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The Tony Robbins Impact Podcast - Personal Stories of Transformation

The Tony Robbins Impact Podcast - Personal Stories of Transformation

By Cameron Allen
This podcast is a series of interviews and personal stories of transformation from the events and programs of Tony Robbins. Tony has been at the top of his game for over 40 years, consistently serving people and demonstrating how one’s life can change in an instant.
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Rediscovering your sparkle and finding JOY, with Julie Schooler

The Tony Robbins Impact Podcast - Personal Stories of Transformation

Rediscovering your sparkle and finding JOY, with Julie Schooler

The Tony Robbins Impact Podcast - Personal Stories of Transformation

SEASON TWO - Dimple Thakrar follow up interview amidst a global transformation
Dimple and I discuss how the world has changed and how Tony's work and Personal Development in general gives people the inner game to deal with situations like we are in. As I mentioned at the heading of this episode, I am live this Wednesday with "Three steps to find calm amongst the chaos of Business Life" - Dimple's details -
November 13, 2020
EPISODE 32 - A journey of love and connection, with Dimple Thakrar
Dimple Thakrar shares her relationship journey and year in platinum partners finding her way back to her husband. A beautiful story of love and connection and how Tony's events and work played a role in bring the truth to light. Connect with Cameron - TR Impact Facebook Page - Dimple's Information: Website - Book - Private Facebook Group -
November 21, 2019
EPISODE 31 - A before and after story from UPW Sydney 2019, with Sofia Bernardi
Sofia Rose Bernardi's journey from the unknown to the known at UPW in Sydney 2019. We caught up before and after the event to discuss the profound impact Tony can have in such a short event.  Cameron's Instagram - @cameronallen_coach  Cameron's Facebook Group -  Sofia's Contact:  Instagram - @sofiarosebernardi  Facebook -  Youtube channel -
November 1, 2019
EPISODE 30, with Lyndsey Baigent
Lyndsey Baigent shares her story of gambling addiction and then a period after of losing meaning. That was over a decade ago when a friend of hers said there was an event coming soon called "Unleash the POWER Within" Lyndsey knew by the title that she had to be there. Mastermind THRIVE - Lyndsey's Coaching Website - Cameron Allen, Podcast Host -
October 9, 2019
Founder of the Blake Method, with Becky Blake
The Blake Method Founder Becky Blake discusses how she turned autism around for her child and the profound wisdom and impact of Tony Robbins over many years. Website: THRIVE mastermind -
September 30, 2019
Turning it all around, with Dale Chube
New Dad Coach Dale Chube shares with me the moment where everything had to change. Dale shares his story of growth and lasting change from that moment where everything changed, to the Tony Robbins experience. Dale now works with new and expecting Dads as a coach. Dale's mastermind launch will be on the 17th of September. The Epic Sponsor, THRIVE Mastermind -   with the coupon code "IMPACT" Dale's mastermind for new and expecting Dad's -  Dale's Book - Find the Podcast Host -
September 10, 2019
Date With Destiny #4, with Laura Holdaway
The before and after journey for Laura Holdaway at this years Cairns Date With Destiny. THRIVE Mastermind - Laura Holdaway: Facebook - Instagram - @lauraholdawaycoaching TR Impact: Facebook - DWD Gold Coast 2020 -
August 27, 2019
Date With Destiny #3, with Renee Hargreaves
Renee Hargreaves from Renee Claire Health shares her Date With Destiny journey! THRIVE Mastermind - Renee's Contact details: Website - Facebook - @reneeclairehealth Cameron's Facebook Page - Podcast Facebook -
August 14, 2019
Date Wth Destiny Story #2, with Dianne Moussa
Dianne Moussa shares her incredible life story and eventual arrival on the doorstep of Cairns Date With Destiny 2019. Dianne is legally blind and has had other health issues in her life. Tony's words of wisdom and guidance encouraged her to take some serious and massive action, leading her to a decision to change it all at DWD. Dianne is the founder of 'Find Your Switch Solutions' and since DWD has decided to serve others. Dianne's inspirational coaching journey can be found here - Jolynn Swafford's Thrive mastermind - Podcast Facebook Page -
August 6, 2019
Date With Destiny Story #1 - With Dineshri Reddy
Dineshri Reddy's Date With Destiny journey! This is the first of many DWD stories from this year's event in Cairns. Follow Dineshri here: Website - Insgagram - Facebook - This episode is brought to you by Jolynn Swafford's mastermind THRIVE! This is a group that I am personally in and absolutely believe in the power of masterminds. TR Impact Facebook Page -
July 30, 2019
After experiencing every parents worst nightmare, Tammy Richie pursues a journey of growth and contribution over the certainty of stability.
As Tammy explains, the near death experience of her young child in the backyard pool triggered immense and deep exploration of self and leads to an entirely new path of contribution. Tammy now leads retreats, conducts training in first aid, and has launched several successful businesses. Tammy's work can be found at the following pages: Personal Development - Health - Podcast Facebook Page - UPW Sydney tickets - DWD Gold Coast 2020 -
July 16, 2019
Given the courage to step out of a nursing mining job and into her excellence as a coach for women overcoming narcissistic relationships, with Olivia Powell
Olivia Powell talks about her radical change in life since sitting in a remote mining job watching Tony Robbins videos on Youtube, to transitioning to part-time in her job and very quickly on her way to becoming a full-time coach for women coming out of toxic relationships. Olivia shares her story from UPW in 2018 and beyond that event how she took MASSIVE action. DWD Gold Coast 2020 - UPW Sydney 2019 - Olivia's Facebook Page: @OvercomingNarcissisticRelationships Olivia's Podcast: Our Facebook Page - @TRimpact Instagram - @tonyrobbinsimpact
July 1, 2019
Using Tony's tools and having HOPE in the most difficult of times - A beautiful story of strength and resilience, with Beth Dolloff
Beth Dolloff shares with me her journey of getting through one of the most unbearable losses to her and her family. Through Tony's work Bath remained hopeful and is a testament to us all for her courage in sharing this story with me. You can find Beth's core value's based clothing company on Instagram here - @standardbadge or at her website -  If you are wanting to transform it all at Date With Destiny Gold Coast 2020, tickets are here -  UPW Sydney tickets - Thank you to everyone for listening!
June 18, 2019
Rediscovering your sparkle and finding JOY, with Julie Schooler
Julie Schooler is an author of 7 books and mama of 2 beautiful tiny humans. She wants you to rediscover YOUR sparkle so is on a mission to help busy people to have all the love, energy and fun they deserve without the guilt or overwhelm. Her Easy Peasy books provide simple and straightforward information on parenting topics. The Nourish Your Soul book series shares delicious wisdom to feel calmer, happier and more fulfilled. Julie lives with her family in New Zealand, a small, magnificent country at the bottom of the world where you may find her trying to bake the world’s best chocolate brownie. Connect with her at or look for Julie Schooler on all the socials. Key takeaways from this episode are the following: Live and do JOY! What it means to be aware of your emotional home. It's possible to do 40 things from your bucket list in twelve months! Date With Destiny tickets are here: Podcast Page: Instagram: @tonyrobbinsimpact
June 12, 2019
From legal, health, and financial difficulties, to growth, development, coaching, and homeschooling her way all around the world, with Laura Helen
Laura Helen shares with me her desperate situation of debt, legal issues, and poor physical health. How her and her family literally chose to go to UPW over paying that month's rent! UPW and Tony's other programs have made such an impact on Laura and her husband that they then took their two young children (who were under age at the time) and have since setup multiple businesses and work while travelling around the world. Last week I published an interview with Laura's daughter Tegan, which I am grateful for Laura for allowing me to do. Initially this interview was planned to be published prior to Tegan's interview.   Laura and her family are a true testimonial to Tony's legacy, purpose, and mission in the world! DWD Gold Coast tickets 2 for 1 (Plus free UPW tickets) - Laura can be found here: Instagram - @foreverfamilyforeverfree Facebook - Book Creation - Https:// TR Impact: Instagram - @tonyrobbinsimpact Facebook -
June 3, 2019
Ten year old author and entrepreneur Tegan Helen who featured on Tony Robbins Instagram shares her incredible experience and journey,
#ISTANDWITHTONY This week I had a beautiful chat with 10 year old Tegan Helen who is just a bundle of energy. She has been exposed to Tony's work in replacement from TV and it shows in her wisdom and courage. She has written 5 books and continues to grow and learn as a speaker and coach as she travels the globe with her parents. This interview taught me some great lessons and my daughter also has connected with Tegan and is inspired to now save more money and learn about compound interest! Beautiful stuff and a friendly reminder for me as to why I do what I do. Dwd Gold Coast SPECIAL -  Tegan’s books - Facebook - Instagram - @teganhelenprincesspreneur TR impact Podcast: Facebook Page - @TRimpact Instagram - @tonyrobbinsimpact
May 27, 2019
Date With Destiny Special. Annie Kallis’ story from DWD 2018 in Florida. A beautiful moment with Tony captured the essence of Annie’s message, Forgiveness is Freedom.
A special episode a few days prior to DWD commencing in Cairns 2019. Episode 17 is with relationship coach Annie Kallis. Annie discusses with me initially her skepticism of Tony Robbins and then her journey to finally attending UPW in Sydney and then DWD a few months later. What a story and what a beautiful women. Annie’s coaching work can be seen and followed at the following. Facebook - Email - Podcast Page Facebook - Instagram - @tonyrobbinsimpact
May 17, 2019
Turning years of pain and trauma into immense passion and joy with a human trafficking prevention charity, with Catherine Wilson
Episode 16 - Catherine Ann Wilson shares her traumatic story about her childhood and how this led to her founding a charity Stoptrafficking US. Catherine went through years of childhood pain and trauma and credits Tony Robbins with becoming her guiding light when she struggled to gain meaning again. Through various though leaders Catherine managed to work through her pain and eventually attended Date With Destiny in Palm Beach. Throughout the episode Catherinee shares her work with her charity STOP Trafficking US.  Please see the details here: If you have a minute and are loving the show, please leave a review or like the Facebook page! If not just find me and DM, I’d love to hear your experience with Tony or soon to be experience. Facebook - Instagram - @tonyrobbinsimpact Host Cameron allen -
May 13, 2019
Emotional awareness and business mastery leads to personal and business growth, with Cheryl Jacobs
I caught up with Cheryl Jacobs while she was in her car in between meeting in New York City! Cheryl shares her story and journey through four of Tony’s programs and how she transformed emotionally to build stronger personal and business relationships. After attending Date With Destiny she started a private jet charter service business that she is officially launching on May 8 in New York City. If you’re in town check it out! Details are below: Web - Event - Podcast: Instagram - @tonyrobbinsimpact Facebook - Host -
May 7, 2019
Gaining the tools to deal with unbearable grief, with Dee Heath and Kayne Morrison
Episode 14 - Dee and Kayne explain the day that Dee’s brother committed suicide and within 24 hours Dee gave birth to their daughter Amara. Tony’s tools and strategies gave them the strength to deal with these conflicting emotions. Dee and Kayne founded the company LAUNCH . SCALE . AUTOMATE .  There website can be found here - Facebook Page - Instagram - @tonyrobbinsimpact
May 2, 2019
From an initial healing of wounds, to beating the addiction cycle at UPW, with Rick Turnbull
Rick Turnbull shares his journey from suicidal ideation after being separated from his daughter to gaining meaning in 2010. Then finally attending a Tony Robbins seminar in 2017 and beating a hidden gambling addiction. Rick now enjoys the company and proximity of inspiring friends from Tonys seminars, and also moving forward has the opportunity to attend Date With Destiny in 2019 and to join Brody Lee and 100 other Tony fans to run in the New York marathon and raise money for charity.  Rick‘s current project ‘Won’t die wondering’ is a blog, podcast, and life mission and can eventually be followed at Cameron can be followed on th following platforms:  Instagram - @tonyrobbinsimpact  Facebook -  Podcast Facebook Page - www.facebook/TRimpact UPW Sydney tickets -  DWD Cairns tickets -
April 23, 2019
Love leads the way, with Libby Lee
In episode 12 I catch up with Libby Lee, who made her move to UPW in 2017/2018, then onto DWD in 2018 before joining Tony’s Leadership Academy. As a result of these events, Libby has found a new purpose and passion as a business consultant for intuitive healers. Libby also believes that these events dramatically improved her appreciation and gratitude for parenting as she’s been able to tap into seeing the world through her son’s eyes.  Libby’s Purpose and Mission lies here:
April 15, 2019
A 14 year old story realised and released at Date With Destiny, with Jolynn Swafford.
Jolynn Swafford shares her unexpected breakthrough relating to a traumatic event that happened as a teenager. This was a story that had been suppressed for fourteen years and it wasn’t until day 4 at Date With Destiny in 2018 that it came out. Jolynn shares how this released a lot of blocks particularly within her intimate relationship. Since being exposed to Tony Robbins, Jolynn has participated and crewed over 8 events, and now currently is in Tonys platinum partners program.  The GofundMe page mentioned in this episode can be found here - Connect with Jolynn:  Website -  Instagram - @jolynnswafford  Facebook - If you want updates on episodes and promotions:  Instagram - @tonyrobbinsimpact  Facebook -  Cameron can be found on Facebook - Tickets to Date With Destiny, Cairns - Tickets to Unleash the Power Within, Sydney -
April 3, 2019
25 years of growth - BELIEFS are the LIES you tell yourself, with Lisa-Lieberman Wang
My next guest is Lisa-Lieberman Wang. To say Lisa is a follower and fan of Tony’s work is an understatement, after she was initially exposed to UPW over 25 years ago, she has since taken large groups of people, friends, and family along to Tony’s events. She also spent a year in Tony’s platinum partners with her husband and is a senior leader and crew member for Tony’s seminars around the world. Tony’s work and insight gave Lisa the guidance and light that eventually led her to turning her passion into an incredibly successful business. Since then Lisa has released the #1 bestselling book “F.I.N.E to Fab” been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, MSN, and the CW as a Success Strategist. She has integrated Tony’s teachings around neuroscience and human psychology and many others into her coaching programs. Lisa shares with me her touching story of healing and transformation from consistent exposure to Tony Robbins events.  Lisa’s website is and for her free Ebook go to  Lisa’s personal page is  DWD Cairns tickets go here:  UPW Sydney:  Follow the podcast on instagram here: @tonyrobbinsimpact  This podcast is hosted by Cameron Allen, who aims to change the lives of 10,000 people with this show. Cameron can be found on Facebook here -
March 27, 2019
An introduction, with host Cameron Allen
This episode is a heartfelt message and a belated introduction from the creator of this podcast, Cameron Allen. Cameron shares his breakthrough moment from UPW 2018, and how it radically changed everything. Cameron discusses how the podcast was born, the vision for it, future goals and ambitions, and what is to come. 5 Year goals: 100,000 downloads, 10,000 lives changed, and an interview with Tony Robbins! Follow the show on Instagram at - @tonyrobbinsimpact for DWD Cairns - And UPW Sydney - Instagram - @tonyrobbinsimpact and Facebook -
March 23, 2019
Overcoming the belief of not being enough as a person and as a Mum, with Shelley Parker
Shelley who has been a lifelong follower of Tony’s work, explains how she let go of her story of not giving enough as a parent, not being good enough to be successful, and not worthy of financial success.  Shelley’s Facebook page can be found here -
March 12, 2019
From a drug overdose in 2001 to a search for growth, healing, and purpose, with Jenn Pearson
Jenn Pearson shares her touching story about her journey from collapsing onto a nightclub floor in 2001 to the moment Tony Robbins intervened in 2012. Since 2001 Jenn has been on a lifelong search for growth, healing, and purpose. Guys for that special offer - launch yourself and your life into Date with Destiny this year in Cairns here - or for UPW Sydney tickets go here -
March 4, 2019
From battling depression most of her life, to completely free after UPW, with Marie-Louise
Marie-Louise shares a touching tale about her lifelong battle with depression. From high dosages of anti-depressants, to a complete transformation over four days at Unleash the Power Within. You can find Marie- Louise’s Facebook page by searching Marie-Louise Ryan. If you want to make transformation happen in your own life then you can book for Date With Destiny here: Unleash The Power Within tickets can be purchased here:
February 24, 2019
Within an inch of his life to thriving in 2 years, with Brody Lee.
Brody Lee shares his incredible journey from going to rehab clinics to unleashing his inner boy energy. While many factors led to his recovery and now thriving business, Brody’s experience at Unleash the Power Within has forever changed the way he lives his life. Brody’s work can be found at For tickets to Date With Destiny in Cairns May 20-25, find tickets here: For Unleash the Power Within Sydney, September 19-22 find tickets here:
February 18, 2019
An unforgettable visualisation that changed everything, with Adam Bowcutt
Adam shares his experience during a meditation at UPW where he had a visualisation of his son 14 years into the future. This visualisation drives Adam everyday. To be the best person, leader, and parent that he can. Adam’s current project can be found at For tickets to Date With Destiny in Cairns May 20-25, find tickets here: For Unleash the Power Within Sydney, September 19-22 find tickets here:
February 10, 2019
A life changing interaction with Tony and launching an online program, with Eugenia Nikiforow
Eugenia attended ‘Unleash The Power Within’ in September 2018 in Sydney, Australia. Immediately after the 4 day event she took massive action on her business goals that she had been procrastinating on for two years. You can find Eugenia at . For tickets to Date With Destiny in Cairns May 20-25, find tickets here: For Unleash the Power Within Sydney, September 19-22 find tickets here:
February 10, 2019
From walking on fire to losing 20kgs in 6 weeks, with Richard Pan
In this episode I speak with Real Estate investor Richard Pan on how his life transformed 13 years ago during his first Unleash the Power Within. Since then he has attended 3 more UPW’s, Life Mastery, Wealth Mastery, and is attending Date With Destiny in Australia this year. Richard shares his insights into Tony’s firewalk, breaking down big goals, and ensuring you always have something scheduled in. For tickets to Date With Destiny in Cairns May 20-25, find tickets here: For Unleash the Power Within Sydney, September 19-22 find tickets here:
February 10, 2019
From a broken marriage to rekindled love, with Greg Smith
Greg Smith attended UPW in Sydney 2018 with one goal in mind, to get his marriage back on track. While he admits there is still a lot of work to do, Greg had some massive breakthroughs over the course of the four day event with Tony. These were all related to his mental health and emotional wellbeing - leading to a dialogue opening up between he and his wife. Greg has since booked tickets to Date With Destiny in May 2019. Tickets to Date with Destiny in Cairns May 20-25 can be purchased here:
February 9, 2019