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Business O’clock

Business O’clock

By Business Bridgers
Podcast for new generation of leaders, curious business professionals and like-minded people who are enthusiastic about discussing business topics, career advancement and leadership. Our guests are business professionals, entrepreneurs and self-employed people who share their views, opinions and experience. Because we believe in practical approach, at the end of every episode we share a summary of tips&tricks and lessons learned to-go to help you on your own professional journey. Instagram: @businessbridgers
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Business O'Clock 1: Growth Mindset & Strategy with Isabelle Litzler

Business O’clock

Business O'Clock 1: Growth Mindset & Strategy with Isabelle Litzler

Business O’clock

Business O'Clock 3: Resilient Leadership with Skye Deane
In today's episode, we are talking about resilient leadership and our guest is Skye Deane. Skye is a Resilient Leaders consultant who uses Resilient Leaders Elements framework, a business owner, an former Army Officer in the Royal Army Medical Corps, a physiotherapist with operational experience in Iraq and Afghanistan - and a mom and a military wife. She is passionate about helping others find "who they are" and "what they do".  In this episode we addressed resilient leadership and tackled plenty of interesting issues: how did Skye built and maintained her own identity and voice as a woman in the military, challenges and biases women experience in a working environment, how to fight self-doubt and imposter syndrome, what is resilient leadership and how to become more resilient. Skye shared her story and experience and plenty of tips&tricks that can help us maximize our own potential. You can get in touch with Skye via: Website Instagram: skyedeaneconsulting To know more about Resilient Leaders Elements visit
February 11, 2021
Business O'Clock 2: From the CEO's Perspective with Pieter Vagenende
In this episode, we are talking about business leadership from the CEO's perspective. Our guest is Pieter Vagenende, the Founder and CEO of PTM, a conglomerate of businesses in telecommunications and 5G, engineering, and hospitality industry. Pieter started his first business at the age of 24, but today he is running companies across the globe. He is sharing his business journey and lessons learned - answering questions about how he got the first idea to launch his first company, his strategy to get clients and build partnerships, what does he value when hiring employees, cracking myths about starting as a business owner, and many more. So, tune in and have fun, learn something new. At the end of the episode, we are sharing a recap of key takeaways.
January 27, 2021
Business O'Clock 1: Growth Mindset & Strategy with Isabelle Litzler
In this episode we discuss a Growth Mindset & Strategy with Isabelle Litzler, a career consultant with more than 15 years of experience in HR and the founder of The Club, a business networking community and group for C-level executives and leaders in Switzerland. Isabelle will provide answers and tips&tricks on questions such as: How one can develop a growth mindset or become more resilient in thinking more positively for career growth? How to overcome life challenges? Why are improving visibility, representation and our own profile important for professional growth? How to start taking action? And many more.. At the end of the episode, we provide a summary of key takeaways regarding the development of the Growth Mindset & Strategy. Tune in and enjoy!
January 16, 2021