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Redbrick Recap

Redbrick Recap

By Burn FM Podcast
Redbrick Recap is the University of Birmingham’s official student newspaper’s podcast, discussing campus news, what it’s like to be a student journalist and all the conversations that are happening in our 12 sections. Tune in on Thursdays to meet a new section each week, from Sci & Tech to Food & Drink. Join us as we swoon over our office fish and talks all things about people, papers and podcasts.
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Redbrick Recap - An Introduction

Redbrick Recap

Redbrick Recap Season 2, Episode 4 - Christmas
For the final episode of this semester, we are joined by Food&Drink's Beth, Music's Bethany-Jo and Life&Style's Frankie to discuss all things Christmas from sustainable gifts to controversial festive songs to vegan pigs in blankets.
December 18, 2020
Redbrick Recap Season 2, Episode 3 - Social Media
Hi everyone! Welcome back to Redbrick Recap, on the menu this week is a discussion about anything and everything to do with Social Media. Tune in for the pros, the cons, performative activism and weird football headlines.
December 7, 2020
Redbrick Recap, Season 2, Episode 2 - Entertainment in Lockdown 2.0
As we are currently in the second lockdown, Deputy Editors Daisy and Catrin discuss ways to keep yourself entertained and to support the arts and culture during this time. We are joined by David from Music, Emily from Culture and Sam from TV.
November 15, 2020
Redbrick Recap, Season 2, Episode 1 - An Introduction to Birmingham.
Welcome back to Redbrick Recap! My name is Daisy and I'm one of the Deputy Editors for this year, along with Catrin. Today we are joined with Izzy from the Food&Drink section, Lauren from Sport and Ellie from Travel. Join us for a laidback chat covering Abba on Church bells, Pizza and Big Sainsbury's.
November 3, 2020
Redbrick Mashup
Things are a little different in this episode, as Tom, Emily and Lydia wrap up the first series of Redbrick Recap, as well as their time on the Redbrick committee. In another remote recorded 'corona special', we talk to the editors from the five sections who we didn't get the chance to speak to individually this year - Music, Gaming, TV, Film and Culture. Our lovely section editors tell us about how their own sections have been impacted by the pandemic and the lockdown in the UK, what has been getting them through, and their top recommendations for our listeners. We also say a quick goodbye as we go onto pastures new, and hand Recap over to the capable hands of the next Redbrick committee.
June 8, 2020
Thought Corona was going to stop us recording? Think again! We managed, even if it is somewhat tinny, to record our episode with the lovely Redbrick Comment! Join us as we talk about Covid-19 conspiracy theories, pandemic coverage and our survival packages for lockdown! Abby, Alice, Emily and Hannah talk to Deputy Editors Emily and Lydia from quarantine, opening up the discussions around finishing education in a global pandemic, positive reporting and the fact that Lydia has only just finished Friends.
May 18, 2020
Student and global news is at the very heart of what we do as student journalists over here at Redbrick, and it’s been a corker of a year so far for coverage. We have had a general election, Brexit bills, strikes, a pandemic and much more- so who better to call in to have a natter about all this than the Redbrick News Team themselves! Join E-in-C Tom and Deputy Editor Lydia, as we tackle breaking campus news, the training of tomorrow’s journalists and our dream reporter names. From Ed Lines, Ted Brick, R.Porter, You’reAlwaysRightRhiannon and Julia Juice, happy listening! *DISCLAIMER*- Due to the measures being taken around Covid-19 and the campus of UoB having to close, we will be working towards remote recording our feature episodes with BurnFM; so sit tight for more news on upcoming episodes, but we will be back! Stay safe and sane.
April 15, 2020
Sci & Tech
Climate change has continued to dominate the headlines in recent months, particularly in the aftermath of severe fires in Australia and the Amazon. In this episode, Redbrick's Sci & Tech team and Lead Developer are guests, discussing the significance of our ever-changing climate and offering advice to listeners on reducing their own impact. Amongst this, they discuss weird and wonderful creatures, the importance of scientific journalism and the potential implications of Brexit on science.
March 26, 2020
This week, Redbrick’s Deputy Editor Emily Calder is joined by the wonderful Print & Features Editor Natalia Carter to discuss all things athletic with our Sport Team. We cover everything from the impact of Coronavirus to sexism in sport, whilst the team reflect on their own sporting experiences and their favourite mascots of all time!
March 12, 2020
Life & Style
Welcome back to Redbrick Recap! This week we are joined with the oh-so glamorous Life & Style! We talk about the realities of running a section as full-time students, period stigmas, influencer culture, dream column ideas and the UoB dating feature that could have been! Tune into the Redbrick office recordings with hosts Deputy Editors Lydia and Emily, as they unravel all things life and all things style!
March 4, 2020
In this episode, Redbrick's travel team and social secretary Becky Hall join Tom to discuss an eclectic range of travel destinations, from the Black Country to Zimbabwe. Find out about their favourite travelling experiences, Delhi belly and dream destinations in this week's Redbrick Recap.
February 23, 2020
Food & Drink
Welcome back to Redbrick Recap! The podcast that brings you all the latest and greatest from the official student newspaper of UoB, recorded from the Redbrick office. This week we interview Harriet and Gabrielle, two of our three Food&Drink editors! It’s a tasty issue, where we discuss mock-meat, the best independent eats in Birmingham and whether Linda McCartney is really worth it. Join Deputy Editors Emily Calder and Lydia Waller as they quiz Redbrick’s Food&Drink team on their desert island meals and all the current culinary news.
February 13, 2020
Redbrick Recap - An Introduction
Welcome to Redbrick Recap, the podcast of the University of Birmingham’s only official student newspaper! In this short introduction, Tom, Lydia and Emily run you through what to expect on our new podcast, from campus news updates to Food&Drink and Gaming, with regular updates on the welfare of our office goldfish, Anna Griffish.
February 6, 2020