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The Buzzer Podcast with Sean Richards is a hilarious look into Pop-Culture, TV, Movies, and Sports!
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Ep. 63: Social Distancing with Scott Frazier
In attempt to socially distance ourselves, but stay together, Sean and his roommate, JT hung out (remotely) with Scott Frazier.  This week we share GOOD NEWS of positive stories coming out of all the craziness this past week. Plus, we share tips for parents trying to figure out how to occupy their kids during a quarantine. Oh, and a few goofy stories involving a kangaroo hoarding toilet paper (sound familiar?) and a cow that's been evading the police for a few months now. It's a fun one, and a great way to keep your mind off things! :)
March 18, 2020
THE BACHELOR: Finale - Recap
This week Sean and Emilee break down the finale of The Bachelor and how terrible Barb is.
March 12, 2020
Ep. 62: Daniel Sahad (Nané The Band)
This week, Daniel Sahad - frontman for Nané (The Band) joins us to chat about the following: A guy who brought a llama as his Plus 1 to his sister's wedding. Tinder giving (obvious) advice on how to avoid not casually hooking up. GOOD NEWS: Including Gibson Guitars giving back to Nashville tornado relief + a little boy who dressed as his favorite super hero (a security guard). A guy is going to jail for licking ice cream.
March 12, 2020
Science Proves Your Dog Really Does Love You
A new book from Clive Wynne (founder of the Canine Science Collaboratory at Arizona State University) claims that dogs are, indeed, capable of “love” as we would define it. Wynne’s research suggests that dogs are not very bright compared to other animals, but are separated due to their “hyper sociability.” Wynne has observed substantial spikes in Oxytocin (the bonding chemical) when dogs stare into human eyes. It should be noted that in 2009 geneticist Bridgett vonHoldt discovered that dogs have a mutation responsible for Williams syndrome often found in humans. Williams Syndrome is also characterized by intellectual limitations, extreme friendliness, and a desire for interpersonal connection. Philosophical question: Are animals capable of love?
March 9, 2020
Ep. 61: A CEO Makes His Company's Minimum Wage $70k | FEAT. Emilee Guidorzi
This week our Bachelor correspondent, Emilee Guidorzi tries her hand at co-hosting The Buzzer!  With that we have stories about:  A CEO who is making $70k/year the minimum wage at his company. A dad who accidentally bought his 4yo son a dinosaur. How Disney is trying (and failing) to be "woke" with the new Mulan movie. GOOD NEWS involving bikers who who raise money/protect for victims of child abuse, and a little girl who called 9-1-1 for her "sick" stuffed bunny and got a compassionate response.
March 5, 2020
THE BACHELOR: Women Tell All - Recap
March 4, 2020
Sean and Emilee share their thoughts on the Netflix reality-dating phenomenon.
March 4, 2020
A Man in Kansas is Offering $25,000 to Whoever Can Find Him a Girlfriend
This is not a joke: 47-year-old bachelor, Jeff Gebhart from Prarie Villiage, Kansas is fed up with the dating scene. He's built a website called and is offering $25k for anyone who makes a successful referral leading to a relationship. In addition, he will donate $25k to a no-kill dog shelter. About Jeff: - He’s an entrepreneur who loves staying in shape and flipping houses. - His friends describe him as a “lighthearted jacka***,” “high energy,” and “positive.” - He’s run with the bulls in Spain, jumped out of airplanes, has a dog and involves himself with charity work. - “He’s a great guy. Let’s face it. You’ve done worse.” - Rob Hissong (Buddy)
March 2, 2020
TV: Should 'THE OFFICE' be rebooted?
Recently John Krasinksi said he would be down for a reboot of The Office. We're not so sure that's a great idea...
February 28, 2020
SPORTS: Should the NFL extend their season?
It's heavily rumored the NFL will expand their playoffs from 12 teams to 14. With this comes the debate as to whether the length of the season should be longer or shorter. Additionally, we kick around ideas on how to improve the Pro Bowl as inspired by this year's NBA All-Star Game.
February 27, 2020
Ep. 60: Science Proves Your Dog Loves You | FEAT. Vince Henderson
On today's show, we welcome Sean's college buddy, Vince Henderson, along with Sound Engineer Jason. This week the three chat about: A 47yo Kansas man that will pay you $25,000 if you can find him a girlfriend. An Alaska Airmen that was relieved of duty after "relieving himself" on duty. GOOD NEWS: Including a woman who teaches boxing to empower autistic children, and an airline that celebrated a family bringing home their newly adopted child.  Scientific research that might prove why dogs actually love people.
February 26, 2020
THE BACHELOR: Fantasy Suites - Recap
This week Sean and Bachelor correspondent, Emilee Guidorzi share their thoughts on Madison's (kinda-but-not-really) ultimatum for Pilot Pete, as well as predictions for how the show will conclude this season.
February 25, 2020
MOVIES: Every Disney Film in 2020 - Preview
Disney is releasing nearly twenty movies in 2020! 
February 21, 2020
Ep. 59: Oreos with Mustard | FEAT. Elijah Zane (Singer/Songwriter)
GUEST SPOTLIGHT: Elijah’s an incredible Blues guitarist and Americana/Folk singer/songwriter in Austin, TX. NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES: Man rebels against USA Today and their Oreo/Mustard crossword clue. Then the guys eat Oreos with mustard. GOOD NEWS: Doctor pays patients medical debts + Good-hearted samaritan hands out Valentines to those who don’t have any. BOLD STRATEGY: New collar tells you what cuss words your dog is “barking.” AT THE BUZZER: Elijah and Sean give their “Mount Rushmores” for Songwriters.
February 21, 2020
NBA: 2020 All-Star Game - Recap
Sean recaps the NBA all-star game, while Producer Jim, who knows little about sports, sits and nods his head. 
February 20, 2020
THE BACHELOR: Hometowns - Recap
On this week of our The Bachelor Recap, we talk about The Bachelor Pilot Pete and his trip to hometowns with Hannah Ann, Kelsey Weier, Madison, and Victoria Fuller!   We know you couldn't have guessed it, but there is PLENTY of drama, which the producers definitely haven't been setting the cast up for all season.   Watch the video version of this episode here! Also, don't forget to enter for a chance to win a Buzzer Podcast t-shirt! Head on over to to enter! 
February 19, 2020
Has PETA Gone Too Far?
In a recent interview, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals President, Ingrid Newkirk says that she wants animal owners to refer to themselves as “animal guardians,” and that instead of the word “pet,” they use “animal companion.”
February 17, 2020
BATMAN: A first look at Robert Pattinson in the Cowl
Matt Reeves just dropped the first look at Robert Pattinson in the Bat-suit. Sean gives his take! Also, I've never seen Batman and Sean at the same time. So maybe Sean could be Batman... 
February 15, 2020
VALENTINE'S DAY: Zoo Feeds "Your Ex" to Meerkats
An El Paso Zoo is bringing back their Valentine's Day event where you can name a cockroach after your ex, and they will feed it to a meerkat. Who says romance is dead?
February 14, 2020
STRANGER THINGS: Our Reaction to Season 4 trailer
Netflix just dropped a new teaser trailer for Season 4 of Stranger Things...and there's a HUGE revelation.
February 14, 2020
THE BACHELOR: Episode 7 - Recap
This week we recap everything that went down the week before HOMETOWNS.
February 13, 2020
MOVIES: Will Jim Halpert Join The Avengers?
1. The Razzie Awards were announced, and we recapped the top 5 worst movies of 2019 (according to them). 2. John Krasinksi is campaigning for him and his wife, Emily Blunt, to be in the Fantastic Four. 3. Disney apologizes after sending a fine to an Elementary School that showed The Lion King for PTA fundraiser.
February 13, 2020
Ep 58: Oscars Recap (And Other Things) - FULL EPISODE | FEAT. Will Bakke + Alex Reed
FEAT. Will Bakke + Alex Reed THE OSCARS: Recapping the big winners, the big snubs, and all the weird moments in-between. STORY OF THE WEEK: El Paso Zoo bringing back promotion where you can name a cockroach after your ex...and feed it to animals. BOLD STRATEGY: PETA is being annoying...again. GOOD NEWS: Feeding the hungry with Super Bowl leftovers from the Hardrock Stadium + Cross-eyed kitten raises thousands of dollars for animal shelters. MOVIES: The Razzie's preview + John Krasinski campaigning for Fantastic Four reboot + Disney fined an elementary school for showing The Lion King...then apologized. SPORTS: 2020 USA Olympic Basketball Team announced. AT THE BUZZER: Weird Valentine’s Day gifts.
February 12, 2020
Ep 57: Sophie Kwok (Love Intently)
FEAT. Sophie Kwok SUPER BOWL: Recapping the game, Shakira + J-Lo Halftime Show, and the commercials. STORY OF THE WEEK: Chiefs winning is a sign of the end times according to viral prophecy. BOLD STRATEGY: Man registers beer as his emotional support animal. GOOD NEWS: Filmmaker accidentally discovers footage of baby’s first steps + Dog survives cancer and ends up on Super Bowl commercial + KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes pays bill of everyone in restaurant. The Bachelor: Week 5 Recap + A Bachelor show for the elderly. TV AND MOVIES: Owen Wilson joining Loki series + a movie version of Hamilton with the original cast + Will Space Jam 2 incorporate a tribute to Kobe? AT THE BUZZER: Attachment theory and relational wisdom with Love Intently.
February 5, 2020
Ep. 56: A Tribute To Kobe: Remembering the Black Mamba
FEAT. JD Heathcoat and JT Seelman NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES: Remembering Kobe. MUSIC: Recap of the Grammys. BOLD STRATEGY: Washington DoT believes in BigFoot. GOOD NEWS: Dad builds video game controller for disabled daughter. + Jon Bon Jovi opens 3rd restaurant for those who can’t pay. + Man returns $43k he found in his new couch. The Bachelor: Episode 4 Recap. MOVIES: The alternate version of Star Wars: Episode IX we almost got. + Jennifer Aniston could have been Wonder Woman. AT THE BUZZER: 8 things you didn’t know about Kobe.
January 29, 2020
Ep. 55: Stuff To Do In Austin (UNATION)
FEAT. Stuff To Do In Austin (UNATION) POP CULTURE: Baby Yoda/Disney teams up with Build-A-Bear. + Super Bowl 54 Matchup and Halftime Show. STORY OF THE WEEK: Man petitions judge for “Trial By Combat” with ex-wife’s attorney. NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES: 17-year-old NASA intern discovers a brand new planet on his 3rd day. BOLD STRATEGY: Bachelor contestant caught using a fake-Instagram account. GOOD NEWS: Real life Ace Ventura/Pet Detective + Teen’s life saved by online video game + Pizza delivery guy receives the kindest tip ever. The Bachelor: Episode 3 Recap. MOVIES: National Treasure 3 confirmed. + Will the next James Bond be female? AT THE BUZZER: Top things to do in Austin.
January 22, 2020
Ep. 54: Rusty Shelton (Founder of Zilker Media)
FEAT. Rusty Shelton (Founder of Zilker Media) STORY OF THE WEEK: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave the Royal family and move to Canada. WHAT’S THAT, NOW?: Washington Post published an opinion piece stating that Star Wars is racist. GOOD NEWS: 6-year-old beats leukemia and returns to school with a cheering crowd of classmates and teachers. The Bachelor: Episode 2 Recap. MOVIES: Oscar nominations and snubs. AT THE BUZZER: Taco Bell offering $100,000 salaries.
January 17, 2020
Ep. 53: Editor BoBo Finds His Voice
FEAT. Editor BoBo STORY OF THE WEEK: Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin) hires a “prison coach” to teach her how to fight. GOOD NEWS: A puppy befriends prison inmates. + Man sacrifices his own Christmas so he can feed 75 stranded travelers. + Woman visits chained up dog for a year and then adopts it. The Bachelor: Episode 1 Recap. TV: Ricky Gervais and Tom Hanks reactions from the Golden Globes + Justin Bieber coming out with a docu-series. MOVIES: Christian Bale to join Thor: Love and Thunder. + A 4 hour version of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is on it’s way. AT THE BUZZER: Will Sean keep his New Year’s Resolutions/Goals?
January 9, 2020
Ep. 52: "You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes." | FEAT. Brandon Marks
FEAT. Brandon Marks STORY OF THE WEEK: Reporter wins lottery and quits job on live television, then discovers the payout is $5,500. BOLD STRATEGY: There’s now a Jesus-based video game on Steam. NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES: Detroit woman gets Bill Gates as her secret santa from Reddit. POP CULTURE: 2019 Recap of the top moments in Pop Culture. GOOD NEWS: A church and a mosque partner together to feed those in need. + Rival coffee shop helps her competitors while they’re going through hospice care. + Custodian helps create a friendship between two little boys going through bone marrow transplants. MOVIES: The 10 highest grossing films (domestic) of the last decade.
January 2, 2020
STAR WARS: 'The Rise of Skywalker’ (SPOILER) Review | FEAT. Sean Chandler (YouTuber)
Not too long ago, in a podcast studio not too far away… The Buzzer teams up with Jedi YouTuber, Sean Chandler (“Sean Chandler Talks About Movies”) the break down the good, the bad, and the “eh” pertaining to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Also, this goes without saying, but we’ll still say it...SPOILER WARNING.
December 27, 2019
Ep. 51: "Feliz cumpleanos...Jesus." | FEAT. Maddie Goodnight
FEAT. Maddie Goodnight STORY OF THE WEEK: Wakanda (from Black Panther) listed as official U.S. trade partner. NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES: 8-year-old boy makes $26 million on YouTube. MUSIC: What Christmas songs are overrated/underrated? GOOD NEWS: Man gives a moving truck-worth of toys away to underprivileged kids + 80yo veteran makes toys for children in need + 73yo businessman pays energy bill for 36 families in need. TV: Netflix released 371 original shows and movies this past year. MOVIES: Cats flops hard at the box office + Controversial Christmas movies. AT THE BUZZER: Random origins of Christmas movies.
December 27, 2019
Ep. 50: "I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to marry [Pilot] Peter." | FEAT. Victoria Hartman
FEAT. Victoria Hartman POP CULTURE: Baby Yoda + Chrissy Teigan explains celebrity life. NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES: Man eats a banana that sold as art for $120,000. BOLD STRATEGY: Walmart apologizes after selling sweaters of Santa doing cocaine. GOOD NEWS: Little boy born with half a heart donates toys and food to hundreds of families + Kindergartener raises money to pay lunch debt of 123 students + professional golfer forgives and befriends fan who interrupted a crucial pet + real life Good Will Hunting story. THE BACHELOR: Bachelor contestant superlatives. MOVIES: Frozen 2 is 6th Disney movie to make over $1 Billion this year + Kumail Nanjiani got jacked for Marvel/is this healthy for our culture? + What’s next for Star Wars? SPORTS: MLB allows marijuana for players.
December 18, 2019
Ep. 49: "Bronze medalists are the happiest." | FEAT. Layne Hutcheson (Young Life)
FEAT. Layne Hutcheson (Young Life) STORY OF THE WEEK: 79yo flight attendant fired for allegedly stealing a milk carton. BOLD STRATEGY: Peloton ad controversy. GOOD NEWS: 16yo girl’s invention reduces cancer radiation exposure + 10yo collects pajamas and books for children living in shelters during Christmas + Entire kindergarten class attends little boy’s adoption + Pitbull saves elderly woman. THE BACHELOR: Will Hannah Brown be in the new season of The Bachelor with Pilot Peter? MOVIES: Does James Bond make sense in 2019? + Which Christmas movies are overrated/underrated. HERE’S WHAT THE KIDS ARE SAYING: “Dead that tune.” + “Secure the bag.” + “Bronoun.” + “Full send.” + “Womble.”
December 11, 2019
Ep. 48: Eric King (Athlete2Optimize)
FEAT. Eric King (Athlete2Optimize) POP CULTURE: Pete Davidson forces fans to sign $1 million NDA + The FBI once thought It’s a Wonderful Life was communist propaganda. STORY OF THE WEEK: Man accidentally gets high drinking sweet tea from McDonalds. NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES: A taco saves a man’s life. BOLD STRATEGY: Papa John’s owner ate 40 pizzas in 30 days. GOOD NEWS: Man loses and regains wedding ring lost on a mountain + paralyzed vet finishes NYC marathon + Richard Sherman pays lunch debt for students. MOVIES: Cats is opening the same day as Star Wars + Fans want Danny DeVito to be the next Wolverine. AT THE BUZZER: Fantasy Football consequences for last place.
December 4, 2019
Ep. 47: "The Tesla ‘Fred Flintstone.’" | FEAT. JP Udenenwu (JP’s Pancake Co.)
FEAT. JP Udenenwu (JP’s Pancake Co.) POP CULTURE: The Tesla Cypertruck + Kanye and Dr. Dre on Jesus is King 2 + Hannah Brown wins Dancing with the Stars. STORY OF THE WEEK: Florida dog drives a car in reverse for an hour. NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES: 82-year-old woman hospitalizes intruder. BOLD STRATEGY: Church accidentally prints off lyrics to Tupac. GOOD NEWS: Bar lets you order drinks and adopt dogs + Police department will let you get out of tickets by donating food to those in need. TV: The Mandalorian is the most demanded tv show ever + Zac Efron has a choose your own adventure horror show. MOVIES: Michael B. Jordan might be the next Superman + Newest Star Wars script was available on eBay. AT THE BUZZER: Pancake expert, JP Udenenwu gives definitive takes on famous pancake restaurants.
November 29, 2019
Ep. 46: "JD's last ride." | FEAT. JD Heathcoat (Co-Founder of The Buzzer)
FEAT. JD Heathcoat (Co-Founder of The Buzzer) POP CULTURE: South Dakota’s anti-drug campaign backfires + Tom Hanks says Mr. Rogers helped his marriage + Celine Dion weighs in on Titanic floating door debate. DUMB FACTS: Stupid random facts you never needed to know, but will be glad you did. MUSIC: Kanye West teaming up with Dr. Dre + Taylor Swift says she’s being bullied. GOOD NEWS: 100 year old Kansas City Chiefs fan honored + Newborn babies dressed like Mr. Rogers + Alex Trebek honored on Jeopardy. MARJORIE’S MAILBAG: JD’s mom writes to The Buzzer for JD’s last episode. TV: Friends reunion coming to HBO Max + Earn $1,000 watching Hallmark Christmas movies. MOVIES: Nicolas Cage is playing Nicolas Cage in a movie about Nicolas Cage + The late Paul Walker’s character returning to Fast and the Furious. AT THE BUZZER: JD’s closing thoughts on The Buzzer.
November 20, 2019
Ep. 45: "Better ingredients. Better pizza. The Buzzer." | FEAT. Jordan Lesmeister (Future Host of The Buzzer?)
FEAT. Jordan Lesmeister (Future Host of The Buzzer?) POP CULTURE: “Okay, boomer” has people triggered + Instagram doing away with “Likes” + Keanu Reeves is dating an age-appropriate woman. STORY OF THE WEEK: Austin, TX couple sets record for oldest living couple ever. BOLD STRATEGY: Emma Watson is “self-partnered.” GOOD NEWS: Employer pays off the mortgage of retiring Vietnam veteran + elderly woman meets penguins for the first time + Jimmy Fallon/The Tonight Show come to Austin and pay for college. TV: Sesame Street turns 50 + Kristen Bell returns for Gossip Girl spinoff + Hocus Pocus sequel? MOVIES: Diseased actor James Dean cast in a movie + Christian Bale’s crazy weight fluctuation for movies + latest on The Batman movie. AT THE BUZZER: Jordan makes her case to be on The Buzzer full-time.
November 13, 2019
Ep. 44: "That’s a ‘whoopsie.’" | FEAT. Jason Carroll (Dare to Lead™)
FEAT. Jason Carroll (Dare to Lead™) POP CULTURE: Man bought the last meal from McDonald’s in Iceland 10 years ago and the meal hasn’t aged a day + Ford has a VR Drive-Thru Haunted House. STORY OF THE WEEK: Doctor delivers baby dressed as Heath Ledger’s Joker. NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES: World Series: Jeff Adams takes home run to the chest while double-fisting Bud Light. GOOD NEWS: University of Michigan honors scholarship of recruit that has to quit football after heart problems + John Cena, Matthew McConaughey, and LeBron James help first responders in California + Nurse adopts autistic man in need of a heart transplant. TV: Seth Meyers is letting you “skip politics” on his new special + You can watch The Office for free on Peacock. MOVIES: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sequel announced + Netflix is letting people watch movies at 1.5x the speed + Game of Thrones writers quit Star Wars project. AT THE BUZZER: Brené Brown and Dare to Lead™ coaching with Jason Carroll.
November 6, 2019
"The poor, poor walrus that ends up with you." | FEAT. Dr. Abigail Pfiester (Interpersonal Relationships Expert)
FEAT. Dr. Abigail Pfiester (Interpersonal Relationships Expert) POP CULTURE: Study shows that people with dogs live longer + Lyft is giving free rides for people interviewing for jobs + Study shows kids who play with dinosaurs are smarter. STORY OF THE WEEK: A mother walrus sank a Russian naval tugboat that got too close to her cubs. GOOD NEWS: Man beats cancer and wins $200k in the same day + Police officer buys and installs car seats for mother/children in need + former NFL player pays for 500 mammograms. TV: Original cast of Lizzie McGuire reuniting for Disney+ series + Stranger Things 4 updates + Netflix claims it has kept The Office/Friends relevant. MOVIES: Margot Robbie to play Barbie in live-action movie + The Joker becomes highest grossing R-Rated movie ever. AT THE BUZZER: Interpersonal Relationships Expert Dr. Abigail Pfiester’s tips for healthier relationships.
October 30, 2019
"I brought an old guy on the show. Is that okay?" | FEAT. Britt Knighton (Camp Gladiator)
FEAT. Britt Knighton (Camp Gladiator) POP CULTURE: First all-female spacewalk + 2024 Paris Olympics empowering women + Kanye West really has found Jesus. STORY OF THE WEEK: College professor sells Biblical artifacts to Hobby Lobby. NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES: Jacksonville Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew is the most frugal man in America. GOOD NEWS: Firefighters rescue little girl and get a makeover + a high school senior buys a school bus to donate to an underprivileged school in Mexico + Shaq buys a wheelchair accessible home for a paralyzed boy and his family. MOVIES: Earn $1,000 watching Disney+ for a month + Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker final trailer reactions.
October 23, 2019
"[You can't loiter in a Wendy's] parking lot for 18 hours straight." | FEAT. Christine Lozano (Barely Blonde)
FEAT. Christine Lozano (Barely Blonde) POP CULTURE: Jimmy Fallon/The Tonight Show is coming to The University of Texas with Professor Matthew McConaughey + Simone Biles ties world record for medals. STORY OF THE WEEK: Woman in a search party looking for lost woman discovers she’s the lost woman. BOLD STRATEGY: Wedding videographer imbeds Muppets footage in couples video. GOOD NEWS: Polish politician rescues civilians from a car fire + Ellen DeGeneres teaches the world about being kind to everyone + little girl writes a letter to God after her dog dies, and gets a letter back. TV: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air spinoff in the works w/Will Smith + Chance the Rapper pulling double duty on SNL. MOVIES: Deadpool and Zombieland crossover in the works + Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t want an Oscar for Avengers Endgame. AT THE BUZZER: (Game) Is This Legal? w/Christine Lozano (Barely Blonde).
October 16, 2019
"I am seemingly normal [and] from Florida." | FEAT. Ali Mudano
FEAT. Ali Mudano POP CULTURE: Whiskey Flavored Tide Pods + South Park stands up to China because the NBA won’t. STORY OF THE WEEK: Chip and Joanna Gaines are building a hotel in downtown Waco. GOOD NEWS: Husband buys billboards to show love to his wife + Cheerleader saves a toddler’s life + 5th graders overcome racism and send elderly couple on a honeymoon. TV: Disney+ is already going to war with Netflix + Review of The Politician on Netflix. MOVIES: Matt Damon turned down the lead role in Avatar/a quarter of $1 Billion + Review of Brittany Runs a Marathon, Martin Scorsese casts shade on Marvel movies. AT THE BUZZER: Enneagrams + Marathon Training with Ali.
October 9, 2019
"Running from a T-Rex, in high heels." | FEAT. Celeste Castillo (305 Fitness)
FEAT. Celeste Castillo (305 Fitness) POP CULTURE: Jennifer Lopez and Shakira to perform during the Super Bowl Halftime Show + You can now avoid babies on airplanes + Kanye West is no longer making secular music. STORY OF THE WEEK: Man has his cat as the best man in his wedding. GOOD NEWS: Cousins separated by World War II are reunited + The Institute of Kindness + Soldier saves a life on his way to receive an award for saving lives. BACHELOR IN PARADISE: Was Blake Horstmann in the wrong? TV: Stranger Things Season 4 predictions + Three actors are reprising the role of Superman for the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. MOVIES: Spider-man back in the MCU + Jonah Hill to join Batman movie as villain + Jurassic World brings back original Jurassic Park cast.
October 2, 2019
"I fall asleep to Michael Scott’s voice." | FEAT. Taylor Stearns (Singer/Songwriter)
FEAT. Taylor Stearns (Singer/Songwriter) POP CULTURE: Storm Area 51 Event flops + Disney has a hotline that your kids can call before bedtime + Kanye West and Kenny G are collaborating. STORY OF THE WEEK: Man pays a clown to support him during his termination meeting. GOOD NEWS: College student raises $67k in beer money for charity + Billionaire pays of college debt of entire graduate class of families + Chick-fil-A employee saves a man having a heart attack. TAYLOR PLAYS A SONG THAT WON’T GET US IN TROUBLE WITH COPYRIGHT: American Idol Gold Ticket Winner, Taylor Stearns plays two originals: “Petrichor” and “What Red Said.” THE BACHELOR: People aren’t happy about Pilot Peter being the Bachelor. TV: NBCUniversal Streaming Service (Peacock) + Saved by the Bell Sequel Series. MOVIES: Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds to be in A Christmas Carol + Avengers Endgame trying to win “Best Picture” Oscar. AT THE BUZZER: Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza and other weird food combos.
September 25, 2019
"‘The Bachelorette Featuring Dwayne “The Rock”Johnson’" | FEAT. Joey Kelly (Camp Gladiator)
FEAT. Joey Kelly (Camp Gladiator)POP CULTURE: Hasbro’s Ms. Monopoly + Pro Chess Players can burn 6,000 calories a day + Kanye’s new gospel album.STORY OF THE WEEK: Penguins break into a sushi food truck.GOOD NEWS: Bullied boy gifted clothes by new friends from the football team + Georgia wears pink to support rival coach and his family + Bullied Tennessee fan designs the #1 shirt in America.BACHELOR IN PARADISE: Season Finale matches and breakups + New Bachelor is Announced.TV: New podcast for The Office + Seinfeld coming to Netflix.MOVIES: Robert Downey Jr. coming back as Iron Man? + Jurassic World 3 and Jurassic World short film + Suicide Squad 2 cast announced.
September 18, 2019
“Time is a flat circle, Nancy Drew.” | FEAT. Moby Hayat (The Fire Show Podcast)
FEAT. Moby Hayat (The Fire Show Podcast)POP CULTURE: Texas forces LSU band to sit in the nosebleeds + Odell Beckham Jr. flexes on everyone with $350k watch.STORY OF THE WEEK: Maid of Honor dresses as T-Rex for sister’s wedding.GOOD NEWS: Little boy donates Disney trip money for hurricane relief + Train conductor finds and returns $9k + Teenage boy stops kidnapping.THE BACHELOR: Frontrunners for next season’s Bachelor.TV: Amazon’s Lord of the Rings update + Fall TV show watchlist.MOVIES: Great early reviews for Director Rian Johnson’s Knives Out + Justin Timberlake to star in drama + Harry Stiles turned down Little Mermaid role + Michael B. Jordan might direct Creed III.
September 11, 2019
"Is this the Gucci store?" | FEAT. Avery Logan (Tik Tok)
FEAT. Avery Logan (Tik Tok)POP CULTURE: Chris Jericho loses championship belt in the bathroom of a Longhorn Steakhouse + Kanye, Justin Bieber and Brad Pitt gettin' down at church.GOOD NEWS: Man reunited with his favorite car decades after selling it to pay medical bills + Jonas Brothers surprise sick teenager at a hospital + 4yo has birthday party at Costco.TV: Dancing with the Stars 2019 lineup + Bachelorette star Jed Wyatt back where he started + Leslie Jones leaving SNL + Alex Trebek coming back to host Jeopardy after fighting cancer.MOVIES: The Joker getting great buzz already + Zach Galifianakis' Between Two Ferns movie coming to Netflix + Matthew McConaughey is a college professor.
September 4, 2019
"[Taylor Swift] is a traffic violation." | FEAT. Phoebe Mroczek (Unbecoming Podcast)
FEAT. Phoebe Mroczek (Unbecoming Podcast)POP CULTURE: Starbucks PSL Cold Brew, Apple Cards and their ridiculous cleaning method, and Hunger Games prequel novel.STORY OF THE WEEK: Foo Fighters "rick roll" entire crowd at music festival.MUSIC: Hasbro Toys buys Def Jam Records + Taylor Swift funds children's choir.GOOD NEWS: Army soldier travels cross country to make it home for the birth of his child, two girls read bedtime stories to children on Facebook Live, and a dog saves his owner from a shark.SPORTS: Why Andrew Luck made the right decision by retiring.BACHELOR IN PARADISE: Is Demi and Kristian a double standard compared to Jed Wyatt?TV: Lizzie McGuire reboot coming to Disney+, Breaking Bad movie, Eddie Murphy hosting SNL for first time in 35 years.MOVIES: Spider-Man no longer apart of the MCU, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer reactions, and Keanu Reeves returning for Matrix 4. 
August 28, 2019
"These things are high, genius-creatures." | FEAT. Patrick Sims (
FEAT. Patrick Sims (Party Peuple)POP CULTURE: Popeyes trolling Chick-fil-A + Area 51 Music Festival + Oscar Meyer has a hotdog-ice cream sandwich.STORY OF THE WEEK: Dolphins are getting high eating pufferfish.GOOD NEWS: Taylor Swift + Superintendent uses bonus to pay for college apps + Foo Fighters.TV: Make $1k watching Friends + Obi-Wan Kenobi coming to Disney+ + Season 5 of Peaky Blinders coming Netflix.MOVIES: Interactive Horror Movie + AI wrote a Batman movie script.Live Music: Patrick and Sean play an original song - 'Something in the Water'
August 21, 2019
“‘Freaky Quads’ by Disney+!” | FEAT. Sean Chandler (YouTuber and Rotten Tomatoes Critic)
FEAT. Sean Chandler (YouTuber and Rotten Tomatoes Critic)POP CULTURE: Nicholas Cage + Sean Astin + Mike Posner + Kids don't know what a floppy disc is.STORY OF THE WEEK: MLB is making a real life Field of Dreams.GOOD NEWS: 85yo grandmother sees the ocean for the first time + Actor Danny Trejo saves a kid's life + Community creates a memorable day for a child with a rare sunlight allergy.TV: Disney+ is about to make Netflix obsolete + Steve Carrel and Jennifer Anniston to star in Apple TV+ show + The Boys on Amazon Prime.MOVIES:  The shady business of Moviepass + The Lion King + Sean Chandler's picks for films you should see this Fall.AT THE BUZZER: (Game) Classic Movie Quote Trivia
August 14, 2019
“Coding with Snoop Dogg.” | FEAT. Clarissa Cardenas (ATX Concert Queen)
FEAT. Clarissa Cardenas (ATX Concert Queen)POP CULTURE: Millenials are lonelier than previous generations. + Mario Kart might help your dating relationship.STORY OF THE WEEK: 23yo pitcher gets signed to the Oakland A’s after video goes viral.GOOD NEWS: The Lion King + Birthday Parties for Underprivileged Children + 11yo Firefighter.MUSIC: Lil Nas X and Ed Sheeran break records.AUSTIN CITY LIMITS: Game - How many bands does Producer Jim actually know at ACL? + Clarissa’s Tips for thriving at ACL.BACHELOR IN PARADISE: Former contestant and her husband give birth to child in their closet.MOVIES: Director, Taika Watiti (What We Do in the Shadows, Thor: Ragnarok) and his movie about a little boy with Hitler as an imaginary friend - JoJo Rabbit. + Vin Diesel, The Rock, and Jason Stratham contractually are not aloud to lose fights. AT THE BUZZER: Game - Ruin a band’s name with just one letter.
August 7, 2019
"I snuck my cat into the Lion King." | FEAT. Alexis Simón (The Art of Wellness)
FEAT. Alexis Simón (The Art of Wellness)Pop-Culture: Austin's first sober bar + $15k GIFs.Story of the Week: 16yo wins $3.5 Million playing Fortnite.Good News: Mark Ruffalo/Incredible Hulk encourages fan, Keanu Reeves is a neighborhood treasure + 7-Eleven celebrates a baby's birth.The Bachelorette: Finale recap.Bachelor in Paradise: First ever LGBTQ couple.TV: Handmaid's Tale, Westworld, + Silicon Valley all coming back for another season.Movie: Zombieland 2 + Christopher Nolan's new film, TENƎꓕ. At the Buzzer: Weird avocado recipes.
July 31, 2019
"But he's a cute old man." | FEAT. Paige Velasquez (CEO of Zilker Media)
FEAT. Paige Velasquez (CEO of Zilker Media)POP CULTURE: Kanye West calls President Trump to get A$AP Rocky out of a Swedish prison.STORY OF THE WEEK: 66yo Iowa government official fired after sending inspirational Tupac lyrics in emails.GOOD NEWS: Lemonade, Laws, and education for students with disabilities.THE BACHELORETTE: Men Tell All - Episode Recap.TV: Gossip Girl spinoff coming to HBO Max.MOVIES: Cats the movie trailer response. Top Gun: Maverick first impressions. Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers in Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. San Diego Comic-Con and Marvel announcements.
July 24, 2019
"I am there for the right, wrong reasons." | FEAT. Rachel Prochnow (Travel + Fashion + Lifestyle Writer)
FEAT. Rachel Prochnow (Travel + Fashion + Lifestyle Writer)POP CULTURE: Kanye gets fashion from the Bible? Canadian grocery store trolls for a good cause. Study shows that 67% of couples meet online or at a bar.STORY OF THE WEEK: Facebook Event to Storm Area 51 and "See them Aliens"GOOD NEWS: Bow ties for puppies. 53 weeks of generosity. Restaurants aren't only for the hearing.THE BACHELORETTE: Did Peter Weber go on The Bachelorette for the "wrong reasons?"GAME OF THRONES: George R.R. Martin confirms prequel series for HBO.STRANGER THINGS: {SPOILER} Confirmed for Season 4 ReturnMOVIES: Spider-Man: Why people wanted to punch Tobey Maguire. Power Rangers: Stranger Things and Aladdin stars not in reboot?AT THE BUZZER: The Office and Parks and Rec trivia.
July 16, 2019
BONUS: Stranger Things Season 3 SPOILER Review
SPOILER WARNING. JD and Sean nerd out and give their take on Season 3 of Stranger Things, breaking down the good, the bad, and the strange. PLUS, they offer fan theories for the show moving forward.
July 11, 2019
"Tyler? Hardly knew her." | FEAT. Emily Gee (Comedian)
FEAT. Emily Gee (Comedian)POP CULTURE: Court cases being decided by emojis. Stranger Things and nostalgia for 90s snacks. Cassette players are making a comeback.STORY OF THE WEEK: 74yo man gets church congregation high on weed cookies.GOOD NEWS: Uber for birds. Australian tow trucks. Batman and puppies.TV: Netflix cutting back on cigarettes in shows. Family Matters reboot. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/The Office crossover.THE BACHELORETTE: Hometowns episode summary. Bachelor in Paradise preview.MARJORIE’S MAILBAG: Stranger Things.MOVIES: Disney casts their Little Mermaid and people are racist. Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson to remake Saw.
July 10, 2019
“I’d like to see someone who’s actually pro-oxidant.” | FEAT. Elijah May (The Experience Firm)
FEAT. Elijah May (The Experience Firm)POP CULTURE:. Darren Collison walks away from millions to be a better Jehovah’s Witness. Toy Story’s Woody has a conveniently timed last name. Surprising global delicacies. GOOD NEWS: Veterans, Chick-fil-A and Nevada.TV: What’s coming and going from Netflix. The future of streaming. Shark Tank.MOVIES: No new ideas: Disney and Bill and Ted. Lady Gaga joining Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.At the Buzzer: Weirdly successful businesses.
July 3, 2019
"That's old for a dolphin." | FEAT. Alexandra Lemm (The Healthy Teacher)
FEAT. Alexandra Lemm (The Healthy Teacher)POP CULTURE: Be Beyoncé’s assistant for a day. Dolphin plays dead until it dies. YouTuber buys a town in Michigan. Tom Hanks can’t buy beer.Here’s What the Kids Are Saying: Snatched. Canceled. Wig. Collecting Receipts. Stan.GOOD NEWS: Dog is best man at a wedding. Happy hours with puppies. Stop in the name of love.TV: Group petitions Netflix to get Amazon show canceled. Stranger Things season 3 preview.The Bachelorette: Why Luke P. is a no bueno.MOVIES: Avengers Endgame re-releasing to beat Avatar record. Keanu Reeves to join MCU. Michael B. Jordan starring in a new Matrix movie. Space Jam 2 cast joining LeBron James.At the Buzzer: Are you smarter than a 10 year old?
June 26, 2019
"How long have you been sisters?" | FEAT. Shayda Torabi and Sydney Torabi (RESTART CBD)
FEAT. Shayda Torabi and Sydney Torabi (RESTART CBD)POP CULTURE: Texan’s grieve over Whatburger selling to Chicago investors. The internet before social media. A phoneless restaurant in California.GOOD NEWS: Encouragement from Taco Bell. Girl Scout saves a life. Radiohead takes the high road. Austin Police Officer gives back.TV: Are You Afraid of the Dark? reboot. Stranger Things and Burger King’s brilliant marketing campaign. Broad City and Bob’s Burgers.MOVIES: Mindy Kaling might be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Toy Story 4 reviews. Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek.At the Buzzer: Everything you need to know about CBD.
June 19, 2019
"You totally missed the essay prompt." | FEAT. Kelly O'Connor
FEAT. Kelly O’ConnorPOP CULTURE: Justin Biber challenges Tom Cruise to a fight in the Octagon. The internet loves Keanu Reeves. Corporations are taking advantage of Pride Month. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet work at a Dairy Queen.GOOD NEWS: Injured gymnasts walks down the aisle at her wedding two months after surgery. Four teenage boys rescue 90yo woman from a fire. Robert Downey Jr. is saving the planet through robotics and nanotechnology.TV: The Good Place calls it quits after four seasons. Steven Spielberg creating horror series only viewable after dark. Sean’s new favorite thing on Netflix: The Chef Show.The Bachelorette: Twitter hates Luke P.Game of Thrones: Outlandish and popular fan theories.MOVIES: Ghostbusters 3 will feature original cast. X-Men: Dark Phoenix will likely lose $300 million.At the Buzzer: Popular Canadian slang in honor of the Toronto Raptors being in the NBA Finals.
June 12, 2019
Jimmy Fallon, Harry Potter, Big Little Lies, Khloé Kardashian, Black Mirror, Chris Hemsworth + Chris Pratt | FEAT. Ashley Jennings (Spero Labs) + Rachel Graham
FEAT. Ashley Jennings + Rachel GrahamPOP CULTURE: Jimmy Fallon/Tonight Show is tanking. Khloé Kardashian Attends a Super Fan’s High School Prom. JK Rowling to release 4 more Harry Potter prequels.GOOD NEWS: Children and their communities overcoming disabilities.TV: Black Mirror: Hannah Montana and Captain America join the new season. Big Little Lies: Meryl Streep joins the cast without reading a script. Adam Levine leaving The Voice. Alex Trebek beating cancer.MOVIES: Avengers Endgame close to passing Avatar. Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt want to make a Marvel movie together. Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny Depp for a 6th movie? 
June 5, 2019
The Bachelorette, Whitney Houston Hologram, Aaron Rodgers + Game of Thrones, Stranger Things | FEAT. What’s Brewing, ATX?
FEAT. What’s Brewing, ATX?POP CULTURE: Noah’s Ark sues over rain. Holographic Whitney Houston. MacKenzie Bezos’ overwhelming generosity.GOOD NEWS: Graduates, Veterans and Public Servants.TV: NFL QB Aarong Rodgers unhappy with Game of Thrones. Stranger Things and Coke are teaming up.THE BACHELORETTE: Episode Recap.MOVIES: Brightburn. Deadpool and Disney. Harrison Ford doesn’t want another person to play Indiana Jones.At the Buzzer: Would You Rather.
May 29, 2019
Game of Thrones, Robert Pattinson + Batman, Aladdin, Grumpy Cat, Conan O’Brien, | FEAT. Sarah Story (UMLAUF Sculpture Garden)
FEAT. Sarah Story (UMLAUF Sculpture Garden)POP CULTURE: Grumpy Cat passed away. Conan O’Brien settles joke-fraud case out of court.CLASSY OR NOT CLASSY: Sarah deems what pop-culture norms are classy and which aren’t.GOOD NEWS: Man loses lottery ticket, but still wins big. 9yo performs the Heimlich and saves her friend’s life. CEO pays of student loan debt of an entire graduating class.Game of Thrones: Fans petition to have show rewritten after bad reviews.MOVIES: Robert Pattinson is Batman. Live-action Aladdin early reviews.At the Buzzer: #SwipeLife.
May 22, 2019
The Bachelorette, Drake, GoT + Starbucks, Ed Sheeran + Justin Bieber, Star Wars | FEAT. Bailey Becker
FEAT. Bailey Becker (Software Engineer and Texas Longhorn Cheerleader). POP CULTURE: Drake is taking to the skies. A PBS rat joins the LGBTQ community. Ed Sheeran and the Biebs drop a new song. GOOD NEWS: Two best friends become brothers.  Two high schoolers are rescued in a miraculous way. Shaquille O’Neal has big shoes and a big heart.THE BACHELORETTE: Season Premiere Recap and overview of some of the contestants.Game of Thrones: How Starbucks got $2.8 Billion in free advertising.MOVIES: Disney announces 3 more Star Wars and 4 more Avatar films. Switzerland is stepping up luxury theaters. Batman tried to convince Batman not to play Batman.At the Buzzer: Terrible math and science dad jokes.
May 16, 2019
Chance the Rapper, Billie Eilish vs. Dwight Schrute, Fat Thor, Kate McKinnon, Kanye West + Jaden Smith, GoT, Avengers Endgame | FEAT. Owais Raza (Crushing It Podcast)
Chance the Rapper, Billie Eilish vs. Dwight Schrute, Fat Thor, Kate McKinnon, Kanye West + Jaden Smith, GoT, Avengers Endgame | FEAT. Owais Raza (Crushing It Podcast)FEAT. Owais Raza (Crushing It Podcast). POP CULTURE: Chance the Rapper brings back Spicy Nuggets at Wendy's. Billie Eilish vs. Dwight SchruteGood News Stories!TV: Is Kate McKinnon leaving SNL? Is Jaden Smith playing Kanye West in a tv show? Game of Thrones: Episode RecapMOVIES: Should Avengers win an Oscar? Why people are upset with Fat Thor.Funny Business
May 14, 2019
Dry Shampoo, Kentucky Derby, Avengers Endgame, 50 Cent vs Vanderpump Rules, Blink-182 + Lil Wayne, Veronica Mars, GoT | FEAT. Emily + Allison (NETWORKING4MOMS)
FEAT. Emily + Allison (NETWORKING4MOMS)POP CULTURE: Kentucky Derby horse names and fashion. Blink-182 and Lil' Wayne team up.TV: Veronica Mars is coming back. 50 Cent is feuding with Vanderpump Rules.Game of Thrones: GoT Character or Band in Iceland?MOVIES: What happens when you Spoil Avengers.What Women Want: Dry Shampoo, Silk Scarf Bandanas, Enneagrams, Charcuterie Boards, Outdoor Voices, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Wine Soaps, Birthstones, ‘Cool Mom’ Pura Vida Bracelets and Rhinestone Bobby Pins.
May 8, 2019
Avengers Endgame, Enneagram, Brené Brown, Game of Thrones, The Office | FEAT. Krista Box (Noonday Collection) and Jake Box (Pastor)
FEAT. Krista Box (Noonday Collection) and Jake Box (Pastor). POP CULTURE: Vegan Whoppers. Michigan Lottery winner loses money/Would you turn in cash? Dumb holidays.HERE'S WHAT THE KIDS ARE SAYING: "Yeet," "Scoop," "Curve," "A Crapella," and "Slide into their DMs."TV: Netflix might drop The Office. Why Brené Brown is great for Netflix and our culture.Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 3 “Recap.”MOVIES: The impact of Avengers Endgame on our culture (No Spoilers). The Velocipastor.AT THE BUZZER: Enneagrams and Avengers.
May 1, 2019
Buzzer Breakdown: Life and Basketball | FEAT: Andre Wade (NBA Alum) and Dom Griego (Comedian)
We've got a special bonus episode featuring NBA Alum Andre Wade and Comedian Dom Griego. Andre breaks down:Life in the NBA, and the faith/wisdom he gained from it.Why Giannis Antetokoumpo is overrated.Why Russell Westbrook won't be a champion.Millennials in the NBA.MJ vs. LeBron vs. Kobe.Also, Dom:Tells two jokes.Quietly sits there the rest of the time.It's a fun episode!
April 25, 2019
Stranger Things Lawsuit, Tina Fey, Jersey Shore and Fyre Fest, Game of Thrones, Avengers Endgame | FEAT. Andre Wade (NBA Alum) and Dom Griego
FEAT. Andre Wade (NBA Alum) and Dom Griego (Comedian). POP CULTURE: Ben and Jerry’s and 420. Jason Momoa. Jersey Shore and Fyre Fest making friends in prison. The Gameboy is 30 years old.TV: Tina Fey saving British TV? Netflix is choosing for you. Stranger Things Lawsuit.Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 2 “Recap.”MOVIES: Luke Skywalker isn’t a virgin. Jar Jar Binks is the all-time favorite. Captain Marvel world Record. Avengers Endgame Predictions.
April 25, 2019
Star Wars, Kim Kardashian, Game of Thrones, Tiger Woods, Killer Birds in Florida | FEAT. Alex Reed (Returning Fan Favorite)
FEAT. Alex Reed (Returning Fan Favorite). POP CULTURE: Killer birds being raised in Florida, Soccer fans getting QR codes as tattoos, Oregon police arrest a Rumba, Kim Kardashian is studying law.TV: Disney+ Streaming Service, Game of Thrones "summary," HBO's 'Barry.'MOVIES: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Thoughts, Space Jam 2 being written by Ryan Coogler, Netflix is building brick and mortar units.SPORTS: Tiger wins his 5th Masters. The legacies of Dwayne Wade and Dirk Nowitzki.AT THE BUZZER: Is This Legal? (Game w/Alex Reed...who has a law degree).
April 18, 2019
Beyoncé, Avengers Endgame, Christopher Nolan, Space Jam 2, Zombies, The Office vs. Parks and Rec | FEAT. Heath Padgett (RV Entrepreneur Podcast)
FEAT. Heath Padgett (RV Entrepreneur Podcast). POP CULTURE: NASA will pay you to sleep. A naked man boards a plane. Neil DeGrasse Tyson weighs in on Avengers fan theory.TV: Jeopardy! is looking for a new host. A third Walking Dead series. Beyonce and Netflix.MOVIES: Christopher Nolan movie update. What the MCU could have looked like. 'The Dead Don't Die' - Billy Murray zombie movie.SPORTS: LeBron can't find cast-mates for Space Jam 2. Is Russell Wilson the most valuable franchise quarterback currently in the NFL?AT THE BUZZER: The Office vs. Parks and Recreation Bracketology Champion Announced!
April 9, 2019
Elon Musk and Harambe, Sex and the City, Game of Thrones, LeBron vs MJ, The Office vs. Parks and Rec | FEAT. Barry Rivera and Benji Rivera
FEAT. Barry Rivera and Benji Rivera. POP CULTURE: City of Austin Parks and Rec Game. Full House College Scandal Episode. Elon Musk raps about Harambe.TV: 21 Seasons of Law & Order SVU, Sex and the City follow up, Game of Thrones.MOVIES: Jared Leto might be the Joker again, Ghostbusters 3 casting update, Mark Hamill to voice Chucky.SPORTS: LeBron's season is over. MJ vs. LeBron: The GOAT vs the BOAT.AT THE BUZZER: The Office vs. Parks and Recreation Bracketology - Championship.
April 2, 2019
Stranger Things, Florida Man Challenge, Shazam, Us, Rob Gronkowski, Bachelor in Paradise, The Office vs. Parks and Rec | FEAT. Megan Lea and Breana Cooney
FEAT. Megan Lea and Breana Cooney. POP CULTURE: Apple announces their own credit card. Florida Man Challenge.HERE’S WHAT THE KIDS ARE SAYING: “I don’t speak broke.” “JOMO.” “The tea is so hot.” “Bedicine.” “Slay King.” “Hatfishing.”TV: Stranger Things Season 3.THE BACHELOR: Bachelor in Paradise Preview - Hannah G and Blake Horseman. MOVIES: ‘Shazam.’ Jordan Peele’s ‘Us.’ Modern version of ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.’SPORTS: Rob Gronkowski retires.AT THE BUZZER: The Office vs. Parks and Recreation Bracketology - Final 4.
March 26, 2019
SNL, Harry Potter, Lori Loughlin, The Bachelorette, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, The Office vs. Parks and Rec | FEAT. Rachel Holtin (Austin Foodstagram)
FEAT. Rachel Holtin (Austin Foodstagram). POP CULTURE: The Frito-Lays Chip Debate. JK Rowling/Harry Potter Controversy. Perfect food day in Austin.TV: Is SNL stealing jokes? Netflix: Interactive series with Bear Grylls. Hallmark/Fuller House fire Lori Loughlin. The Bachelorette Preview.MARJORIE’S MAILBAG: Questions for Austin Foodstagram.MOVIES: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Bollywood is remaking Forrest Gump. Disney re-hires James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy 3.SPORTS: MLB Stadium Delicacies.AT THE BUZZER: The Office vs. Parks and Recreation Bracketology - Elite 8.  Guest Spotlight - 1:14Pop Culture - 10:07TV - 32:40Marjorie’s Mailbag - 51:52Movies - 54:34Sports - 66:12At The Buzzer - 77:22
March 20, 2019
The Bachelor Finale, Ariana Grande, Idris Elba, SXSW, Daylight Savings kills/Taco Bell saves lives, The Office vs. Parks and Rec | FEAT. Emily Herren (Champagne and Chanel)
FEAT. Emily Herren (Champagne and Chanel). TV: Netflix’ ‘Behind the Curve’ documentary.THE BACHELOR: Finale Breakdown. POP CULTURE: Ariana Grande’s influence. Daylight Savings is killing you. Taco Bell is saving lives. Fish served at Chick-fil-A? Funniest things people are giving up for Lent.FASHION: SXSW Do’s and Don’ts. MARJORIE’S MAILBAG: Emily tells us who does her hair.BOOM. ROASTED: Feat. Champagne and Chanel.MOVIES: Idris Elba is James Bond? Nicole Kidman is Cruella De Vil?SPORTS: Antonio Brown to the Raiders. Nick Foles to the Jaguars. Most influential Houston athletes.AT THE BUZZER: The Office vs. Parks and Recreation Bracketology - Sweet 16. Guest Spotlight - 1:30TV - 10:25The Bachelor - 14:25Pop Culture - 26:30Fashion - 46:40Marjorie’s Mailbag - 57:10Boom. Roasted. - 58:15Movies - 60:10Sports - 66:45At The Buzzer - 74:25Outro - 80:05
March 13, 2019
True Detective, The Bachelor, The Sandlot, Kylie Jenner, Females in the NFL, The Office vs. Parks and Rec | FEAT. Kyle Adams (NFL Alum) + Will Bakke (Filmmaker)
FEAT. Kyle Adams (NFL Alum) and Will Bakke (Filmmaker). TV: True Detective Season 3 Review. Arrested Development's new season. The Sandlot is coming back.THE BACHELOR: Week 9 Recap. POP CULTURE: Wrestling legend, King Kong Bundy passed away. Kylie Jenner is the youngest self-made billionaire in history. Funniest things left behind in an Uber.MOVIES: Serena Williams spoils Avengers. A Quiet Place 2. Is Star Wars Overrated?SPORTS: Jason Witten comes out of retirement. Earl Thomas wants a lot of money. The first female non-kicker to earn a football scholarship. AT THE BUZZER: The Office vs. Parks and Recreation Bracketology.Guest Spotlight 1.37TV 5.49The Batchelor 15.40Pop Culture 19.47Movies 29.10Sports 40.51At The Buzzer 54.30 Outro 64.50
March 6, 2019
Oscars Recap, The Bachelor, Serena Williams/Nike, PETA/Steve Irwin, Space Jam 2 | FEAT. Tanner Olson (Written to Speak)
FEAT. Tanner Olson of Written to Speak. TV: Oscars Review. Nike’s “Dream Crazy” commercial. Jordan Peele is bringing back ‘The Twilight Zone.’THE BACHELOR: Week 8 Recap. POP CULTURE: Could take on celebrities with your name? Peta attacks Steve Irwin’s legacy.MOVIES: Who should be in Space Jam 2 with LeBron?SPORTS: Russell Wilson wants out of Seattle? What’s the ethical response of a sports fan in light of Robert Kraft? Should there be a “1-and-Done” rule in college basketball?AT THE BUZZER: Rap Lyric Poetry. 6:25 - TV21:47 - 'The Bachelor' Episode Recap28:42  - Pop Culture37:22 - Movies45:55 - Sports1:06:09 - At The Buzzer
February 27, 2019
Oscars Preview, The Bachelor, Ariana Grande, Breaking Bad Movie, NBA All-Star Weekend Recap, | FEAT. Adriana Allen (The Gold Atlas) + Mark Saldana (True View Reviews)
FEAT. Adriana Allen of The Gold Atlas + Mark Saldana of True View Reviews. TV: Nickelodeon is rebooting ‘All That.’ ‘Breaking Bad’ movie coming to Netflix. ‘Psych The Movie 2’ announced. THE BACHELOR: Week 7 Summary. POP CULTURE: Ariana Grande releases ‘Thank U, Next.’ How many towels should an adult own? BOOM. ROASTED: Rats, pizza, and mountain lions. FASHION: The Gold Atlas answers fashion questions. In or Out (Game). SPORTS: NBA All-Star Weekend Recap. MOVIES: 2019 Oscars preview and predictions from Mark Saldana.
February 20, 2019
Valentine’s Day, Grammy’s, The Bachelor, Will Smith/Aladdin, Harry Potter/Wolverine, Kyler Murray, Kareem Hunt | FEAT. Wes Fang (Zilker Media/EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast)
FEAT. Wes Fang of Zilker Media and the EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast. TV: Grammy’s Recap, Leo DiCaprio and Marty Scorsese reunited, ‘Friends’ might be leaving Netflix, Summary ‘The Bachelor’ Week 6. POP CULTURE: 21 Savage Released, RIP Rocket Racoon, Real (and fake) SXSW Band Names. BOOM. ROASTED: Valentine’s Day Edition. MOVIES: Will Smith is feeling blue. Harry Potter could be the next Wolverine. Seth Rogan and The Lonely Island and the Fyre Fest movie. SPORTS: Kyler Murray is going to the NFL. Browns sign Kareem Hunt. AAF. AT THE BUZZER: Cheesy pickup lines for Valentine's Day.4:29 - TV15:54 - 'The Bachelor' Episode Recap20:40  - Pop Culture31:06 - Boom Roasted33:00 - Movies41:36 - Sports55:38 - At The Buzzer
February 13, 2019
Super Bowl Recap, The Bachelor, 21 Savage, Batman, Zaxby's v. Chick-fil-A, Anthony Davis, Tom Brady v. Michael Jordan | FEAT: Mitchell Becker (Texas Longhorns Kicker)
FEAT. Former Texas Longhorns Kicker Mitchel Becker. TV: Super Bowl Recap - Overview, Halftime Show, Commercials, Netflix' Obsession with Ted Bundy, Episode Recap of 'The Bachelor.' POP CULTURE: 21 Savage is British, Peta vs. Hyundai, Zaxby's vs. Chick-fil-A, Ariana Grande's Misspelled Tattoo, New Fashion Trends. BOOM. ROASTED: Farting Trolls, Dating Planes and Cockroaches, Papa Johns. MOVIES: Fyre Festival GoFundMe, Peta vs. 'Toy Story 4,' Batman Casting Rumors. SPORTS: Super Bowl Recap - The Game Itself, Tom Brady vs. Michael Jordan, Anthony Davis Trade Rumors. AT THE BUZZER: 2020 Super Bowl Predictions.4:41 - TV17:35 - 'The Bachelor' Episode Recap20:20  - Pop Culture37:02 - Boom Roasted39:11 - Movies49:38 - Sports1:03:46 - At The Buzzer
February 6, 2019
Super Bowl Predictions, Valentine's Sweethearts, Twitter Trolls | Special Guest: Jason Fox (NFL Alumni/Earbuds CEO)
FEAT. NFL Alum and Earbuds CEO Jason Fox. POP CULTURE: Valentine's Candy and Rat Poison, and Patton Oswald saves a Twitter Troll's Life. TV: 'The Office' teaches a man CPR and saves another life. BOOM. ROASTED: Prince Philip Edition. SPORTS: Should Tom Brady retire? Where should Anthony Davis end up? AT THE BUZZER: Super Bowl Prop Bets and Predictions.5:50 - Pop Culture15:25  - TV19:55 - Boom Roasted21:07 - Sports37:22 - At The Buzzer
January 30, 2019
Fyre & Fyre Fraud, Space Force, The Bachelor, College E-Sports, The Egg vs Kylie Jenner, Saints Vs. Rams
TV: Netflix's 'Fyre' and Hulu's 'Fyre Fraud,' our cynicism on the virgin 'Bachelor,' and 'Space Force' from the creators of 'The Office.' Pop Culture: Making fun of your spouse leads to a healthier marriage, and Kylie Jenner vs. the Egg. Movies: 'Ghostbusters 3' and 'The Man Who Killed Hitler...and Then Bigfoot.' Sports: Rams vs. Patriots vs. No-Calls of Penalties, 5 cities deserving a sports franchise, and College E-Sports00:40 - TV11:58 - Pop Culture18:22 - Sports40:10 - Movies47:17 - Boom Roasted48:49 - Wrap Up
January 28, 2019
Bandersnatch, 2019 Movie Preview, Kliff Kingsbury, and Nick Saban
Bandersnatch, 2019 Movie Preview, Kliff Kingsbury, and Boom Roasted.
January 18, 2019