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HOF!! Inspiration at its finest Eps.34🔥🔥

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What are you doing Mr. Kraft? Eps.42
Robert Kraft allegedly participated in illegal activity (prostitution). What should happen to him? Antonio Brown demands trade, where does he fit? Is he a cancer to other teams? Will him and Bell end up on the same team? Zion Williamson bust out of his shoe and sprains knee, should he sit for the reminder of the season? The NCAA Men’s basketball tourney looks wide open, who’s your favorite? Looks like Lebron May miss the playoffs, what do you think? Tune into Built on Hustle podcast to hear our views.
February 26, 2019
Really ref !?!? Worst blown call ever! Episode 41
By far the worst blown call I’ve we’ve ever seen! Even though you shouldn’t put the game in the refs hands, penalties are part of the game and they play major roles in games, especially in games and crucial times like that! Bad call no call refs should be fined. Brady is the GOAT!!! He is unstoppable and lives in the Super Bowl. KC defensive coordinator did a horrible job. Bronner gets beat delusional and really thinks he won the fight. He completely embarrassed the African American culture and doesn’t deserve any big fights. He is unprofessional. James Harden is playing his best basketball yet, MVP? Who can stop him? Tune in to Built on Hustle!!
January 26, 2019
Did the CFBP committee get it right? Eps.40
Over the last few years the college football playoff committee hasn’t been on its game. A lot of people say it should expand because it’s not fair some good one loss teams are left out. Did they finally get the four teams right? Who should’ve been in, who should’ve been out?....The NFL MVP race is really close, did Drew Brees loss to the Cowboys hurt his chances? Is Mahomes playing that well? Close race, who you got? The NBA season standings so far is not what a lot of people expected. Who are the top players this season so far? MVP candidates? Tune in to Built on Hustle podcast!
December 4, 2018
What’s the problem Melo ? Eps 39
NFL: Rams and Chiefs will battle on Monday night, whose offense will be more efficient ? Will the bears offense be too much for the Vikings defense in this Sunday night match up? CFB: college football playoff slowly approaching will Michigan’s defense be enough to be Ohio State and remain in the CFB playoffs? Alabama looks so unstoppable, can will anyone beat them this year? NBA: what’s the problem Melo? Seems like he just doesn’t fit any where, should he retire? Where should he go? Was Jimmy Butlers trade to Philly worth it for him and the organization? Tune to Built on Hustle podcast!
November 19, 2018
Fight night in LA Eps.38
Things got crazy when LA played the Rockets Saturday night. Who was in the wrong ? Who should be suspended longer ? Lions play good Sunday evening! is the NFC north up for grabs? Tune into Built On Hustle podcast.
October 24, 2018
NFL wk 5/ NBA back in action Eps. 37
NFL wk 5 was tough. Still two undefeated teams left. Would you take LA Rams or KC chiefs ? The NBA is back in action and KD returns to Seattle with a Kemp super Sonics jersey. How are the Lakers looking ? Tune in the built on hustle podcast
October 9, 2018
Kobe Best Moments Eps. 36
Farewell Manu Ginobili. What were some of Kobe’s best moments in the 20 years he blessed us with? If you had to choose between Bradley Beal or Cj McCollum at the 2spot who would it be? Top 5 Pistons of all time? That’s a hard one! Do you think it’s okay for Jimmy Butler to be Considering LA next season ? Tune in to Built On Hustle podcast Episode 36
August 28, 2018
Sunday check in Eps. 35
Warriors are too elite! Who would be the first to leave ? Should college basketball have to stay two years ? Tune in
August 22, 2018
HOF!! Inspiration at its finest Eps.34🔥🔥
Back like we never left! Gold jackets anyone? Congrats to those beast making it to Canton. Lebron may be the GOAT after all?! What’s up with Mr. Donald why he always hating? & Where Melo going? Tune in to episode 34🔥🔥
August 6, 2018
Best NBA free agency in a while? EPS.33
This years NBA free agency has everyone shaking their heads! Is this the best free agency in a while? Was LAbron move good or bad ? Is Boogie wrong, no one offered a 4 time Allstar ? That’s wildddddddd! Tune in to Built on Hustle podcast to hear our views!
July 5, 2018
NFL top 100 Eps.32
Ranking NFL's top players, who deserves to be ranked in the top 10? Who doesn't ? Madden 99 club looking small but ELITE! Who should be rated 99 on madden? This episode we will be giving away a $50 NIKE gift card to the winner of the 3 trivia questions. You will have until 1 pm eastern time to submit your answer via Email @ Builtonhustle23@gmail.com please leave your first and last names along with your answers.
July 1, 2018
NBA Awards predictions Eps. 31
2018 MVP? Close between Harden, James & Davis! Rookie of the year? Best since 03? Tatum, Mitchell & Simmons should play 1v1 for it lol. Most improved ? Oladipo, Dinwiddie & Capela are finalist. Sixth man of the year? Seems like Williams and Gordon can’t stay away along with new comer VanVleet. Coach of the year? Casey, Stevens & Snyder are finalist. Defensive player of the year is tough as Gobert, Embiid & Davis are finalist. Tune in to hear our picks!
June 27, 2018
NBA Free Agency Prediction’s Eps.30
Where will Kawhi Leonard go? Lakers, Celtics, or Knicks. We also discuss the potential moves for Paul George, LeBron James, or DeMarcus Counsin’s? Odell Beckham says he will report to training camp. Do the Giants need to pay the man? Lastly we do an NFL trivia with the best players in the league. Tap in now to hear the discussion!
June 27, 2018
NBA Finals Update Eps.29
With the Warriors up 2-0 against the Cavs, will they bounce back in Game 3? What decision will Lebron make after the season is over? Will he stay in Cleveland? Or could he possibly go to the 76ers or Lakers? What will this mean for his legacy? Tune in now to hear the perspective of the Built On Hustle Podcast!
June 8, 2018
NFL National Anthem Policy Change/NBA/ Eps.28
We discuss the NFL policy change with the National Anthem among the protests in the previous season? What ever happen to freedom of speech and standing for social justice issues? We dive in depth into this. Our podcast discusses NBA Player Sterling Brown from the Milwaukee Bucks arrest. We explain how he was unfairly tased and harassed by police for a parking violation. Lastly we go into the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd NBA All-Team selections for the 2017–18 season. Tune in now to hear The Built On Hustle Podcast!
May 25, 2018
Legend Talk: Jordan, Kobe and Lebron Comparison Eps.27
With one second left on the clock, if you had to choose Jordan, Kobe or Lebron to take the last shot who would you choose ?....tough one right ?!? Tune in to the Built on Hustle podcast as we compare Jordan Lebron and Kobe!
May 22, 2018
Changes/Updates with "BuiltonHustle" Eps.26
“Hustle is the foundation of success”! We introduce the “Built on Hustle” brand where we will be sharing the stories of individuals that have work to acquire their ambitions and goals. Talking on their hustle and how they have perfected their craft. We outline how we will be working with athlete’s, entrepreneur’s, motivational speakers, and much more. Towards the end of the podcast we breakdown Game 3 of ECF with the Cavs and Celtics. If Cavs win series, we talk on the difficulty of Lebron beating the Rockets or Warriors. Please subscribe to our YouTube page “BuiltOnHustle” to see our first interview. Thank you!
May 20, 2018
NFL Draft Highlights/NBA Playoff’s Eps.25
Baker Mayfield drafted 1st overall to Browns, how will this impact browns going into next season? Lamar Jackson drafted #32 to the Ravens, will his game resemble Michael Vick? Will Lamar’s game improved the Ravens moving forward? The biggest highlight of the entire Draft was Shaquem Griffin being picked up by Seahawks in the fifth round. Griffin ran a 4.38 in the 40 yard dash in the combine, fastest by any LB since 2003. We talked on his potential at the next level? Lions draft picks ate discussed as well. How will they get better for the next season? OKC loses series to Jazz in 6 games. What does this mean for the big three? Where will Paul George go? Should Melo be more open to a bench role? Lastly we discuss Lebron going against Pacers today. Lebron is facing his first Game 7 in the first round of his entire career. What will his supporting cast do? Tap in now to hear The Athlete’s Club discussion!
April 29, 2018
Villanova does it again Eps.23
SPECIAL GUEST!!! Kelvin smith joins us for a great discussion. Villanova capitalized 2 out of 3 years. Michigan completely dropped the ball, did they deserve to be in the National Championship? Michigan started hot but Donte DiVincenzo quickly cooled them down scoring a career high 31 points. Does Odell deserve $18 million a year ? Would the Giants be making a mistake by trading him? What is Jerry Jones going to do with Dez Bryant? Tune in to The Athletes Club to hear our take on these topics.
April 4, 2018
#3 Michigan vs. #1 Villanova Championship Game Eps. 22!!
#3 Michigan ends #11 Loyola Chicago Run! We recapped the game and talk on Michigan potential against Villanova? #1 Villanova runs through #1 Kansas! What was the key points in the game that allow Villanova to take off? Should NCAA Reinstate the Vacated teams in the college basketball record books? We make our picks for the National Championship Game? Of course we going with Michigan!!! Tune in now to hear The Athlete’s Club perspective!
April 2, 2018
LeBron James and Kemba Walker Legendary Night Eps. 21
LeBron James ties MJ’s NBA Record of 866 straight games with 10 points or more! What does this mean for LeBron comparison to Jordan? Ray Allen joins First Take, we talk on his conversation on why he left the Celtics and went to Miami in 2012? Jaylen Brown game winner against Jazz! Can Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum get the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals along with Kyrie Irving? Opening Day in the MLB is upon us! Will the Warriors injuries hurt them from winning it all? Lastly we talk on Kemba Walker passing Dell Curry to become the Hornets all-time franchise leader? Listen in now to hear The Athlete’s Club latest topics!
March 30, 2018
NCAA Final Four set Eps.20
Loyola Chicago means business, reaching first Final Four appearance in school history. Michigan survived against Florida State, ready to take on Loyola Chicago in Final Four. Kansas edge out Duke in OT. Who’s the Favorite to win it all now? Villanova looking to repeat what they did two tournaments ago! NFL scouts and GM’s racially bias towards Lamar Jackson! Virgil Abloh, Luis Vuitton new men’s designer. Tune in to the Athletes Club to hear our views on these topics.
March 26, 2018
NCAA Sweet Sixteen Recap & Elite 8 Matchups Eps.19
#11 Loyola Chicago Road to the Elite 8? #3 Michigan beats #7 Texas A&M? Will Michigan make it to the Final Four? We think yes! Top seeds go down yet again! #9 Kansas St beats #5 Kentucky, disappointed with Kentucky loss? #9 Florida State beats #4 Gonzaga? Expected result of the elite matchup between #3 Michigan and #9 Florida State? #1 Kansas and #2 Duke dream matchup we all been waiting on? Recap the rest of the games with the Sweet Sixteen! Lastly, Lebron James or James Harden? Who is your MVP this season? We also give are viewpoint on the best NBA sneakers in the 17-18 season! Tap in now to hear The Athlete's Club elaborate conversation!
March 24, 2018
Year of the Underdogs!!! Eps. 18
March Madness is in full effect. Top seeds have been sent home. This is the year of the sleepers. Are these upsets good for college basketball ? Most definitely! With Michigan State losing in the second round two years in a row, what’s next for Tom Izzo and the Spartans ? With a few top seeds gone, who do you have your eye on to win it all? What the biggest difference between this year tourney and last years tourney ?! Tune to The Athletes Club to hear our view on these topics
March 19, 2018
NCAA Upset’s Bracketology Eps.17
#16 UMBC Shocks #1 Virginia? Loyola Chicago crazy NCAA run? Houston/Michigan update? Anyone can win it in the NCAA tournament this year! Outlook for NCAA matchups for Sunday 3/18. Warriors adjustments with Steph and Klay out? Tune in to hear The Athlete’s Club conversation now!
March 19, 2018
NFL Free Agency/ NBA Latest Eps.16
NFL Free agency? Is Kirk Counsin’s worth 86 million? How will Jimmy Graham improve the Packers? Will the browns go for Saquon Barkley or stick with getting another quarterback? Westbrook 100 career triple doubles? Lastly we have a guest on the show name Vince Peterson. Tune in now to hear The Athlete’s Club perspective!
March 14, 2018
NCAA Tourney Eps. 15
Who will go further in the NCAA Basketball Tourney, Michigan State or Michigan? Cleveland Browns involved in multiple trades over the weekend. How will these trades play out during the season? The Rams defense look to improve and be one of the leagues top defenses by adding two sharp corners. Is it shocking that The Portland Trail Blazers are top 3 in the western confernce? Hopefully that carries over into playoff time in April. Anybody believe the 49ers will be contenders next season? Richard Sherman thinks so by signing 3-year 39 million dollar contract. Tune into this episode of The Athletes Club podcast to hear our viewpoint
March 11, 2018
Saquon Barkely/Lamar Jackson Eps14
Saquon Barkely impressive numbers! Is Lamar Jackson a true QB? Will tonights game of Houston Rockets vs. Boston's Celtics a future June match up ? Tune in to The Athletes Club to hear our views!
March 4, 2018
Is the NCAA corrupt ? Eps.13
Why are there so many problems in the NCAA? Is the NCAA the worst organization in all sports ? What are some solutions to these continuing problems ? Tune in to The Athletes Club to hear our perspectives!
March 1, 2018
Monday Food for Thought Eps.12
NBA update? Is James Harden the best iso player of all time? Lebron and the refs? Is Zaza Pachulia a dirty player? FBI probe on the NCAA? Listen in to hear The Athlete’s Club perspective!
February 27, 2018
Sports update Eps.11
Mark Cuban fined $600,000? Is Kirk Counsin's worth 200 mill? Do you think LA and New York are major markets for NBA players? Tap in and hear our views in The Athletes Club!
February 22, 2018
G.O.A.T talk anyone? Eps 10
Louisville to Vacate 2013 National title? What does this mean for Rick Pitino’s legacy ?...Who’s on your greatest of all time NBA and NFL list. Tap in and hear our list in The Athletes Club!
February 21, 2018
Team Lebron gets the job done EP 9
Best Allstar game in a while ? Why did Jimmy Butler sit out the whole game ? Lou Williams didn’t like that! Did the the format bring back the competitive edge? Tap in and hear our viewpoints in The Athletes Club!
February 19, 2018
Sunday Vibe Episode 8
Lebron Response to Laura Ingraham? NBA All Star Update? Shaq and Kobe Interview? Tap in to hear our viewpoint on The Athletes Club!
February 19, 2018
Episode 7 All Star Weekend
All Star Weekend picks on Celebrity Game, 3-pt Contest, Slam Dunk, and All Star Game. 2nd half outlook for the NBA conferences. Prayers up for Marjory Stoneman High School victims with the Florida shooting. Lastly we will talk on Nipsey Hussle Victory Lap album. Tune in to hear the discussion!
February 16, 2018
NBA Today Episode 6
Happy Valentines Day! Will Lebron leave Cavs? Are the Warriors coasting to the finals? What is the Thunder potential? Could the NBA players in today’s game compete with players in the 90’s? Listen now to hear are viewpoint from The Athlete’s Club. Thanks for tuning in!
February 14, 2018
Thank You Listeners Episode #4
Lebron 2-0 since trade deadline with dominating performances! Much help from Clarkson and Smith. Pistons lose 2 in a row. Top four college basketball teams ready for big tournament. Anticipating Nipsey Hussle new album 2.16.18 “Victory Lap”. Dave East last project was fire, can’t wait for future mixtapes. Kendrick Lamar dominates black panther soundtrack album. Black panther in theatre 2.16.18!!!!
February 12, 2018
Basketball anyone ? Episode #3
Pistons start 5-1 since Blake Griffin trade. March madness approaching. Detroit Lions change in leadership looks to make Lions playoff contenders!
February 11, 2018
NBA trades !!!!
NBA trades that took place Thursday 2/8/18
February 9, 2018
Super Bowl Podcast 2/5/18
Super Bowl Podcast 2/5/18 • Super Bowl Podcast 2/5/18 • Super Bowl Podcast 2/5/18 • Super Bowl Podcast 2/5/18 • Super Bowl Podcast 2/5/18
February 5, 2018
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