversation about communicating in conflict. When we came up with this topic, we explored being okay to say no and have a fall-out with someone. People pleasers struggle with saying no because they are scared, leading to the person not liking them or getting upset with them. Nowadays, people are quick to avoid or ghost others instead of talking to each other. They wash their hands of people and walk away. It is easier to bail than to communicate. We hope this is not the case; we know it is better to discuss things, whether pleasant or not, for relationships to last. Patti wrote a blog called "Damaged Relationships - Are They Salvageable?" It is about fall-out relationships and how unforgiveness causes physical and emotional harm. In episode Episode 21- Lack of Communication and Overworked! Angela and Patti talked about communicating at work or when working from Home when overwhelmed with the workload. Working relationships do have fall-outs that are not pretty. Avoidance makes more stress within the Workplace because the little things start adding up to big things when not addressed. That's when all hell breaks loose in the Workplace, and people explode, get burnt out, start overthinking, become anxious, have low morale and no motivation, or even worse, quit and walk out without any notice. Patti did a blog called - How to Respond to Unprofessional People! Journal about what happened. Reflect on how they may respond to you. Create a plan of action on how to communicate calmly and to respond sensibly. In the blog post series called Bad Leadership Styles. The series is how to identify different styles of Leadership with suggestions on guidance to address these negative behaviors. I will provide the link in the show notes. How to Keep the Relationship Tips: Work on your feelings first: Are you angry and denying it? What are you feeling? If it's about being right. Why do you need to be, right? Being right is always based on a belief that you should be better than someone. Why do you have to be better than someone? If you're listening to this in the holidays and you want to focus on having better relationships, then take this time to envision or pray or imagine the type of affection or connection you would love in your relationships. If you have a topic or a question for us, please leave us a message on the Anchor App. Did you enjoy our podcasts? Please subscribe and leave a review. How about becoming a monthly supporter.  Click on the Support button in the Anchor App. By supporting this podcast with donations, it helps us continue to produce more future episodes. Thank you so much for listening. #podcast #relationships #relationshipcoaching #dealingwithconflict #respondinginconflict #communicatinginconflict #communicatingbetter 
December 15, 2020
Episode 33 - The Damages and After Effects of People Pleasing to Yourself and Others!
In this episode, Angela and Patti discuss People's Pleasing and how it can disappoint relationships, whether within yourself and relating to others. People Pleasers are very helpful and usually don't say no when someone asks them for a favor. They spend a great deal of time doing things for others and disregard their own needs. Being a People Pleaser can cause disappointment because not everyone has the same kind heart or good intentions. They can attract people who will take advantage of their generosity.  Angela and Patti share experiences of being a people pleaser, and the lessons learned. What are a few traits of a People Pleasing? * Seeks approval and words of affirmation * Fears being alone * Feelings of being selfish or guilty for not meeting the needs of others * Irritable when others don't take your advice * Being the "go-to person" when someone is in need * Covering for or taking the blame for others * Giving money away, which can lead towards depletion What are some characteristics of a people pleaser? Wants to be liked by others seek to earn it by pleasing, rescuing, giving away money and things, or flattery. They may even tell little white lies to spare people's feelings when they don't want to do something. Wants reassurance through acceptance and affection they can't express their needs openly and directly. They make others feel obligated to reciprocate. The people-pleaser may want to earn acceptance by helping others. They put other people's needs ahead of their own. When they do this, they become resentful and sometimes bitter because the other person doesn't do the same. They harbor anger, regret, and resentment from feeling used. At times they may feel responsible for other people's behavior. Saying "yes" becomes a habit, and for others, it can be an addiction that makes them feel needed in someone else's life. Feelings of security and self-confidence come from getting the approval of others. Our very first podcast episode was When to Say No and When to Say Yes! If you want to learn about Angela's kinaesthetic healing online movement classes, you can receive a free class by signing up for her newsletter here: A People Pleaser may struggle with work-life balance, and Patti has created a self-study at your own pace 21 Days to Optimal Work/Life Balance Program that addresses how to say no for people pleasers and make better boundaries, so others don't take advantage of them. How about becoming a monthly supporter.  Click on the support button in the Anchor App. By supporting this podcast with donations, it will help us continue to produce future episodes. Thank you so much for listening. #peoplepleaser #peoplepleasing #betterrelationships #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome #relationshipcoaching
December 01, 2020
Episode 32 - Criticism - Can you handle it?
In this episode, Angela and Patti explore criticism and how to respond without it overtaking your emotions.  When we thought about this topic - we wanted to come from the perspective on how to handle being criticized in your relationships and your work environment. No matter how awful someone treats you. Remember the concept of "hurting people hurt others." Stop, reflect, and walk away. I know it is hard to walk away when emotions overtake you. However, just because you don't react, it doesn't mean you didn't notice the behavior or accept it. The only way to stop a toxic person is not to engage with them. Address the situation later when you both have time to think it over and calm down, not in the heat of the moment if you can get a coaching session to help digest and explore the situation to resolve or how to handle it. I know there are times when things need immediate attention. Just remind yourself to keep your emotions in check and follow the tips we have given here. Sometimes responding in anger makes you look like a fool in front of others and may cost you career opportunities or relationships. If you have a topic or a question for us please leave us a message on the Anchor App.  Do you enjoy our podcasts? How about becoming a supporter.   Click on the support button in the Anchor App. By supporting this podcast with donations it will help us continue to produce future episodes.  Thank you so much for listening. #dealingwithcriticsm #criticism #workcriticism #careercriticism #howtorespondtocriticism #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks  #betterrelationships #relationshippodcast  #relationshipbuilding  #handlingcriticism
November 18, 2020
Episode 31 - Journaling to Save Relationships!
In this episode, Angela and Patti discuss the benefits of journaling to save relationships.  Journaling is a great way to connect to oneself, work out solutions when struggling with personal relationships or work problems.  Patti tells how she learned about journaling when she belonged to a women’s group many years ago. One of the members Plynn Gutman, Certified Professional Coach, Reiki Master and Author gave a talk on the benefits of journaling. She has written a journaling book with prompts called Your Journal Companion 365 Writing Prompts to Heighten Awareness of Self and Others.  Plynn makes the journaling process easy with an entire year’s worth of thought-provoking writing prompts. She explains the emotional and physiological benefits of personal writing, gives instruction on several powerful writing techniques, and offers tips on “how, where, and when” to start the process. In that presentation, Plynn made journaling fun, easy, and relaxing. We did a few different journaling techniques with her, and I have been hooked on journaling ever since. What are some of the biggest challenges in starting to journal? Finding time?  2. Getting started? 3. Or not knowing how? Schedule journaling time and be consistent. You can journal anywhere. What do you need for journaling? Pen and Paper, a notebook or  journal, there are journal apps and Journaling Prompts on Pinterest, Websites, etc. Here are some Journaling prompts to deepen and save your relationships:        1.        Describe what you want in the relationship?      2.       Describe what you don’t want in the relationship?      3.       What is the relationship like at the moment?      4.       What is working well in the relationship?      5.       What one thing can you do to make the relationship better and more of what you want it to be?      6.       What does love mean to you?       7.       What does love mean to your partner?       8.      What is meaningful about the relationship?       9.      What are some of your expectations for the relationship?      10.     What is meaningful about your relationship? Questions on feelings when you get to a block in a relationship or your feelings are hurt or coming up: 1. What am I feeling?  2. Why am I feeling this?  3. Is this my feeling - or am I picking up someone else’s feeling? In Patti’s  21- Days Optimal Work/Life Balance Workshop. there is a section on journaling..   #podcast #journaling #lifecoaching #relationships #betterrelationships #relationshipjournaling #plynngutman
November 04, 2020
Episode 30 - Getting Over Mistakes and the Fears of Getting It Wrong!
In this episode, Angela and Patti discussed the fear of getting it wrong. How to accept we aren't always going to be perfect and that’s okay. Why are we so hard on ourselves when we make a mistake? Mistakes happen and owning up to them makes you a better person.  Hiding mistakes or blaming others isn’t good for your reputation or your relationships.  For some people the fear of making a mistake can paralyze them to the point of not taking any kind of action at all. Here are some questions for all of us to ponder: Why do you think people are afraid to fess up to their mistakes? Is it about looking bad in front of others? Is it that if they admit to making a mistake they feel they may lose a job or worse someone they love or admire? Is it fear of being embarrassed, mocked or teased? What are some mistakes that are better left unsaid?  Are there situations that shouldn’t be confessed? Making mistakes helps us learn what not to do, grow more knowledgeable and can lead to becoming successful.  Like the saying goes; I’ve tried that, done that, and I learned from it. How do you get over and move on from a mistake? Patti wrote a blog post in November of 2019 on workplace shaming called “Don't Be That (Guy) Person!”  “Is shaming an effective management strategy?”  Listeners - We would love to hear your thoughts on these questions. How can these circumstances of overcoming the fear of mistakes change and having the courage to admit it? When making a mistake and getting caught, why is it hard for some to admit it and apologize? Getting it wrong happens but sometimes our inner critic can beat us up to the point of being paralyzed or afraid to take action.  What can we do? ❤️Self-Reflect on what happened.  What can I do to fix this situation?  Can I fix it?  What can I do differently next time? ❤️Journal about it.  Continue to write and get out all those emotions.  The disappointment, hurt, shame, your inner critic etc. ❤️Acknowledge the mistake and be humble. ❤️Apologize, keep it simple and sincere.  I am sorry. ❤️Accept the consequences and do what it takes to fix it or make it better when possible. ❤️Recite positive affirmations and reflect on all the good things you have accomplished. ❤️Turn that negative experience into a positive by learning from it. ❤️Everyone makes mistakes. This is how we become a better person from these experiences. If you want to dance with Angela, you can find out about her online movement classes by going to: #podcast #relationshipsathomeandwork #fearofmistakes #fearofgettingwrong #anchorpodcast #listen #thanks
October 20, 2020
Episode 29 - Balancing Play and Work to Better Your Relationships!
In today’s episode, Angela and Patti will be discussing the importance of work-life balance and having more play in daily life and relationships. Do you have work-life balance in your relationships? Are you spending valuable time with your family and close friends? Some say work-life balance is not achievable, while others say you can.  What is a balanced life really?  It is what you choose it to be.  There are going to be times in our lives where we think it can never be achievable.  The question may come - How do you stay balanced when you feel everything is crashing down around you? It may be time to step back and say enough and refocus on what truly matters. If you come from a life where you are expected to be serious, play can be difficult for you. Maybe you don’t allow yourself to play; maybe you need permission to play. Maybe you need a purpose for play. So give yourself a purpose for the play. The purpose for play could be “I’m stimulating my creative mind” or “discovering lateral thinking and new ways of coming up with solutions”.  What does play mean for you? What will it add to your life? This can be a great way to encourage play as an opportunity to invigorate your life. Life will be chaotic, hectic, and disappointing at times, but having some strategies will soften the experience. How we react to it is what determines happiness. Remember to put some of these suggestions into practice and not forget to step back, breathe, enjoy your life, remember to schedule playtime with family and friends, and let go of what does not matter. Live life to the fullest! Do you want more balance and play in your life? If yes, Patti has a 21 Days Work-Life Balance Program  21- Days Optimal Work/Life Balance Workshop. Interested in Patti’s Affirmation cards Patti also has a mini course called Work-Life Balance Hacks for Busy Leaders who LOVE their Career but Want MORE in Life!   This course is for leaders who are crazy busy, working 24/7 and want something more in their life.  7 easy hacks to create some personal life balance. The link will be in the show notes as well. If you want to dance with Angela, you can find out about her online movement classes with Angela by going to: #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #play #balance
October 07, 2020
Episode 28 - Is It The End of the World? Trusting Your Intuition in Relationships!
In today’s episode Angela and Patti will be talking about trusting your intuition and using it in your everyday life whether at home or work.  With all the talk going around about the world ending and let’s forget 2020.  Angela and Patti thought this would be a good topic to talk about.  Using your intuition to discern fiction from the truth.  There is so much false information and fear flying around.  Yes, some are valid but what is real and what is false? Bob Proctor says -  Intuition is God’s way of talking to us each day.  It is through your intuition that you pick up vibrations.  Every question has an answer.  It is the intuitive mind that will pick that up. According to Google dictionary.  Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.  A gut-feeling about something or someone. Another point of view is that intuition is your soul talking to you.  An inner-knowing. What are signs of having good intuition? You’re an empath, you can quickly pick up on other people’s emotions. You’re a good judge of character. You’re a deep thinker, you have vivid meaningful dreams and epiphanies You’re open minded, you listen to your heart, and do what is right for you. Why is intuition helpful? It is a gut instinct or feeling and the understanding of something; not over thinking it or getting another opinion, it is just knowing. It’s helpful when you trust your intuition, and yourself; you avoid bad situations or relationships. What are some good daily practices to connect to your intuition?  Patti watched a short youtube video from Psych2Go Listen to your inner voice. Meditate. Be creative. Follow your heart and dreams.  Pay attention to your dreams. Spend time alone and allow yourself to day dream. Pay attention to your environment and others around you. Don’t over work yourself. Don’t attach yourself to negative situations, feelings or emotions. Creating peace and balance helps you strengthen your intuition.     10.  And you can try dance with angela movement meditation. So if you are feeling it’s the end of the world. What are you worried about and why? What in your life needs extra care? What is a priority for you? What part of your life is ending? Who in your life is important and why? What do you want to share with them? If your life was to end tomorrow what do you want to leave behind? If you want to dance with Angela, you can find out about her online movement classes with Angela by going here: #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #intuition #trustingyourintuition
September 23, 2020
Episode 27 - What! Why Sensitivity Training and Coaching?
In this episode, Angela and Patti will discuss sensitivity towards others in the workplace and within daily personal life. Patti - How did this topic come about? (Patti) We were talking about a blog post I wrote called “What! Sensitivity Training?”  The idea came from watching the movie “Sensitivity Training”.  It caught my eye because it was about a life/business coach and her reluctant client. Questions for Listeners: Do you want an insensitive society? Are you happy being complacent when people are being ignored, hurt or treated badly? (Angela) Gentle movement has shown me that softness allows the compassionate part of us to expand, and that compassion is mostly (if not always) more often with yourself, after compassion with yourself, comes discovery, awe and other awarenesses about the gift of your body, the gift of life, the gift of breathing, the beauty of so much if you want to know more check out and sign up for the newsletter;  (Patti) Reflect - Does it need to be said? Will they listen to the feedback and take it to heart or will it cause more conflict and damage to the relationship?  Do I need to end this relationship for my mental health?  Sometimes you can’t totally end the relationship but you can distance yourself and put up boundaries.  I try to remember each person we interact with may be faced with some hard life challenges that are not discussed and some are hurting so deeply with emotional wounds that have not been addressed and healed. (Patti) There are times throughout our lives and careers; we may say something offensive to someone and not even realize it. It was unintentional; however, we learn from those mistakes and continue to grow as a person, coworker, parent, child, sibling, spouse, manager, supervisor, and leader. Apologize when you should. Take time to listen, observe, and be open to other people's points of view. Be coachable. Take personal development courses and read books.  Hire a coach to help you get through any challenges you are facing.  Learn from your daily interactions and reflect on how to do better next time around. Thank you for listening and supporting the podcast.  We would love to hear from you about this topic.  Leave us a comment or voice message on Anchor. #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #SensitivityTraining #SensitivityCoaching
September 17, 2020
Episode 26 - Choose Cultural Awareness instead of Racism!
In this episode, Angela and Patti's goal is always to discuss building better relationships, whether at home, work, and within the world we live in. Today's podcast is called "Choosing cultural awareness instead of racism". How did we decide to discuss this particular topic? Angela used to live in the USA, and she’s in Australia now where she grew up and been connecting with Patti while doing these podcasts. We were sharing our thoughts and feelings about the division between people in the USA and somewhat worldwide.  What is Cultural Awareness? According to Collins Dictionary Someone's cultural awareness is their understanding of the differences between themselves and people from other countries or other backgrounds, especially differences in attitudes and values.  Programs to promote diversity and cultural awareness within the industry. How can we take that food appreciation to the next level of cultural awareness? Angela shared the story of Daryl Davis, a black musician who focuses on curing racism by talking and making friends with members of the Ku Klux Klan.  Here is the Youtube link - Angela shared about Megan Phelps-Roper, who grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church who began messaging with a man on twitter who started engaging with her about her tightly held religious and cultural views on life, and later she left the church, and they got married! (How's that for a dating strategy!) Patti wrote a blog post about  Judging and Assuming the Worst in Others back in March of 2015 and she thinks it pertains more than ever. Angela shared if you would like to experience the energy of culture through dance, I’m teaching movement meditation classes that are great for relaxing and de-stressing. The movement meditation uses music from many world cultures, and music and dance is a powerful way to experience a culture without speaking their language - the verbal language. And I share in the movement meditation the feeling the music gives to you so that you can connect to your heart, heal and feet at one with yourself. We would love to hear from you about this topic.  Leave us a comment or voice message on Anchor. Become a monthly supporter of Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti a podcast.  Click on the support button in the Anchor App.  “By supporting Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti podcast with your donations this will help sustain future episodes. Thank you for listening and sharing. :) ” #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #cultureawareness 
September 02, 2020
Episode 25 - What are the Benefits of Change? How Can They Strengthen Your Relationships?
In this episode Angela and Patti will be discussing change and how it can strengthen relationships. Let’s think about - What are the benefits of being more grateful, thankful, light-hearted, friendly, kind, and positive? Here are some possible benefits: Positive thinking attracts good things to you. A positive outlook creates meaningful relationships. Being positive decreases depression and anxiety. Positive thoughts increase motivation, inspiration, and creativity. Being positive improves the immune system. While, Reflecting on these benefits, why do you think society isn't more positive? How do we change a negative culture?  Changing the focus to a positive, and an encouraging outlook towards each other, which increases motivation, creativity, better health, improves relationships whether at home or work, and it makes the environment  a better place too. What else can we do? Affirmations are a great way to help change your outlook to the better.  I would use Affirmation driving on my way to work and to get me through the day.  Here is an example of an Affirmation.  “Positive thinking is changing my relationships for the better!”  Repeat it throughout the day, silently or out loud. Self-reflection is another strategy to improve and change our attitude for the better. Here is a self reflection question to journal about:  How am I creating more positivity in my life? Pray to God for the change you want to see in your life, for the world and have faith it will happen.  It may not happen the way you thought it would, it will probably be so much better.  Keeping the faith in the good around us and not in the fear and anger being thrown in our direction.  :) Spend time in meditation to calm and lighten your spirit. Smile, think good thoughts and speak kindly to those around you.  By doing this it will change the way others treat you as well. Tell your spouse/partner, children, and parents you love them everytime you talk to them or see them.  Love can change the world.  People who feel loved, radiate love. How am I creating more positivity in my life? Patti's blog post What! Sensitivity Training? If you want to dance with Angela, you can find out about her online movement classes with Angela at or sign up for Angela's monthly newsletter at For more information about Patti's Affirmation cards click on the link. #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #careerchange #lifechange #change #relationshipchange
August 19, 2020
Episode 24 - Building Better Relationships with Social Media!
Today Angela and Patti will be discussing the hot topic of social media and how it can affect relationships. We are concerned about how social media can cause hurt feelings, depression, addiction to social media, and comparison. Here are some reflection questions: What makes people feel it’s okay to post things that they would most likely never say face to face or outside of social media?   Where does this boldness or insensitivity come from?   Is proving your point worth all the drama and losing friendships over? Today, we would like to explore how to manage some of those difficult behaviors. How do we relate to social media in a healthy way? Are you taking a break from social media because it is “too toxic?" What do you find frustrating about social media, what makes it so toxic to you?  We love to hear from listeners if they could share what they find disappointing about social media, why not leave us a comment. To the Listeners: What are some of the things you ENJOY seeing on social media. What do you love seeing?  Angela:  I love healing meditations and I share those because I love them. What do you love seeing?  Maybe you can share a comment on the podcast and let us know. Patti: I love seeing photos of families having fun together, vacation photos, travel adventures and cute positive memes. In a previous podcast (episode 4) we discussed going Beyond Comparison and Accepting One Self. “Cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive. Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming.” Patti wrote a blog posts similar to this subject called Don’t Be That Guy!    It is about shaming someone or making them the poster child in the workplace. When someone has committed a bad behavior or done something procedurally wrong, in some organizations, they use this term “Don’t be that (Guy) Person” for humiliation or an example of what not to do. I feel this is similar to the cancel culture. In the blog post is a poll.  With this question - Is shaming an effective management strategy? Angela will be holding gentle movement classes Come September and to be informed  SIGN UP TO HEAR ABOUT CLASSES in the link in the show notes. For me dance and movement are an authentic way to connect to myself and others. Thank you for listening and supporting our podcast.  We would love to hear from you about this topic.  Leave us a comment or voice message on Anchor. #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #socialmedia 
July 29, 2020
Episode 23 - How To Move Forward After Having Ovarian Cancer, Hysterectomy & Menopause with Yourself and Others!
Today Angela and Patti will be discussing handling moving forward with emotions and relationships after ovarian cancer, hysterectomy and menopause.  In previous Episodes 12 and 13 Angela shared her journey of recovering from ovarian cancer, hysterectomy and much more.  In this episode we will be sharing how to deal with relationships - with one-self and others after these life-changing events. Angela - stay in touch with Angela’s online movement and breath classes for those wanting to learn to breathe again and feel supported in your body by joining her newsletter here: Ted Talk - How menopause affects the brain by Lisa Mosconi Reference for show notes Thank you for listening and supporting our podcast.  We would love to hear from you about this topic.  Leave us a comment or voice message on our Anchor podcast. #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #survivingcancer #OvarianCancer #Hysterectomy #Menopause
July 25, 2020
Episode 22 - Working at Home with Family and Establishing a Flow!
Angela:  How to set boundaries of time and space with the family. Patti: I encourage establishing a work schedule to help you move into a flow and getting things done; working from home can be challenging, especially when the family doesn’t understand your work demands, work obligations or time constraints with deadlines.  Having established set work hours. Communicating them to the family and friends. Here are the hours and days I am working this week. Another way to communicate is to post your calendar/diary on the wall/door or  give family viewable access to your personal digital calendar that reflects availability or not available.  Another approach you can make a daily or weekly calendar post in view (maybe kitchen) or text your unavailability for that day to the whole family.  There are lots of creative ways to communicate you are working and unavailable.  Sit down as a family and ask them how they want you to let them know.  This way everyone is part of the decision making.  Do you want a daily text or a do not disturb sign on the door.  Angela: I found the sign really official and makes it clear for others not to knock. In my building I used to live in, we had a lot of traffic going  past my front door. People who delivered parcels would knock on the front door, which would be picked up on my calls or recordings. However, the worst thing about the knocking on the front door was when I was doing meditation. Sounds and knocks during meditation  can actually be dangerous to your body if you are in deep meditation and give you a heart attack. That forced me to make a sign to post on my front door, “please don’t knock, meditation in progress, if possible leave parcels”. The sign also allowed some people in the building the idea to be quiet when passing the front door too (if they read the sign!)  I’m going to use another sign to the door in my office at home to be really clear about meditation time or when I’m recording, as people may have no idea what you are doing in the office and the sign makes people more aware about noise.  Angela:  Working at home with family these days, it is really valuable to look at your physical work-space. Do you have a space that’s appropriate to do your work? Do your kids have a space that’s appropriate to focus on learning?  And space is not just physical like a desk, it includes sound and light.  I’ve seen a lot of people being really creative with working at the kitchen bench, buying a fold away desk for the bedroom, and other bits of furniture like a screen or divider to section off spaces in the house or to create work spaces. Sometimes, you won’t be able to really have a work space that is quiet, and people are more forgiving in these times if they hear kids and the kitchen in the background, but how does this affect you? Are there changes you need to make without necessarily spending a lot of money, but perhaps using your house differently? What could be something that gives you flow naturally that you need to put in your schedule to help you flow with the changes that we are now facing? For me it's definitely movement and I will be sharing some of the results of my movement classes in the coming months as I plan to share these classes for more people to discover their own natural rhythm. You can stay in touch with Angela’s gentle movement classes by signing up to the newsletter: For more work-life balance strategies  go to We will have a question in our Building Better Relationships at Home and Work Facebook group relating to this episode. We would love to see your answers to the question. #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #workingathome #remoteworking #workrelationships 
June 25, 2020
Episode 21 - Lack of Communication and Overworked!
In this episode, we shared about improving communication with your boss and not overworking yourself while working from home. With a lot of people working from home lately due to the virus, some find themselves working even more hours. How do you find balance?  This is a period of change in the way we work, and it doesn’t look like it is going to go back to the way it is - so more change is coming. One of the challenges I hear about is people are working from home and taking care of their children at the same time since daycare services and schools are still closed. They have become the teacher, playtime instructor, nap time enforcer, lunch, and break time scheduler, all while trying to work at home. Because of the suddenness of the change, many of us have been expected to do extra work without extra pay or support, and there has been little time to talk about the conflicting expectations or changes and how they require extra thought and extra time to implement the changes. What are some examples that you have seen? Time management skills and learning what is expected from the boss while working from home. Setting boundaries with the family while working how to do it all and keep everyone calm, productive, and sane. A routine is good. Getting up at the same time you would if going into work, eating breakfast as a family, everyone getting dressed, and starting their day. By having a routine, everyone knows what they are supposed to do and are able to get things done. School work, zoom calls, projects, breaks, lunches and dinner, free time and nap time. One of the extra duties is learning how to move things online and deal with new technology or platforms, and this includes changing how we present and share information. Now we have an opportunity to create a new normal to deal with change. When there are things that require extra thought and extra time, how do you approach your boss, co-workers, or those you work with? Are you Problem focussed or solution-focused? Often when things change suddenly, we focus on not being able to do what we used to do, and this stops us from speaking up about our needs. I’ve noticed people harboring resentments with superiors or employers because they feel they can’t speak up because there is so much change, and they just need to deal with it. But often, a business or employer will also be struggling with the change. If you can respectfully share what you see as not working and what you see as a solution to that lack - then it clarifies for everyone what are possible solutions. And it may spark others to come up with other solutions, including your employer. Avoid the trap of staying quiet because everyone is just trying to deal with the change, but share your ideas respectfully without making people wrong. Angela is looking for feedback on relationship needs people have in these times of change. Have people changed their needs and experiences of relationships? Why not share on the Building Better Relationships Facebook group what has changed in your relationships because of this virus? or email us at #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #communication #overworked #workrelationships
June 12, 2020
Episode 20 - Making Relationships Effortless!
Welcome to Building Better Relationships with Angela and Patti. In this episode, we will share examples that stop relationships from being effortless and recommend changing those habits to becoming effortless relationships whether in the workplace or home life. Angela - Patti when I was dancing with a group in the early 2000’s, we used to explore movement that was effortless, and we always knew when things just flowed and we would be amazed. Then we found we couldn’t repeat that effortlessness because we started thinking about the movement instead of feeling it. We asked what habits as humans do we have that make us drop out of going with the flow. And we discovered the habits of being and thinking that interrupt our heart or force the heart to be something it's not because you think you should be a certain way. Angela - What I’ve learnt about effortless relationships, is the Einstein statement - “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”   Patti - How to Break Bad Work Behaviors: Identify the behavior or action Make the decision to stop Replace the habit with something positive Angela- Making things Effortless is enhanced by not coming from old habits of thinking, because old habits of thought made things repetitive and usually stuck or fixed.  Instead - you want to come at things sideways, ask questions that take a person to a different topic or a different way of looking at a topic. If you want more relationship tips, join our Facebook Group Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti, please subscribe and like to follow this podcast. Is there a relationship topic you would like us to discuss on this podcast? Please email us at If you are struggling and need someone to talk to about your home or work life challenges  Angela and Patti both have one to one coaching packages.   Contact us at our email addresses below: email: or schedule a time here email: #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #makingrelationshipseasy #relationships #makerelationshipseffortless 
May 26, 2020
Episode 19 - Reaching Midlife and Handling Life Changes (Bending Your Knees)
Tell us a little bit about the podcast title and Bending Your Knees?  We thought about this topic a while back, but I really thought about it when I had trouble bending my knees after recovering from surgery.  It was a shock after being flexible most of life I couldn’t bend the knees easily. Everything about surgery was a shock - but also in recovery, I experienced a lot of feelings not being able to be like I used to be, and there was fear about the future and uncertainty about who I was going to become now.  Midlife-is an important time to look at your life and see what you are not able to do. Not so that you pine about “being old” or look at the past as something that you’ve lost - although you may have a period of grieving.  After grieving or during grieving it's important and valuable to take stock, reflect on what results of your life thus far?  How do you feel about your life?  If you reflect on your life constructively, it will help get you out of the cycle of thinking and feeling you have lost something or that your life has amounted to nothing. And will help you start to REALLY see – what is your life about? What was the purpose of all that running around, learning, working, not working, having kids, being sick, being healthy – etc. – what was it all for?  Bending the knee reflects flexibility - and humility. In my case, I had setbacks - such as getting a little better than getting sick or weak again. What that taught me is to do things differently to go with my needs and energy better.  Mid-life is a great time to realize, there is only so much you can do – so how can you do it better, with less energy – and less ego about how you look, how young you are – it's also a time to measure what success for you is? Is success about how much money you have? Or is it how happy you are?  Patti - what have you found stops people embracing the possibility of change in mid-life?  I have spoken to a lot of people who feel they are stuck in a dead-end job.  When Sunday comes around, they dread thinking about going into work the next morning.  On Monday mornings, they hit the snooze button multiple times and force themselves out of bed.  On the way to work, they push themselves with positive affirmations or the opposite with "I hate my job" self-talk.  🦋  Do you feel like you could do your job in your sleep?  🦋  Are there no advancement opportunities where you work?  🦋  Do you feel hateful and resentful when you walk through your workplace?  🦋  Do you get any acknowledgment for a job well done?  🦋  Am I learning any new aspects of my position?  🦋  Are my job duties challenging to me?  🦋  Do I enjoy going to work every day?  🦋  Am I motivated and strive to increase my productivity level?  🦋  Do I feel I am making a difference?  🦋  Are my coworkers positive at work?  🦋  Am I positive at work?  If you answered no to these questions, you may be feeling stuck in a dead-end job.  What are some options to improve the career situation?  Use daily affirmations to get you through the day.  Patti created some work-life balance affirmation cards, these cards are good to use for any day in and day out work or home situations.  What do you want our world to be?  Answer this question on Building Better Relationship at Home and Work with Angela and Patti Facebook group page: what are things, experiences, joys that you really really would like to experience. #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #midlifechanges #midlife
May 14, 2020
Episode 18 - Just Be - Go Beyond Social Expectations that Influence Suicide!
In this episode, Angela and Patti discuss - Just Be - Go Beyond Social Expectations that Influence Suicide. We feel this topic needs to be discussed openly and not avoided because it is uncomfortable. Lives matter. How did we get this topic title? Angela and I were talking about how there has been an increase in suicide. Over the years, and how the current situation with isolation and other factors. Such as loss of a job can be a risk factor. The Risk Factors  provided by the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website;  Alcohol and other substance use disorders Mental disorders, particularly mood disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, and certain personality disorders Hopelessness, feelings of no reason to live Depression Impulsive and/or aggressive tendencies History of trauma or abuse Major physical illnesses Previous suicide attempt(s) Family history of suicide - Angela talks about breaking the chain of generational loss and hurt - How to do that. Job or financial loss Loss of relationship(s) Easy access to lethal means Lack of social support, isolation and social withdrawal The stigma associated with asking for help Lack of healthcare, especially mental health and substance abuse treatment Exposure to others who have died by suicide (in real life or via the media and Internet) The Warning Signs Talking about wanting to die or to kill themselves, communicating suicide intent or plan Looking for a way to kill themselves, like searching online or buying a gun Talking about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live Talking about feeling trapped or in unbearable pain Talking about being a burden to others Increasing the use of alcohol or drugs Acting anxious or agitated; behaving recklessly Sleeping too little or too much Withdrawing or isolating themselves Showing rage or talking about seeking revenge Extreme mood swings Making final arrangements (wills, notes, giving away personal things, etc. For immediate help, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and talk with a trained counselor at National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. For Australia Lasting Love Summit Summit starts from May 5th to 7th 2020 and you can register for free The Love Oracle on Anchor podcast - For Resources on Teenage Depression #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #suicideawareness
April 28, 2020
Episode 17 - Is A Family Member Putting A Guilt Trip on You? How to Deal With It!
In this episode, Angela and Patti will be discussing a topic request from a listener; Is A Family Member Putting A Guilt Trip On You? How to Deal With It!  Angela is the expert on this topic being a Love and Relationship Coach and coaches on family dynamics.    Let’s look at guilt. It is the inner ward process of beating yourself up through harsh thoughts. Nobody can put a guilt trip on you, but you, because these are your thoughts. Some of the thoughts could be - I'm not going to make them happy or do what they want. They are going to dislike me or leave me. They are going to think I’m not a good person. How do you go your own way without the guilt?  Many people live with regret because they did what their parents wanted instead of what they want to do. 1.  Why do you feel guilty? 2. How has this guilt shown up in my family before? When do you first remember this guilt? 3. What would be the one thing that inner child would love to do or love to hear and love to express? 4. What could you say to the family member to tell them about what you really want to do instead of the ‘trip’ they think you should do? 5. Do you value yourself? If you want more relationship tips checkout our facebook group - Building Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti.  Ask us a relationship question in the facebook group or voice message on the anchor podcast app. Angela references Patrick Wains here is his website link
April 19, 2020
Episode 16 - How To Get Along With Your Teenager!
This topic came from a listener, How To Get Along With Your Teenager! Patti started by asking these questions to the audience. Self-reflecting back to when you were a teenager.  Yes, I know it was different back then, but we still want the same things. Right? What did you want from your parents?  Understanding, Someone to Listen, Unconditional Love, Be Supported to Pursue What You Want in Life. What was it? Your teenager probably wants the same.   Angela talks about as a parent - you love them, but you don't like their behavior - and there’s a consequence for the behavior - follow through and don't bend, you’re showing accountability, and your actions will speak volumes. Think kind thoughts - don’t see teens as a disappointment or failure. Your thoughts get picked up by your loved ones. Have a conversation with them about boundaries when they tick you off. What are some deals you can negotiate with them? Tips from book Crucial Conversations: 1.  Start with the heart. 2. Ask - What do you want for the relationship? 3. Ask - What do you want for the teen? 4. What do you want for you? 5. What is the greatest possible outcome for the relationship? How can you communicate this to the teen coming from the heart? Come up with boundaries and consequences, if boundaries are not met. Making deals with teens gives them opportunities to be responsible and learn what happens when they are not. What do you think could be some of the troubles that teens are experiencing these days - that may be similar and different to what we went through? 1. Internet Addiction and Online Gaming Addiction. 2. Cyberbullying and In-Person Bullying 3. Suicide - For more information about suicide prevention check out the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website or (1-800-273-8255) and for youth and parents it is free advice in Australia and Angela has another podcast on love and relationships it is The Love Oracle - check it out #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #familyrelationships #parentteenagerrelationships
April 14, 2020
Episode 15 - Surviving Social Isolation!
Welcome to Building Better Relationships with Angela and Patti. In this episode, Angela and Patti will be discussing surviving social isolation. We are all experiencing this first-hand due to the coronavirus epidemic. Angela and Patti will give some tips and tricks on how to deal with social distancing and surviving isolation. Our prayers and thoughts go out to everyone who is affected by this virus.   This is the perfect time for slowing down and taking some self-care. How can you still be in contact with others while being isolated? It is another way not to feel so isolated. Facetime or video chat with family and friends Adult coloring or coloring with the children Play board games with family and do a puzzle Blow bubbles outside with the children Write and draw in chalk with the kids Have a virtual meetup; Facebook, skype, or zoom. Example: a book club, a meeting you usually might have in person but instead do it virtually Start a group text, WhatsApp with people who get you/can help you get support Here’s a journal exercise to move and release those feelings. Write down on a piece of paper 1. What you feel you have lost in this situation? 2. What you feel you need? 3. Why do you need this? 4. How could you meet this need? With the feelings - acknowledge what you are feeling and tell yourself it's OK to feel this way. Other people are feeling a lot at the moment, too (their own feelings) the more you acknowledge what you feel helps others to acknowledge theirs. With the need - find words that meet your emotional need eg. to feel safe, to get rid of anxiety, to not go crazy! Why do you need this - when you understand more deeply why you need what you think you need - you may begin to see that your “why” can give you more solutions from Patti’s list of me-time or we-time. And it will help you vocalize your need to others and those you love...or you may realize something about your need - like its actually not that important! How could you meet this need? Is it Reaching out for support or getting personally creative/nurturing. Look at a list of tips we are sharing. Notice which of your needs are the most important - Often one habit/action meets all of your needs. If you are an introvert, texting and telepathy are good places to start to connect to others. Telepathy is sending the thought out and putting good energy to it - so that later when you reach out to others, they feel that energy. When you send a text - put a good feeling into it - people will feel it. Its the most amazing thing in these times, people are willing and ready to connect and wishing well for people.    Angela’s new Youtube channel link New Energy  Body Prayer of Hope: #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #survivingisolation 
March 31, 2020
Episode 14 - Being A Better Father In Today's World!
Welcome to Building Better Relationships with Angela and Patti. In this episode, Angela and Patti will be discussing the topic of how a Father can be understood, respected, welcomed, and supported while in isolation with the coronavirus situation.  Families being in isolation triggering a lot of uncomfortable feelings and stress.  The stressors: Being out of work, isolated, stressed about money, people sad, angry, have no control, in fear of the unknown.  What is a good father?   They are sharing equally in household chores, helping with caring for the kids, and with their activities, reflecting respect and loving-kindness towards the wife/partner/the children’s mother by scheduling date nights and eating dinner with the family at least once a week. Kind and patience with your partner and children. Easy to talk too. They share their life experiences, leading by example, or what not to do and support their family in many ways.   What Representing Men in Divorce Taught Me About Fatherhood | Marilyn York Set up healthy family boundaries: Set family guidelines of what is acceptable and what is not. Awareness of what is happening and discussing it compassionately together with solutions Make a conscious decision to stop these behaviors, so everyone feels safe, loved and protected We would love your thoughts and comments. “What does being a good father mean to you”? Angela and Pattiwould like to thank you for listening and supporting this podcast. If you have a topic or question, email us at, or on the Anchor app, you can leave a voice message. #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #beingagoodfather #beingaparent 
March 31, 2020
Episode 13 - Angela’s Journey Back to Life - A Life Worth Living - Part 2 - The Healing Miracle and Transformation!
Welcome to Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti.  Today, we will be discussing Part 2 of Angela’s healing journey after a near death experience and surviving from an aggressive cancer.  The breathing technique that Angela used was placing the right hand on the heart in the middle of the chest and the left hand on the upper belly. In  In Angela words as she is sharing her healing:  My understanding about healing from the cancer and surviving.  Is what I teach now and is based on what I learnt in hospital, and how I got through the surgeries when I wasn’t supposed to survive.  It was a miracle! Healing is actually a refined science with protocols and I practised those even in delusional and very sick states - and they got me through the worst. I’m still learning what the science of healing is, I’ve got the art down based on clairsentient and intuitive work. “Lessons from the Hospital Bed”  What I learnt in hospital is that procedures provide a structure for healing that is tantamount to rigorous protocols adhered to in hospitals to ensure best outcomes. And those are what I share with individual clients who wish to enhance their own support system. I call it the new energy body.  When they found out about infection in the abdominal cavity it was 8 weeks after I was in the hospital. My INTUITION said SOMETHING WAS WRONG from the beginning, and it was not the cancer, it was an infection. Intuitive Healers don’t work with Traditional Medicine.   New Energy Body is my commitment to creating a structure to listening to the intuition for healing. MAJOR OBSTACLE or HEALING CRISIS was part of my journey and how intuition is important to work with traditional medicine. Our bodies are evolving and some of the diseases we are getting are to help release or stop old ways of using the body, upgrade the organs and the body’s way of working so that you upgrade the operation of the chakras which can no longer carry old energy. I had the uterus and ovaries removed because they carried old energy that was toxic.  To learn more about New Energy Body to go YouTube channel link #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome #neardeathexperience #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #survivingcancer
March 19, 2020
Episode 12 - Angela’s Journey Back to Life - A Life Worth Living - Part 1 - The Message! What are you doing here?
Welcome to Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti. Today, we will be discussing Angela’s journey for the past few months after surviving aggressive cancer and her healing transformation. Daily life can get interrupted at any moment like now with the (coronavirus). For Angela, the aggressive cancer was a chance to see how angry she was at life. The glamour and illusion of how she thought life should be.  "Is this how you want to live your life, busy focused on how things are not the way you want?" Angela was supposed to die in all given circumstances and from a physical diagnosis and doctor's point of view, but she didn’t. The message she received was "No. What are you doing here?" When she was trying to die, and it wasn’t her time, so Angela had to go back. And again, the illusion of how it should be when you pass over.  She got a rude and firm rejection from the spirit world. "No! Go back." Back to life. How every moment of her sickness after trying to die became a stepping stone of how to come back to life. To breathe, sit, walk, eat, stand up, go to the toilet.  How each moment is a choice, even when you feel you have no choice, each moment became that for Angela, including saying no to a lot of things, simply because it didn’t serve her. In a 24 hour day, 5 minutes of focused positive action, and healing was all she needed to allow her to recover her body, which had wasted away.  This is the difference 5 minutes can make in your life every day. It may not feel a lot, but cumulatively, it led to her to doing 2 hours of exercise a day later or being able to climb the stairs later.  Sometimes it was only 5 minutes she could do. In Part 2 of this Podcast, Angela’s Journey Back to Life, Angela will share what she learned from the hospital bed about healing, miracles, and transformation. Here is Angela's New Energy Body YouTube link: #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome #neardeathexperience #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #survivingcancer
March 18, 2020
Episode 11 - Tips and Tricks When Working With Someone You Don’t Like!
Angela and Patti share communication tips at work.  How to stay in a job and manage difficult relationships.  How to ask yourself the right questions to determine how to manage your emotions.   A meme Patti saw - I’m sorry that your terrible behavior caused me to act out of character.  You should work on that!  What does this meme tell you? Take a look at yourself.   Is the relationship problem really you?   What is it about this person that triggers you?   Is it past behavior? Do they remind you of someone?  Do they remind you of something you don’t like within yourself? Angela: Is this a group issue or is it an issue just for you. Do others in workplace share your issue? This points to something missing in the group environment. Use the PAUSE and REFLECT Technique PAUSE for three to five seconds before responding.  This gives you time to change your response or don’t respond at all. What if you receive a nasty passive/aggressive email from your boss or coworker?   Before responding back to the email.  Write out your response.  Don’t send it!  Walk away for awhile.  Sleep on it, if you don’t have to respond within the same day.  Then rewrite it when you have calmed down.  Have someone else read it that you trust to help tone it down before hitting the send button.  What to consider: Should I stay at my current employment or move on? Make a list of "why to stay" and "why to go".  Be upfront and honest. No holding back from the truth of the matter! Look at which column has the most reasons?  Make your decision from there.  Is there more good reason to stay?  Or reasons to leave.   For more information about Becoming a Better Leader [e-Book]  Click here to download your copy. Are you interested in one to one coaching with Patti? I have coaching packages available.  Contact Patti at Are you interested in one on one coaching with Angela?Angela has one on one coaching program called Transformed Relationships, you can book a Relationship Clarity Call at https://loveandrelationshipcoach.setmore.comand discover more about the program. Here are other blog posts from Patti to explore: How to Incorporate Pause into Leadership Feeling Stuck in a Dead-End Job? Warning Signs - Is It Time To Look For Another Job? #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome #careercoaching  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #workrelationships
June 24, 2019
Episode 10 - Easy Empathy Tips for a World That’s Gone Crazy!
Patti and Angela discuss using empathy in the coaching environment.  Patti talks about using empathy in group dynamics as a leader.  Angela discusses empathy within family and personal relationships.   Patti Oskvarek is a personal, leadership and work life balance coach. She is passionate about coaching supervisors and managers on becoming better leaders and creating a balanced fulfilling life. Patti’s - Live Your Best Life Now - and Patti's Blog Post on The Floating Experience for Work/Life Balance - Angela is a teacher who helps people love and understand themselves using the energy body, movement and awareness so they can resolve and manage their emotions and experience great love and joy in themselves and their relationships. Join Angela’s Monthly Newsletter and learn more on accepting who you are through the energy body:
June 21, 2019
Episode 9 - Taking Time for You and Your Family!
Patti talks about the benefits of taking time for yourself. Let's the brain rest Improves concentration Boosts creativity. It helps with problem-solving. Reflection time to better understand yourself and be a more pleasant person Creates relaxation and calmness. Spend time with family, spouse/partner, and give them our full attention without focusing and thinking of work. How do we do this? When should we do this? How often should we do this? What is important to you? Reflect on these questions and realize we need our family, our spouse/partner in our lives. They keep us balanced, grateful, and loved. Angela talks about Family Dynamics can often be challenging because we can't always put our finger on it. There is usually a tension in families - that create unexpressed hurts from a situation in the past. So if you have a challenging family, start by realizing your family is not unusual! We all have quirks in families - and some of us have potent issues in families - so we tend to run away from them! How do you move past these? Go back to the questions above: How do we do this? When should we do this? How often should we do this? What is important to you? Do you want to work on changing your family dynamics? Angela has a one-on-one coaching program you can book a Relationship Clarity and discover more. Do you want harmony and balance in your life? Patti has created the Optimal Work/Life Balance Workbook. The workbook is to help you focus, de-stress and gain perspective. During the 21 days, you will receive emails with tips.  Patti’s blog posts about spending time with family and planning a vacation: Summertime Inspiration Time to Plan a vacation #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome #Selfcare #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #familytime #familyrelationships
May 21, 2019
Episode 8 - Rediscovering Yourself & Rebirth!
What is the concept of Rediscovering Yourself and Rebirth? Each day is a new beginning.  The sunrises and the sunsets. Time to release the old and start again.  Wiping the slate clean.  It’s often difficult to release bad situations, relationships, or past regrets.  Rediscovering is about looking forward to the future and letting go of the past, which is holding us back on what we really want in life.  When you watch a sunrise it affirms a brand new day and life continues to go on. In the cycle of life, plants died in the fall and rebirth in spring. There is a time to end and a time to begin.  The challenge is facing the fear of transition and be willing to rediscover yourself.  (Inspired by Denise Linn, Soul Coaching Oracle Cards). Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 New International Version (NIV)  A Time for Everything  Patti  talks about career transition and making a career journal you can more learn more from these blog posts: Making a Career Journal - Lifescaping ~ What is holding you back in life? Angela talks about rebirthing the Body. Sometimes your body needs to restore so your natural rhythms can come into sync and you can rebirth your spiritual energy or reinvigorate your aspirations.  Creating a “Fallow field” for the Personality Habit of Pushing.  Giving yourself time to slow down.   Become in rhythm with your needs, nature and not rush.  Modern Society forces you to rush and it is becoming faster.   How do you say - NO and find your natural rhythm? Letting go. On May 11, 2019 Angela will be doing a Movement Meditation ~ Align with Nature in Sydney Australia Interested in releasing karma?  Why not set up a Relationship Clarity Call with Angela. #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #rediscoveringyourself #careerchange #careerjournal #careercoaching DISCLOSURE: Please be aware that Angela and Patti will be sharing affiliate links in this post. Please know that we only ever share products and services that we have used and found great value.
April 30, 2019
Episode 7 - How Change Inspires Relationships!
How Change Inspires Relationships! Patti's Thoughts: Change is good in the workplace because people don’t get bored and they learn new things.  It is easy to go through the motions if you do the same job function everyday.  People leaving the team and new people coming onto the team is good.  New ideas and new energy comes to the team.  New projects and different new challenges keeps everyone thinking and motivated.  The same old stuff day after day demotivates staff.  Learning new ways and methods helps the team members grow.  Now, change can come with upheaval at first.  People have to learn how to communicate with each other.  There maybe some growing pains.  It also puts new perspective on the job.  If you don’t like what is changing you have other options to move on yourself.  That isn’t a bad thing.  It is a way of reflecting is it time for me to make a change as well.  It could be a new boss or a new job assignment that you just don’t like.  What is this telling you about yourself or the job?  Is it time to move on or will I stay and see how it works out for me?  Change is part of life however at first it is scary and uncertain.  Sometimes it is for the better and sometimes it helps us improve by the experience.  It depends on how hard you fight it.  Angela's Thoughts on personal relationship:  “Your partner is a mystery”. Too often we get comfortable or bored with our partner. How do you know you really know them? You know their habits.  Do you know them? How can you see your partner as a mystery? Do you have a question that you want to ask your partner - have you already assumed you “know” how they will answer...notice how you tend to put them in a box.  Some ideas on how to get to know your partner in different context.  Board games that involve moral questions like “scruples” , a new card game or game, dance class, a challenging hike or outdoor adventure, book a trip somewhere for a weekend and don’t tell them where you’re going.  Take a train ride instead of the car.  Trying different modes of transport and feel what it’s like to share a new experience with your partner.   Follow Coach Patti on Facebook at: Patti's online course - Work-Life Balance Hacks for Busy Leaders - Patti’s blog on Change:…/…/29/change/ Join Angela Monthly Newsletter at Join our Facebook Group Building Better Relationships at The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton- Books
March 21, 2019
Episode 6 - How's Your Love Life Competing With Your Phone?
Episode 6 podcast - How's Your Love Life Competing With Your Phone?  In this podcast Patti and Angela discuss how the cell phone can enhance and limit relationships with others.  They also talk about their personal relationships with their own phones.  Discover Patti’s new online course: INCREDIBLE WORK-LIFE BALANCE HACKS for BUSY LEADERS This course is for leaders who are crazy busy, works 24/7 and wants something more in their life.  The course has 7 hacks to create some balance in this so called busy life! Check out the ENERGY BODY OF SELF ACCEPTANCE PROGRAM  Put Your Relationship with yourself as a priority and discover a simple energy system with movement and exercises that empower you to accept yourself, overcome old habits and discover what love is that allows self acceptance to happen effortlessly. Read Angela’s blog post Turn OFF Your Phone and Get Turned ON  Want even more relationships tips? Come join our Facebook group called Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela & Patti Facebook Group #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #relationshipsandcellphones
February 19, 2019
Episode 5 - What is BEING Authentic?
Angela and Patti discuss "What is being Authentic?" Patti view: A truly authentic person doesn't put on a mask and become someone they are not or change to fit in.  They express their true thoughts, feelings and views without apologizing.  Being authentic is having integrity and being true to oneself and others.  Angela view: Sharing without forcing people to agree.  Sharing without proving you are right or anyone is wrong.  Sharing from your heart.  Sharing to get understanding between people.  Being in the heat of anger and needing to stand up and fight for what you believe in.  What is being authentic mean to you? #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #authentic #beingauthentic
January 29, 2019
Episode 4 - Beyond Comparison and Accepting One Self!
Accepting oneself for the good qualities you have. Everyone is unique and has some type of talent and gift. Comparing yourself to someone else just causes pain and envy. To stop those thoughts: Write down all your good qualities. Anytime you start to feel self-doubt, comparison or negative feelings reflect on those words you wrote and read them. Self Reflection questions: *Who were you at the beginning of 2018? *How are you different now? *What have you achieved? *What are you happy about? #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #comparison #acceptingoneself
December 18, 2018
Episode 3 - The Many Masks of Loneliness!
Episode 3 of Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti - The Many Masks of Loneliness. This episode is about The Many Masks of Loneliness – What lies behind the masks? Warning Signs of Loneliness: 1. Shopping a lot and care a lot about material possessions 2. Binge watching TV 3. Feel don't get enough sleep. Constantly tired. Sleep fragmentation when you can't sleep through the night and are continuously waking up. 4. Take a lot of hot showers or baths for comfort. 5. Get sick a lot with colds. 6. Feeling depressed. 7. Spend a lot of time of time on social media. Come and join our Facebook group “Building Better Relationships at Work and Home with Angela and Patti” share with others. #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #loneliness 
November 29, 2018
Episode 2 - Getting Social Beyond Social Media!
Angela and Patti discuss being able to be social without being stuck to the phone. People are losing face to face contact.  There is home schooling, working from home, solo-entrepreneurs, single parenting and much more.  Distance over internet makes people bold, they feel comfort behind electronics.  Interacting face to face, shy people feel more uncomfortable and their not forced to socialize. How do you get social away from the phone? Recap: Go and get face to face with others, and put the phone away. Go to the same place and same time every week and possibly you will see the same people every week and make a connection. Start going to meetups groups. Patti's view: Stretch out of your comfort zone. People cut themselves off from social opportunities before they even get there. Strategy - Pick a place and go once a week.  Get past the What IF of past fear of rejection.  Sometimes you may never know who you may meet by taking a chance.  Take the risk and leave the what-ifs behind.  The most fun times, has been talking to strangers about the weirdest things! Angela's view: Connecting to your heart and writing exercise. What do you want to experience socially? Not everyone wants romance. If someone invites you to go somewhere.  Say yes. Find people with same interests as you. Please share these podcasts with others, push the like button and leave us an encouraging review. Want even more tips about creating better relationships?Come join our Facebook group called Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela & Patti Facebook Group #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks
October 11, 2018
Episode 1 - When to Say No and When to Say Yes!
Welcome to Building Better Relationships at Work and Home with Angela Ambrosia, Love & Relationship coach and Patti Oskvarek, Leadership & Work-Life Balance coach. We talk about today's relationships and how to enable you to create long-lasting relationships. This episode is about when to say no and when to say yes. #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome #SayingNo #SayingYes #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks
September 20, 2018
Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti
This is Angela and This is Patti and we are Building Better Relationships With YOU. If you are struggling in your relationships whether at home or work or both. This is the podcast for you. Each month we share strategies to change, uplift, laugh and grow through understanding how relationships can be better. Follow us on your favorite podcast listening platform. Because your Relationships Matter!
September 19, 2018