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The Bachelor Finale, Ariana Grande, Idris Elba, SXSW, Daylight Savings kills/Taco Bell saves lives, The Office vs. Parks and Rec | FEAT. Emily Herren (Champagne and Chanel)

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The Buzzer Podcast with Sean and JD. A hilarious look into Pop-Culture, Sports, Movies, and entertainment.
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The Buzzer Podcast with Sean and JD. A hilarious look into Pop-Culture, Sports, Movies, and entertainment.

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"That’s a ‘whoopsie.’" | FEAT. Jason Carroll (Dare to Lead™)
FEAT. Jason Carroll (Dare to Lead™) POP CULTURE: Man bought the last meal from McDonald’s in Iceland 10 years ago and the meal hasn’t aged a day + Ford has a VR Drive-Thru Haunted House. STORY OF THE WEEK: Doctor delivers baby dressed as Heath Ledger’s Joker. NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES: World Series: Jeff Adams takes home run to the chest while double-fisting Bud Light. GOOD NEWS: University of Michigan honors scholarship of recruit that has to quit football after heart problems + John Cena, Matthew McConaughey, and LeBron James help first responders in California + Nurse adopts autistic man in need of a heart transplant. TV: Seth Meyers is letting you “skip politics” on his new special + You can watch The Office for free on Peacock. MOVIES: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sequel announced + Netflix is letting people watch movies at 1.5x the speed + Game of Thrones writers quit Star Wars project. AT THE BUZZER: Brené Brown and Dare to Lead™ coaching with Jason Carroll.
November 6, 2019
"The poor, poor walrus that ends up with you." | FEAT. Dr. Abigail Pfiester (Interpersonal Relationships Expert)
FEAT. Dr. Abigail Pfiester (Interpersonal Relationships Expert) POP CULTURE: Study shows that people with dogs live longer + Lyft is giving free rides for people interviewing for jobs + Study shows kids who play with dinosaurs are smarter. STORY OF THE WEEK: A mother walrus sank a Russian naval tugboat that got too close to her cubs. GOOD NEWS: Man beats cancer and wins $200k in the same day + Police officer buys and installs car seats for mother/children in need + former NFL player pays for 500 mammograms. TV: Original cast of Lizzie McGuire reuniting for Disney+ series + Stranger Things 4 updates + Netflix claims it has kept The Office/Friends relevant. MOVIES: Margot Robbie to play Barbie in live-action movie + The Joker becomes highest grossing R-Rated movie ever. AT THE BUZZER: Interpersonal Relationships Expert Dr. Abigail Pfiester’s tips for healthier relationships.
October 30, 2019
"I brought an old guy on the show. Is that okay?" | FEAT. Britt Knighton (Camp Gladiator)
FEAT. Britt Knighton (Camp Gladiator) POP CULTURE: First all-female spacewalk + 2024 Paris Olympics empowering women + Kanye West really has found Jesus. STORY OF THE WEEK: College professor sells Biblical artifacts to Hobby Lobby. NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES: Jacksonville Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew is the most frugal man in America. GOOD NEWS: Firefighters rescue little girl and get a makeover + a high school senior buys a school bus to donate to an underprivileged school in Mexico + Shaq buys a wheelchair accessible home for a paralyzed boy and his family. MOVIES: Earn $1,000 watching Disney+ for a month + Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker final trailer reactions.
October 23, 2019
"[You can't loiter in a Wendy's] parking lot for 18 hours straight." | FEAT. Christine Lozano (Barely Blonde)
FEAT. Christine Lozano (Barely Blonde) POP CULTURE: Jimmy Fallon/The Tonight Show is coming to The University of Texas with Professor Matthew McConaughey + Simone Biles ties world record for medals. STORY OF THE WEEK: Woman in a search party looking for lost woman discovers she’s the lost woman. BOLD STRATEGY: Wedding videographer imbeds Muppets footage in couples video. GOOD NEWS: Polish politician rescues civilians from a car fire + Ellen DeGeneres teaches the world about being kind to everyone + little girl writes a letter to God after her dog dies, and gets a letter back. TV: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air spinoff in the works w/Will Smith + Chance the Rapper pulling double duty on SNL. MOVIES: Deadpool and Zombieland crossover in the works + Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t want an Oscar for Avengers Endgame. AT THE BUZZER: (Game) Is This Legal? w/Christine Lozano (Barely Blonde).
October 16, 2019
"I am seemingly normal [and] from Florida." | FEAT. Ali Mudano
FEAT. Ali Mudano POP CULTURE: Whiskey Flavored Tide Pods + South Park stands up to China because the NBA won’t. STORY OF THE WEEK: Chip and Joanna Gaines are building a hotel in downtown Waco. GOOD NEWS: Husband buys billboards to show love to his wife + Cheerleader saves a toddler’s life + 5th graders overcome racism and send elderly couple on a honeymoon. TV: Disney+ is already going to war with Netflix + Review of The Politician on Netflix. MOVIES: Matt Damon turned down the lead role in Avatar/a quarter of $1 Billion + Review of Brittany Runs a Marathon, Martin Scorsese casts shade on Marvel movies. AT THE BUZZER: Enneagrams + Marathon Training with Ali.
October 9, 2019
"Running from a T-Rex, in high heels." | FEAT. Celeste Castillo (305 Fitness)
FEAT. Celeste Castillo (305 Fitness) POP CULTURE: Jennifer Lopez and Shakira to perform during the Super Bowl Halftime Show + You can now avoid babies on airplanes + Kanye West is no longer making secular music. STORY OF THE WEEK: Man has his cat as the best man in his wedding. GOOD NEWS: Cousins separated by World War II are reunited + The Institute of Kindness + Soldier saves a life on his way to receive an award for saving lives. BACHELOR IN PARADISE: Was Blake Horstmann in the wrong? TV: Stranger Things Season 4 predictions + Three actors are reprising the role of Superman for the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. MOVIES: Spider-man back in the MCU + Jonah Hill to join Batman movie as villain + Jurassic World brings back original Jurassic Park cast.
October 2, 2019
"I fall asleep to Michael Scott’s voice." | FEAT. Taylor Stearns (Singer/Songwriter)
FEAT. Taylor Stearns (Singer/Songwriter) POP CULTURE: Storm Area 51 Event flops + Disney has a hotline that your kids can call before bedtime + Kanye West and Kenny G are collaborating. STORY OF THE WEEK: Man pays a clown to support him during his termination meeting. GOOD NEWS: College student raises $67k in beer money for charity + Billionaire pays of college debt of entire graduate class of families + Chick-fil-A employee saves a man having a heart attack. TAYLOR PLAYS A SONG THAT WON’T GET US IN TROUBLE WITH COPYRIGHT: American Idol Gold Ticket Winner, Taylor Stearns plays two originals: “Petrichor” and “What Red Said.” THE BACHELOR: People aren’t happy about Pilot Peter being the Bachelor. TV: NBCUniversal Streaming Service (Peacock) + Saved by the Bell Sequel Series. MOVIES: Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds to be in A Christmas Carol + Avengers Endgame trying to win “Best Picture” Oscar. AT THE BUZZER: Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza and other weird food combos.
September 25, 2019
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